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Hope for Survival

Getting You Prepared for Disasters


    Education and Training

    Training individuals, teams and families in preparedness

    Speaking Engagements

    Why you and your family should prepare.  Let me tell you why.   This can be through training or speaking engagements.  

    Books and Blogs

    Did you know 90% of Preparedness is Awareness? Turn off the television and read a book or blog site.  Start with our recently released book titled "Hope For Survival - How Preparing Food, Water, Shelter, and Security Could Save Your Life."  Get informed and make decisions on accurate information.  

    Why You Should Prepare

    The number of manmade and natural disasters in the world is increasing and becoming more destructive.  Are you prepared?


    Hope for Survival is a theme selected to underline the goal of our effort, to help you and as many people as possible, one by one, or groups, become self-reliant and self-sustainable during any manmade or natural disaster they may face.  Have you ever heard the phrase "help is on the way"?  Help may be just around the corner, however, it could be hours, days or weeks till it gets to you. The difference in your surviving or becoming a casualty could be determined by your pre-disaster preparedness.  How prepared are you? What is your plan?


    With over 35 years experience around the world in Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery, Disaster Preparedness, Security, Vulnerability Assessments, and Risk Management and Risk Mitigation, Emergency Planning, help is closer than "around the corner."  Get prepared.  Your help is a phone call or message away.  Don't hesitate, disasters are not prejudiced and strike any time and any place.  Let us help you now.  What say you?



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    Contact us via email to purchase our new book:  "Hope For Survival - How Food, Water, Security, and Shelter Can Save Your Life"  or at the"Buy Now" link






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    Operation Greater Good

    Mozambique and Zimbabwe 


    "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."  Hebrews 12:16

                                                                            Well Projects


    Water is life. No one knows that better than a rural sustenance farmer. It takes water to refresh his crops and animals as well as for cooking and hygiene. Without water, they will die. But even when water is available, it’s not always easily accessible.


    One of our desires is to be able to supply needed wells to areas that our Zimbabwean and Mozambican missionaries live and minister.


    Samson and Dora Siyamakhala live and minister in an area that was once a game reserve in Rhodesia, which is now farming land in Zimbabwe. Several times a day, they load up their empty buckets, hook up their donkeys to the water cart and walk 5 kilometers to the nearest government installed well. So do the many other farmers and residents in that area.

    With Africa being such a relational culture, it is common for folks to gather around the local well to catch up on news and current events and concerns. With a well on Samson’s property, not only will it help him and his own family on a daily basis, but it will also help the many neighbors to collect water from there. While at that well, Samson and Dora will seek to meet their neighbors needs in other ways as well.


    The local school is also in need of a well on their property. Currently, the children are sent off to the village well to collect the water and bring it back to the school. With a well located on the school grounds, the children will not miss their classes or other activities because of having to fetch the needed water throughout the day.


    Cost per well is $6500. This can vary depending on what the depth of the well actually ends up being.  To donate towards this project, go to:   



                                                                               Bible School Projects



















    We desire to meet the spiritual needs of Zimbabweans. Our missionaries in Zimbabwe are identifying young families who have this same commitment but may lack biblical and ministry training. It is our goal to support 1-2 couples each year to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute in Entebbe, Uganda. While there they learn about God’s word and how to effectively do ministry in a similar environment as Zimbabwe.


    Total costs to send one student to Word of Life Bible Institute is $4000.  This includes their travel expenses to and from the school, class and ministry expenses, and toiletry/personal needs. Before the option of the Bible School in Uganda, students would attend Word of Life in America, which would cost almost $20,000 per student.


    To donate towards further education and training for local Zimbabweans, go to: 




    Missionaries organizing these projects with Word of Life Africa are John and Christy Page.  If you have further question on these projects or other support opportunities, please email at johnp@wol.org or christyp@wol.org.  Thanks for your consideration to support these great causes.