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Bet you did not know....

I’m addressing the subject of “Preparedness” to YOU!!! Do you realize that you already prepare for many things in your life and simply take it for granted? It’s a simple process we go through to complete each day. We sleep to rest for the next day. We wake up to go to work. We eat to feed our body and give it strength. We put gas in our automobiles to ensure we get from point A to point B. We have car insurance because it’s the law but also because we want to have the means available to replace and/or fix our automobile. We have home insurance for the same reason, right? Why do we lock our doors at night? Why does a governor evacuate a region or state when storms approach? Why do southern U.S. States close for business when the weather person forecast snow the following day? When the local news broadcast a pending storm approaching the area, what do you do? Are you one of the many who rushes out to buy milk, bread and ice cream to get through the storm? Why? You are simply doing what everyone else does…..react to the situation along with 90% of the population. So why stop there?

With current technology and the existing “supply on demand” concept, most cities are only stocked for a 72 hour period. That’s food, fuel and medication. Want me to repeat that? This means, if the 18 wheelers stop rolling, after a 72 hour period nothing is left….except what YOU have prepared. Let me state this point in another manner. Roughly 70 percent of all commodities consumed are moved by truck. Add another $295 billion in truck trade with Canada and $105.6 billion in truck trade with Mexico and it becomes apparent that any disruption in truck traffic will lead to rapid economic instability. That means no food, gas, or medicines. What comes next? Remember the Louisiana EBT shutdown story? How about the recent Hurricanes, IRMA, Harvey and Juan mass evacuations from Florida and Texas?

This means, significant shortages will occur in as little as three days, especially for perishable items following a national emergency. Shortages will start appearing on day two, not day three. Do YOU want to be amongst the 90% of the local populace in your area trying to get the last items off the shelf? My point is: you have a choice. You can take steps now NOT be a part of the 90% who are unprepared.

We can focus on the types of major disasters and events to cause the points made above. Hurricane, blizzards, ice storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, electro-magnetic pulse, solar flares, economic disruption to include collapse, pandemic outbreak, planet x, nuclear war, civil strife, zombie apocalypse. …………… Yes, certain precautions should be taken for these type events, however, if you aren’t preparing FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, SECURITY, and medication to take care of you and your family, you will most definitely fall in to the government’s 90% projection. Have you heard about it? Yes, the U.S. Government says through a Congressional study that 90% of the U.S. population will die in the first year as a result of a major pandemic outbreak or EMP attack on the grid. Have YOU ever lived through a power outage lasting 72 hours? Can you handle an outage lasting longer than a year?

Let’s talk about how YOU can take steps to prepare you to be more self-sufficient and prepared to handle the next crisis that comes along. Remember, the disaster is the event taking place, not the fact YOU failed to prepare. When you are out of food and water, cold, and a stranger is knocking on your door begging for what little food you may have, it is now YOUR own personal disaster. Think about it. Are YOU ready now? Get prepared!!! Read, educate, and prepare. Want to get started? Contact me.

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I of course got all the answers right lol. I'm going to get the princess to take the evaluation and see how different our answers are.

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