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Offensive and Defensive Weapons - Guest Contributor

Fellow Patriots,

Our guest contributor Gunsmoke has provided another good piece on some options to consider when addressing your offensive and defensive measures. Check it out.

By Gunsmoke

The worse has happened. Society has completely broken down and the USA is in survival mode. There are roving bands of thugs stealing supplies and randomly killing people. Being a seasoned prepper and well versed in the use of deadly force, you have your arsenal well stocked and ready to defend your property and family.

In a previous article I discussed survival firearms. In this article, I will discuss offensive/defensive weapons. Should the above scenario ever arise, it would likely that you would ally yourself with other well prepared preppers to form some sort of security force. There is always safety in numbers. My particular situation has caused me to prepare to bug in. I have a severely handicapped daughter-in-law and a very elderly mother. I have allied myself with neighbors and I have family that would come to my farm to wait it out. That being said, here is my choice of weapons for this scenario. From the grain silo across the street from my house, I have a clear shot for about a mile in any direction. This would be a great place for a sniper hide. I am a gunsmith, so I have built myself a fantastic sniper rifle from a WWII 1903A3 Winchester. This will take care of the long range shots. Any large caliber rifle .308 through .300 Winchester magnum would be my choice for a long range security weapon. The AR platform rifles and AKs would be my choice for intermediate range engagements. The ammunition for these rifles is also readily available. If the situation declines to the point that you are fighting to within ten yards or less, you will need a good sidearm. Swinging a long gun around in a close quarter’s situation is not ideal. There are a couple of guns that I would consider; the first one would be a high capacity .40 caliber with several magazines. I go with the .40 caliber because it has the velocity of the 9MM and the knockdown power of the .45 ACP. The other gun would be the Mossberg Shockwave. It is a short pump shotgun with a pistol grip. One of these loaded with 00Buck at short range would be devastating. This gun can be shot from the hip and be very accurate. There is also the Keltec KSG. This shotgun is a bullpup that holds 14 rounds of 2 ¾ “ shells. By using the mini shells, you can fit 8 Minibucks into each tube of your KSG, giving you a 17-shot capacity, 18 with one in the chamber.

In considering which firearm to use should be dictated by your situation. There are several fine firearms on the market buying the most expensive does not necessarily mean you have the best. The AR platform is basically made from the same set of blueprints and same materials. This being said, buy what you can afford. Another point I would like to bring up is cheap ammo for ARs. You would not believe the number of ARs that have been ruined by shooting steel cased ammo. ARs have very tight tolerances. Steel cased ammo is coated in shellac. After firing a full magazine at rapid fire, the chamber is hot enough to melt the shellac on the cartridges. Eventually the shellac will build up and the spent cartridge will get stuck. I have an AR upper in my shop that was a victim of “steel case stupidity”. This particular gun had a round stuck in the chamber and another was being put into battery. This resulted in a premature detonation and blew the gun completely apart. The magazine was blown out the bottom and the top of the magazine was obliterated. The person was lucky to be alive. Please don’t use Russian ammo in semi auto American firearms. This ammo is perfectly fine in bolt action rifles.

Let’s talk about hand to hand fighting…. Unless you are a martial arts expert and Ninja qualified, you will need an equalizer. This is strictly personal preference. There is a mired of edged weapons to choose from. My personal preference is the Kukri machete. The following is a few “equalizers” that I would consider.

Colombian Survival Kukri Knife with Saber Handle NOW $18.98!

Black Legion Jungle Hunter Canehook Machete with Nylon Sheath | Sawback Serrations | Fire Starter $18.99 NOW $13.98!

M48 Tactical Tomahawk Axe With Snap On M48 Sheath - Hawk Axe $39.99

United M48 Tactical War Hammer with Vortec Sheath $56.99

Until the next article, may God bless and keep you.- Gunsmoke

Bravo Echo Out

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