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Once a Democrat - Now A Patriot

Fellow Patriots,

I would like to introduce a new Patriot sister from the East Coast who sent in her story to share with other fellow Patriots. This goes along with the learning, sharing, helping, and preparing theme. Please give her a big Patriot welcome.

Free at last

I had always thought of myself as a strong, independent person. After reading Hope for Survival, I came to the conclusion that I was actually just another helpless female. I had allowed myself to become too dependent on others. That's when I decided to try to make some positive changes in my life. It hasn't been easy and I haven't always gotten support at home. I'm not there yet, I'm a work in progress. (But then aren't we all?)

I've never had to face a life-changing natural disaster so I have not put much thought in to what I'd do if faced with chaos of any type. I've always had the minimal basics - flashlights/batteries, battery operated radio, some extra food/water - beyond that, nothing, no real plan. Time to change that!

As a complete novice to the preparedness world, I needed to start with something easy. I decided to focus on becoming more aware of my surroundings. A suggested book was A Sheep No More by Jonathan Gilliam. This book addressed getting out of the box and seeing the world looking in. It worked. I now not only could see the people around me, but also the political/economic make up of my community in particular, and our nation in general. My political ideas seem to be changing as I see, hear, and read more. A dear friend has shared his views - backed up with facts - that have made a huge difference in my way of thinking. I think I've always been a conservative but circumstances/pressures around me pulled me in the opposite direction. I'm working hard to remind myself of those core beliefs that our great nation was founded on, what is truly important.

I find myself paying closer attention to how others behave, especially when I find myself in a large group of people. Who could end up causing problems, is there any chance a group could be a gang?? I've started to notice that it has become second nature to me to position myself in a way that allows a better overall view of the area, whether it be indoors or outdoors. I find myself checking on where all exits are located. I have found that I have an overall better experience when out and about when my awareness is heightened.

I have also been working on putting together a go bag. This has been a bit overwhelming as I thought I would find a list, gather the items, and be set. I quickly found out it doesn't work that way! Sure, you can find lists, but they are all different - so which one is right? There are basics that everyone should have, first-aid kit, change of clothing, food/water, but it really depends on your location and personal situation as to what to include. My bag is an ongoing process but I do feel more prepared should I run into problems when away from home. Making it habit to always grab it on my way out (or better yet, leave it in my car) and to replenish used items, now that's going to take some getting used to - needs to become second nature and that may take some time.

I grew up in a gun-free home. I really feel that I need to be able to handle a firearm. This hasn't gone so well. It came as quite a surprise to my husband that I was interested. He took me out a few times and offered a few tips. then nothing, even when I kept asking about it. Unfortunately there isn't any place in my town to go to for lessons. I thought about asking someone else, but I'm afraid of how my husband might react and feel. I guess I'll just keep bugging him with the hopes that he will take me seriously. It was suggested by a friend and addressed in Hope For Survival to gain support from a spouse who is not in to preparedness to leave crumbs and hope they follow along eventually. Bottom line is someone in the home must step up and prepare our home and family for potential disasters and events that could impact our way of life.

While doing all the other steps to prepare, I also continue addressing my primary three responsibilities. That being addressing my spiritual, physical and psychological areas. My spiritual life is already in check. I have been walking and hiking for exercise and also completed a self defense course through a local organization. I'm still working on the psychological aspects and have read Sam Sheridan's, Disaster Diaries and as mentioned, Hope For Survival. Both books opened my eyes to trying to understand myself and recognize my limititations. This area is ongoing.

All in all, I feel I am off to a fairly good start, I know that there is much more I need to do. Right now, I'm pretty much on my own in this endeavor. Hopefully my husband will get on board and help. Until then, I'll continue reading/researching and doing what I can on my own.

Thank you for reading my story.

What's your story?

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Butch Erskine
Butch Erskine
Jul 23, 2019

Gunrnr you nailed it. Very true.


Jul 23, 2019

Welcome Sister Patriot! Getting prepared and staying prepared can be a little overwhelming sometimes. You aren't alone on your journey. There is a wealth of information in this group that you have joined. All you have to do, is reach out and some one will be more than willing to assist you.

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