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Aqua II Emergency Water Storage Tank

This is a product I purchased a few years ago to support my preparedness plan to secure large quantities of water. This product can be used at my bug in location, bugging out plan (mobile vehicle), and bug out location. I purchased the 150 gallon storage tank. Unfilled the tank rolls up in to a box about the size of a wall poster and weighs about 3 lbs. The product can be placed in the bed of a truck and filled. It can be placed on a flat surface at your bug in or bug out location, and filled. Once filled, the tank is pretty locked down to the location, unless in a vehicle. You can select the size of the tank you desire, ranging from 15 to 300 gallons. This is a great resource to augment your water storage plan. Just remember, the weight, when filled. Example: The 150 gallon tanks I have would weight roughly 1,250 gallons per tank. So, figure roughly 2,500 total pounds of water weight. A small sized tank would be better for apartments and areas not on the foundation of the home or location.

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