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Preparedness for Kids - Part III - One Minute Drills for Kids

A Proactive Approach: Youth Preparedness Activities

The Red Cross offers youth preparedness courses and programs to help children develop the skills and confidence they may need in an emergency.

They work closely with schools, scout groups, and youth-serving organizations to raise awareness of disaster risk and build resilience among young people.

Their age-appropriate preparedness materials educate youth with engaging activities and easy action steps.

- Make Family Preparedness Easy with One-Minute Drills Get a Kit Visit the American Red Cross Store and Purchase the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit.

That's it.

You're done with this step. Easy. Right? Discuss Kit Rules Once you get the kit, make sure that everyone knows where it is and that the items in it are to be used for emergencies only.

You don't want someone taking the water packet from the kit just because they don't want to make a trip to the kitchen.

Personalize Your Kit

Have each family member pick their favorite canned foods and personal items and add them to the kit.

Making an Evacuation Plan

This is much easier and less time consuming than it seems.

Pull out a map and highlighter and determine two or three destinations and the routes to get there.

Be Informed

It is important to know what natural disasters can affect your area and what to do in the event of one striking.

Read through the appropriate Disaster and Emergency Guides.

Watch the weather and stay on top of the news if a hurricane or other severe weather is predicted to come your way.

If local authorities are telling you to evacuate, then EVACUATE! If you followed the drills above, then you already have an evacuation plan.

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