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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #213

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #213. Here we are. Another week has passed, and more crazy stuff is piling on to our already full plate. How we handle it is critical to our focus and staying grounded.

I personally believe the craziest thing I heard this week was the current administrations further move towards equality by planning to charge responsible citizens with credit scores above 680 a higher interest rate when applying for a new mortgage. Nonsense. Right? Actually truth. The plan is to take the extra funds from the higher rates to pay on loans of those with poorer credit scores who can't afford a mortgage. Over the years a new preparer would ask me "what is the most important first step and I would offer or suggest getting out of debt as fast as possible. The point being, control your destiny vs being controlled by government and big corporations. Do you understand why now? This is only one of numerous examples.

Are you noticing the strange weather patterns hitting many regions this past week? It has been a continuous flow of high winds at my location. I think my American flag has been standing straight out fully unraveled the past five days. The good news is my green beans, squash of all types, onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, watermelon plants, turnips and radishes, are all above ground and growing. I'm still having to monitor the night temps as we are still getting down around 40 ish. What are you growing in your garden, planters, green houses..... You are putting forth the effort to grow food aren't you?

Thank you for your support to HFS weekly and your time to read the PENL.

Let us move along....

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