Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #179

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #179. Thanks for joining us as we roll into September. Another month down and we are closer to winter and 2023. We are always happy to have you join us. I don't know if the tide is changing directions or not but I'm seeing more new locations pop up on the website. I hope this is a good sign of folks stocking their pantries and figuring out that something is wrong. Keep the pedal down fellow Patriots because it is not going to get better anytime soon. That is a hopeful message from me to you. What? Me being honest with you is the best I can do. No matter how the globe spins, you're still going to get thirsty and hungry.

One can say many things are wrong with the picture below. Being a 20-year military veteran the single thing that popped out to me first is the Marines and the position of their hands. We are taught three basic positions while standing in uniform. Attention, Parade Rest, and at ease. The position in the photograph is not one of these positions. The position in the photograph is more of an aggressive or conquer type of stance. Maybe I am missing something.

Many seemed alarmed by the message perceived from the President's message but or anyone paying attention should not be alarmed on any account. Yes, it was attention getting to hear the President speaking directly about another group of Americans expressing their 1st Amendment rights in opposition to the current administration's position in certain areas. I say this should not come as a surprise because Festus and I identified this pattern of attack over ten years ago when the Attorney General of the United States identified conservative veterans as the greatest domestic threat. Think about that one. The government sends these kids off to war with the expectation of them honoring their commitment to defend the homeland. They come home with war scars, and many are never the same and then get labeled a domestic terrorist. Why is the federal government so afraid of veterans? Many wounded veterans cannot get proper medical care yet the number one surgery performed in the Department of Defense today is gender change procedures. These are our tax dollars fellow Patriots.

I want you to think about something. The government is currently allowing a parent to come forward and volunteer their young son/daughter for gender surgery because little Johnny, at 5, decides for the day he likes playing with baby dolls and wear his sisters clothing. Instead of questioning the sanity of the parent, the current system is respecting the child's wishes. This is the same government and system which tells a parent they cannot have access to their juvenile daughters' medical records to see if she was given an abortion without their consent. The same government attempts to curtail, stop, and/or punish parents wishing to homeschool a child and keep them out of this demonic system. My wonder is why so many intelligent adults claiming to be parents are not seeing what is taking place when it involves their child. These same parents are in a church on Sundays and not hearing their pastors speaking about what is going on outside the walls of the church. A ship will lose its direction every time when everyone aboard is not rowing and paying attention to the direction of the vessel. Until "we the people" right this ship it will continue to be lost at sea. Our great nation needs a spiritual revival immediately. Even if you are a non-spiritual person, wouldn't you prefer sending your children to what once was a structured and moral based classroom vs one where your kid may come home saying "I told my teacher today I want to be a girl/boy?" It is that simple. Until citizens start acting locally in protest of the direction and stop eating popcorn and cussing it when the television shows little Johnny as Joanie, it is not going to change. Focus on what is important and destroying our families and nation and stop thinking someone else is going to do it for us. I digress.

Ms. Lucy and I took part in a local medicinal and edible plant weed walk last weekend and really enjoyed it much. The rain held off until the end, so it wasn't so bad to be wondering through the woods learning. We met up with another HFS Patriot family to enjoy the morning. We then took in a quick lunch afterwards to discuss what we learned and other preparedness topics of interest.

Later in the day the rains let up, so we took a boat ride on our local lake to enjoy the beauty of our area. Ms. Lucy had rented a boat as part of our anniversary weekend. We ended up crossing paths with four area HFS Patriots who also went for a boat ride. It was great seeing them and chatting for a couple hours while relaxing on the lake.

The next couple of weeks for us will be very demanding with road trips and multiple stops. I will do my best to keep everything on schedule, however, I can't predict unplanned for events and delays.

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HFS September Travel Schedule -

Sept 10, 2022 - Huntsville, AL - Huntsville Public Library - 10 AM CST - Guest speaker at North Alabama Regional Preppers Network (NARP Net) - Topic - Preparedness - Theory vs Reality

Sept 16 and 18, 2022 - Moravian Falls, NC - 7 pm and 10 AM - The Gathering, 976 W Meadow Parkway. Appearance supporting author John Dyslin - Nehemiah Strong. Will have a dinner on Friday around 430 with John for HFS members wishing to join us for the evening.

HFS Annual Autumn Rally in Waynesville, NC - Date coming soon. Most likely in October.

HFS Thursday Zoom - There was no event this week

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Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week -

Storage locations -

A question I'm hearing often is "where can I store my excess preparedness resources if I am about out of room in my home?" Or, "I live in a urban setting and have minimal room in my apartment or duplex quarters, where can I store extra resources?" Below you will find several suggested opportunities to locate things you wish to store, hide, and secure. The trick to this problem is to be creative and think outside the box. You may have to use or procure someone with minimal skills to build or create this storage places. Ventilation ports, false ceilings, outlet casings, raised floors, pantry floors and more. Consider using furniture with storage spaces such as lounger sofas, stools or benches, beds, chest and nightstands. The limit is your imagination. Check these out.

Outdoor Cache -

Storage containers to be stored outside in holes you dig.

A smart preparer will always store some resources outside their home. This can be buried or maybe in a shed. If you leave your home at 3 am because of a fire, having extra clothing, money, and needed resources at a secondary location will help make life easier during a crisis.

Fake drainage tubing can be used and buried as needed.

Store in plastic bags then placed in 55-gallon cans

This is a typical drainage pipe and will appear as such to anyone not suspecting it any other way. You can store items within it and then cap the ends. Consider burying it nearby in the event you need it.

Using a 55-gallon plastic trash can lined with a thick plastic bag is a very easy way to set up a cache in your shed or alternate location.

I know preparers who use this concept to store bought canned goods and then store it in a shaded area outside their home. To the unsuspecting it appears to be a trash can.

Furniture Storage -

Can't you picture this deck box as your new coffee table or against a wall in a room of your home? This is a deck box intended for outdoor decks for storage. You can now hide your canning jars within and cover with quilts and call it a quilt box.

Remember, think outside the box and be creative.

One storage option is to place your canned jars in wooden or plastic cases and stack in the design of a coffee table in front or at the end of a sofa or a lamp table behind the sofa. Use a cloth covering to hide your cases and decorate as a table. You can also stack cases of canned jars in their original box however use caution due to the weight and potentially breaking your jars possibly.

Beds - A great place to store cases of food day-to-day is under beds. You may have to alter the design and the more creative you are, may be the difference of your hiding spot being detected.

King, Queen, Full, and Twin beds are all usable.
This is a design to go by for bed conversion to storage space

One of the simplest ways to design a bed for storage is to build a box to be used as the frame. Then place a sheet of plywood over the framed box. Then place the mattress over the plywood covered box.

You can always place two hydraulic lifts at the top sides (left and right) to help in the lift process. Add a handle at the bottom center to use to grip and pull up.

Depending on the bed size, you should be able to add ten to twelve cases of canned jars with a twin bed, and over 20 cases or more with a king-sized bed box.

If you use a mattress drape it should hang over the sides to help hide the fact you are using a box frame vs the standard metal railing style of frame.

You can use the metal style frame, however your ability to stack cases will be diminished.

Closet and Wall Space Storage -

If you are simply looking to add more storage space for store bought and home canned jars and cans, hiding your products may not be as important. As depicted below in the home-built storage devices, this is another way to go about it. These two pictures below are storage systems designed and built by an HFS Patriot family.

Additional storage capabilities added within a closet wall.
Additional storage space built on a wall near a closet door. This design appears to store roughly 60 plus quarts and several pint jars.