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Patriot Express News Edition #11

Fellow Patriots, We hope you had a blessed and awesome week. Time is moving quickly through 2019. Wherever you are, we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday week.

Let's get the press moving ahead.

Page turn...

In House Laundry - Thanks for your emails and information sharing provided during the past week. Learning from one another is a great thing. Keep up the progress and awesome things you are doing in your own preparedness steps. Don't be afraid to fail, just recognize it, understand why, and overcome it by trying again. This is where the learning and sharing comes in to play.

You may be wondering why I am posting articles and the Patriot Express newsletter on the Hope For Survival website. Over the past two months I have been trying different formats with the newsletter as well as information to two other locations. In total, a Facebook page, email newsletter, and the Hope For Survival website. Each requires a different approach to the information being delivered. The information provided takes time to research, put together and provide to the readers. Formatting the material is a major time consumer because each platform is different. On average, I spend about 50 hours per week in my daily job and another 30 hours on preparedness "stuff" to help others. Now, let me be clear, I'm not complaining and I feel it is important doing it. My point is the time it is takes to do things the right way. My wife jokingly calls herself a prepper widow. And even though she is laughing, she makes a valid point. I need to do things in a smarter way. Maintaining the pace and providing a quality product is important and I don't want to ever send something out just to send it out.

So, starting with this weeks' Saturday Patriot Express newsletter, I will send you the link via email and if and when you want to read it you can follow the link. Just moving the newsletter to the website will save me about ten hours per week minimum. Another favorable addition in doing this is it will allow readers the ability to go below and post comments. With the emailed newsletter that is not possible. So this is an improvement to the process in multiple ways

With this change, I do hope you will continue emailing me and asking questions and sharing information. There's several of you working on major projects and life changing plans that you have addressed to me. Decreasing the hours spent on formats and protocols will allow me to have more time to address what is important, preparedness. The best part is it will give me more time with Ms Lucy. Remember, "a happy wife is a happy life." Amen to that.

Books sales increased this past week and we will soon go back for print III.

I'm currently putting thoughts and plans together for book 2. I have had several folks suggesting topics outside of book 1. I also have folks suggesting taking book 2 to a mid or advanced level of information on topics presented in book 1. What are your thoughts or suggestions? Ms. Lucy wants me to do a fiction book on how I think it will all come to fruition. Email me any input you may have.

Please continue spreading the word. We can't help others if we don't speak up. Share information or send them my way.

Thoughts for the week - It was another great week in the land of the Patriots. Great communication and information being shared. Great people doing great things to become self-reliant in their personal lives. When one comes to the point they realize they are self-sufficient if and when the next disaster occurs, is a great feeling.

Ms. Lucy and I will be hitting the road again shortly to travel east to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia. Country Roads, Take Me Home, To the Place...I Belong....WV. Our former High School is holding a 50 year reunion this weekend. No, we aren't that old. Our former school turned 50 and they will be holding the reunion for every graduating class. A nice get together for former classmates, friends and a few Patriots. Saturday evening is a dinner and then country music singer Trace Adkins performs a show. Of course my mind is always at work thinking of routes of the location and so forth. Doing the escape plan and routes on the run. Have I ever told you I don't like crowds? Grrrrr. The best part is on Sunday we get to pick up two of our grandkids (10 and 1 1/2) to carry back to east TN for a week off with family. Think it's possible to pack a Bug Out Bag for a 18 month old? Just kidding, just kidding. Won't be long.

I had the chance to break bread with two fellow Patriots this evening. It is always a positive in my day to participate in conversations regarding preparedness and faith. After the meal we went on to a weekly "Preparedness" meeting conducted locally. The fine people have conducted this meeting weekly for the past 10 years. Helping others around northern Alabama has been an ongoing process. Doing great things to inform and educate others. Great job my Patriot brothers and sisters.

One of our Patriot sisters is scouting some property and may have found a good one. There is no perfect set up, unless you develop from the ground up. The key is being able to convert what you buy in to what you envision. Anything is possible with sweat and effort. I was happy to hear her explaining the things she identified as possible vulnerabilities and strengths. You are on the right track, ma'am.

It was great talking with my Patriot brother Festus last evening. Conversations aren't often enough or long enough when we get to yacking. I caught him at the end of his evening blueberry picking. He averages about 130 lbs. of blueberries per year. Mrs. Festus makes some fantastic jelly. Our grandkids love it. Me too. She also dehydrates some of the berries and grinds them in to a powder. You can use the powder on your morning cereal.....just don't use to much know what I'm sayin. He offers sound perspectives to me on things I propose for a path ahead. It is looking like I will spend some time on the mountain with Festus next week and we hope to be joined by another new Patriot to discuss preparedness stuff. I'm looking forward to it.

So what else is on my mind this week. After hearing a small portion of the debate (made my head hart) last evening and reading some highlights of comments made by candidates, I have to ask myself... what happened to the America I grew up in. Such things as a 70% federal tax, abortions for me, and how inhumane we are against individuals breaking the law at our border. SMH Well, a question keeps echoing inside this thing between my two ears. The question? I ask myself Is this the Patriots last stand? Are we part of something that could be the final stand between Capitalism and Socialism? Oh Charlie Brown, what on earth are you talking about? Let me explain....stay with me on this.

There has been an ongoing movement within America to strip God from about every location possible. The Ten Commandments, A cross, prayer and enforcing 501C3 Status churches with government agendas. For those not in the know, 501C3 status means the federal government has issued a nonprofit status to the organization to be tax-exempt by virtue of its charitable programs. This is all Greek to say "what the government does for you, you then do for the government." Many polls suggest Church attendance is declining. However, I would suggest that even though numbers are down, we don't know percentages of people who practice faith outside the church.

The second area is the political movement to strip 2nd Amendment rights by legal gun owners. Isn't it funny that the 2nd Amendment is to protect us from these type efforts specifically. The 2nd Amendment basically says " A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I hear footsteps in the distant winds and they are approaching closer and closer. Be ready.

The third area is public school systems indoctrinating our children over the past years. Removing God and prayer from our kids. The negative history being taught to make children feel guilty of America's history. There is more focus on saving the planet than teaching children math, English, History and Science. Take a look at global scores of our children broken down by nation. Compare our children's scores today vs 10/20/30 years ago.

The fourth area is continuous polls revealing the increased number of citizens who prefer a socialist style government. Now polls can be written to favor the target. I get that, but listen to interviews or read literature from our millennial generation. The history we were raised on is being erased by the "buttercup" softies who believe everything should be free. The difference in we Patriots and the Millennial generation is we are responsible, reliable, account for our debt and actions, treat others with respect.... Now I know these aren't blanket comparisons, I get that. But, the overall averages will support these claims.

The fifth area is the moral breakdown of a nation. What we Patriots stand for vs what non Patriots stand for is at each end of the spectrum. I don't know one example where a Socialist and immoral nation stands the test of time.

The sixth area is the disconnect between Patriot aged adults, especially males and our youth of today. I have talked with several pastors in the past few months and they are working very hard to break the barrier between youth and our men over 50. Our youth say older men won't communicate to mentor them. Our men over 50 can't understand the young men of today. Music, hair, spoken lingo (language), hand gestures, choice of clothing.... I'm told "when you offer instruction to a young man and he rolls his eyes and walks away, where is the motivation to help the young man? There appears to be a total breakdown. Zero R-e-s-p-e-c-t.

So why do I feel this may be our last stand? The socialist movement of this nation outnumbers and will outlive us Patriots. We are older and eventually will die off. The Socialist youth movement restocks annually with each graduation. As the youth spreads the Socialist word and grows their movement, we age year by year and die off one by one. Another thing to consider is abilities and limitation of Patriots based on age and physical limitations. In no way do I give the favorable nod of will power and desire to fight to the youth of America. We Patriots bleed, red, white, and blue. I pray I am wrong, but if we Patriots fail to communicate and change hearts, the hour glass sand will expire. What say you...

Just sayin of the week - The Dem debates. Abortions for men. SMH. From Psyops - Forbidden Knowledge - - A big thanks to our Patriot sister Ms Kim Fletter. BrOther Bud, this one is for you.

Fact of the week - Katherine Rodriguez - Breitbart News - - Uhm, this comes as no surprise. We probably could add a few others to the list soon.

Funny of the week - Dylan Gwinn- Breitbart News - So, let's get this straight. Ms Pinoe is representing the United States of America. She is a star. She will benefit financially for her efforts while wearing a uniform representing the United States of America. A nation that represents all. She is on a global platform. The world is watching. She visited the White House under the Obama Administration yet she has openly broadcast she will not accept an invite to the White House if the US Women win the Ladies World Cup for 2019. The position of the President represents the United States of America. Oh, yea. This is the same star who refuses to cross her heart during the playing of the National Anthem and has previously taken a knee. Since she is protected under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and it is her choice to not attend any White House invitation, then maybe it's my right to not root for her and her team since she refuses to respect our flag and anthem that so many died to protect and five her the freedom to protest. Maybe someone should remind her this isn't about her, but about the United States of America. Funny how that works.

Product of the week - From Smokey Mountain Knife Works - - This is a nice product for the price. Excellent to have strapped to your Bug Out Bag or your mobile kit.

Website of the week - - This site offers a nice array of topics. From food to tools, energy to home defenses. Don't review this site if you are hungry. Warning. Great recipes included.

Note: The order of numbered information entries is not based on priority or preference.

Preparedness News and Information -

2. From Ellysa Chenery - Backdoor Survival - - Bingo. Preparing is another insurance policy just like auto and home insurance. Except the preparedness insurance is better than life insurance. It pays to keep you alive and life insurance pays after you are gone. Think about that one.

3. From - - Excellent article to read and think about. I often hear conversations on "the battle" and how it will take place and who will win. This gives one a lot to think about. I urge you to be aware of the armchair battlefield commander. The guy who is book smart with no operational experience. Again, take what is worth taking and throw away the rest.

4. From Five Gallon Ideas - - Another great method of storing bulk foods for your food plan.

5. From Prep School Daily - - I am often surprised by the number of folks storing bulk foods without oxygen absorbers.

6. From - Riley Carlson - - In the Preparedness mode we are always searching for better ways to do things. This includes tools and materials needed and alternative methods.

7. From Mike Adams - Natural News - - If you are not familiar with the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, he offers a great website covering lots of topics in the medical field. He has taken a beating from those trying to silence the alternative right. He makes rare public appearances but does do radio and podcast interviews. For those attending the True Legends Conference, hosted by Steve Quale, Mike will be the keynote speaker to start the conference.

8, From Rhonda Owen - Prepperswill - - Bulk is good, especially if you have the funds to do it, the space to store it, and the expiration dates are at least a few years out. A great bulk item to purchase (yard sales) are mason jars for canning and storage.

9. From Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - - The million dollar question. I don't know that one can find the magic answer because it is situational based. What is the threat? Ability to leave. A place to go. Age. Health. Transportation or on foot. Finances. ....

10. From Jeremiah Johnson - Ready Nutrition - - This is an interesting perspective on things to keep on hand.

Economic News - Do not make your financial decisions based on fear porn and opinions. Do your own research.

1. From Jesse Felder - Silver Bear Café - - Oh how much we love a day at Six Flags...up and down, round and round. Do you keep your eyes open or closed when you ride the roller coaster?

5. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - This is a global review of Marty's economic status and forecast.

6. From Brandon Smith - Alt-Market - - This a long read but Brandon always provides great analysis when presenting his opinion.

7. From Jim Rickards - Strategic Intelligence - - Very good read. A big thanks to our Patriot brother in GA.

Other News of the Week -

2. From Jason Sullman - Reason - - This ruling is a surprise coming from a Federal Judge in California. This is a win for the good guys. The 2nd Amendment covers magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

3. From Malthus - Bison Prepper - - As I previously mentioned, how did the African refugees find funding to travel from Africa to the southern border of the United States? Have you ever researched who owns the current patent to the Ebola vaccine? You may be surprised. Personally, I am still trying to decide why so many refugees are being flown from disease infested nations to our border and many are already in our nation, if you read the Ebola Health Warning I sent out last week. There are some interesting comments made below the article itself. Remember, leave aside the fear porn and look at the facts being presented for you to research, digest and decide.

4. From Editor - Cairns News - - How soft have we grown as a nation?

5. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - I wrote about the S-400s in the last few weeks. The cousin of the S-400, the S-500 is now in the news. Remember, these are part of the S Class weapons based out of Turkey, owned by Russia.

8. From Eaton Rapids Joe - Eaton Rapids Joe Blog Spot -

10. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - I don't know about you but this is news expected for a while. It has been suspected for several years the previous metals market was being suppressed to keep the dollar value up.

11. From Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - - Uhm, we are talking about 55,000 prisoners. How about we send them to California? Fair trial or set them free is the word.

12. From Adrian Faroqui - Ubergizmo - - I'm surprised it took this long for anyone to find out. This is becoming common practice between super powers and even rogue states.

13. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - The queen of funny wins again. "Being in the country illegally "not a reason for deportation." How much are we paying this woman as an employee of the Federal Government?

14. From BBC News - - I guess there is a first time for everything. And just like that, life is changed for the moment. Imagine if it was permanently.

15. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Only on the left coast. Oregon is developing quite the reputation don't you think? This is a quote from the story... " State police, meanwhile, will have the ability to track down senators and force them into a patrol car to return to the capitol, though the agency promises to use "polite communication" and patience throughout the process."

16. From Matthew Ehret - Strategic Culture - - Power dominance is shifting thanks to the S class weaponry. We are seeing a Full Spectrum Dominance and it appears Russia is in the drivers seat where the S 400 is located.

17. From Prince Mashele - Sowetan Live - - We don't hear very little news on South Africa but things are changing and not for the good.

18. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - I'm very surprised it has taken so long for this to be labeled in a problem class. All the proof and evidence was on the table. Maybe it was difficult to identify a proper name to the problem.

19. From Raphael Satter - Associated Depressed - - Hacking, cyber, AI, IOT, espionage, human scoring, global brains... it is only going to get more and more focused around these areas.

20. From Penny Star - Breitbart News - -I find it interesting how a candidate wins an election and it's because the people supported their agenda. When they lose, they got cheated. It was rigged. It was racism or political opposition that cheated the candidate out of the victory. What happened to the good of the country and not to the political party or race. We may never see another fair and civil election again in our lifetime.

21. From Ben Norton - Ron Paul Institute - - This is a good story, however, anyone paying attention figured this out in the early months of President Obama's first term. Speculation was the White House press office forwarded daily talking points to the major left wing news outlets.

22. From Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - - As bad as this seems, one must watch and say "I'm not surprised at the downfall of California."

23. From E. M. - Survival Blog - - This is always a great topic for discussion and debate. Thanks Festus for shooting this to me today while I was driving across Tennessee. Appreciate it.

Have a great weekend.

Butch Erskine

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