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Bugging Out With Essential Oils - East Coast Gal

Fellow Patriots,

East Coast Gal has offered some great information on essential oils and which oils she would choose when running out the back door in a hurry. A big thanks to ECG for her contribution. Enjoy.

East Coast Gal says......

Awhile back I wrote about how I use essential oils daily. That got me to thinking...what would I do if I couldn't purchase what I needed on a regular basis? Which oils should I be stocking up on in case of an emergency situation?

The great thing about essential oils is that most all oils can serve more than one purpose. The likelihood of an adverse reaction is very minimal since they are natural. Many oils will work on the body and mind at the same time. How great is that in a stressful situation?

I will readily admit that I have a lot of essential oils and oil products in my collection. I have completely eliminated store bought cleaning and laundry products as well as over-the-counter medications. Obviously I wouldn't be able to take everything in my collection with me in a bug-out situation so I've narrowed it down to the 10 oils I feel like I couldn't do without.

1. Clove is a stimulating and energizing oil. It is considered a 'hot' oil so if using on the skin, be sure to dilute with a carrier oil of some sort.

*add a drop to water and gargle to sooth a sore throat *add a drop to your toothbrush along with your toothpaste *apply (diluted) to gums for a soothing effect *can be used to disinfect hard surfaces/utensils

Clove can help to support the lungs and respiratory tract, the stomach, joints, liver and nervous system. It also promotes healthy blood circulation.

2. Frankincense is often called the King of Oils. It can bring about feelings of peace, satisfaction, and overall wellness.

*helps to reduce appearance of blemishes and helps rejuvenate the skin *apply to cuticles/nailbeds to maintain healthy nails

Frankincense promotes cellular health when consumed. it also supports the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Its cleansing properties help to ​ protect against environmental threats. It also supports healthy bladder and urinary function.

3. Helichrysum is also know as St. John's Herb. *a drop on a pillow (or inhale from bottle) helps relieve congestion *use with cold compresses to reduce swelling, sooth sprains and bruising

Helichrysum supports the digestive, immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems and the liver. It can also help to reduce the feelings of mental fatigue.

4. Lavender is most used for its calming and relaxing qualities.

*apply to insect stings to reduce pain/swelling/itching *apply to a sunburn or any type of burn *put on a tissue/cotton ball and hold under the nose to help a nosebleed *apply a few drops to the bottom of feel and/or bedding to help with sleep

Lavender can help support the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It can help open airways for clear breathing.

5. Lemon has a multitude of uses. *use to cleanse/purify surfaces *take internally to assist with seasonal respiratory issues *can clean/protect wood surfaces as well as silver and some other metals *use to remove sticky residue *helps remove grease from skin *a great oral rinse to sooth the mouth/throat

Lemon helps promote healthy functioning of the GI tract.

6. Melaleuca is commonly call Tea Tree oil.

*use 1-2 drops to sooth skin irritations *add to drinking water to support healthy immune system function *massage on fingernails/toenails to purify and keep healthy *apply to bottoms of feet and inside shoes for a refresher

Melaleuca supports healthy joint, lung and respiratory function as well as gastrointestinal health.

7. Myrrh promotes emotional balance and well-being. *can be added to toothpaste for additional cleansing benefits *gargle in water to sooth mouth/throat *add 1-2 drops to 1/4 cup water with a little honey to ease stomach issues

Myrrh supports healthy immune and respiratory systems as well as healthy cellular function.

8. OnGuard (this is the name of the 'protective blend' from the company I use) is an effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support. *apply to the feet to boost the immune system *add to water for an all-purpose cleaner for surfaces

OnGuard supports your natural antioxidant defenses.

9. Oregano is great to add flavor to cooking. It also supports healthy digestion. It is also considered a 'hot' oil, so dilute if using on the skin.

*add 10 drops to a spray bottle of water for a counter spray *a good defense against MRSA

Oregano supports the respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. It is relaxing to the musculoskeletal system. It also supports healthy liver function.

10. Peppermint is one of my favorite oils due to its many uses.

*put a drop on your forehead/temples to calm a headache *inhale to aid nausea/indigestion *add to boiling water and inhale to alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis *combine with baking soda for a toothpaste (2/3 cup baking soda, 10-15 drops peppermint) *gets rid of spiders, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, lice, and rodents *use with cold water compress when overheated *inhale for an energy boost

Be sure to avoid getting peppermint too close to your eyes - it will sting like all get out, but is not harmful. Flush your eyes with water immediately to alleviate any irritation.

A note of caution, not all essential oils are created equally. Be sure you know if the oils you choose are safe for ingestion.

Keep in mind that essential oils are not something you can make - it takes pounds of the raw plant to produce the oil. That said, the essential oils you stockpile will eventually run out. But the great thing is that it takes only a drop or two to be effective so they will last quite awhile. Learning about native plants would be advisable so that you will have another alternative to OTC medications. I also would advise you to speak with your health care provider now about the use of oils as opposed to prescription medications. Another thing to consider is to keep a file of some sort about the various ways to use oils, it can be overwhelming when in an emergency situation. In addition, if something happens to you, someone else will be able to correctly use the oils.

Thanks for your time to read ......East Coast Gal,


bravo Echo Out

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