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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #173

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #173. It's good to have you with us on this last weekend of July 2022. We appreciate you being here and being a part of HFS. We aren't fancy and we like to talk about southern breakfast foods, chickens, and ways to get prepared. You might even hear a "get er done occasionally.

If you look around, you probably have noticed the merry-go-round we are currently riding on. As the month ends, we can hear sounds of "may day, pay day, or hay day." Many are still confused and not adapting or adjusting to the new America. At this point I must ask, how many voices do you need to hear saying "get prepared" before you start preparing? Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.... (said in Anthony Hopkins voice from Silence of the Lambs) The border is not a border. Both parties in Washington spend like money is unlimited. Our education system is broken. Food supplies are dwindling. Fuel is overpriced while our government ships our reserves to foreign countries. Want more? The bottom is the government does not respect you nor fear any accountability.

It was a short week here with two days on the road to Huntsville, AL. Can you say hot!!! It was hot and humid in the "Roll Tide" state. Did I hear a few "War Eagle" shouts over that last one? One of the most noticeable things I see each trip to Huntsville is the amount of growth taking place in the Rocket City. Apartment complexes, industrial warehouses, suburbia housing, road expansion, and the list goes on. Anyone looking for a job or needing a job should consider Huntsville as a possible destination. It's a nice place to live.

This week I met up with the HFS HSV family for an evening of breaking bread and talking preparedness. It was great to see the 23 sisters and brothers who could attend. It was nice chatting and hearing about all the great preparedness work being done by families. I try to be upbeat and positive, but it is difficult with all the negative news coming out daily. Reality is important and wearing blinders is going to leave you stranded between a rock and starvation. I appreciate everyone taking time out on a Monday to spend time together.

During our meeting, I posed a question to the group that I will pose to you. You don't have to answer back to me. You need to answer to yourself and be ready to explain to your family why you didn't put back resources. The question posed was this; if the world stops at midnight tonight, can you survive for six months to one year on what you have in your home right now? No more store runs or amazon deliveries. You have what you have. What do you have to lose by stocking food? It's an investment and you can use the food in the future.

On my return trip to East TN, I stopped off in Scottsboro, AL to meet two new HFS Patriots. I welcome them to the HFS family and look forward to working together to help in their preparedness journey. They bring a wealth of preparedness knowledge and skills to the preparedness community.

Later in the week Ms. Lucy and I attended our monthly Bible study group which is always great because several of our HFS family attends the same group. We also got to spend time with another HFS Patriot sister visiting from the Nashville area. It is always a great week when time is spent around fellow Patriots. Life is good indeed.

Please keep Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern Virginia in your prayers as they are currently flooded, some severe, and 15 people lost their life. The Kentucky governor activated the National Guard already. At the time of publishing the PENL all HFS Patriots are safe. We conducted a buddy check yesterday and everyone checked in to the best of our knowledge.

Okay, let us move along.

Thursday Zoom Special Event – There was no Zoom this week. The next Zoom session will be conducted on Thursday, August 4, 2022.

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