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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #254

Greetings and welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #254. Thanks for returning and checking out our PENL for the week. I'm trying to decide if this could be a biscuit and gravy weekend or not. Maybe some hot tea with elderberry whipped honey enjoyed by the office window to watch God's critters and creation at work. It is my peaceful place. Do you have a peaceful place you can escape to find peace and think? If not, you may wish to do so. It is helpful.

Through each week over the last 253 consecutive PENL newsletters, I sometimes reach a point where I have thoughts I want to share and struggle to find an approachable path to outlay my thoughts on the world for the week. Sometimes it's the nature of a topic or the vastness of information with many moving parts over a lengthy period of time. The other issue is sharing what may be newsworthy while others consider information to be conspiracy. Much of the past conspiracy is now playing out to be reality. The biggest question is what you believe and what do you do about it. The other avoidance I attempt to make is to stay off the radar of the "woke" crowd and the national radar. However, this is a week when I need to let my hair down a bit and be fairly blunt within the guardrails, respectfully. Know what I'm saying? The biggest point here is not what I'm saying but what you are doing about it for you and your family. Folks, we are in the process of a major screw job that has been ongoing for at least 30 years. The America you once loved is likely gone. Sorry to break the news to you. If you are just now starting to figure out something is wrong, good luck. I will tell you more in my thoughts for the week below.

One of the missions within Hope for Survival is fellow Patriots reaching out to help other Patriots in a time of need or service with helping hands, skills, and support when needed. That such call occurred over the past few weeks and two of our Patriot brothers traveled across the state line to lend their skills and hands to build a fence to contain a large K-9 that guards and supports the farmland for a HFS Patriot sister. Their timely effort and willingness to go support this need when called upon is greatly appreciated and I'm thankful to call these men my Patriot brothers. Thank you very much.

I also want to give a shout of "thanks" out to a few first responders in the northeast coastal states who are HFS PENL readers and supporters to our mission. Thank you for your continued service even under austere conditions and lack of support from state and federal leadership. The Patriot community supports you and are thankful to you for your continued belief in what you do, no matter how hard it is daily.

I received the below message from our front-line responder this week:

"Definitely a crazy world. Try living in this State. All the politicians are so anti-American and Cop hating. They also have allowed the state to flow with illegals and house them. Americans are homeless sleeping in the woods. The entire thing is crazy. I watched the Super Bowl last night. There are two National Anthems now? Talk about a divided nation. Well enough complaining today. It's good to read your articles and know there are still some good guys out there."

Sir, thanks for your continued support and kind words. We do our best here to bring you honest thoughts and information and to let readers know not all is lost and we will continue fighting the battle as long as possible. Keep yourself safe and go home each day knowing you have put forth your best effort to stand by what is right. God be with you all and keep you safe. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Let us move along....

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We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding....Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site is not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Occasionally I use words only Patriots recognize and understand. It's not personal against any non-Patriot. It's just the truth. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope.

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week - Betrayal is only the beginning - Live not by lies.

I don't even know where to start or what information can be included in the following thoughts to you. It is that bad. Each week I intend to come here and share thoughts and news yet try to offer a level of earthly hope that there must be some degree of a path ahead that we can overcome the treason and blinding that has been pulled over our eyes for many years. Each passing week finds the light growing dimmer and the treasonous steps and acts against "we the people" growing.

If space and time here permitted, I would go back as far as the 1940s to discuss the path forward to where we find ourselves today. But I'm going to start where I first noticed a huge disconnect in what I once thought was our government looking out for the best interest of the people and what was eye opening and a reality. We will quickly work our way forward to today. This is not about politics or parties. It's about America. I do believe the master puzzle is about complete and soon we will see the grand picture.

Let me begin....

In 1998, a damning book was released that one would have thought to bring down the Clinton-Gore presidency, however it did not. Authors Edward Timberlake and William C. Triplett released a book titled Year of the Rat - How Bill Clinton Compromised US National Security for Chinese Cash. I read the book in early 2000 when I rotated back from three years' service overseas. I had no reason to choose this book at the time, except for my gut pointing me its direction. The basis of the book was detailed in describing how the Democratic Party, Clinton and Gore, sold US Top Secret Nuclear information to the Chinese government for campaign cash. Democratic Campaign Manager Dick Morris would later say the newfound cash funded the upcoming election that would not have been won without the cash. The treasonous acts included allowing Chinese government direct access to Top Secret computer terminals at Las Alamos, NM, and even at the White House. This is information at the highest levels that requires specific specialized access. One must ask, at this point, had the US already sold out to China or was this the starting point.

As a military member working in special operations, I remember standing in base operations at Mildenhall Royal Air Force base waiting to go forth and board an aircraft headed to the Balkan States for 90 days or more. I was standing watching the live testimony from the US with President Bill Clinton, under oath, testifying on the Monica Lewinsky charges of things happening with her in the Oval Office. I remember how degrading and deflate I felt at the time watching the Commander and Chief of our great nation answering questions to sexual allegations while the world watched and at the same time, US Special Forces went forth on the quest to find Usama Bin Laden. It was during this same period he had been located and the opportunity to eliminate same was in the line of site, yet President Clinton opted to not order the shot. It should not have been a surprise because a huge lesson was learned previously in 1993 in Somalia when the Clinton administration refused to provide US Special Ops C-130 Gunships to support ground troops trapped in the urban war with undertrained and under equipped Somali militia. Eighteen US troops died all to capture one Somalian warlord. How was this of national interest to the United States of America when Somali had nothing to offer our nation.

A few short years later we faced September 11, 2001, when our nation was under attack (as the story was told) by the same Usama Bin Laden who was previously overlooked by the Clinton Administration. Remember how we felt when our elected politicians all rallied on the Capitol steps in unison as one nation and government. Remember that? God Bless America. I bet if it wasn't for our heart rates beating through our chest, we would have heard all the money in their pockets jingling from all the cash stuffed in their pockets. We need a war. We need retaliation against the Muslim world. Oh yes we do. Wait, wait, wait. We have to get the Bin Laden family on private jets and moved out of the United States. I remember that determined look on former President Bush's face when he addressed the nation. We must protect our nation and our people. We must form the Department of Homeland Security or DHS. Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge would be the new Director of DHS. Then we heard about this thing called the Patriot Act. We need this tool to protect our nation and have powers to spy on communications of international calls and wire transactions coming in and out of America. I quickly learned then, anytime we need a bill or act of this nature we better stand up and yell "wait a minute" because it will eventually be secretly used against the American people when a new administration takes control. Or just ask our former President Orangeman. Interestingly, the Patriot Act was drafted several years before 911. Odd? Hmm. Wasn't the Covid virus vaccine also created by the Department of Defense several years before the Covid breakout in 2020? Just sharing what the patent states.

During the second term of the Bush Administration several arrests took pace of Muslims around the Charlotte area charged with smuggling large quantities of tobacco being sold to fund Muslims with anti-American sentiment. The funds were being sent to fund terrorist groups in the Middle East, so the charges stated. The Federal trial was to be held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at a future date. The Bush Administration tour of duty ended, and BO was then elected to office for two terms. One, maybe two, of the Muslims on trial was overturned when BO brought them to Washington D.C. and placed them in jobs under the new administration. This is when the Patriot Act started turning 180 degrees and was then weaponized against Patriot Veterans and Christians. Mainly white veterans who represented a Patriotic belief to our nation. All previous Department of Defense regulations and guidance using the word Muslims was scrapped from the books and relabeled to attack Patriots of America. This was under BO's Attorney General. The ideology of the new administration was a complete reversal in direction on the homeland. Many General Officers and Colonels got replaced or retired with the new reversal in government direction. Even worse was the administrations cleaning house of our Special Forces training centers where the best we had to offer got replaced as leaders and instructors. I'm just curious, what was the difference in Watergate and the Patriot Act?

You may recall during the same period; BO replaced the director of NASA with a Muslim whose job was solely to work on relations between the west and the Muslim world. This is where we took a huge step backwards in space exploration.

It was also during the BO administration when open attacks started occurring against our police officers by city administrations and local mayors. In July 2009, the arrest of a black Harvard Professor by a white police officer caused national attention and prompted BO to host a beer summit on the White House grounds to begin the national discussion on mistreatment of blacks and police officers often targeting blacks in America. Fact or not, the national ideology in this area started. A clear division was launched and remains today. You see, it wasn't about truth or not, it was the federal government deploying another ideology and target area to America.

Before launching his global initiative on Gay Rights, BO reversed the US Department of Defense policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" to one of total openness of gay rights and inclusion within the ranks of the military. Agree or not, it was a new ideology deployed that started the national and global transition, division, and drastic change to the workplace, schools, and all locations receiving federal loans, grants, and tax dollars through mandatory diversion, equality, and inclusion policies.

Just a few short years later, BO refused to send foreign aid to African nations who failed to accept gay rights. In July 2015, BO spoke openly in Kenya to this topic and pushed the gay agenda Africa wide. Even in nations whose religious position refused acceptance of birth control and the gay rights movement. We witnessed a US President openly deploying a US Gay Rights agenda on foreign soil and through US Embassies abroad.

It was during this period when the United States noticed a major degrading in our global ranking in education at all levels. We had once been ranked in the top 10 globally and quickly fell down below the top 30 nations for education. We stopped focusing on basic skills such as reading, writing, math, and science, and now focused more on equality, diversity, and passing students along, even when they couldn't read or write. Part of this can also be blamed on the former President Bush's policy of "No child left behind" program.

America's finest teachers witnessed a total direction change in education. They also witnessed a total change in the children coming to class. Schools witnessed more children needing clothing and meals. A child couldn't focus on their education when sleepy, cold, hungry, and stressed over what was taking place in the homes. Many teachers quickly become distant care takers for millions of young children.

It was during the same administration that we witnessed taxpayer dollars funding programs such as cash for clunkers, free cell phones where a person got direct messages to support the Democratic Party and BO, funded programs to teach grown adults how to set their alarm clock and wake up to prepare for a job interview. This was 30 plus years after landing man on the moon. Think about that.

What few will talk about is the fact that both Clinton and BO both carried the label as the presidents who represented black race the best. However, it was in fact these two Presidents administrations who wrote an enforced the strictest laws for crimes committed by black males. More black males got incarcerated under these two men than any President in my lifetime. It was President Orangeman who eliminated many of these laws and reunited black families when a black was serving time for first offense crimes. Remember what I wrote earlier, the ideology of our nation was changed and put in motion.

President Orangeman was not supposed to happen. It was a fluke and the fluke severely upset the apple cart and the direction of the left, the World Economic Forum, and the Global Banks. However, when President Orangeman took office, he quickly surrounded himself with Wall Street, World Economic Forum, and Global Elite, power brokers. He marched into office raising his fist in the air to "lock her up" but quickly changed direction by stating "she is from a good family." He then spent four years in constant battle internally and with the Democratic Party who kept him focused on trials and impeachment vs a complete focus on what they had built and was terrified of his desire to break them down, I think.

Through the four years of President Orangeman we had cities burning, the mayor in the nation's capital paint a street with Black Lives Matter labels, George Soros funding millions to load District Attorney seats with thugs and representatives of the law, refuse to enforce the law. A clear division in ideology of our nation. Remember, it was BO who stated he was going to transform America. You didn't build that, someone else did. America is not a Christian Nation. Remember this? Build back better with shovel ready jobs that funded hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to failed solar companies owned by the Chinese? How soon we forget. It was the former President who continued the push for payments to pay off delinquent college debts and reparation payments. Even when its only words, these thoughts spark fire in the black communities across America. Another effort to divide an already torn nation with an ever-growing division and two ideologies. The working-class taxpayer's vs those who feel lesser, poor and a developed and growing hate for the white class of people.

It wasn't long before public schools and universities started dropping educational classes and adding more diversity, equality, and inclusion to their mandatory class structure. Classes on masculinity of males. Classes to teach our youth to be ashamed of their skin color. Classes to make children feel bad for their parents' success and possessions. The system turned children against their parents even when a parent was paying $50,000 per semester for their education. Both gay, non-gay, and all classes and color soon started marching to the new beat. It was no longer about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independence and now about two distinct ideologies separating our once great nation. It was no longer Bob, Bill, Susie, or Shelly, or him or her. It was now Binary, and every alphabet in the book. We now witnessed college and high school aged children going to school identifying as a cat and the school system catering to their new identify and offering a litter box. What? Oh wait, it has been the education system now filling the classrooms with green haired LGBTQ XYZ educators and parents couldn't wait to drop their kids off to school so they could get on with their day and away from their child. No monitoring of textbooks or subject content, teacher qualifications, or the loss of their parental rights supported by the local liberal court systems. At the same time the local churches pampered and catered to the new youth mindset vs laying a foundation for a moral position or support to the parent.

While we have continued to witness case by case of parents being arrested, state by state, the government opened the borders for a complete flow of non-citizens to the country. Our nation was disintegrating internally, just as China and Russia had predicted years ago, and our new arrivals flooded the cities and communities to no fanfare, vetting, screening for disease, or anything else. Talk about a hood wink left. We got one, didn't we? The transformation of America in full swing. Why? We can go back to the Somali event I mentioned earlier and the start of the flow of Muslims to Minnesota. Clinton brought roughly 47,000 refugees to Minnesota during a period of a few years. Remember, they breed roughly 9 children per family and one husband can have multiple wives.

At the same time, High Tech and big business was expanding technological capabilities that the US Government jumped on for invading privacy of US citizens. Communications, banking, travel, work and work history and so on. Yet, none of this applied to our newly arriving citizens in America. Why? Add the high-tech capabilities of tracking and monitoring all communications of Patriots to the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion movement and it is clearly apparent who is being targeted. The target is the single group who brings the greatest threat to the transformation movement. The Patriots.

We had Somalia under the Clinton Administration and then in December of 2010 we had the Arab Spring where Muslims revolted against long standing governments under BO. By this time, we now have 116,000 former Somali refugees in America and the Arab Spring flooded Europe and America when several middle eastern nations had millions of beds in refugee camps available. Why? Some estimates show as many as 400,000 Muslims got relocated to America as a result of the Arab Spring. Remember what BO kept telling us, "America is not a Christian nation." The "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" guy. My point is not pointing out Muslims in America. It is pointing out the massive increase in humans with a totally different culture.

There was a time when terrorism was predominantly a European and Pacific thing. Sure, we had some Domestic groups like ELF and ALF, however their attacks targeted resources, not humans. Depending how one categorizes the KKK and/or the Black Panthers they would be organizations targeting people. Oh wait, we can't call the Black Panthers a domestic terrorist organization because our former Attorney General served a tour of duty with the BP's.

Some believe the United States purposely went to the Middle East and started poking the hornets' nest to create wars upon wars in this region. Why? Wars create cash and governments love the chance to test new weapon systems and futuristic technology. We are shipping satellite dependent weapons and communications gear to the other side of the world to chase Muslims racing across the Central Asian mountains on camels and horses. We chased a 6'5" Muslim from cave to cave for months and over a trillion dollars, not even considering the American deaths. Oh, I know, it was critical to go fight a 20-year war in a country set back in time. Like many times before, we took our world and way of life to a culture set in the 1800s and tried to force our way of life on them. The war continued until Uncle Joe up and pulled our forces out of the gosh forsaken land. Let's write off the hundreds of billion in highly classified weapon systems, night vision goggles, fixed wing and rotor type airlift.

Think about something. We went to Afghanistan on a mission to capture Usama Bin Ladin, correct? What was the difference in this effort pre-911 vs post-911? Maybe it opened the door to go to Afghanistan? Why? I remember watching news clips and videos of US Special Forces with tons of high-tech gear, on horseback. Wouldn't it have been easier to hand over hundreds of billions in cash to reward a cave living Muslim to give up UBL? No, instead, we spent 20 years in this place trying to convert the stone age to the next great solar powered Jiffy Pop machine to sell.

Think about this. This is just an observation on my part but what two periods of American history in the past 100 years did the United States have the highest heroin addiction rates? How about 1955-1975 and 2001-2021. These years would be the twenty years in Vietnam and another twenty years in Afghanistan. What is the commonality between Viet Nam, Afghanistan, and heroin? Heroin and addiction are a cash cow in the minds of less human war mongering elite. Fresh sources of funding the cash cow for untraceable programs being conducted off the record. (Wink, wink) I'm not defending any part of the Middle East or organizations operating as terrorist in the Middle East. But, when the proof is more believable now than ever, the US established, funded, equipped, and trained, our enemy in Iraqi and the middle east called ISIS and ISIL.

While the war on terrorism pushed forward and occupied the media and news 24 x 7, our borders remained open. Oh sure, we had all the new Patriot Act laws and requirements, however, we still continued to flow more coming in, than those being sent out of the country. Heck, just since early 2021, over 8 million refugees crossed the border. These are numbers known. We went from a nation singing "God Bless America" in unison to a nation targeting the terrorist fighting president for his war involvement. Remember the months of "weapons of mass destruction" debate over Iraq? Ding, ding, another 160,000 Iraqis to America to flee the war zone.

It wasn't until President Orangeman that the US stated an open policy of "you stay there, and we will stay here. You attack us we will crush you. Have a good day." He also went to his Generals desiring to pull out of Afghanistan in an organized and staged withdrawal. He was told it was not a good time. So why was it a better time to flee Afghanistan under Uncle Joe who left with his pants on fire. Twenty years of building toilets, schools, and a forced western culture ended and wiped out in about 72 hours.

Through the past 30 plus years of internal and external chaos in and around our nation, we wanted to trust our leaders and believe they had good intentions and represented our national and personal values It started becoming questionable and almost a disbelief to many. As the dust started settling and things started to become more apparent, the United States appeared on crash course with no one at the helm. Wide open borders, out of control debt, escalating crime, acceptable sexual mutilation of children, mandatory vaccinations with unapproved vaccines, she's he's and they's are its. Organizations paid teenage children to skip school and volunteer to work protests and campaign rallies for the liberal movement. This was now called education and did not require parental approval. Just like gender manipulation therapy. Get it, children empowered to think on their own without parental consent. So, as an adult, I go to the doctor and answer 100 questions on my personal safety or if I feel threatened by others or myself, yet children are deciding if they are a boy or girl and start the transition without parental voice. Heck, aside from providing a roof and meals, why would a child need the parent at this point?

Think about it. Professionals who took and swore to an oath to protect life and children now took the bait for large sums of cash and started the gender mutilation of same. A nation once looked at as the shining light on the hill. The nation of morals, opportunity, and justice was now the nation of corruption, crime, and injustices. In the past it was easy to point the finger and blame this group or that group, the church failed, and parents ignored their children to make money and have nice things. There was a full effort as part of this transition and ideological change to remove the father, and the Father, from the home. It worked. Respect was erased for feelings and children started rebelling against the previous system. Two parent homes transitioned to one parent homes, or no parent homes, as we watched grandparents assume custody roles of young grandkids while parents served prison sentences or else died from drug addiction.

We can point our fingers in many directions and blame many areas for what we are seeing today. I believe the truth remains in this being a war of good vs evil. We have watched the transition of evil for years like it was a pay per view movie on the big screen. So many watched the movies all week and then ventured to church on Sunday totally blinded by the week, and even the message being preached in many cases. The influence of the church voice was lost years ago. Not all, but so many churches lost their vision of scripture to focus more on fund raising and having the biggest church on the block. Yes, two ideologies even in America's churches. Some Christians wanted to hear preaching while others wanted to not feel preached at. I do believe another ideological change occurred when the church feared the government more than the scripture they preached on Sunday's.

We witnessed an appointed top official of Homeland Security lie before Congress multiple times live on the big screen and we heard crickets. Flood the borders and turn your cheek. At the same time a former President will likely go to prison in 2024 if the left gets their way. The courts are corrupted, and we will likely see judges appointed by the same President vote against him and the rest will be history. The same President who is currently nominated for a Nobel Peace prize for his almost miracle peace deal in the Middle East has also had some of the poorest representation in his multiple court cases. When your life is on the line and prison is a single ride away, how could a man with a claim to great wealth hire and be represented by such lousy legal counsel. If one stepped back and claimed the justice system is rigged, they would likely be right. Remember, it was President Orangeman who stated, "it's not me they are after, it's you."

We may witness a "shot heard around the world" moment soon if and when the Supreme Court takes and rules on the current appeal regarding President Orangeman. If in fact, they refuse to hear the case and/or hear it and then rule on it, the two ideologies of our nation will wait in silence to hear the ruling. The MAGA movement will wait for their earthly savior to get another chance to lock her up or they will lose their minds. If they lose their minds the left will be partying and dancing in the street because this is the last hurdle to overcome, the Patriots losing their mind.

In a nation and world of so many misconceptions, untruths, and manipulation by the media, radio, and big screen, we have watched the Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, Myley Cyrus and now Taylor Swift movement flooding the media and every camera flash available. It has been known for many years how corrupt and dark the land of Disney is and just by chance didn't Disney promote a couple of the names just mentioned? From Ebonics to Valley Girls, the rotting of America's brains was full speed ahead. You can only go around so many times before you lose focus on what is going on and soon it becomes the norm. One's grip will slip and soon they are part of the problem who joins the masses of this being the norm. It was all planned and mind manipulation and psychological psychosis is in full control. We lose. Don't agree? Would the Covid-19 era have been so horrific and gripped our nation into total paralysis without the help of social networking platforms? Who do the people believe more, the government press conferences or the videos by names you never heard of showing close up blood cells with monsters growing within the cell?

While our government tells us things are getting better our neighbors are cold, hungry, and without hope. We are no longer a WW II nation were communities' bond together. We are now the EBT capital of the world and when the machines stop spitting out cash, the holders lose their minds and destroy their communities. Agree or not, the ideology of "you owe me something" vs the belief of work hard, pay your taxes, and live within your means, clearly divides us as a nation. We have all kinds of woes in our nation but it's the difference in ideology at the top of our government downward that is destroying our nation. Sadly, it didn't just happen, and it was planned long ago. We just failed to see it because of our blind faith, regardless of political party, that no one would sale out or nation or compromise our national security. President after president took the oath of office to protect the people and our nation. The oath stood on the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, yet, they all had bigger influences and couldn't resist. We are a rich nation of resources but the poorest in morals, integrity, and ethics. Sadly, our government forgot about the resources we are blessed with and bankrupted our morals, ethics, and integrity as people and a nation. It became more important to fly the rainbow Jihad flag at the nation's capital than the US flag which represented so many who went abroad and died for what our nation once stood for.

When a President attacks the rights of the nation's backbone who would step out to defend our values and defends a transgender active shooter who planned and went in to a school to shoot children, the vision of the top office should have been clear to many, but they missed it. We must flood our nation with non-citizens because we need workers to do the jobs Americans won't; do, according to top government officials. Our rights are being stripped and ability to voice our concern silenced because we disagree with the ideology of the current administration.

Like it or not, or believe it or not, we have been sold out for years starting at the top and while we learned about twerking and Epstein Island, our foreign enemies purchased large swaths of land and moved in to our government overtly. Americans are paying higher prices for everything to survive yet the flooding by non-citizens crossing the border living for free off the back of American taxpayers. They are here to replace us. That's crazy, right? Watch and see. We are going to see non-citizens offered access to the US military to gain their citizenship to our nation. Do you think non-citizens coming in from over 80 nations will have allegiance to us? I think not. It is more likely to see them represent a global government and a global flag flying in our nation's capital vs supporting an oath to defend the US Constitution and our red, white, and blue.

We have two groups of invaders coming to our border. A mass migration movement that our government is welcoming with open arms and a Chinese invasion. We are seeing military aged males by the hundreds of thousands being escorted to our border, separate from the other migrants from 70 plus nations. Why the Chinese? I don't know, but a theory in my head is asking me this. In 1979 China adapted a new one child policy per family. The Chinese government quickly enforced the policy and also enforced a new birthing of males only. I have met several families over the years who raised young Chinese females shipped to American to save them from the Chinese government. Today, China has a mass population of males but no females. China is loaded with millions of males and no females to marry or breed with. Today the rate in China is about 120 males to a single female.

China has planned for years a strategy to overtake the United States economically, militarily, and vital resources. China desperately needs land to grow food and females to breed. In order to achieve this huge step, the male invaders may face the resistance of the Patriot movement, unless steps are taken to disarm our nation. This has been a huge effort by the left for the past 30 years or more. If in fact the keys to our nation are already in the hands of the Chinese government, the Patriots will no longer be considered defenders of our nation, but outsiders betraying the new direction and a nation controlled by the global elites.

From a spiritual perspective, there is no mention of America at the end. Both China and Russia stated many years ago that the United States would fail and collapse from within, to the point the US Government would invite foreign powers to take control of the nation. Are we at that point? We handed over our nation's top nuclear secrets year ago, set up our economy to no longer produce goods or export resources, and depend on outsiders to produce and import our needs. Why would a global superpower claim our greatest enemy is China yet almost fully depend on Chinese imported critical medicinal needs for our people? Trust is essential and placing our trust in a foreign enemy to provide critical care needs certainly raises questions about who the real threat to our way of life is.

We, as a society, are so caught up in the influence of our culture that we have missed the most important aspects of survival and defending our way of life. We recruit future warriors to our military through commercials with men dressed as ladies in high heeled shoes, skirts, and make up, while our enemies train men to kill. Our recruiting numbers are desperately low, and I believe it is by design. We now have several million non-citizens who don't wear dresses or make up who will likely take a four-year tour of duty, with pay and housing, in exchange for citizenship in some form. The question is, to what nation is their allegiance?

Influence is a powerful tool, especially when changing the ideology of a culture and nation. Millions of young teens and many adults are on the Taylor Swift fan wagon. I'm not knocking or degrading Ms. Swift. I'm simply making a point of our culture. In the land of anyone can succeed and she has certainly done so. It is believed she will announce earnings for 2023 between $500 million to $1 billion dollars, for a year. She recently won a Grammy award for song of the year, I do believe. The song was about all her failed relationships and her failure to select the right man. The song ends by her recognition of the problem being hers, not the men. She claims to be the problem in poor judgement of sorts. This is the same lady who stated how much she adores our current President, Uncle Joe.

We can easily blame the new ideology on those marching to the new drumbeat, however it was the system that delivered it, taught it, preached it globally, and through the numerous tools they controlled; education, Hollywood, Big-Tech, political party, sports, music and more. This isn't like reteaching a child the correct pronunciation of a word or sentence structure. This is several generations of minds taught to the new ideology. One can be a person of faith or not, but it is a battle of good vs evil. Moral vs immoral, right vs wrong, and a total deviation from our founding documents that we built this great nation upon. Historically, all walks of life rushed to America from the start and assimilated under the founding documents. Our government and elected officials practiced government under these documents until they sold us out. Today, many believe our founding documents are outdated and requires replacement to meet the culture change we face today. One nation, two ideologies, and a clear division of the people. The question remains, what comes next. I do believe time will soon reveal all of the unanswered questions. We once watched for foreign spies and traders. Today, one's neighbor may be the spy watching and waiting to turn you in because you differ in ideology.

As the crushing of the people continues, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) continues to attack each company and corporation. Some may be shocked or baffled when they read their favorite conservative shopping location on the list and ask why or how. Just repeat after me, "diversity, equality, and inclusion." You can pay now or pay later. The wrath of big government and the power of their unjust system has clearly delivered on the transformation of America.

For the sake of time and my sanity, I have input the things I see as important and I'm sure I could have included thousands of other key points. I simply followed the framework of things I remember and provided this bucket of misdeeds from memory.

We can blame all the problems on a political party; however, I remind you of this. Over the past 30 years we witnessed both majority control and split party control of the government and through every term of power, the debt continued to rise, the breakdown of morals continued, and the giveaway of our land and prosperity went to the highest bidder. Can you honestly say a political party represented our nation at any time during this period?

This is my thoughts and opinion only. Does it matter what the train is serving for dinner if the train is headed off a cliff?

I rest my case.

Stay safe.

Preparedness News -

1,From J.W. Rawles - Survival Blog - Making Your Home More Self-Sufficient, by Jonathan Rawles ( - This should be the goal of every preparer. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Good luck.

2. From Rebekah Pierce - Homestead Survival Site - How to Create the Perfect Seed Starting Soil - Homestead Survival Site - Just starting out with starting your seeds and soil? This site offers a free printable PDF. Check it out.

3. From Bob Rodgers - Preppers Will - A Few Beverages That Are a Must For Your Survival Pantry ( - Good information to consider for your pantry.

4. From Lisa Bedford - Survival Mom - The Basics of Storing Water for Emergencies - The Survival Mom - Good information.

Other News -

1.From Expose - The Plot Thickens: Uncovering the CIA & Rockefeller Foundation’s Role in the 2025 Depopulation Forecast released by Deagel – The Expose ( - Wow. Festus and I have covered and tracked the Deagle report for about ten or more years. We have covered the Deagle report sporadically here on the PENL since we started the weekly newsletter. The report at the link above may be the most revealing and telling update to the global current status regarding the depopulation of the world since 2020. What once seemed farfetched in the numbers predicted now is reachable. This is worth the time to read. (Thanks Festus, for this this submission)

2. From Clayton, D. Baker, M.D. - Brownstone Institute - Medicine Has Been Fully Militarized ⋆ Brownstone Institute - As we have learned in other cases recently, the Department of Defense (DOD) has ties, links, and past or ongoing research to dangerous weapons, systems, viruses, and biological agents that could impact humanity. (Thanks Festus, for this submission)

3. From Keith Griffith - The Daily Mail - AI is coming for white collar jobs the way robots and automation took over blue collar manufacturing, experts warn, with 4,600 managerial roles lost in the past nine months | Daily Mail Online - Don't act shocked by this news. We started warning you of this reality a few years ago. More to come and more to lose their jobs.

4. From Nick Hamilton - Slay - Calls for AG Merrick Garland's Removal Mount over Special Counsel's Biden Report - Slay News - Here is where I cue up the old Three Dog Night tune "The Show Much Go On."

5. From Jordan Boyd - Conservative Review - Chinese Nationals Are Surging Over The Border — This Isn’t A Crisis, It’s An Invasion. - Conservative Review - As I wrote in this week's thoughts, this is an invasion without a doubt.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. We pray for good health and wisdom. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation. May your faith remain strong and answers to the unknown provided. God is good and may our prayers blanket and protect you and your circumstances. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots.

Our HFS family has many prayers needs for health and moral. We love you all and continue praying for each of you.

May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation.

As Patriots we must stay strong and never give up. Our home, community, and nation need us now more than ever. Stay focused on your local community and things that will impact you around the nation. Don't allow the events around you to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on faith and hope. Remember we are a blessed nation, and we must continue to be great people today and make a better tomorrow. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out,

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