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A personal note to HFS Patriots

Fellow Patriots,

Ms. Lucy and I would like to take a moment to wish each of you a safe, healthy, and blessed Thanksgiving holiday. This has been one crazy year indeed and I'm fairly convinced next year will be more of the same or worse. I wanted to take a minute or two and tell each of you who participates in any part of the Hope for Survival platform, we are thankful for your time and visits. The best part of writing the book and establishing the website has been each like minded person to come in to our life. We have established friendships that will last as long as our time on this earth. We are truly blessed. I would never have imagined things to have grown like this. You are part of our family now. We started with about 90 people 20 months ago and today we are just under 300 HFS followers. I do believe a few are asleep though.

Be prepared and self-reliant is the sermon most of you hear from me continually. If you knew that you are paying attention. If you are relying on the same system who can't manage the post office, the VA or establish a budget, you should ask yourself why.

Another part of my soap box sermon is about being being thankful. Having spent many Thanksgiving days around the world in places I hope to never see again, I gathered with troops and shared a make shift Thanksgiving meal. It wasn't always perfect and it wasn't home with family. But someone tried to give us something to make us feel at home and provided us with fellow troops who we trusted with our life. We always told stories about a favorite Thanksgiving day or meal and the family member who we loved who made it happen. It could have been mom and her pie. Or, maybe a spouse who burnt the turkey but it still tasted good. Maybe it was grandma's home made rolls. Or maybe it was not a turkey or anything special because it just wasn't possible. On this day no mater the location we dressed alike and defended those who maybe couldn't. We didn't deploy as a Democrat or Republican. We deployed as Americans. We prayed together, stayed together, and stood ready to die together. Land of the free, home of the others may live. Today, like in my former life, many of us stand together as Patriots ready to stand up and defend our family, our flag and our constitution. Just like in my former life, we don't know when it will be or where it will be but we are strong and ready for the challenge, as one.

So just like years ago in some far away land, tomorrow we gather around the table to share a prayer and a meal with family and friends. It is important we take a few minutes to stop and think about all the things we should give thanks about. A healthy family? A job? Warm home? Food to eat? Being with family? Recovery from an illness or to need prayers for a recovery. The list goes on. We take so much of life and the things before us for granted in life. We have no guarantees for tomorrow. Forget the Thanksgiving football games and spend some time with your loved ones bonding and having quality discussions. Maybe have a contest to see who can throw the television the longest distance. Just kidding.

Lastly, please remember those who are in need, maybe down on their luck at this time or simply without. The why doesn't matter. A smile and strong hand to pick someone up isn't very difficult. Maybe a cup of coffee, a chat, or a meal if possible? Remember the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)? We don't know what has knocked our brothers and sisters down and it really does not matter. He knows. And when we walk by and do or do not stick out our hand to another He knows. Think about it this way. We are truly blessed to have a table full of food and family and another person may feel blessed because someone rang the doorbell and offered a hello with a smile.

As I close this personal post to each of you with heartfelt thanks, Ms. Lucy and I want to leave you with this prayer. May each of you and your families be blessed, stay healthy, wise and together each day forward. Please keep our troops, first responders, nurses and shift workers in your prayers through this holiday.


Bravo Echo Out

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Thanks so much ECG. Appreciate your kind words. The honor is in serving those around us. Blessings to you and yours.


Nov 25, 2020

Richest of blessings to you and yours. I believe all your readers would agree in saying how very thankful we are to have you as a part of our life.

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