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Major Blackouts - Understanding Them

Fellow Patriots,

One of the most spoken topics in the Preparedness world is "what if we suffer from an EMP" or "EMPS will shut down everything" or "I wish we would have an EMP to clean up society." Maybe so, but what will you do, personally? Have you spent time studying EMPs and the test and realities of what could happen? First, lets discuss some basic understanding of what is a major blackout. Why? Because a EMP, ice storm taking down power lines, Coronal Mass Ejection or Solar Flair, will do the same thing pretty much. That is cause you to lose your electricity. One day, one week, one year, sure, it will impact you directly in different ways, but, if you understand it you may be able to gauge what you need to do better. It may also help deflate any initial panic within your home or group.

Blackouts are caused by all sorts of factors, from overuse of the electric grid to natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes knocking out power lines and flooding substations. How about fires? Just look at what has been taking place in California the past weeks. Planned power outages. These blackouts can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks to remedy. Just compare the impact of Hurricane Katrina. However, there are a few even worse scenarios that could potentially send our tech-dependent world back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Are these situations likely? No, but the are very possible.

Electromagnetic Pulse

Non-weaponized EMPs can be caused by several things. Such as, lightening, power surges, malfunctioning circuits or electrical motors, and other non-drastic events caused by man or nature. However, a massive EMP generally refers to the effects of a nuclear bomb or other weapon. I provided fairly in-depth detail of the EMP in my book Hope For Survival to get a better understanding.

Solar Flares

These instances of rough space weather can be predicted (I hope) though the effects are uncertain. Solar flares have knocked out regional power grids in recent years, and a big one in 1859 disrupted the fledgling telegraph system across the entire Northern Hemisphere. Imagine the same today when most technology is unprotected. Aircraft flights banking, communications, emergency services responses, VOIP telephone communications (phone over internet) since many homes ditched the old rotary style phones in their homes and businesses.

Solar eruptions of varying sizes can have a negative impact on the Earth, especially the fragile new technologies of the planet's dominant species. Let's take a look at our usually friendly sun's adversarial side with the three classes of solar eruptions.

Class C-These flares are the weakest and really don't do anything. They happen all the time and are little more than a hiccup from the sun.

Class M - These flares, which are moderate, give us more radiation and more particles than a C. They are responsible for the northern lights traveling outside their normal territories. Class Ms are still not a doomsday scenario.

Class X -The Class X flares are the ones we must worry about. They are strong enough to cause disruptions in satellites, communication systems, and electrical grids. What happens to our very information-dependent way of life if our communications get knocked out? How would you make sure your friends and loved ones are okay? You should plan a place and time to meet your friends and family if communications go out, and you should leave notes for each other. You should have a primary and secondary place to leave the notes. Solar flares (and other types of disasters) require communication plans with realistic backups in place at all times. This should be part of your Family Communication Plan. if you don't have a Family Communication Plan you can contact me for further information and help. Or, attend Heritage Life Skills 2020 and take my class on this topic.

Don't Panic

If an EMP-producing weapon was ever employed against a modern high-tech society, there's no question that serious devastation would occur. However it's all too likely that people's reactions would cause more harm than the actual weapon strike itself. This is why it is important to be prepared and separate yourself from the 90% who are unprepared and will be fighting over food gas, and cash that won't be available. Remember, stores are stocked for about a three to five day period and then without restock they are empty. Do you want to stand in line and fight for the last item or be prepared and be at your home or bug out location planning for the craziness that will come shortly after the first 72 hours? It's your choice. After all, much lesser emergencies often lead to rioting, looting, and even murder. Imagine what would happen if all of a nation's electronics and power grid were permanently destroyed. Civilization ending would probably be a fair description. So, what could you do about it? Nothing. Be prepared. This is where you must know yourself and how you handle stress. When I talk about the three top things for you to do before preparing food, water, shelter, and security, being to know your spiritual, psychological and physical levels and be strong and confident in where you stand. You will be tested for sure. The goal is self- reliance and keeping yourself at a distance from the threats that will be coming. This is where being an out-of-the-box thinker will be your best friend.

Preparing for an Electricity Free World

If you have been preparing then you will be pretty much ready for a limited or total power down situation. It won't be easy but you can survive. For those without plans to include alternate means to cook, heat, and stocked food, life would be rough. If this applies to you, consider these three steps.

1. Don't store so much food that requires refrigeration and a freezer. Can your food as much as possible so the power outage will not cause you to waste your food. You can only cook and eat so much food to keep it from spoiling. And, think about the amount of fuel you will burn trying to keep your food from going to waste.

2. Have several different ways to cook your food and provide some degree of light for your home. These should work safely throughout all seasons. Flashlights are a safe and practical option, just make sure you use rechargeable batteries and have a solar method to recharge same as needed. Candles and light sticks are good options also. Procure some solar flashlights also. They work great. Headlamp lights are great also and let you work hands free. Oil lamps and lanterns also provide sufficient light. Just be safe. Also remember, if the threat increases you will need to practice light discipline at night. Black out your windows to make people think no one is home. You don't want uninvited guest but you should always be prepared to defend your family and home.

3. In the event with power outage but no damage to electronics, have a way to charge your cell phone. Solar charging is a great way to do this but a cheaper way to do this is with rechargeable AA battery phone chargers. Also consider keeping some two-way radios for closer communications. This is covered in a good Family Communication Plan.

4. Start setting up your life style after low-tech cultures. The beauty and simplicity of less technological cultures will be very evident in a grid-down situation.

These are some simple ways and thoughts to help understand power outages and type of situations to watch for day to day. Be prepared don't panic, and keep charging. Your life tomorrow may depend upon what you do today.


Bravo Echo Out,

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