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Drop the seeds and they may come

Drop the seeds and they may come by Bravo Echo

As we work our way through the Covid 19 – Coronavirus pandemic we are seeing a lot of interesting things transpire. From the Global level all the way down to the local community. From the initial stage in China where it appears a delay occurred reporting the virus to the world down to the interviews with local survivors and the numerous deaths of doctors and health care workers. We haven’t been here before so many things we see, hear, and learn are new to us. We can only base most current events on history and post 1918 studies. What did we learn from SARS. H1N1. EBOLA, …. First we hear if we aren’t sick not to use the mask and now we are to use the mask. We don’t have enough respirators and it must be someone’s fault. My point is what did we learn from the past in order to make the future better? We can debate points all day and still get no where other than to win or lose a point. Does it really matter in the end?

One of the biggest struggles I witness from people during preparedness training and I covered this in my book, Hope for Survival, is parents asking the question “how do I get my children on board with what I (we) are trying to do?” I have heard this countless times and honestly, it’s heart breaking to see the expressions and feel the pain in the words being spoken. I could only imagine what it is like watching a young 16 years old drive off for the first time, alone. You can’t protect them. You just hope your words of wisdom has taken hold and they will do and remember everything you have implanted. I remember when I was young. I thought I was immortal. What did my parents know, they grew up on Little House on the Prairie, right? Shame on me.

I don’t believe there is a magic answer to fix this issue or concern for parents. Especially if preparedness was not a lifestyle incorporated during the upbringing of the child. I know several preparedness minded Patriots who participates in preparedness training and activities with their children. It is a mindset. A way of life for many. But what about parents who just started preparing in recent years? How would a parent address the topic and win a child over to the mindset? Think about it. We are asking a grown child to accept a total mindset change in the parent not to mention all the resources being stocked. You have probably heard; “You are paranoid. The government will take care of you because this has never happened before. You have been hanging out with friend x way too much. Stop watching so much Doomsday TV. Sounds familiar? Why buy all this stuff when if needed we will run down to the local stop-n-rob and buy what is needed. Don’t panic. What has happened to you? Why are you wasting my inheritance on all this stuff?” Have you heard this?

In the past the best recommendation I could offer is to suggest parents in this situation simply not force the issue and drop and plants seeds along the path. Some folks can’t handle direct sharing. Often times I will bring up something that may carry a lot of weight topic wise and I know Ms. Lucy will shut off hearing what I’m talking about. No, not squirrels. Example. Years ago, when it was not common to discuss MK-Ultra, I would lose Ms Lucy a few minutes in. But, I didn’t really lose her. She would step back and take the planted seeds and then readdress the topic on her own at her own time of choosing and pace she wanted to absorb it. Make sense? So, the suggestion to simply drop seeds and allow the child to follow at their own pace was the best suggestion I could offer. It keeps the lanes open for future conversation and it doesn’t put up blockades preventing future conversation. Yes, that can be hard to do at times, especially when the child gets defensive and is the one to create the barrier. Don’t panic. If you stay the course and remain open to conversation at the pace of the child’s willingness to absorb, your chances are much better.

The good news. In recent weeks with the Covid 19 reality taking root and growing larger by the hour, several Patriots contacted me to share “good news” stories of children crossing the barrier and opening up to the need of preparedness. The joy I read through words expressed can’t be described other than priceless. The seeds remained in place over the months or years and an event occurred to justify the position of the parents all along. The child recognized this on their own without being forced and proceeded to ask questions, participate in stocking additional resources and understand what the preparedness mindset is about. Not doomsday, but using preparedness as the insurance policy for self-reliance and being responsible for their family. While others are racing around frantic over a toilet paper shortage, those who are prepared watch and monitor from a distance.

To those who shared their story, thank you and congratulations. I know this brings a peacefulness to your mind and life. Good luck and I can only hope this new joint sharing effort will continue to grow and a new shared bond has been created. A job well done. Remember, 90% of Preparedness is awareness. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out

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