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Why I chose the Satellite Phone

Fellow Patriots,

Greetings and a blessed week to you.

Hope for Survival is 60 days in to our new affiliation with the Satellite Phone Store and things are going great. I want to thank all the Patriots who leaned forward to add the satellite phone to their Family Communication Plan. If you are a Patriot, I am sure you have noticed advertisements for this product on other alternative sites. This is an excellent plan. After much research, several HFS Patriots opted for the satellite plan and package that I reference below for our personal preparedness package. However, you can pick from many phones, services and packages. This ensures we can maintain communications during natural and manmade disasters.

I have previously shared stories of events where having a satellite phone could have saved the life of the person in the story or disaster. The list is endless. So many locations, events, and situations where having a satellite phone could have been the difference between life and death. It is that simple.

For me personally, I had been researching an affordable satellite phone for several years to be a part of my family communication plan. At that time our work conditions required us to be apart and I was about 240 miles from home. In the event of certain types of disasters I would journey from my work location to my home. I am a firm believer in the "one is none, two is one, and three is better" concept. We had a P.A.C.E. plan completed with multiple means of communication capabilities. However, they all required a cell phone tower due to the distance involved. We wanted something offering us another type of communication capability not depending on a tower or repeater. Especially transiting through rural areas with limited cell phone capability. We started researching a satellite phone. It was the tool we needed but the cost was out of range for the purpose. A phone ranged from $750.00 and up, and the plan ranged from $400.00 per month and up. We held off on the purchase.

Several years passed and we are now located at the same location in East Tennessee. However, I am on the road often with Hope for Survival traveling to many rural locations where cell service is limited to minimal signal to no signal. We also travel to our home area in West Virginia where we are in minimal cell service areas. The need for another form of communication resurfaced again. Through conversations with other HFS members who had also addressed the same issue, the need for a satellite phone was apparent.

Today, a person can add a satellite phone to their communication package for minimal cost and a low monthly fee. It is affordable in most cases. This is a great multiplier if you are on the move, or to use during a natural disaster, or if you are out hiking with family and someone gets injured and you need urgent care. Many locations are simply off grid and having a cellular phone signal is never a guarantee. Having a satellite phone almost always assures you have contact with the outside world on any occasion.

I like having the capability and ease of being in any location and flipping up the antenna, getting connected, and then sending an email, text, or making a phone call without the worry of a signal. It is that simple. I can use it outside my home, on the road, or a rural location. Ham is great except if you are in an unknown area you may not have repeater access. CB Radio is great but it is not a capability to call home or for help when away from home. GMRS also requires a repeater in most cases. Not to mention the equipment required to make the other devices work and the time to make them work. A satellite phone is above all the points made.

Most of the HFS Patriots went with the Inmarsat Phone 2 pictured below. I chose the program offering a free phone and a monthly fee around $100 give or take, and I get 150 monthly minutes that rolls over monthly and at the end of the first year. You pay the first month and last month of the 12 month plan up front and then you won't pay another bill for two months. You can select this plan but pay additional to get more minutes. Podcast Promo Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone (

The satellite phone comes with a US based phone number and you can call non-satellite cellular phone numbers. This package comes with applicable chargers, phone holder for the belt just like a cell phone, and USB cables for charging.

If you are considering purchasing a satellite phone, HFS would appreciate you using the link provided which will identify you as a follower of Hope for Survival. If you order by phone please use the CODE Hope for Survival Phone when ordering. .

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


Bravo Echo

Hope for Survival

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