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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #16

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning and a happy Saturday to you. Ms. Lucy and I wish you the best of weekends and a great start to your new week. We hope you are healthy and blessed wherever you may be. The world continues to spin in crazy directions with many events popping up all over the globe. What comes next? We are thankful for many things in our life, to include each of you who takes time out of your busy day and week to read the newsletter and website. Even though the weekly news changes, our focus and preparedness efforts should remain the same. Constant. We learn, prepare, communicate and share. Keep charging.

With that said... Let's get moving...

In House Laundry -

Just a few notes to pass along to everyone.

Please continue your efforts to pick up new readers and pass along their email addresses my way. I will get them connected.

Thanks for your emails and information shared to me. Festus and I try to keep track of as much as possible but the more eyes and ears we have on the ground scanning for news and events, the better chance we have of not missing anything. You are the LP/OP's or as Ms. Lucy calls them OB/LPs. That being the early warning to what is coming. If you haven't figured it out yet, most topics of importance appear in alternative news weeks before the main stream picks them up, in most cases. We just have to dust off some of the fear porn and focus on the topic.

I want to send a big Patriot welcome out to four new Patriot readers who joined the Patriot Express this week. A big Patriot welcome goes out to Huntsville, AL, North GA, and the mountains of Western NC. You know who you are. Welcome aboard.

Okay, enough of that... Let's move ahead...

(The author and blog site are not responsible for your chuckles and laughs out loud while reading "Thoughts for the Week." Read at your own risk and remember, avoid fear porn and keep one foot grounded. Take what you want and leave the rest behind.) When life struggles seem to weigh you down and you feel you can't carry the load, look up.

Thoughts for the Week -

We had another blessed week here at our Huntsville, AL residence. We decided at the last minute to head home to the hills of East TN for a weekend visit. We always enjoy the quietness and beauty of the lake and woodlands around and near us. There is no place like home.


We encountered a medical issue in our household so things went beyond a duct tape fix. Per instructions, we went to a regional emergency room around 11 pm in a medium sized Southern City. Wow, what an awakening that was for us. Talk about the zombie apocalypse live and in close proximity. Drug addicts, car wrecks, attempted suicides, injuries and aliens. The staff and workers all treated us with courtesy and respect. It was the mismanaged time and process that was noticeable. In the section of the ER we were sent, there was no less than 12 to 15 cot/stretchers lining the hallway walls. One gent had been on his hallway bed for 12 hours and he told an intern doctor he was the first person to check on him. No food, no water, and no care. The patient didn't even know why he was there. Another gent had a truck fall on him and crush his chest. He had internal bleeding and over 15 crushed bones. He was on a stretcher for five hours before being sent to surgery. Shall I continue? My point in sharing this is...imagine how it would be in the first 96 hours of a collapse. Even worse, imagine what it will be like when first responders and hospital staff walks off the job to be home with their families. Gosh help anyone who ends up in this situation. Yikes.


We did get to visit with a local Patriot family while at home. It is always good to spend time with like-minded people. One of the best ways to learn and bond is to communicate and share philosophies on preparedness topics. Everything from preferred arming for specific type events to communications. Mrs. Patriot of the house was watching the video I posted last week about IPhones and the lack of security and privacy. It was nice to see a recipient of the website information using what was posted. Do you have local Patriots you can share time with? Why does time go so fast when you spend time with like-minded Patriots? If you figure it out let me know.

Next ...

We also got to spend a few minutes with another Patriot family at our TN church. It had been a few weeks since our paths crossed. It is amazing how much information a couple Patriots can share in a short period of time. With folks reading and keeping up with world events it is easy to miss something. But, when you communicate and share information you pick up something that you may have missed in your research. It is time consuming and easy to end up chasing rabbits to get to the bottom of a topic. Of the folks I talk to often on Preparedness, each has their own favorite sites. So once you talk with four or five folks you cover a vast spectrum of information. It also helps you determine if a topic is grounded with one news site or being picked up by multiple sites. It also helps weed out fear porn through the process.

Next ...

One of the things we do in our home for preparedness is can meat. When we can buy the meat to meet our request for grass fed, no shots or hormones, we buy and can without freezing, when

possible. If we lose power for an extended period, the meat is a great asset to our menu and diet. We have been canning ground beef this evening. Its like a drive through deposit to the future.


I had a young Patriot reach out to me for a text conversation last evening and it was great. I don't know about you, but having mature conversations with our younger generation gives me hope that we do have some Patriots to fill our shoes as we age. This young Patriot is in our group and attended my classes at HLS 2018 and 2019. Matter of fact he has attended HLS seven straight years. It was great to hear him talk about responsibility and being in charge of his household for setting up preparedness plans. He was telling me how recently his home endured a water outage. His significant other wasn't sure what they would do for water until he smiled and revealed his stored water supply through his preparedness measures would more than cover their needs. This goes back to discussions we shared at HLS classes. Preparedness is not just for the doom and gloom of the big one setting us back 100 years. It is day to day preparedness to make you self-reliant. Life goes on. You don't miss a beat because you are prepared. Keep charging young Patriot.


One our Patriot brothers from north GA submitted this excellent interview with financial investor Doug Casey. Interesting stuff.

Next ...

We are looking forward to heading back to East Tennessee this weekend to spend time with Festus. Oh lad needs to come off the mountain sometimes. Hopefully time will permit us to meet with a few other Patriots in the area.

Next ...

I was contacted by a fellow Patriot who humbled me beyond words. She was complimenting the Hope For Survival Book and the position I took in announcing my faith at the beginning of the book. I didn't know how she obtained a copy and I'm always curious. Her husband picked the book up from another reader who read it and then told my Patriot friends husband that he and my friend needed to read it. My friend's husband didn't realize I was the author until she told him. The important point here is not me, but the other gentleman had been struggling in his faith and then read my book and called and asked my friend's husband to come to him and pray with him. As I say in training classes and in the book, the most important part of preparedness is first addressing your spiritual, physical and psychological position in life. I pray we don't have to face anything along the lines of a collapse or any other event, but I can tell you this, if we do and it's anything like I have witnessed in other countries, the three items I just mentioned will come in to play for you. I'm sharing this with you as a Patriot friend and someone who has been on the other side and I'm simply sounding the horn to future possibilities.

Next ...

I have been conversing with a young Christian Patriot around my work place who has been working with younger men to discuss and teach faith mentoring, leadership and responsibilities. He is a true testament when one discusses leading by example and helping to develop young minds and hearts. It's these moments that makes us older Patriots keep hope in our younger generation. Okay, some hope. If you are presented with the opportunity to mentor to open minds and ears don't pass it up. Every day that we plant a brick is one less brick to preserve our history and current foundation.


One of our Patriot sisters communicated with me about information she read in last week's Patriot Express Newsletter on the multiple uses for recycled candle wax. We all should set time aside to research the multiple uses of many of our daily resources. Remember, one is none and two is one. She provided me a better saying from her mountain... "Waste not, want not". In the mountains, we have learned the saying "Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without" Amen sister.Recycle your used products for other important needs. Recycled candle wax can be used to make new candles, lubricate a sticky drawer or squeaky door hinge, get a fire started, seal up shoe lace frays ... If you face this issue during a post failure period, I would avoid using the wax to fix squeaks in my doors. Why? If I'm asleep, I want to hear my door squeak when someone starts to enter my home or room. Just a thought.


Please keep the prayers flowing. Like before, we still have a lot of our brothers and sisters going through some stressful times with personal and medical issues. My household included. We should all pray for one another daily. May the good Lord lift them up. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


I had a lot on my mind this week but I will share a few thoughts.

I continue monitoring the situation in Hong Kong. If reports are true, China has amassed Chinese troops around the border of Hong Kong. If China decides to move forward it will be quick and ugly for the citizens of Hong Kong. What will the US of A do, if anything? Here is a link to a video showing Chinese soldiers practicing invading a city and shooting protestors. I have no way of knowing if this is propaganda or not. BTW, China is blaming the US of A for the current riots and instability taking place in Hong Kong.


The middle east continues to build steam as conflicts and small fires are burning in Syria, Iraq, Israel, Yemen, Saudi Arabia... The place is a powder keg. The US asked Germany for support in the Strait of Hormuz and was told no. Maybe Germany is getting to friendly with Russia who is planting their feet throughout the Middle East. I'm certain Turkey would offer good advice to Germany. Not.

Next ...

Many like-minded individuals discuss the "what ifs" of civil strife and the nations break down. It always involves the use of US military. First, the U.S. military is not your enemy. And, it would not be possible for the US Military to cover the US of A during civil strife, not even using the National Guard and Reserves. Furthermore, critical infrastructure would take priority in our nation. Hospitals, transportation systems, national grid and utilities would all come first. My concern here is if our primary forces are outside the United States taking part in global conflicts there would be minimal forces available on a domestic level to protect our critical infrastructure as well as prevent any degree of international forces already in the country from standing up and causing problems across the nation. I have put this in very simplistic terms here because I want to keep it simple. This could be a very deep topic requiring information, debate, and time to resolve. My greater point here is this is greater reasoning for you to prepare and be self-reliant. As I stated in my book, this would be the time for you as a prepared individual to separate from the populace and put on your 10% hat and get away to your safe location. This is where all of your plans should come in to play. Emergency Action Plan. Family Emergency Plan, Communication Plan, Bug-Out Plan, Bug-In Plan, go buy your last shopping list items immediately and get away from the craziness that is about to happen. Worry about your local area, gangs, thugs, and the unprepared who will be starving quickly. Stay outside the box and react according to your plans. You do have plans don't you?


Ms. Kim Fletter provided this excellent audio on Technocracy. You are probably tired of me beating the drum on this topic but my friends it is coming fast and a vast majority of the world will wake up when it is too late. If you have time you really need to listen to this audio. Global supremacy from a scientific perspective. If you missed this on the website, here is the link to check it out. Ms Kim works hard and does great things for the Patriots of our nation. .

Next ...

Politics.... yawn..)))))))))))

Well, I suppose we need to press ahead and get the presses rolling forward.

Next -

From - Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - - This was reported last week but I was waiting for more substantiation on the topic. It appears it has also been reported in Florida now. Newsweek is also reporting the discovery in Newsweek.

From - Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - As noted by the BBC in a study - - The spread of klebsiella pneumonia throughout European hospitals is concerning because other bacteria could become similarly resistant to last resort drugs. Europe witnessed 2000 deaths in 2015 and has grown annually.

From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - The death toll continues to rise and what had our media said to our nation? Crickets.

Just "Sayin" of the Week - From Hannah Bleau - Breitbart News - - I have a shirt that I love, however Ms. Lucy pretty much refuses to leave the house if I have selected it as my daily attire. The shirt is a broadcaster at a microphone and the quote says "Breaking News, You're an Idiot." Yea, she may have a point huh? I must say to this fine scholar, Larry Charles, sir, you are an idiot. For wimpy want to be man who remains in the sky box and announces for others to take up arms is a coward in my view.

Funny of the Week - From Joshua Caplan - Breitbart - This guy is no doubt the head clown of the circus. Some of the things that comes from his mouth. And, to think he was once a lead investigator in the rat holes of NJ. He is beating his chest like Tarzan for picking on Lunch Bucket Joe at the debate last evening. Can you believe people actually believe this stuff and will vote for one of these candidates to lead our nation? Seriously? Just saying....

Hoodwink of the Decade - This was sent in from a Patriot brother here in Bama. No jawbreakers or bad words allowed. Watch at your own risk.

Website/PodCast of the Week - SouthFront - - This site gives excellent military analysis and intelligence updates on a global scale. If you want to get quick updates on what is happening in the Ukraine, or Yemen, or Iran or Israel, this is a good source.

Quote of the week - From Catherine Pugh (2018), Mayor Baltimore, MD, "What the hell? We should just take all this sh*t down....Whoa you can smell the rats. Whew, Jesus. Oh my God, you can smell the dead animals." Hmmm. Put this on top of what Bernie Sanders stated a few years ago about Baltimore being a third world city and you get the picture. So then would President Trump's words be racist? Baltimore is ranked ninth on the rat infestation scale. Add the current and ongoing crime statistics and you get a better picture. Oh wait, also consider the past Mayor's command for police to stand down during riots and allow the protestors to destroy the city and you get the flavor of Baltimore, MD. One should ask what happened to the $1.8 billion dollars President Obama gifted the 7th District represented by Elijah Cummings?

Article of the Week - From Rep Ilhan Omar - Neon Nettle - - "I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country. And so, if fear was the driving force of policies to keep America safe - Americans safe inside of this country - we should be profiling, monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men." The silence following this statement says a lot. You can enter the fight but keep your mouth shut and your hands down or else you will be accused of cheating and woman bashing. So how does 13 seconds of chanting "Send her back" compare with the 2014 chanting of "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now." This was chanted in NY City. Silence.

Agree or Debatable - From E.M. - Survivalblog - - This is an excellent read. Great comparison of history to today and what we are witnessing in America's culture, mindset, and political influences.

Agree or Debatable - From - John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - - This is a very interesting read from the Constitutional Attorney on comparisions of today's life in America to the Nazi regime that reigned terror over it's citizens.

Product of the Week - From Samantha Biggers - Backdoor Survival - - Emergency Radios are a dime a dozen. I like the Bluetooth and memory card feature on this device. This is a fairly in-depth review of the product. It appears the price range on this product is around $75.

Motivator " You can't prepare for the details of every single possible thing that might come your way in the future, because the future is uncertain."


Preparedness News -

1. From Ol Amus - Woodpile Report - - You will need to scroll down to Ol Amus second entry on judging city people bugging out to the woods. This is a broad scope analysis that many of us often discuss and consider. Matter of fact, many involved in Preparedness offer this same sentiment. Here is a link to a second opinion that offers the opposite in opinions, maybe.

2. From Wayne Sanders - Survivor Life - - This link offers eight different items for consideration in your preps. I really like items 6 and 7. The tuna can lamp (No. 1) must be popular because this is the third site I have crossed paths with this process this week.

3. From Mom With A Prep - - This is an excellent article on Basil.

4. From Ready Nutrition - - I have not heard of a few of the recommendations for post coffee usage. Good points made.

5. From Prep School Daily - - One of the most overlooked, yet needed, resources in Preparedness is the oxygen absorber. This article provides things to use them with and not use them with. Good pointers.

6. From Riley Carlson - Home Steading - - Good suggestions for individuals with excess eggs.

7. From Amanda Furbeck - Urban Survival Site - - Probably the most frequent statement I hear when talking with Preparedness minded individuals is "I can't afford it" or "My income won't allow me to prepare." This article will help anyone wanting to prepare.

8. From Bob Rodgers - Prepper's Will - - Did you know the green parts of a tomato or potato can be toxic? Hmm.

9. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - If you have been following global disasters and diseases the past year you will remember following the swine flu a few months ago.

Next ...

Economic News -

1. From Alex Klimani - Safehaven - - Funny this is just being reported. Wait....isn't it Russia who is calling for a new Global currency? One that is backed by gold? All debt must be backed by holdings?

2. From Michael Every - Rabobank - Projections and projections. Rate cuts and continued sweating while we ponder what will in fact happen with the federal rate cuts and government jockeying with China.

3. From - Peter Schiff - SchiffGold - As quoted in the article, " In fact, they are going to cut rates next week and this is going to be the first step on the road back to zero. And the Fed is also going to return to quantitative easing. But we just found out that Donald Trump is cutting a deal with a Democrats to basically throw out any progress Republicans made back in 2011, thanks to efforts of the Tea Party, to at least try to rein in the increase in government spending. So, they're throwing caution to the wind. We are going to see deficits going through the roof over the next several years, and that's even without the recession, which I believe is coming and which is going to make them much, much worse."

4. From - Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Will this circus ever end? It would be easier to put DT and XI in a ring and let them box it out instead of the millions of small businesses who are suffering through the tariffs.

5. From - Lance Roberts - Real Investment Advice - - I have some land I want to sale you. Ignore all the signs of swamp land and earthquake zone. You will love it.

6. From Sven Henrich - Northman Trader - - Based on the charts I would suspect the Fed Plunge teams are standing by hot and ready to drop billions in the market. It's just paper, right?

7. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Manufacturing is down, the trucks are slowing and the ships are parked. Not a good sign.

8. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - Martin provides good analysis of the global market and events that are driving positives and negatives economics.

10. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Interesting perspective on four dimensional chess by our president.


Defense News -

1. From - Aristos Georgiou - Newsweek - - How appropriate. Conduct an experiment for 25 years, allow another 44 years pass to conduct investigation. Maybe the word got out? It's not a crime or wrong until word gets out then everyone is innocent.

2. From SouthFront - - Who will defend Ukraine? After the last several years of strife, the nation is falling apart. Staggering numbers are being reported from the Ukrainian government. Ukraine has lost 9,386 servicemen (dismissed) in 2019. And, if they had the numbers to fill their military requirements, the Ukrainian government wouldn't be able to pay them. You can bet Russia is licking their chops about now.

3. From SouthFront - - As a child, did you ever ride your bike down a street and every time you passed a certain location a little short "twerp" kid would stand up and throw a rock towards you? You knew he would miss because he lacked the ability to leverage the projectile near you. It was just the point of it. Eventually the twerp will grow and get stronger through time and practice. Someday he will hit you if you continue to let him have free shots at you. The surrounding neighbors tell you not to provoke the kid because he is a neighborhood nuisance to everyone. Get my point?

5. From - Andrea Germanos - Common Dreams - - This could be interesting if you have listened to Steve Quale in the past. Isn't this the same place John Kerry vanished to on or near the election of our current President? Hmmm

Other News -

1. From - James Dikon - Bison Prepper - - This will not come as a surprise to most individuals in the preparedness mode but it makes perfect sense. We buy resources that aid in our preparedness planning vs current day technology that will serve no purpose when the structure crumbles around society.

2. From - Boyd D. Cathey - Unz Review - - The author hits on some points I covered in one of the past Patriot Express Newsletters on the topic of Patriots dying off and the liberal ideology restocking annually through graduates hitting the field. Have we witnessed the splitting of the United States down the middle with no return? Do we have an unbridgeable division?

3. From - Ian Corbin - The American Mind - - Words can be powerful and damaging as well. I think it's even worse when you learn those saying the words and promoting a belief don't believe or understand what it is they are promoting. Wonder how many wars and conflicts started under these same conditions.

4. From - Brett Stevens - Amerika - - Oh the three monkeys...Did you hear that? Say what? I didn't hear or say anything. Does it matter at this point? We are nation divided and quickly sinking over words.

5. From - Daniel Greenfield - Sultan Knish - - What is the truth? The half that is presented? The single party mandate to history and where we are going? How could it have happened if no books are available to read the history. So, let's cleanse our public library so people won't know both sides of the story.

6. From - Dr Binoy Kampmark - SouthFront - - Excellent read. If it was stolen, why did everyone use it? Isn't being the first to report a story the backbone of the national media?

7. From - Isabelle Z. - Health Ranger - - Excellent information for those concerned with Technology, 5G and AI.

8. From - Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - - Wonder when security subscriptions will begin being sold?

9. From - Denis MacEoin - - Interesting perspective. Will civilization fail itself.

10. From John Anderer - SHTF Plan - - I had a gentle conversation with someone recently about driving aggressively on crowded highways. The intent wasn't mean to ill fit the driver. It was a learning experience while on the move. The point was to allow enough room to back out, turn out, or angle out of a block in situation. Basically take your out of the box thinking and do the same while you drive. Always have a place to go with your automobile. Once you are trapped, your only method of escape is on foot.

11. From Tactical Life - - Seems to me someone needs further training on who is priority in the rank and file of authority. Funny how the senior and best trained could deescalate the situation with a gun drawn on him. Wonder if he used Verbal Judo on the young IRS guard?

Okay my Patriot friends, the reading is finished. Yawn ... stretch...moan.

Go have a great Saturday and enjoy life. Find a good preparedness project to start or a good book to read. Keep charging ahead....


Bravo Echo Out

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