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In-Depth Preparedness Checklist for Your Home

Home Preparedness Checklist

To help you get started or finished, print out this list and check off everything you already have. Then, use a highlighter marker and highlight everything you believe is a basic necessity for your family. Shop for basic things first checking off as you go. Use another color, and highlight what you would like to have on hand beyond your basic list, get those things next.

Last of all, get everything else. Consider the volume of what you prepare based upon the length of time you are projecting for possible disruptions to normal services & products. Prepare don't panic. Move forward in faith. Remember chance favors the prepared mind!

A big thanks to a fellow Patriot out of Huntsville, AL. Thanks for sharing this fantastic product.

Cash (Small bills you can pay in exact change)

___ Small Bills (1's, 5's, 10's, 20's)

___ Coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters)

--- Silver coins (for purchase and bartering if the current monetary system fails)



___ Great Northern

___ Kidney beans

___ Lentils

___ Navy

___ Pinto

___ Red beans

Seeds for Sprouting: (essential for vitamins)

___ Alfalfa, mung, radish, sprouting peas, lentils, etc.

Rice and Grains:

___ Barley

___ Boxed cereals (6 month shelf life)

___ Corn (popcorn and field corn)

___ Flour (Wheat, white and other varieties, 9-12 month shelf life)

___ Instant hot cereals (oatmeal, cream of wheat, malt-o-meal, etc.)

___ Oatmeal (1 year shelf life in original container)

___ Rice (brown, white, or combination)

___ Bay leaves (Bay Leaves are great for keeping bugs out of flour and

cereal so you might want to get an extra large bottle!)

Cooking Agents

___ Cooking Oil (extra virgin olive oil stores best)

___ Baking powder

___ Baking soda

___ Shortening (like Crisco)

___ Yeast (in a pinch you can use sourdough)

___ Salt (Iodized)

___ Rock salt

___ Sea salt

___ Sugar (Sweeteners)

___ Brown sugar

___ Corn syrup

___ Powdered sugar

___ White sugar


___ Macaroni

___ Shells

___ Spaghetti (with jars of heat-up sauce)

Dairy Products:

___ Powdered Milk & Buttermilk

___ Milk (canned evaporated)

___ Parmesan cheese

___ Powdered butter/margarine is available (like Butter Busters)

___ Cheese powder (Stuff in the boxes of prepared Macaroni and Cheese.)

___ Powdered eggs

Dehydrated or Canned Food:

___ Meat

___ Chicken

___ Beef in a can

___ Beef jerky

___ Corned beef & Corned Roast Beef

___ Chili con carne

___ Salmon

___ Turkey

___ Tuna

___ Canned chicken/beef stock or gravy


___ Beets

___ Broccoli

___ Cabbage

___ Carrots

___ Celery

___ Creamed or whole kernel corn

___ Green beans

___ Instant mashed potatoes (Idaho's in a can will store indefinitely)

___ Canned mushrooms

___ Peas

___ Soup and stew blends

___ Spinach

___ Cream of Mushroom, broccoli, etc.

___ Soup starter

___ Variety of canned soups (Chicken Noodle, Tomato, Vegetable, etc.)


___ Apples

___ Applesauce

___ Apricots

___ Bananas

___ Canned and bottled fruit juices

___ Flavored apples

___ Fruit cocktail

___ Lemon juice (bottled does not have to be refrigerated)

___ Oranges

___ Peaches

___ Pears

___ Prunes (medicinal, you may need it after many canned goods)

___ Raisins

Spices and Flavorings

___ Baking cocoa

___ Basil

___ Bouillon (beef and chicken)

___ Canned tomatoes

___ Chili powder

___ Cumin or Comino

___ Cinnamon

___ Garlic (powder, minced, salt)

___ Green peppers

___ Onions (powder, flakes, salt)

___ Oregano

___ Pepper

___ Tomato paste, powder, sauce


___ Ketchup

___ Mustard

___ Mayonnaise (small jars require no refrigeration, 6 month shelf life

from date of purchase, use it all once opened)

___ Peanut butter & Jelly

___ Pickles

___ Salad dressing Mix (Italian, Ranch - Good Seasons type)

___ Salad dressing bottled

___ Salsa

___ Soy sauce

___ Equal or Sweet N'Low

___ Honey

___ Maple or pancake syrup

___ Molasses

___ Teriyaki sauce

___ Barbecue Sauce

___ Vinegar (plain and flavored)

___ Worchester sauce

Food Odds and Ends


___ Coffee (vacuum sealed, already ground in case no electricity)

___ Creamer for coffee (1.5 year shelf life)

___ Gatorade (important for anyone dehydrated, replaces electrolytes)

___ Hot Chocolate

___ Individual Coffee bags

___ Instant coffee

___ Non-carbonated drink mix (Tang, Kool-aid, helpful to keep kids


___ Sodas (Soda goes flat in three months)

___ Small boxes of juice for kids

___ Tea

___ Wine in Boxes with Mylar bags or bottled

Quick and Easy to Prepare Instant Foods

(Any dry pre-packaged good you heat up or add water, boil, and eat.)

___ Biscuit mix (just add water kind)

___ Cake mix

___ Cans of nuts (peanuts, cashews, etc.)

___ Crackers & cookies (limited shelf life)

___ Pancake mix

___ Waffle mix

___ Canned Ravioli

___ Spagettio's

___ Dinty Moore Beef Stew

___ Chicken n Dumplings

___ Freeze dried or no-cook foods

___ Instant Soups (like Top Ramen or Cup o' soup... you just add water)

___ Macaroni and Cheese

___ Lipton Noodles and Sauce

___ Spaghetti sauce

___ Rice a Roni

Psychological Foods or Comfort Foods

___ Brownie mixes

___ Cake mixes

___ Chocolate chips or bars (solid chocolate = Indefinite shelf life)

___ Chocolate Milk Mix (Nestles Quick)

___ Crackers/ cookies (short shelf life, buy in December.)

___ Dream Whip

___ Hard candies

___ Jell-O

___ Jelly

___ Popcorn

___ Powdered drinks (with added vitamin C like Tang)

___ Puddings

Baby Food and Formula (Health professionals encourage breast-feeding!

However, if a woman is under stress from a crisis, it is very

possible for her not to have an adequate milk supply.

Supplementation may be necessary!)

___ Powdered formula (Pediatrician stated canned formula wouldn't last

as long and was more expensive. Have some bottles of sterile water

on hand to mix with the formula.)

___ Pureed fruits and vegetables in a jar

___ Hand grinder to puree table food


___ Drinking water 1 gallon per person per day.

___ Distilled or sterilized water for infant formula

___ Water for cleaning and Bathing

___ Water filter or purification treatment


___ Adult formula Multi-vitamins and mineral

___ Children's liquid or chewable vitamins

___ Mineral supplements (like calcium)

___ Vitamin Supplement (like C, E etc.)

___ Liquid dietary supplement (like Ensure)


Non Prescription Medications (check the shelf life of medications)

___ Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

___ Activated charcoal (use if indicated for certain poisons)

___ Aleve (Naproxen Sodium Fever/Pain reducer)

___ Antacid (Zantac 75)

___ Anti-diarrhea medication (Kaopectate; Pepto-Bismol, Imodium AD)

___ Aspirin

___ Antihistamine (Benadryl)

___ Cold, Flu and Cough Remedies (Nyquil/Dayquil)

___ Cough drops

___ Chloraseptic (for sore throats)

___ Get Better Bear (throat lozenges lolly pop for kids)

___ Hay fever/Sinus

___ Hydrocortisone creme (Cortaid)

___ Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil)

___ Laxatives for constipation (Ex-lax)

___ Antibiotic Ointment or Cream (Neosporin)

___ Syrup of Ipecac (use to induce vomiting)

___ Yeast infection medicine

___ Band-Aids (lots of sizes)

___ Children's Tylenol or Motrin (liquid or chewable)

___ Diaper rash cream

___ Digital thermometer for young babies

___ Ear viewer and instructions

___ Immunizations

___ Pedialyte (electrolyte fluid for babies)

___ Specific medicines for your child

Alternative and Natural Health (Note: Although herbal remedies are non-

prescription, they can still be dangerous if used improperly. Please read all labels for directions and keep out of the reach of children.)

___ Echinacea with Goldenseal for colds

___ Cool Cayenne for upper respiratory

___ L-Lysine for Canker Sores

___ Aloe for Burns

___ Melatonin for insomnia

___ Zinc lozenges for sore throats

Medical Supplies

___ Ammonia

___ Cotton balls

___ Glucose

___ Hydrogen peroxide

___ Insect bite/sting topical medicine

___ Insect repellent

___ Iodine

___ Petroleum jelly

___ Rubbing Alcohol

___ Hormones

___ Hormone replacement medications

___ Yeast infection medication

___ Wild yam cream First Aid Kit

___ 2-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6)

___ 2-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)

___ 3-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)

___ 4-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6)

___ Aloe

___ Antiseptic (like Bactine)

___ Assorted sizes of safety pins

___ Anti-bacterial Cleansing agent/soap

___ Elastic wrap

___ Eye wash

___ Hypo-allergenic adhesive tape

___ Instant Ice/Heat Pack (get two)

___ Iodine swabs

___ Latex gloves (2 pair)

___ Moistened towelettes

___ Needle

___ Scissors

___ Splint

___ Sterile adhesive bandages in assorted sizes

___ Sunscreen

___ Thermometer

___ Tongue blades (2)

___ Trauma scissors

___ Triangular bandages (3)

___ Tube of petroleum jelly or other lubricant

___ Tweezers

Cooking Utensils

___ French press coffeepot (the kind you add hot water to, let it steep

and then press the grounds down)

___ Percolator Coffee Pot

___ Sterno or Buffet Fuel in a can(safe indoors, reaches boiling point)

___ Solar oven

___ Woodstove

___ Gas Grill & fuel

___ Camping stove

___ Pressure cooker

___ Kettle

___ Cast iron cookware

___ Skillet

___ Dutch oven

___ Bread pans

___ Waffle iron

___ Griddle

___ Wok

Kitchen Items

___ Plastic storage containers

___ Dishpan (to save dishwater for more loads)

___ Drying rack

___ Dishtowels

___ Tall kitchen Trash bags

___ Black Garbage bags House and Lawn

___ Baggies (zip lock) Small & Large & Sandwich size

___ Thick, freezer bags

___ Aluminum Foil (various sizes)

___ Plastic wrap

___ Paper Towels

___ Paper Plates (saves water and can be burned in barbecue grill )

___ Paper Napkins

___ Paper Cups

___ Rags

___ Water filters

___ Water purifiers

___ Iodine (pregnant women should not use iodine to purify water)

___ Manual Can opener (spend money here, a good grip counts, get two.)

___ Knife sharpener

___ Kitchen matches (in waterproof container)

___ Fire extinguisher

Household Cleansers

___ Bleach (4 pts to 1 pt water in a spray bottle will disinfect hard


___ Dishwashing Detergent (anti-bacterial)

___ Hand Soap (anti-bacterial)

___ Hand Soap (waterless)

___ Sponges

___ Steel wool pads (Brillo-type)

___ Rubber Gloves (spend the money, get the heavy duty kind!)

___ Dust cloths (small)

___ Furniture Polish

___ Window cleaner

___ Dust cloths (large)

___ Furniture Polish

___ Window cleaner

___ Disinfectant spray (Lysol)

___ Broom (indoor and outdoor)

___ Extra Mop heads

___ Air freshener

___ Toilet bowl cleaner

Laundry Room Supplies

___ Detergent (Liquid laundry soap)

___ Bleach

___ Drying rack

___ Clothes line

___ Clothes pins

___ Washtub

___ Buckets

Sewing kit

___ Needles

___ Thread

___ Scissors

___ Material

___ Buttons


___ Emergency toilet: 5-gal bucket, trash bags, toilet seat with lid.

___ Plunger

___ Drain Snake

___ Drain unclogger (like Drano)

___ Outdoor solar shower bag (get two, available at Wal-mart & K-mart)

___ Tub for bottom of Shower (catch water and reuse for laundry)

___ Bubble bath/ Liquid Body Cleanser

___ Bath bar soap

___ Razor and blades

___ Shampoo/conditioner

___ Shaving Cream

___ Tissues (get the kind with aloe, date roll over is in winter)

___ Toilet paper (twice what you think you'll need)

___ Moist towelettes or baby wipes

___ Air freshener

___ Maxi Pads

___ Tampons

___ Panty Liners

___ Menstrual Cup (The Keeper)

___ Washable pads

___ Hair care

___ Dental Care

___ Toothbrushes

___ Toothpaste

___ Mouthwash

___ Dental Floss

___ Denture Care Products & Adhesive (like Fixodent, excellent hold)

___ Cleanser Eye Care

___ Extra Contacts

___ Extra Glasses

___ Extra replacement screws

___ Saline solution

___ Petroleum Vaseline

___ Cotton Balls

___ Q tips

Make-up (Don't discount this as unimportant! It's important to feel good about how you look. It helps your self-esteem, which will help your family.)

___ Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer

___ Foundation, Blush, Eyeliner, Eye shadow, Mascara

Personal Grooming

___ Hair brushes

___ Combs

___ Elastics and ribbons for little girls

___ Non-electric Curlers (like the little Velcro or foam kind)

___ Curling Iron (propane)

___ Hair cutting scissors

___ Hair Trimmer (Obtain battery operated one at local discount store)

___ Ear and Nose hair trimmer (battery operated)

___ Deodorant

___ Perfume

___ Hair spray

___ Hair color (Ladies, stock up on the Loreal now!)

___ Permanent Wave Solution (curlers and papers)

___ Hair relaxer

Clothes (Next two sizes of Clothes for growing kids remember, most of

our clothes are foreign made and shipped here.)

___ Pants/ Jeans

___ Shorts

___ T-shirts

___ Sweat shirts

___ Jackets/ Coats

___ Shoes

___ Socks

___ Underwear


Birth control

___ Birth Control Pills

___ Condoms

___ Lubricant

___ Diaphragm Foam

___ Information on natural family planning

___ Home pregnancy tests


___ Maternity clothes

___ Antacids (high calcium)

___ Prenatal vitamins

___ Childbirth

___ Midwife information/ home birth

___ Shower curtain

___ Information for husbands (if they have to deliver the baby)

___ Emergency home birth kit (list contents)

___ Nursing

___ Manual Breast pump

___ Bottles and nipples (disposable liners)

___ Sterilizing equipment

___ Breast pads (washable)

___ Nursing bras

Baby products

___ Disposable diapers in various sizes

___ Cloth Diapers

___ Safety Pins or clips

___ Rubber pants

___ Baby wipes

___ Trash bags for disposing dirty diapers

___ Layette

___ Receiving blankets


___ Light bulbs

___ Battery operated light

___ Smoke Alarm

___ Carbon monoxide detector (if using alternative heat)

___ Battery operated clock

Guest Room

___ Flashlight

___ Extra toothbrushes, soap, towels, etc.

___ Sheets

___ Pillows

___ Sleeping bags

___ Air Mattress

Family Room/Den

___ Bible

___ Decks of playing cards

___ Board games

___ Puzzles

___ Children's books

___ Arts and Crafts

___ Needlework

___ Needlepoint (Mesh, yarn, patterns)

___ Cross stitch (Floss, material and patterns)

___ Knitting (needles, yarn and patterns)

___ Musical Instruments

___ Piano

___ Acoustic guitar

___ Home-school supplies

___ Text books

___ Workbooks

___ Encyclopedia

___ Paper

___ Pens and pencils w erasers

___ Chalk & Chalkboard

___ Glue

___ Scissors


___ "How to" books

___ First Aid Manual

___ Physicians Desk Reference (guide to prescription drugs)

___ Medical information (i.e., Merck Manual)

___ Home "Fix it" Books

___ Garden

___ Cookbooks

___ Cooking with Food Storage

___ Bible

___ Biographies

___ Mysteries

___ Classics


___ Non hybrid seeds

___ Herbs

___ Vegetables

___ Flowers

___ Fruit trees

___ Flower Bulbs

___ Shovel

___ Watering can

___ Spade

___ Hoe

___ Fertilizer

___ Insecticide (natural, when possible)

___ Work gloves


___ Dog/Cat food (store in metal garbage cans to keep rodents out)

___ Kitty Litter

___ Pet supplies (vitamins, pet medications like heartworm pills, flea

and tick treatments, chew toys, shampoo, etc.)

Bug extermination

___ Ant, roach spider killer

___ Bee/Wasp killer

___ Rat/mouse traps

___ Fly traps


___ Plastic sheeting (for leaks)

___ Duct Tape

___ Nylon rope

___ Wrench

___ Hammer

___ Screwdrivers

___ Pliers

___ Ax or hatchet

___ Shovel

___ Saw

___ Non-electric mower

___ Non-electric hedge clippers


___ Grill

___ Propane tanks

___ Charcoal

___ Lighter fluid

___ Fireplace matches (the long kind)

Safety & Self-Defense:

___ Fire extinguishers

___ Battery operated carbon monoxide monitors

___ Battery operated smoke detectors

___ Solar powered motion detection floodlights

___ Home alarms, dog(s)

___ Gun & ammunition plus training to learn proper gun use

___ Bow, arrows and accessories

Power Source

___ Back up generator

___ Batteries (assorted sizes)

___ Gas Containers

___ Fuel (gasoline, propane, etc.)

___ CB radio

___ Short wave radio

___ Walkie talkies (2 mile range is the best to hope for)

Light Source

___ Light bulbs

___ Flashlights

___ Batteries

___ Battery recharger (Solar powered if available)

___ Candles

___ Matches

___ Light sticks

___ Oil Lamp

___ Oil, wicks


___ Complete family medical records

___ Immunization Records for small kids

___ Birth Certificate

___ Social Security Card (and history...)

___ Personal earnings statement from SSA ( form SSA-7004)

___ Wills

___ Marriage license

___ Divorce papers

___ Church/Religious records (Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion)

___ Tax records

___ Deeds, Titles, Proof of Ownership

___ Insurance Policies

___ Homeowners

___ Auto

___ Life

___ Health Financial

___ Bank Statements

___ Pensions

___ Investment records

___ Mortgages

___ Bill payments and receipts

___ Credit/Debit Cards

___ Automatic deposits/payments

___ Certificates

___ Diplomas

___ Licenses

___ Transcripts


___ New or used mountain bike for each person in your family

___ Basket for bike or rack to carry stuff over back tire

___ Helmets

___ Hand pump

___ Flat tire repair kit

___ Lock and chain so no one steals it!

___ Oil for chains

___ Extra tires

___ Tubes and brake pads - I'm sold on bikes with cantilever brakes!)

___ Motorcycle if gasoline is scarce

___ Basic auto parts (oil, filters, anti-freeze, etc.) If you live near

water, a canoe/raft could be handy.

COMMUNICATION alternatives:

___ One way battery operated radio

___ Solar powered radio

___ Wind up radio

___ Two way Walkie talkies (no license needed if using family radio

service bands)

___ Ham radio (license is needed)

___ Cell phone (if the infrastructure is still functional)

___ Distress Signals (Seriously Folks, get a copy of the SOS signals,

learn them now.)

Other Equipment

- Night Vision binoculars or monocular

- Compass

- Thermal gear

- Back packs

- Water bottles with filtration capability

- Water filtration tablets

- Fire starter capability

- Knives and cutting equipment

- First aid kits for back packs

- Tarps and duct tape

- Mylar blankets

- Oxidizers

- Quality boots (At least three pairs per person)

- Hand saws, crow bars, axes, pics, and shovels

- Flex cuffs

- Rope and paracord

- Radiation detection equipment and tape

- Extra fencing of different heights and barbed wire and concertina wire (razor tape)

- Extra sheets of ply wood and 2 x 4s.

- Solar powered lights and lawn lights

- Solar chargers of different watts

- Sand bags

- Trash Bags

Plan with an eye toward taking in or taking care of one or more outside of your immediate family who may not be able (or may simply be unprepared) to take care of themselves. But don't take on the burden of freeloaders...everyone should share in the responsibilities around your home. Plan in advance for those who show up on your doorstep with needs.

Heb. 11:7 - "By faith, Noah, when warned about things not yet seen,

in holy fear built an ark to save his family."

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