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Guest Writer - Blessed in Tennessee - TazLady

I want to welcome a super lady, friend, sister in Christ and true Patriot aboard as a guest writer. TazLady submitted her first article to me recently to share with the readers. Welcome TazLady.

Blessed In Tennessee - TazLady

As a faithful believer in Christ and married 42 years to a Marine Sergeant, I was always in “ready” mode for whatever life would send my way. That was until my husband suddenly passed away leaving his 58 year-old widow behind.

Scriptures from God’s word flooded my thoughts and soul giving me peace, comfort and hope to carry on. My loving children and grandchildren were and have been by my side every step of the way. Many blessings abound.

Facing the reality of my husband’s death started me thinking about my security at work and at home. He had been adamant that I learn to use our firearms and get a concealed carry permit. On the home front, I took a good look at all points of entry. After much thought and listening to my likeminded friends, I upgraded my home security system. I installed extra bolts and barriers to the doors.

I always had a garden and a passion to can or preserve its bounty until we moved to the “city”. For several years we searched for a few acres where we could once again have a little privacy and a garden. After his passing my “call back to nature” grew even stronger.

My daughter and son-in-law purchased a farm in Tennessee where they could raise their rather large family. My thoughts were to find a place close to them where I could visit and go home afterwards. I suppose subconsciously I still wanted our dream farm, a place to eventually retire.

I looked at several places over the next couple of years but none seemed like home until… my son-in-law called me one afternoon and said “Ma, you may want to look at this place”. It didn’t take much encouraging from my son for me to take action. My children have always been very supportive.

From the moment I drove up the steep gravel road to the hilltop, I KNEW I was home! It was everything my husband and I had dreamed, prayed for. I fell to my knees, tears flowing with thankfulness that God had heard my prayers.

The 20 acres that came with a home, 2 barns, 2 ponds and a chicken coop were sold at auction on October 31, 2015. It was within a range that I could financially afford. My dream became a reality.

There are new challenges of securing a larger area but one I am happy to accept. However, some aspects of being prepared for unseen events remain the same whether it be weather related or any number of other things to disrupt my way of living. At the top of my “must have” list is a medical supply kit, an alternate source to cook and heat, water and enough long-term storage foods until a garden can be planted and harvested.

I tell my children that I got to choose my “retirement” home! It is still a work in progress. The security system calls for a large dog with a mean bark and granny (me) with a shotgun in her lap on the back porch of this little Tennessee hilltop. As for now, I am truly blessed and content. Who could ask for more?

Be blessed,

Bravo Echo Out

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