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In-Depth Preparedness Checklist for Your Home

Home Preparedness Checklist

To help you get started or finished, print out this list and check off everything you already have. Then, use a highlighter marker and highlight everything you believe is a basic necessity for your family. Shop for basic things first checking off as you go. Use another color, and highlight what you would like to have on hand beyond your basic list, get those things next.

Last of all, get everything else. Consider the volume of what you prepare based upon the length of time you are projecting for possible disruptions to normal services & products. Prepare don't panic. Move forward in faith. Remember chance favors the prepared mind!

A big thanks to a fellow Patriot out of Huntsville, AL. Thanks for sharing this fantastic product.

Cash (Small bills you can pay in exact change)

___ Small Bills (1's, 5's, 10's, 20's)

___ Coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters)

--- Silver coins (for purchase and bartering if the current monetary system fails)



___ Great Northern

___ Kidney beans

___ Lentils

___ Navy

___ Pinto

___ Red beans

Seeds for Sprouting: (essential for vitamins)

___ Alfalfa, mung, radish, sprouting peas, lentils, etc.

Rice and Grains:

___ Barley

___ Boxed cereals (6 month shelf life)

___ Corn (popcorn and field corn)

___ Flour (Wheat, white and other varieties, 9-12 month shelf life)

___ Instant hot cereals (oatmeal, cream of wheat, malt-o-meal, etc.)

___ Oatmeal (1 year shelf life in original container)

___ Rice (brown, white, or combination)

___ Bay leaves (Bay Leaves are great for keeping bugs out of flour and

cereal so you might want to get an extra large bottle!)

Cooking Agents

___ Cooking Oil (extra virgin olive oil stores best)

___ Baking powder

___ Baking soda

___ Shortening (like Crisco)

___ Yeast (in a pinch you can use sourdough)

___ Salt (Iodized)

___ Rock salt

___ Sea salt

___ Sugar (Sweeteners)

___ Brown sugar

___ Corn syrup

___ Powdered sugar

___ White sugar


___ Macaroni

___ Shells

___ Spaghetti (with jars of heat-up sauce)

Dairy Products:

___ Powdered Milk & Buttermilk

___ Milk (canned evaporated)

___ Parmesan cheese

___ Powdered butter/margarine is available (like Butter Busters)

___ Cheese powder (Stuff in the boxes of prepared Macaroni and Cheese.)

___ Powdered eggs

Dehydrated or Canned Food:

___ Meat

___ Chicken

___ Beef in a can

___ Beef jerky

___ Corned beef & Corned Roast Beef

___ Chili con carne

___ Salmon

___ Turkey

___ Tuna

___ Canned chicken/beef stock or gravy


___ Beets

___ Broccoli

___ Cabbage

___ Carrots

___ Celery

___ Creamed or whole kernel corn

___ Green beans

___ Instant mashed potatoes (Idaho's in a can will store indefinitely)

___ Canned mushrooms

___ Peas

___ Soup and stew blends

___ Spinach

___ Cream of Mushroom, broccoli, etc.

___ Soup starter

___ Variety of canned soups (Chicken Noodle, Tomato, Vegetable, etc.)


___ Apples

___ Applesauce

___ Apricots

___ Bananas

___ Canned and bottled fruit juices

___ Flavored apples