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Lethal vs Non Lethal Defenses in the Home

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

There may be a time in your home when you are caught off guard and cannot reach or get your hands on lethal defense. Hopefully this is not the case but it is something to consider. What would you do if you are faced with an immediate threat and you cannot use the defense tool you had thought through so many times before. Do you ever give much thought to improvised weapons for self-defense and keeping your family and home protected?

Think about it, you are standing at your kitchen sink preparing dinner. You are listening to the local news while you are washing vegetables. Your hands are wet and your nearest lethal defense is in a drawer ten feet away or maybe on top of the fridge out of the reach of little ones. Or, you had been to the store earlier and left your weapon in your purse (woman) or glove box (man). You next closest weapon is in a safe located in another room.

Let us consider, what is a weapon? A weapon is an object used to inflict bodily harm or damage. It has been said many times, If you are threatened and the odds are against you or equal, you must quickly decide how to put the odds in your favor. This means, man or woman, big or small, young or old, lethal defense has often been the difference in many battles. But, there are times when lethal defense may not be the equalizer. Then what? Sometimes you may have to fight off a mugger or burglar with your fists. You must decide how to be deliver the deciding factor because your life may be on the line. Nothing says a weapon has to be lethal.

There are many types of lethal defenses one may own and/or have in their home. Remember, weapons should be trained with and understood how to utilize them in offensive and defensive measures. A rifle may be used during an attacks as an offensive weapon or it may be used to protect you from an assailant as a defensive weapon. You must recognize the threat and understand how to defend against it. When a lethal defense tool is not available you must understand how to use non-lethal defense weapons in improvised ways.

Improvised weapons are usually not considered a weapon, but is used in either an offensive or defensive manner during a physical confrontation. There are Improvised weapons all around us daily. Sometimes you just have to look harder to be able to envision something as a weapon. These are what the original weapons looked like as our ancient ancestors learned to hunt or conduct combat.

Types of Improvised Weapons

Look around the room and imagine how you would use nearby items as weapons. Some of the best improvised weapons are everyday household items, desk supplies, and even things that you drink. Here are a few improvised weapons to use when being attacked.

- Scissors

- Pens or pencils

- Desk Lamp

- Plug cords

- Umbrella

- Belt

- Keys

- Bug spray

- Fire extinguisher

- Hot pot of coffee

- Boiling water

- Fork or knife

- Letter opener

- Broken bottle neck

As you can see, the list could be non-ending. The key is thinking fast enough to identify the weapon and gain control of it to defend your life.

Weapon Functionality

Some basic concepts in combat apply to this area. Sometimes you are forced into a situation but often you have a choice between going on the attack (or fighting back), taking cover, or breaking contact.

If you are going to fight back, grab something to use like a knife, or club or everyday household item. Also consider placing something between you and the attacker and take cover. Cover can be a desk between you and the threat, a parked car, or even a telephone pole. Likewise, it can be a pocket book, briefcase, a backpack, or a trashcan lid. Even a chair cushion can act as a shield and help protect against an attacker.

If your plan is to get away, consider what you can do to stop, or at least slow the attacker. A fire extinguisher can act as a club, or you can discharge it at the attacker to slow or disorient him as you run away. Throwing a cup of coffee into the face of an attacker, or throwing a handful of pens, change, or even paperclips can surprise and slow someone down. All you may want is to be able to get away. Don't forget to use your voice and yell loudly. Attitude is so important, as is quick thinking and quick action. What say you?

Stay safe!

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