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Free - Preparedness Training via Zoom

Fellow Patriots,

If you are looking around you and witnessing the events occurring in every state in America, you should have noticed a growing number of events that continues to intensify. Attacks against people, property, and to many of us, our freedoms we treasure. I would be remiss to ask, are you prepared if the events spread to your area? Do you have plans in place to care and protect your family at your home or a pre-identified location in the event you must leave in a hurry.

Further research should have shown you numerous problems exist and there appears no short term solution is currently in place for the citizens of our great nation. Cheese, milk, beef, chicken, vegetables, jobs, Pandemic, economy, unemployment, China, civil strife, riots and anarchist in the streets. Shall I continue? We will face the brunt of these issues. Let me be clear, I'm not fear mongering. My boots are grounded and I see a very clear picture in front of me. The next five months ahead of us leading to the Novemberelection could possibly be the greatest challenge we face as adults.

I will be offering FREE Preparedness training in a series starting this Saturday morning via Zoom. Through a virtual class setting I will walk you through multiple needs and processes in a series of classes I have previously shared with folks. From Risk Analysis, to building your Family Communication Plan, to Bugging In in a Urban environment to Bugging Out, Sheltering and Bug Out Planning, to building your Security-in-Depth Plan, to Food Preparedness and Planning to Preparedness 101 and 102. These are the basic courses I will be doing. I won't have the room to pace back and forth while I teach but the nuts and bolts are the same.

I had previously posted these classes and schedule in the Patriot Express News Letter which I post every Saturday morning on the Hope For Survival website. I had listed a fee to attend the classes, but most Patriots who know me know that my goal has been to help as many people as possible who want help to get prepared. Due to current events in the world and more specifically our nation, I believe the clock has moved forward and we have limited time remaining to get prepared. If you wish to make a donation before or afterwards that is up to you. Or, you can buy my book, Hope for Survival. All proceeds above cost to print goes to a charitable organization to help feed the hungry. Or, you can attend for free and be better prepared. Free training is the best I can do for you.

Here is the June schedule starting this Saturday morning. To attend you must email me at and tell me the class(es) you want to attend so I can send you the Zoom link with code and password. Without the zoom info you can't get in the virtual training.

All classes begin at 0900 AM EST

June 6 - Risk Analysis and Management (90 minutes)

June 13 - Family Communication Planning (90 minutes)

June 20 - Preparedness 101 (Self Preparedness) (3 hours)

June 27 - Preparedness 102 (Team Preparedness) (90 minutes)

This is open to your family and/or friends who you want to invite.

I will post the July class schedule in mid June.

Let me know soonest.


Bravo Echo

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