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Defensive Landscape Bushes or Plants to Consider

Fellow Patriots,

I was recently supporting a fellow Patriot building his security plan that included the use of barberry bushes as a defense barrier as well as a deterrent to persuade a threat from crossing a specific defined line. Have you considered the use of plants, trees or bushes as a layer of security in your plan? It is something you may wish to think about. They are not just a great barrier to slow or stop a threat, they are also cosmetically appealing in most cases.

You could also consider adding these on to an existing plan as well. They are great for approach routes you are trying to close or cut off. By placing these plants under a window or deck can also help block or slow down an intruder. And of course around your perimeter. If you are trying to stop an intruder from crossing your fence, the placement of a good barberry bush outside the fence could change the mind of the potential threat. When planning, you should also take in to consideration what hardiness zone you will be planting and growing the plant. Different regions for different plants.

First, let me provide you a national map for USDA Hardiness Zones to help identify which bush, tree or plan is best in what area.

Here's different plants to consider if you are building your security plans.

1. Agave:

Native to Mexico and the southwestern US, this spiky slow-growing succulent is suitable for growers in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11.

You can find different types of Agave plants in the Agave family. Different sizes and heights to support your security planning needs and wants. The location you plan to place the plant should help you decide which in the Agave family you decide to use.

If you have children or pets you may wish to take this in to consideration as to what you get and how and where you plan to place it.

Americana Agave

This agave is one of the most notorious landscape agaves. It produces a lovely inflorescence (flower) and then the main plant dies, leaving behind pups or offsets.

The American agave