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HFS Protocol and Proton Email

Fellow Patriots,

Greetings and a blessed week to you all. I hope you are having a great week wherever you may be.

With federal laws changing and tightening the demand for the federal government to have access to email and digital platforms nationally and internationally, the importance to enforce a better security approach is increasing. HFS strives to protect the identity of users and information daily. No, we aren't doing anything wrong or breaking any laws, protecting email users accounts and names is important. Our goal is to have zero security related issues at HFS and during communications with HFS subscribers.

The majority of HFS subscribers and users switched to proton email over the past few years. The servers are located internationally and laws of the nations where the servers are located prevents governments abroad from having direct access to users and information legally. Proton originated in Switzerland and is now located in 15 or more nations around the world.

What is Proton email?

If you are not familiar with Proton email, it is free and proton users sending email to and from can be encrypted. Messages are stored on Proton Mail servers in encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format between our servers and user devices. Messages between Proton Mail users are also transmitted in encrypted form within our secure server network. Because data is encrypted at all steps, the risk of message interception is largely eliminated.

Proton Mail's zero access architecture means that your data is encrypted in a way that makes it inaccessible to Proton management. Data is encrypted on the client side using an encryption key that we do not have access to. This means we don't have the technical ability to decrypt your messages, and as a result, we are unable to hand your data over to third parties. With Proton Mail, privacy isn't just a promise, it is mathematically ensured. For this reason, we are also unable to do data recovery. If you forget your password, we cannot recover your data.

HFS going forward.

With the world changing daily and cyberthreats becoming a way of life, HFS believes the time has arrived to increase the protection of HFS information, subscribers, and communications to/from users. We are strongly encouraging any of you who communicates with HFS, participates in the HFS Zoom program, and is signed up on the HFS email list, to switch your email account to Proton email soon. At this moment it is voluntary however I do foresee HFS switching to only communicating with Proton account holders in the near future. This is not personal and is strictly business and it is our effort to protect all information this would apply.

Yes, it is possible to send encrypted secure email to Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, and other non-Proton email accounts. The problem is difficulty in others learning how to share encryption keys, password phrases and so forth. We are talking hundreds of individuals. The recommendation of everyone using Proton email is the simplest path forward.

You can follow this link to learn more about Proton mail and setup a new account as well. Proton Mail - Security Features

If you choose to switch to proton email, please email me from your new proton email account so I can switch your information in our data base.

Thanks for your continued support, time and understanding in this matter.


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