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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #159

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #159. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us. We hope you enjoyed a blessed Easter and week wherever you may be. Thanks for your continued support to HFS weekly. We appreciate you much.

The temperatures are cool again with a few evenings down around freezing. I sure hope the budding fruit trees aren't hurt. This is the third time our trees are enduring freezing temps. We survived the first two freezes with minimal damage. It it certainly crazy weather, isn't it? I started planting some of my garden just before Easter and I currently have turnips and radishes breaking the surface. We should have onions popping up shortly and spaghetti squash shortly after that. Working in the garden is so peaceful, isn't it? I like to read and observe people's comments on blogs and right now it's like a farmers' market with folks bartering to trade seeds, plants, eggs, chickens and more. No cash involved.

We had a quick but enjoyable trip to central WV over the Easter weekend. We enjoyed time together at a wonderful church service including family members in the praise band and choir, and later in the day a few meals to include one around the campfire at my brother-in-law's place called Grace Acres Farm. A member of HFS, he has really expanded his sustainability efforts the past few years with backup power and water capabilities, cattle, chickens, a root cellar, and other features. He is a full-time worker who has found time and recognizes the importance of self-sustainability. My BIL told me he appreciates HFS approach to preparedness because it is a no-nonsense is what you need. We even got to see some snow flurries crossing Flat Top Mountain on our return trip to East Tennessee.

I am posting this week's PENL a few hours early because I will be meeting with a Kentucky and Crossville, TN team leaders for a meeting during the regular posting hour. We had a great HFS team leader meeting last evening to lay out some future changes coming to Hope for Survival, training, management, and time saving steps.

Okay, let us move along.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – No HFS Zoom Rally this past week. The next HFS Thursday Zoom Rally will be conducted on April 28, 2022. Hope you can make it out to join the HFS family.

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