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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #165

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #165. Thanks for stopping by to spend a few minutes with us. As we roll into June the craziness continues to mount. I would encourage you to stay focused on the most important things to each of us. That being; faith, family, and personal preparedness. I would include friends to this list but would caveat the friend addition by saying it should be friends who are beneficial to making each day a positive event and not a distraction to your priorities. As the days pass and the boiling pot reaches hotter temperatures, we must realize what is happening around us and know how and when to adjust our plans accordingly. You can't and won't change what is happening, but you can focus on your priorities to better sustain the impact.

Ms. Lucy and I enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend at home and spent time with several HFS Patriots in the local area. We worked at our home property to plant five elderberry bushes, tended to the garden and fruit trees. We also took in the meaning of Memorial Day and reflected on history and the freedoms we enjoy each day at the price of those who fought to preserve our nations freedom.

This week's PENL will be a bit shorter because I am dealing with a family medical situation in WV/VA and have minimal time and internet access right now. I truly appreciate Festus carrying the weight this week to help us deliver another PENL on time for your reading. Even as the world and nation continue to change, life happens, and we must keep our head in the game while dealing with unexpected life events that happen. I remind myself daily, life will continue regardless of our emotions, and we must be prepared to continue daily. HFS has lost several family members, mother, father, children and loved ones, the past months, and family now rebuild life without the person. It is tough for sure, but through our faith and maturity we must stay focused as hard as it can be. Life may seem unfair for our own selfish reasons but if we remind ourselves things happen according to God's plans, it will soften the blow. As HFS has been sharing for months now, our personal faith is critical through the days we are living.

I want to thank the HFS family for all the emails, text, messages, and phone calls, during this period. You are appreciated much, and it is amazing how timely the land on my end. I'm convinced the Faith Express Network knows the right time to drop a new message to me. Thank you. Now, to something very important. I cannot place enough emphasis on the fact we all must ensure we complete a living will. Young and older, don't hesitate. Please do not leave the decision and/or burden of having to decide the fate of a loved one's life because you didn't accomplish this essential document. While you are at it, consider completing a medical power of attorney also. You are doing yourself and your loved ones a favor.

Here is a sample draft to get you familiar with the document. Search any specific state requirements that apply to you.

Thanks for your loyalty and support to HFS. We appreciate it much.

Okay, let us move along.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – There was no zoom this week . The next zoom call will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

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