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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #54

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #54. Thanks for your time and for being here. Ms. Lucy and I certainly appreciate you stopping by to check out news and views for the week.

My intent and goal is to provide you with a different perspective on global, national, and local news for the week. One may say there is a degree of insanity for anyone who can read this stuff daily. My response is, “yes, but it’s better than listening to the lame street lies and constant failure to bring the citizens the news and allow them to form their own opinion.” Yes, I do have my own opinion from time to time but that’s okay according to Wilson. Just don’t ask Ms. Lucy. Shhhhhhh

I apologize ahead of time for any typos, spellings goofs or for you not getting your money’s worth in information in this volume. I have had a very long week and my hope was to have this finished by late last evening. I'm getting close to hour 21 in my blessed day. No complaints. I had to drive to Huntsville and back today (8 hours) with a two-hour delay getting my work computer fixed. I arrived home to East TN just in time for dinner and to spend the evening with three of our beautiful grandchildren who arrived from Virginia around the same time. So, instead of having dinner and going straight to the computer to work on this news letter I enjoyed spending quality time with family. A grandfather just can’t turn down the chance to teach a young granddaughter how to put air in her bike tire or see the two year old grandson slide down a sliding board wearing his little bike helmet or walking the field with our 9 year old granddaughter showing her the baby apples and peaches on our fruit trees. I knew you would agree. (smile) So, I will send you the best product I can in the short time I have to get it finished. I have already been informed by the grandkids I WILL be making them pancakes, sausage and eggs in the AM. Life is blessed, my Patriot sisters and brothers. We have plenty so come on over or let me know and I will email you some. Come on, think outside the box.

HEALTH ALERT: The Coronavirus awareness level should remain increased during this period. Like I have said previously, there is no need to panic but folks should remain ALERT to their news and surroundings as well as guidance from the national leadership. The daily numbers continue climbing and we expect this to continue. Many US states will begin returning to work tomorrow, April 24, 2020. Time will tell if this was a good or bad decision. The current numbers are Global: Infected – 2,830,051, Dead – 197,245; National: Infected – 925,038, Dead – 52,185. You may want to start reading up and preparing for a possible 2nd Wave of the Virus to hit the US of A sometime in October 2020. I know many folks want and need to get back to work. Understand fully. Folks need to do their own research and listen to Coronavirus experts outside the United States and learn what they are saying about multiple strains of the virus. Some saying there could be as many as 30 different strains which would explain the vast difference in infected to death rates between the US West and East Coasts. Look at the death rate in Italy and Spain vs China?

TRAINING: During this period of social distancing it is a great time to dust off your plans or consider building your plans if you still do not have them created. You have several options available to you at no cost. YouTube is a great place to visit for additional information on topics of interest. While keeping your social distancing, grab some pizza and have family over to watch some Preparedness videos. Talk about your plans and who is going to do what.

I have posted several short training type Podcast on the Hope for Survival YouTube Channel covering numerous topics of interest to help in your preparedness planning. I hope to post a new Podcast on Family Communication Planning by the end of the weekend. My schedule is pretty heavy at the moment. You can visit the Hope for Survival YouTube page at

Another step we have taken at Hope for Survival is to begin a weekly Virtual rally through Zoom where we discuss world events and topics of interest to the Patriots attending the Zoom rally. In week three we discussed Preparedness, Alerting and Intelligence; Freedom and Liberty, and as always, our great group discussion on any topic tabled by the attendees. We discussed topics such as radio antennas, different types of communication equipment, 5G, virtual reality, securing property perimeters and other items. Spending time with the Thursday evening HFS Zoom Group is becoming the highlight of my week. We learn, we share, we listen and we laugh. It is super special to see so much information flowing and friendships developing between Patriots who not long ago visited the HFS together but as total strangers.

If you have interest in attending a Hope for Survival virtual training event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. The virtual conference room information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

NOTE: Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and authors of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. We do our best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. We take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails…I blame it on Festus. He’s a good guy by the way. Remember the famous words of General Joseph Stillwell, ”illegitimis non carborundum!!” (Don’t let the bas-turds grind you down)

Thoughts for the week

I thought my head was going to explode a few times this week but I survived till the end. Sometimes I silently ask myself how on earth people get away with some of the things they do in the wide open. Have we become a country where folks have so little integrity or self-respect they just do as they want and not worry about it? Blatant words and disrespect towards our President. I was NOT a fan of our previous President on any account but I never disrespected the office of our nations President the way we see it happening today. I have visited many nations around the world where citizens are shot for being so openly disrespectful to their President. I’ve been kind of wondering how many of these flame mouthed lunatics hate our President so bad that they wrote “return to sender” on their stimulus check and sent it back? Just kidding, just kidding. They probably believe the stimulus is money taken from the surplus of cash our former leader made in interest from the money lent (HA HA) to Iran.


Think about this….I was reading that roughly 80% of the Ma and Pa stores and restaurants in America will not reopen. To put this in perspective, what you have read about the great depression is small potatoes compared to what is taking place today. Around each corner someone we know just had their life changed forever. I know some may say “well just fire up the grill and open the doors.” Sounds pretty easy until the County Health Department shows up and locks the door forever.

Next ….

Former U.S. Attorney General Holder was recently speaking about the Coronavirus and said it is 'an opportunity’ to permanently change US voting system.” Think about that statement. Sounds like the cousin to another “O” administration statement of “never let a good disaster go to waste.” It’s pretty bad when the progressive left is openly broadcasting their goals and desire’s they wish for this country

Next ….

You may be looking around and seeing news broadcasting video footage of protests around the country demanding state governors open the state back up for business. This is a good starting point, however, these groups protesting their feelings should consider marching at the local level. Start at the community level and let your voice be heard to your local and state officials.

Next ….

For those of you reading more and wishing to become more educated on vaccinations, check this out. This is a great interview between Coach Dave and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. BTW Coach Dave offers a great alternative news show. Here is the link -

If you missed my midweek email, here is another excellent resource on vaccinations. Check out Ty Bollinger’s work:

Next …

I’m not sure how long your ship deck is but if you want to walk further out on it exploring for truth on Covid 19 – Coronavirus you may want to watch this video. This video has nearly 6 million views in less than two weeks. Think about that. This tells me we have a lot of people seeking more information on this topic and apparently many are not following the corporate script to what the virus is about. When you hear the beeps blocking out words from the doctor, he is talking about 5 G and Bioweapons. Thanks to Jager for sharing this link.

Next ….

Have you said to yourself, it can’t get any crazier? It can and it appears it will. Just saying. You think the things we are reading and hearing about Bill Gates and his desire to get a global vaccination in place?

Imagine: What if every time you travel out of the country and land at your destination you must wear a tracking bracelet that only the national police can remove when you get ready to depart. If you remove it you will be arrested and jailed. If you show up to leave the country without it you will get an extended stay. (I can hear Ms. Lucy cheering on this one) Well, don’t imagine to much because this device is already in place in some Asian locations.

Imagine: This coming October 2020 you will be required to have a driver license with the star on it. This is a fact. But, imagine you must have this same star on your license to cross state lines within the United States.

Imagine: Imagine you are standing in a mall gazing at shoes or clothing and all the sudden your phone starts vibrating and you look at it and you have an alert that says “move quickly, the person standing beside you has a 102 fever.” Or, the message says “you are standing within 6 feet of another person. Please establish social distancing for the safety of everyone.”

Imagine: What if you are required by your government to download a Covid App on your phone where the government can notify you of vital information. Like, a drone flying over you and the thermal camera on the drone detects your body temperature to be elevated. The drone automatically signals your phone app which then sets off an alarm that you can’t hear but health and police officers with special hearing devices are notified and they come directly to you tracking your phone app and you are arrested.

If you think the things above are crazy, I would recommend you grab a chair, a box of tissues and a hammer. The chair is to keep you from passing out after you cry away the box of tissues while beating your cell phone beyond tomorrow. Do your own research.

Next …

A quote worth sharing: We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizen acts only by permission” Ayn Rand

Next ….

Preparedness News

1. From Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge - - This story has been like a long planned road project in your area. You could see this one coming long before it started or happened. The more important question is, did you notice? How well did you plan in advance? As a famous saying goes…..”if have you have twice as much as you need, then double it. Hint, hint.

2. From John Galt – Shenandoah - - Scroll down past the first few advertisements and find the actual article being discussed. I, as well, tend to believe the author is correct. Let’s for one moment imagine phase 1 of the Covid 19 was trying on the dress for the Prom that got cancelled. Let’s say maybe it has been rescheduled for Oct 2020? Imagine a true live Part II just before the National Presidential election. Anyone not prepared basically has a 120-day window to identify their rough spots and get them in order. Don’t wait though, it’s always harder finding the perfect prom dress the closer the big dance will be.

3. From Michael Snyder – Economic Collapse - - If you don’t already you may want to pay attention to what is taking place in other parts of the world outside the US of A. Well, pay attention after you ensure you have stocked your pantry. Just saying….

4. From Jennifer Richardson – Off Grid Survival - - You can find many types and sizes of solar type chargers and generators. They key to find one that fits your purpose and procure it.

5. From Mike Adams – Natural News - - You will find several references throughout this weeks newsletter regarding a second wave or 2nd Explosion. This has been broadcast all over the world as the 2nd Wave.

6. From Kevin R – Survival Blog – This is a two part article talking about renewable energy. Depending on your location, this may be something you wish to consider.

Part 2 -

Other News

1. From Caleb Parke – Fox News - - Did I miss something? It appears the world is sprouting morons by the second. What part of giving birth, paying for birth, raising subject of birth, housing the birth, having the same last name of parents raising the subject of birth, then an unrelated institution determines what is right and wrong for the subject child? Doesn’t the mother and father have the single authority of speaking on behalf of the minor who is by title the child of said parents? Who in their right mind would ever consider sending a child or committing hard earned money to such an institution or human methodology that tows this mindset?

2. From Daniel Greenfield – Sultan Knish - - This article makes some very interesting points that are part of the moral fiber of what has made the America family solid and great. I.E. Little Johnny being able to hang out with Grandpa Johnny and Grandma Ethel. But, it’s the points of our tax paid elected who are really pushing the envelope again.

3. From Brandon Smith – Alt Market - - Just remember, it’s for the greater good of your brothers and sisters around you. (wink) Never forget, once you give it up you will never get it back.

4. From Paul Craig Roberts - - The author makes some great points but as Festus pointed out to me, is the author changing his perspective at the end towards support of the Deep State?

5. From Irina Slav – Oil Price - - Did you ever think you would see the day when oil sold below $0.00 per barrel? Liquid gold has lost its luster for the moment.

6. From John Whitehead – The Rutherford Institute - - Over the past few months I have been slowly opening the door to some heavier topics involving bigger and more complex topics and issues involving MK Ultra, Pizza Gate, Global Pedophilia and other hard to believe topics. Some of these topics are even beyond what many humans are willing to consider possible. Constitutional attorney Whitehead addresses another of these many topics in this article. A big thanks to Festus for forwarding this article to me to get in this week’s newsletter.

Drum roll........... That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your time to read the PENL. I hope you found something to help you in some way. Keep your feet and minds grounded as the world continues towards an unknown destination. Keep the faith and continue doing great things for yourself and others. Keep the emails flowing. Bring new friends and help spread the word on Preparedness. I appreciate your sharing the great things you are doing with your plans and progress forward. Keep chugging ahead.

Remember to find someone who is down and out and do something to give them HOPE.

Hope – “When the world whispers give up, Hope says try it one more time.”

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. I know several of our readers would appreciate you adding them to your prayer list as health and worldly struggles remain. We give thanks for the positives in our life. We should also pray for the citizens and world leaders infected and making decisions to deal with the Covid 19 - Coronavirus. Please pray for the citizens around the world who are sick and not recovering as easily as others. Please pray for individuals losing their jobs and who didn't prepare in advance. I pray for each and every one of our Patriots. May we all be protected from the growing evils surrounding and attacking our families daily. Amen. Thank you.

Keep charging and have a safe week. Always remember, we are blessed people.


Bravo Echo Out,

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