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How Has Covid 19 Changed Your Preparedness by Bravo Echo

Fellow Patriots,

Here we are now over 100 days in to the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic and I am curious if what you are witnessing has changed anything you are doing in your preparedness efforts. So, I decided to put some thoughts to paper and share them with you. I would be interested in hearing if anything in your preparedness efforts changed.

Based on what has happened and the response you have witnessed from the international, federal, state and community levels, have you increased, decreased, changed your mindset at all or are you simply enjoying being home and watching Gov. Cuomo get his free press time nationally?

Based on the things I have witnessed, here's the areas that jump out at me for my preparedness:

Motivation: I think most who know me would say I stay fairly motivated. The Covid 19 disaster has energized me to a higher level because what I have witnessed within the US of A confirms my thoughts all along. That being, most Americans are not prepared and will not be prepared. Sure a lot of folks ran out and bought up stock and resources to empty the shelves. Those who prepared already got the blame for it which has been funny. Why? Because anyone who prepares already possesses the resources being hoarded by the unprepared. Pretty simple to understand. Right? We faced an invisible threat for the most part. Then the government stepped up and locked things down which added another layer of burden on the American people. Americans are spoiled for the most part. We developed a "drive-through" mentality during the Reagan years that we have not recovered from to date. We want it, we want it now, and we will find a way to get it now even if it means running up the credit card to buy it.....even if we just got quarantined and lost our job. Buy now, worry tomorrow. A key ingredient to becoming self- reliant is being debt free. This disaster is a perfect example of many as to why one should do their best to be debt free. So, watching the millions of Americans lose self control and rush out without a plan and spend like a drunk sailor. No offense to my former Navy brothers.

Practicality of your preparedness. You have a plan (I hope) and you are watching, planning, and taking stock of what resources you have obtained based on the needs identified in your plans. What are your friends and neighbors doing during this down period? Are they at home throwing donuts at those keeping them locked down? Are they watching as the mail truck drives by their home and not leaving their free money check from Washington D.C.? Are they asking you more questions about preparedness or just observing you becoming more prepared and noting all the goodies you are stockpiling? What is more practical? You taking the down time check and double check your plan? Or, the guy across the street who is doing nothing different from before? Like I said in my book and teach and preach, plan for a disaster. Not a specific disaster. Your plan should be flexible and offer you the ability to adjust to multiple plans. That is the difference between a prepper and a preparer. Right? Shake your head yes? This is a great time to dust off your plan and learn to use all the gear with the stickers and tags still hanging on them.

I received an awesome email this week from a Hope For Survival website reader who has also attended my classes in the past. She thanked me and identified how I had taught her and her family to focus on self-reliance and being prepared in general, not for a specific disaster. She gets it.

Organization. I know many who purchased truck loads of supplied and resources over the years and they are neatly stacked in a garage. Now is the time to organize and inventory your resources. Get things out of the boxes and make sure they work and you know how they are to be used. How you prepare today could save your life during a crisis that sneaks up on you. Always remember, a disaster is not on a calendar or clock. You can't pick the time you want to play and learn how to use your gear. The person who wrecks and goes over the hill and is trapped in the vehicle will have a much better chance of surviving if they know about the bag you placed in their vehicle or glove box. Organizing your resources and plans is essential to self-reliance. Are you really self-reliant if you simply buy it and store it on the shelf?

Training: Even during a quarantine or lockdown you can still train. How? Mentally and physically. I have offered numerous suggestions on different websites to watch podcast of folks like Dave Grossman and the Bullet Proof Mind series or you could be attending the HFS Zoom Virtual Rally series we have been holding on Thursday evening. Folks are bonding and learning about many aspects of preparedness as well as getting updates on world news. Every week we discuss at least eight to ten topics of preparedness. You could be having family together and watching preparedness videos and taking about your plans together. Conduct table top drills together. Learn how other people think so you can grow to understand how and why people make the chooses they pick.

These are just a few of the thoughts I have been having and why. One thing I do know for certain is this. There is not a single thing witnessed in the past 100 days that would change my mind from being self-reliant. If you still struggle with the decision to prepare then you need to hit the reset button and email me. I will help motivate your reasoning.

I decided long ago to establish my own "Early Warning" signal and I shared it with Ms. Lucy and Festus. Once the pandemic progressed, I told Ms. Lucy and Festus when it reached a certain point, I would be sounding the alarm and we would be bugging out of the city and taking refuge at our pre-designated location. We did just that. Do you have your own "Early Warning" signal or sign identified? If not, you should think about it.

I hope this may offer you some thoughts to consider in your own life and plans. If you are watching the world around you, I hope yo are seeing what I am seeing and continuing your plans and preparations. If you don't know how to prepare and want to do so, simply emial me and I will get you started.

Be blessed,

Bravo Echo Out

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