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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? By Bravo Echo

Many of you are probably tracking the global and national Covid 19 – Coronavirus pandemic as it wreaks havoc around the world. From Facebook experts to Internet doctors I have read more opinions of everything we should be doing and not doing. I searched the internet to identify any university offering a specialized Facebook legal or medical license for so many brilliant opinions and statements. (Sarcasm) Complaints, unhappiness, unwillingness to think beyond the single individual, poor planning, and selfishness….shall I continue. Those who actually read this will get it.

Then again, should we expect any difference in our citizens when our own government has been dealing with the pandemic for several weeks now and still cannot come to agreement on an emergency bill to finance urgent needs to combat the virus? Party division before the needs of the nation. We should not be surprised, should we? If elected by the people, for the people, why has not a single bill focused on the government’s effort to combat the virus be completed in an expedited process.

In my book, Hope for Survival and the Hope for Survival website, I have laid out the steps you should take to prepare yourself with food, water, shelter and security. I explained how to focus from “outside the box” to prepare in advance so you would not have to be part of the 95% group who are raiding the stores in total craziness. The book included a food calculator and described how to build your short, medium and long-term food storage. Additionally, the book and website discussed facets of water storage, how to consider storage requirements, filtering and human consumption needs. Also discussed is different types of shelters located in urban, suburban, and rural environments, and setting up security for your particular needs.

I know many of you are working through this process now because you communicate and present questions as you encounter uncertain areas. Others used the information provided with previous skills and books to move forward building plans. It is my hope everyone reading this article is good to go and monitoring the chaos and predicted actions from a distance.

Many believe the current virus will not peak for several months in to the future. If this is the case, many additional things could happen in our country. Job losses, supply shortages, fuel shortages, 18-wheelers stop rolling, the economy spiraling out of control, further travel restrictions and so forth. Each step the President has taken is further restricting our ability to conduct life, as we know it. Are you ready? I am not fear mongering and not saber rattling, just laying out simple facts. If you listen to the song coming from the singing chimes, the words sung would lead me to tighten my belt. We need a focused mind 24 x 7 to detect coming changes ahead of the rest. I ask again, are you ready?

There are many rumors circulating over the internet and throughout social-media, President Trump is planning to lock down the nation this week. I am not talking about closing the borders. I am talking about quarantining all citizens in to their home. The White House denied the rumor this morning. I do not know either way because to admit it would cause further panic and damage to the economy. I have read and heard too many reports and comments stating a total quarantine is on the table as an option to the President. My Patriot Brothers and Sisters, are you ready if this occurs?

Some would ask, “why would the President make this choice? It’s just a virus.” The virus is still gaining momentum and not slowing down. Just look around you at China, Japan, S. Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany….. Dr. Monahan advised the Senate behind closed doors the U.S. could see as many as 70 to 150 million Americans infected by the end of the virus run in our country. Think about this, Italy has some of the best doctors in the world and look how the virus has decimated the nation. If the numbers are accurate, Italy has a death to infected rate around 9 %. Germany’s leadership stated to her government to expect up to 70% of the German citizens to be infected.

Think about this. Aside from the infections is the impact. How will the virus influence our nation? This goes back to my previous comments above regarding everything that moves in America. From our children attending school, to our truckers moving America’s resources, to our movement within the Department of Defense, everything will stop. No planes, no cars, no trains and no gatherings. For how long is unknown. My concern is more to the question I asked, are you ready?

This topic is a great challenge to our nation and a prolonged quarantine will be very difficult for her to survive and overcome in the long term. No one knows. Folks are thinking and planning on this to be over and back to normal by April to May. I do not have a crystal ball but I can tell you statistically and through analysis of other infected countries, a good ending would mean, America will return to normal by mid-summer. I don't think so.

As our government leadership determines appropriate courses of action going forward, they may be courses we do not care for and they may alter our way of life. As long as the virus continues to spread, the tighter the restrictions will become. Are you ready?

If you wake up in the morning to find additional government measures deployed, are you ready?


Bravo Echo Out

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