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Why Would You Go Anywhere Else - Guest Contributor Gypsy Trailblazer

Fellow Patriots,

I want to welcome our newest contributor, Gypsy Trailblazer to Hope For Survival and our family of readers and preparers. I look forward to Gypsy's story along the way. Enjoy and show her some Patriot appreciation. Thanks for your story, Ms Gypsy.

Why Would You Go Anywhere Else?

By Gypsy Trailblazer

Welcome to my little corner of our virtual space. My name is Gypsy Trailblazer. My close friends always called me a “free-spirit” because I am always naturally curious to learn, and I never let what other people think hold me back from learning. My family calls me “the trailblazer” because I am not afraid to be the first one to do something, or cut my own trail in my pursuit of learning.

I was born and raised in a major, northern city. I spent the first part of my life simultaneously embracing yet hating urban life. I was surrounded by strong opinions that defied logic, rules and laws that contradicted their intentions, and all these people always moving in big rush like a giant, out of control herd.

City folks do not need to drive, they have mass transit or two perfectly good legs to take them places. Many times your feet were faster than a bus, train or taxi anyway. Getting my driver’s license and saving for a car was my first priority. Big city folks love to ask, “Why would you go anywhere else? Everything you need is right here!” That might be true for some, but not for me. By the time I graduated from high school, I knew urban life was not for me.

My college search criteria was “not in a major city”, and I embraced suburban life. I learned how to navigate a whole new environment that did not exist on an engineered grid. People were not shoulder-to-shoulder on a bus, or on the street walking together like a herd. I had freedom to go to any store or farmer’s market I chose without worrying about how far I had to walk home, or how packed the bus would be and smash all the things I carefully purchased. Traffic did not kill my plans or ruin my day because I had this wonderful thing called “an alternate route”! (Yes, alternate routes exist in big cities, but sometimes they are more work than they are worth.)

As time went on, I developed the same love/hate relationship with suburban life and I started exploring opportunities to escape to rural areas. I knew a city girl would have a lot to learn if she was really going to take on a very different way of living. Just like I learned how to read my environment, and I needed to learn to make opportunities for myself to learn how to live differently.

Several years later, I moved from the “Yankee North” to the “Sultry South”; over 1,000 miles away from everything I ever knew. Imagine the differences between the North and South! Better yet, imagine the look on the faces of those that asked, “Why would you go anywhere else?”

As you can see, we are going to learn from each other and discuss many aspects of preparedness in all types of environments. In my gypsy way of learning, I will share how we are inherently already prepared in some ways, and how we can be our own wealth of knowledge. We have endless opportunities and bits of information at our fingertips and within reach that we did not even realize were there. We will explore little tidbits to keep everyday preparedness simple, long term projects for bigger events and all these will span in urban, suburban, and rural environments. These tidbits and projects will cover ourselves, our families, our pets, and our livestock.

I am looking forward to our time together learning and growing in this virtual space.

Gypsy Trailblazer


Bravo Echo Out,

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