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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #214

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #214. Thank you for being here for another edition of the PENL. I'm truly starting to feel like a broken record. Welcome...more bad news. Welcome again...more bad news. Welcome again.....yes, more bad news. Things are not getting better on any account. Nothing. We, as a nation, are witnessing total collapses in human leadership inabilities or the purposeful enforcement to collapse our nation.

I was in Huntsville, AL all week so getting this together to post on time has been difficult in ways. Mainly because of other commitments I am obligated to do and also because my brain has been in some kind of washing machine mode...swish, swish, swish, spin what. What I am saying is I've had lots of thoughts and right now they are between my thought processor and understanding the thoughts and how to relay them in writing to you. Maybe by next week.

HFS shares many thoughts on topics, training, things needed, plans, risk management and the works. We spent the first month of the HFS Zoom sessions back in 2020 talking about the importance of leadership. Now, three years later, I am more convinced now, leadership is going to be the make or breaking point to many surviving or not surviving. Some people are born leaders while others are learned leaders. We all must decide, if and when the time comes, can I and will I step up to lead. I have witnessed some of the most colossal failures of leadership at a very high level and at a time everyone was looking for the person to make key decisions potentially risking human life if the wrong decision was made. Leaders surrounded by subject matter experts who are paid lots of money daily to train and be ready on a moment's notice to step up and advise leadership on actions to take or give information to allow the leader to make sound decisions. Some leaders will totally ignore people and even when advised he was making a bad decision, the leader again ignored subject matter experts.

I'm saying this because not all individuals assigned to positions of leadership are in fact leaders. Simply look at our nation and percentage of our populace who do not think on their own and depend on someone else to direct and guide them. Do you honestly believe good leadership got our nation to the point we are today? Please, don't point fingers and blame this party or that party. Both parties held majority control at some point in the last 30 years.

Let us move along....

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