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A Personal Conversation With You!!!

Fellow Patriots,

Good day and a healthy and blessed week to you. While you read this, I would like you to consider this being a personal conversation between us. No one else is around and my intent is to plant a single question in your heart and mind. I don’t want or need your answer because this is about you and your family and something you need to answer and figure out. This is not about me. It is completely about you.

Those who know me can attest that I do not like and will normally not make predictions. I will give you my thoughts and why, but I don’t like to make predictions because on most points, no one has or knows the answers to the future of our nation. I have witnessed some who make predictions over and over and after each failed prediction the sound of the alarm losses it’s urgency. It also tends to scare some away to the point of no return. This is not good and honestly, it doesn’t serve the purpose of helping others.

My focus has been on basic preparedness with an effort to concentrate on what impacts you directly within a five-mile radius to your home and community. The basics including water, food, shelter and security. Additionally medicine and a few other things based on your situation. Over the past ten years, I have trained and helped many to get started and continue their preparedness planning. I’ve helped folks at all levels of the spectrum, all ages, and socio-economic ends. The point of this article is about motivation, mind-set and you.

After several conversations with fellow Patriots, like minded people at all levels, continued news analysis, reading and evaluating hundreds of messages posted on news articles both left and right, thought and prayer, past experience working in third world countries before-during-after collapse, and what my gut is saying with each churn, I felt it was time to share some thoughts with you and ask you a very direct question to think about. Do not take this as a criticism on any account. That is not the intent. In my opinion time is running out and folks are still standing on the bathroom scales thinking the number is going to change on its own. The number will not change without effort, up or down. Right?

Preparedness planning is the same. Your motivation to build preparedness plans will not satisfy your needs until you have the proper mind-set to achieve these goals. It is that simple my friend. Until you address and adjust your mindset you remain a product of the system. Simply put, this means you will fail to achieve self-reliance. It’s not going to happen. If you have been made aware of the need to prepare and monitored events unfolding around our nation, you have been forewarned, right? I think this is a fair statement. Have you adjusted your mindset?

In conversations I encounter, it is amazing the number of mindsets that believe if they have guns and ammo everything will be just fine. They have read stories of fiction in post-apocalyptic settings where folks survive with force and lots of firepower. Now, I’m the first to agree firearms and fire power will most likely be needed based on the threat you face. However, this is a very small need in the big picture. If you don’t have resources, or if you have them and don’t know how to use them because they remain in the box in the garage, they are useless. The time to learn is rapidly falling behind us. The time to obtain resources is quickly falling behind us, if you can even find them. I have talked to suppliers all summer and orders are still lagging-behind, to stock the shelves. Just recently some stock started to flow again. It won’t last long. Have you been out to the local box stores like SAMs Club, Wal Mart, or Costco lately? Take notice of the empty shelves. They pull the stock forward to look stocked however after about two layers the stock is nonexistent. If you haven’t started to put together a preparedness food plan, what are you going to do when the clock strikes “go” and you remain dependent on the system?

I’m not in anyway trying to make you feel guilty, if this article applies to you. I’m simply trying to help you avoid having to answer the hard question your child or loved one may ask you when they are hungry. “Mommy or daddy” I’m hungry, why do we not have any food to eat.”

I will close with the point of the article to you. I want you to think about all the resources you are currently dependent upon the system around you or others around you to provide you daily to keep your life going. Get out a piece of paper and start listing all the things from your first list that you will do without if you wake up tomorrow and the world has changed. No utilities. No ruling government. No currency or a different currency than the night before. No pharmacy to get meds. No stores for food. No gas stations for fuel. No city resources such as water, sewer, electric, phone, or internet. No way to check the news to find out what is taking place. And, you have lost contact with your family and friends unless they are within walking distance to your home. Once you have completed your list, ask yourself, did you complete a plan to cover these resources and can you survive without them? If you answered no to these questions, I am simply saying to you, “what are you waiting for.” The system has failed you, regardless of the reasoning which doesn’t matter at this point. No amount of money or power is going to come to your aid and save you. The system has failed you and are you going to fail your loved ones? You had plenty of warning and you simply chose to put you and your family in the 90% group who will fight over the last resources available until they are gone in the first 12-24 hours. President Reagan once said “we are nine meals away from starvation.” Are you?


Bravo Echo Out

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Very well said, Sir Charles. And when applying Risk Analysis to this message, the baseline to go by as a believer, is the Book itself. The question remains, who is or isn't paying attention. I believe we know the answer to this question. Just look around. Thanks for your comment to the article.


Part of preparing is planning which requires some evaluation of the probable and the possible. While we use the past as a basis, many different pasts exist beyond our own experience and beyond our own knowledge. Yet past remains prolog. "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." (Eccl 1:9) History, then. is the great teacher and the Bible is the most accurate history and as well as the best predictor of the future. Even recent history of the CCP virus teaches us both the fragility of the supply chain for goods and services as well as our typical dependence upon it.

So here is my prediction…

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