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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #18

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning, all you happy Patriots. A blessed Saturday to you. Ms. Lucy and I wish you the best of weekends. I hope you are also helping one person at a time equally. Even though the news changes, our focus and preparedness efforts should remain the same. Constant. We learn, prepare, communicate and share. Keep charging.

With that said... Let's get moving...

In House Laundry -

Just a few items to hit before moving ahead...

Please continue bringing new readers aboard the Patriot Express. We must continue our best efforts to bring more minds and souls from the dark side. One prepared soul is one better than when we started, right?

If you or your Patriot friends need a copy of Hope For Survival please guide them to the website where they can purchase a copy and the book will be mailed to them the following day.

Okay, enough of that...

Let's move ahead...

(The author and blog site are not responsible for your chuckles and laughs out loud while reading "Thoughts for the Week." Read at your own risk and remember, avoid fear porn and keep one foot grounded. Take what you want and leave the rest behind.) When life struggles seem to weigh you down and you feel you can't carry the load, look up. He will never give us more than we can handle.

Thoughts for the Week -

Life remains good here in northern Alabama. It has been extremely hot and humid with evening storms. But the weather is to be expected for this time of year in the south. You know what I'm talking about because most of you are in the south. There is something about living in the south that is special. No offense to those of you outside the south. I would like to say it's the pace of life or maybe the trust between people where a hand shake is a deal, in most cases. Ms Lucy and I grew up in West Virginia so the south is not a lot different, but enough to be noticeable. Many would say it's the sweet tea and pecan pie. Any hoot, we have enjoyed life here the past 12 years. Why on earth am I telling you this? If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a new life, new employment, or just a change, Huntsville, AL is booming. The cost of living here is fantastic and wages are solid. It is a nice place for a young family to start a life.


Thanks for the emails and communication this week. I start my day around 4-4:15 AM during the week and I enjoy reading your emails to start the day. Patriot brothers and sisters surviving in this great country doing like-minded things. One may be starting a new project and another encountering problems on a past project and now problem solving to fix it. Another Patriot brother and his Patriot wife are crushing it in their preparedness steps to be self-reliant. Since HLS back in April this young man has completed numerous plans and built his resources up quickly. He turned off the radio to the outside world and listens to Podcast while mobile. He has also read 15 books. You my Patriot brother are crushing it. Keep charging. I like to point these things out to others because it is very easy to become complacent in day to day Preparedness. Pace yourself and go forward based on your plans. Once it becomes a routine, it becomes a way of life. Once you live outside the box, life is very different. Keep a good balance though. One of our Patriot sisters opens her emails with words of wisdom she has learned in life and then tells me a story about something happening today that relates to the words of wisdom. Keep the emails flowing and thanks for staying in touch.


One of the things I enjoy (don't laugh) is canning. I don't know if it's the process or the enjoyment of knowing we are putting back a source of food and protein for our food plan. Ms Lucy recently pulled a pint of 2014 canned beef tips and it was fantastic. So a couple of nights ago I got home from work and pulled some fresh chicken we had recently picked up and prepped and canned it. One evening, ten pints of chicken completed, and the positive of it is, I know we now have at least 15 to 20 meals with protein. An investment of about three hours and the result is more meals added to the plan. A week or two ago we canned more beef. So two evenings invested, and basically a month of protein. It is an easy process and now it ensures your resources remains safe when the electricity goes out. It is also nice because we have quality protein available and it's not pre-packaged protein saturated in sodium for safe keeping.

Next ...

Ms.. Lucy and I will be hitting the road on Friday evening headed home to east TN for one night and hope to arrive in time to attend a fish fry being hosted by a Patriot family in our neighborhood. Fantastic friends and great grill masters. We look forward to our time together and to meet some other folks attending the event from our TN Church family. On Saturday morning we will hit the road early and head down to Northern GA to meet up with some of our Patriot friends to spend the day and evening sharing thoughts and growing and bonding. We hope to cross paths with another Patriot family in the area so we can spend a few hours together chatting and sharing information and discuss some projects. It will be a busy weekend for sure. But we can't grow if we don't invest time and knowledge with other like-minded Patriots, as well as converted minds growing to the Patriot beliefs. Sometimes we just need to change the curtains to let the light shine brighter to see things for what they are. Amen to that. Sometimes I think Ms. Lucy thinks I need to open or change my curtains. LOL. Have you ever had a brain lock where your brain is so tired you can't think? (Shake your heads yes). So, the other day I was in brain overload mode and I turned and asked her "what year it is" and I got the strangest look from her. She said "are you for real" and I looked around to see if maybe a mouse asked the question. I couldn't retract it so I was standing in the batter's box hearing the umpire yell "strike're out of here." I felt pretty little at that moment...and I still couldn't remember the year. I am thankful and appreciative to Ms. Lucy for her help and for keeping me on the tracks when I sometimes seem to start derailing.

Next ...

I had a great discussion with a Huntsville Patriot on the topic of the article I posted earlier this week on Urban Riots. A great chat took place on being outside the box and continually recognizing threats and changes to the environment. How to adjust on the fly while you are putting distance and separation between yourself and the threat. Remember, all threats may not be stationery and they may be in multiple locations and moving while you try to move and adjust.

Next ...

One of our Patriot sisters in Huntsville who is also a business owner took steps recently to bring a professional with a great resume in to her business to conduct an assessment and offer suggestions to her and her employees on further hardening the business location as well as personal advice on self-protection. She is very prepared and self capable to defend herself so to continue making efforts to improve and cross-check her plans is fantastic. Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Identification and Mitigation. I have known this great Patriot for several years now and I'm proud of her for continuing her steps. In the world live today, there is really no safe place remaining where one can let their guard down. Good job, ma'am. Always here to support you.


I owe a big shout out to my ol buddy Festus. My plate has been and is really full these days with multiple things being worked. Now I have no complaints because these are things I have agreed to do or started on my own. No complaints. He was already doing much of the research and analysis in the background on his own and sharing it with me to cross-check with my own information. Festus has been working overtime providing additional research to me and I appreciate it very much. His plate is full as well. Maybe blueberry season is over now. Thank you, sir.


So what else has been on my mind this week. Do you have about a month to hear my thoughts? LOL Really, I don't talk that much to fill a week. However.... I don't mind sharing my thoughts in the newsletter. Can't you tell? Thanks for reading along.


I want to discuss something here and try my best to clear something up. Anyone who knows me would tell you I am a straight shooter and will tell you what is on my mind, if you ask. I do not try or purposely attempt to demean or hurt other people.

I offended a reader this week by my article titled " Once a Democrat, Now a Patriot" and my reference to the title again in a group email. The title was specific to the author of the story. I have clearly stated on numerous occasions I believe both the Democrats and Republicans are failing the American people who believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and freedom of religion. The person I offended took my title to mean I don't believe a Democrat can be a Patriot. We all bleed red. Regardless of our skin color, political party of choice, believer or not, male, female, young or old, the choice to be a Patriot is a personal choice. Just like on a battle field where we stand in the same uniform fighting and dying for our country, all walks of life have defended and died for the cause of freedom. I If say "the Democratic Party supports abortion and you are a Democrat who does not support abortion, does that mean I should never point out the Democrats for their support to kill babies? I vote mostly Republican but I am a Conservative first. The Republicans spend like drunk Sailors and they are running up the Federal debt. Should a Democrat not point this out regardless of my political identity? I would probably agree with the Democrat. Lastly, I always remark to avoid fear porn, keep a foot grounded and take what you want and leave the rest. I promise, I do not come here and spend 25 to 30 hours per week to focus on making another mad or unhappy. Okay, enough of this topic I hope.


I have commented many times previously about the problems in America's inner cities. I never really knew much about the problems or paid it much mind while growing up in WV. We grew up poor and I really didn't notice until I was old enough. During my Air Force career I had a tour of duty just outside St Louis, MO and lived about 20 miles east of the city in Illinois. It was then I started to learn about East St Louis. When the city decided to pass gambling laws and then place a casino on the river it was decided East St Louis would be the location. You could visit the Casino boat and look across the river to downtown St Louis. In order to have the casino, East St Louis had to be cleaned up. This meant forcing many of the poor out of the city to another location. My subdivision had four apartment buildings on the border of the neighborhood that was turned in to Section 8 housing. Guess who inherited the problem? This is when I started to pay attention. Money that wasn't previously invested in East St Louis was now flowing in quickly. More police officers, many local business owners received tax incentives to clean up the cosmetics of their store fronts. The leadership decided visitors would not go to the casinos if things didn't improve. Along Interstate 64 passing through East St Louis across the river in to St Louis you would find phone call boxes every few miles along the interstate. The rule was, after dark, do not exit off the interstate in to East St Louis unless you knew exactly where you planned to visit. The news would often report where a person or family would be found murdered and their bodies found in a park near the exit.

Later in life while completing my Master Degree in Emergency Management, I learned about post disaster funding. It was very interesting how the Federal government bases a lot of the disaster aid paid to a city is based on the tax returns and ability for the government to recoup the tax dollars paid in aid to businesses and individual home owners. So, if it was not cost effective to fund tax dollars to rebuild a neighborhood wiped out in the disaster, the people would be relocated and the neighborhood destroyed. From a financial perspective this makes sense, right? But from a point of humanity, does it? The poor being relocated become a problem at some other location, however they remain poor. Think about the large cities in America that will now fine you if you are caught helping or feeding the homeless?

So in my daily reading I came across this excellent article by David Cole at Taki's Magazine ( The article discusses Baltimore and the problems from the inner city. He makes great points that many are overlooking and maybe ignoring. Baltimore is the target but the problem exist all over America. It just so happens Baltimore is in the spotlight because of the feud between our President and Mr Cummings. I have been asking for years, why is the inner city crime and problems being overlooked and counted out in national discussions on gun laws, crime, and welfare. David Cole may be on to something because it does almost appear on the federal and state levels, these problems are basically put in a box and ignored. Could we consider these closed in boxes to be reservations we stay away from and avoid? Wouldn't this be like the Muslim "No Go Zones" for police officers? What is the difference? We push problems in to their own space or zones, like a box, and let them police their own and it is no longer our problem.

Next ...

I want to express a concern I have.

I'm here to provide information and help folks who want to be helped in Preparedness. As I often say, "for every person we help today, it is one person less we hope won't beat on our doors begging for food when a crisis hits." I cover this in more detail in my book. So, anything I share is based on my own history, lessons learned from travel around the world, training, education, and learning from others just like you. As I say in the book, if you try it on and it fits, wear it. If not, leave it behind. So what is my point. I can't predict and won't predict things to come. I can only assess things from experience and information. I don't know how much you read and pay attention to global or national news or things you learn from others on the same topic. I would encourage you to turn down the radio and slow down a bit because we are currently in a period of uncertainty. Nothing seems to be getting better if you haven't noticed. In a 48 hour period I read and scan at last 40 websites and news sources to keep in tune and up to speed. I read and retain topics and when it's something I believe to be fear porn, I keep the topic and discard the rest. In the last ten years, I don't recall a period where so many alternative sites and writers are talking about the same thing. Civil war in America. Economic recession. Class warfare against whites. A government that is failing the people and internally broken. Shall I continue? At least 20 sites offer the same conclusion. The Democratic party is past the point of no return on gun confiscation and they will not and cannot go back. There's many things to burn in the fire but a single point eruption to start the fire would be an attempt at gun confiscation in America. I full believe this. The drawback is will the gun toting Patriots cross their driveway and property line to defend their 2nd Amendment rights? To this point, it seems no GOP politicians in Washington DC are willing to fight our fight. The Dems are steamrolling forward with no apparent steam bumps or road blocks to slow them down. I believe the Dems may want this civil war, at the cost of dividing the country and loss of life, in order to push the 2nd Amendment supporters across the line so they can then conduct a federal level gun confiscation based on the eruption of civil strife. Elections have consequences and we are seeing the real agenda and goal of the newly elected members of the Dem party elected to Congress. So, my suggestion to all is to turn up your preparedness efforts if you have slowed down. Don't panic and stay in control. Just be more on alert to events around you and the nation.

Next ...

Politics.... Sometimes when I see stories of political representatives I hear the song "Three Blind Mice" and wonder if they feel like running three different directions when they go home to their constituents. "Three blind mice, three blind mice, See how they run, see how they run, They all ran after the farmer's wife (I replace farmer's wife with civil strife), Who cut off their tails with a carving knife" I have always been told those within the Washington beltway live in a different world that doesn't go outside the DC beltway. I believe it.

Did you know that Three Blind Mice dates back to 1609? The three Protestant loyalists who were accused of plotting against Queen Mary I. The farmer's wife refers to the queen who with her husband, King Philip of Spain, owned large estates.

Well, I suppose we need to get the presses rolling forward.

Next -

Health Alert -

1. From Ethan Horton - Natural News - - It seems LA is quickly entering the race with San Fran as the sewer pit of the left coast. You can't mix gasoline with fire and expect a snow cone as the outcome.

2. From Madeline Farber - Fox News - - One dead, 12 confirmed cases, and 63 probable cases....hmmm. The specific cause remains unsolved. We know of another case where a man from Huntsville turned ill and 24 hours later was transported to Birmingham, AL University hospital and remains in a coma from a legionnaires type illness. The gent has been in the coma for two weeks and counting.

Next -

Just "Sayin" of the Week - This is a statement posted on Survival Blog site: "Listen up, folks: Just as I warned you back in January, a legislative onslaught is now upon us. The gun grabbers simply waited until there were two orchestrated massacres in one weekend. Now President Trump is caving in. And the Senate Republican leadership is likewise caving in. This is looking a lot like a replay of 1968 and 1994. Please repeatedly contact your Senators and remind them that they swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. All of this proposed feel-good "gun control" legislation is patently unconstitutional. Magazine bans? Unconstitutional. Red Flag laws? Unconstitutional. Universal background checks (banning private party sales)? Unconstitutional. Assault weapons bans? Unconstitutional." As I wrote and provided links in PE Edition #17, it appears President Trump could be waffling based on his comments from Feb 2018 and recently. Folks, we must pay attention to this and as suggested above, we must repeatedly contact our elected representatives. As we have experienced in the past, we will most likely see the prices on selected types of weapons and ammunition to continue increasing in price. If you aren't stocking up, you may want to increase your efforts. Just sayin...


Funny of the Week - From Paul Craig Roberts - Institute for Political Economy - - The FBI has published a document that concludes that "conspiracy theories" can motivate believers to commit crimes. - Really? Can we stop laughing about now? Well, the logic of the statement seems a bit near the edge, however, when we look back over the past three years...maybe it holds some validity? They are the example, right? They created a conspiracy against a GOP candidate who eliminated 16 other candidates. They conspired different theories involving Russia, right? Then when it fell apart maybe they committed crimes against the candidate to try and save face, careers and the agency?

Website/Pod Cast of the Week - - I frequent this site for daily reading and to use for validating other articles and information offered from other sites. I appreciate their information on the dollar, precious metals, education and global affairs.

Quote of the week - From Barbarossa - Zero Hedge - " Hard times produce geniuses, heroes, and saints. Easy times produce idiots, cowards, and criminals. They both produce lot of corpses."

Article of the Week 1 - From Paul Craig Roberts - Institute for Political Economy - PCR lays out a great expose on the path we are on in America. The extermination of the white race. The manufactured hate for the white race. This is also taking place in other parts of the globe. If you are old enough to reflect to history, this was the same manufactured hate for the Jews in the third Reich, as PCR states. Why do I hear crickets? I hear a family member whispering "this shall pass" so why worry about it? Really? I often wonder why people can't see other people for who they are and not their skin color?

Article of the Week 2 - From Aesop - Raconteur Report - - "minions of Leftardia and Stupidia, you have blundered into a minefield, on a pogo stick. Stop what you're doing, tiptoe out, and pray to whatever deity you think appropriate that you get away with your skins. Because if you insist on pushing your revolution, you're going to get the war of which you cannot grasp, and the results of which you cannot even conjure in your wildest fever-swamp nightmares." This is a statement posted by Aesop as a follow up to a CNN statement on the air that stated " "The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters-all of them-are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society".

Product of the Week - Survival Warehouse - - You may be wondering "what the heck" is this all about. As you see, there are multiple products at the link. They serve the same purpose, just in different sizes. I personally use a large cylinder puck style storage vault with the fire bag enclosed. This is a great way to store cached items such as weapons (long and short), silver, gold, cash, jewelry... If I would use it, I would probably store some cash and precious metals (just saying for a friend) buried. Just make sure you can find the puck and you leave a note or map in your safe so if you aren't around someone can find it. Just a thought. Ms Lucy and I call it "the dirt bank" when we talk about it for a friend.

Motivator - From The Truth About Guns - Dan Zimmerman - - Five Democratic Senators propose the Supreme Court is not well. The five, all Democratic candidates for President stated in writing to the Supreme Court - "Perhaps the Court can heal itself before the public demands it be restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics." If this isn't motivation enough to stand up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights across the board, nothing is. It seems no one in Washington is willing to fight the fight.


Preparedness News -

1. From Average Joe - Survival Life - - Survival Food 101 - Hardtack - Good recipe for those interested.

2. From Skilled Survival - - Excellent information. I often have discussions with other Patriots on the topic of solar. Remember, what happens when the fuel runs out? Sun and trees. These two resources could be the last remaining. Just a thought.

3. From Bob Rodgers - Preppers Will - If you don't have or can't get the real thing, this may be the answer. These are great when one is trying to protect a location being fired from. Quietness is your friend. Surprise is the goal.

4. From Dr J. - Survival Blog - - Make sure to note the disclaimer. This is good information to keep in your side saddle.

5. From Rich M. - Ask a Prepper - - (Sigh) I don't live off grid but I do like to read lessons learned from anything involving Preparedness. Rich makes some great points for anyone wanting to go off grid. The first is off-grid utilities from solar. Another excellent point is the weight of fire wood and water that is heavy. If you plan to move either resource much of a distance, you better consider the fact you may have to tote a rifle at the ready position which would limit you to one available hand or else strap the rifle in the ready position and use two hands. The only vulnerability is the time delay of getting your hands back on the rifle when a threat surfaces. One of the important steps in preparedness is obtaining as many "How to" books as possible. Or else find the information now and print your own library. It may be cheaper to find the books at yard sales and other Good Will type stores.

6. From Frank and Fern - - When we talk about animals and preparedness, discussions rarely get past the cows, chickens, goats and rabbits. Talking about processes on how to do task with the animal or the care of the animal rarely surfaces. Here we get a discussion on a simple non-electric milking machine for goats. Have you ever experienced goat milk or goat cheese? The first time was a mental change but afterwards it wasn't so bad...when it was the only type of milk or cheese. In my former life, I was doing a 179 day tour of duty in Saudi Arabia. Once we got past the initial deployment set up and a kitchen and eating area was established, the chef and kitchen could offer grilled cheeses and small quantities of milk. You guessed it, the products got purchased from the local Arab market. It was pretty good to be honest.

7. From Shepherd Farmer Geek - Survival Blog - - This is not medical advice but it offers good information and points to consider. This relates to children and pain.

Economic News -

1. From Zero Hedge - - I have noticed the rising cost for food over the past three months. There's so many factors working against so many needs of the middle class and poor in America. I fear the noose is tightening more than getting better. Hope I'm wrong.

2. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Folks may want to start focusing more on the national and global economics these days, if one hasn't already.

3. From Michael Snyder - The Economic Collapse - - Michael can often be a bit extreme and tries to yank both feet off the floor, however this is a growing topic of concern amongst several alternative sites.

4. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - Weekly global update from Martin. Gold and silver on the rise. Hope you got in on precious metals a while back because things are on the uptick. Stocks on the down slope.

5. From Brandon Smith - Alt-Market - Interesting article. Let's hope Brandon is wrong. He rarely is.

6. From Anthony Mueller - Mises Institute - - When reading this article keep in mind the author is a German Economist currently teaching in Brazil. You get a good outsider thought on the dollar and he makes some excellent points on the over value of the dollar.

Defense News -

1. From Travis Fedschun - Fox News - - Moral of the story, don't go taunting the world of your super weapon before you know how to move or relocate same without blowing it up and/or killing your own people with it. Of course, that is if this is the case.

2. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - I think it would be hard to remain calm and safe if one is old enough to remember 1989 at Tiananmen Square Massacre where troops with assault rifles and tanks fired at the demonstrators and those trying to block the military's advance into Tiananmen Square. Estimates of the death toll vary from several hundred to several thousands, with thousands more wounded.

3. From Steve Watson - Summit News - - Will we ever know the true links and extent of who is connected to who and who is paying for what to support who?

4. From David Sanger - The New York Times - - Things on the Russian side aren't going to so well. First the underground explosion aboard the Russian Submarine while testing "things" at their lab aboard the submarine and now this explosion at a missile lab.

No worries though, Putin still rides high.

Other worthy news from the week -

1. Francis Porretto - Liberty Torch - - When we look back over the past three years, what on earth could be the Hail Marry pass from the Dem Party? What is the ultimate goal? To disarm America, one way or the other. The author writes " The imposition of true totalitarian rule upon Americans requires that we first be disarmed. Unfortunately for the Left, far too many Americans are aware of this. It has been said that the First Amendment depends upon the maintenance of the rights protected by the Second. It is equally true that the Second Amendment depends upon the awareness of events and trends made possible by the First. Thus, both those guarantees are under intense attack. Soon both might be the focus of a "Reichstag fire" event, after which the Left hopes the clamor for their suspension will be too great to resist. If you're not armed and ready to defend those rights, you don't have much time left to get there." One must ask, to achieve their ultimate goal, has the left passed the point of no return?

2. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - Notice the date on this article by Martin Armstrong. July 25, 2019. This is pre-death of Jeffrey Epstein. "Throwing him in MCC [Metropolitan Correctional Center] ensures that (1) there will never be a fair trial, and (2) he must make a deal or (3) he will be killed one way or another. Epstein will hang himself, so they will say, or be killed by a fellow inmate who will take the blame for time off his bid. No high profile case is ever allowed to go to trial where things the government does not want to be revealed could ever become public." I think many of us felt the same way. Some may not be convinced he is actually dead, yet. I know, I know, they have trouble drinking the official first glass of Kool-Aid for some reason. Just saying for a friend of a friend.

3. From Nick Givas - Fox News - - Tick tock, tick tock.

4. From Vox Popoli - Infogalactic - - Honestly, at the end of the day is there a real difference between the D and R in Washington DC?

5. From Kerry Picket - Washington Examiner - - This is nuttier than a Payday bar. So as California State AG she refused to use law enforcement to serve notice on illegals breaking the law, with fire arms, yet she would use law enforcement to go door to door to confiscate legally purchased firearms?

6. From Unz Review - - As I wrote in last week's Patriot Express News Letter Edition #17, I sense a slight crack in President Trumps position on the 2nd Amendment. Numerous alternative right podcast and websites are picking up the same signal. Over at the ZMan ( site the site states " Trump seems more concerned with "the welfare of people who will never vote for him than the people who put him in the White House", and adds, There is no issue more closely tied with white America than guns... If gun ownership and defense of gun rights is implicit whiteness, then gun grabbing is explicit anti-whiteness." NC Scout at American Partisan ( writes "Once more, a President who was elected by an angry base has turned his back. Once more, that base who peacefully asked for a return to sanity, a return to the rule of law, a return to a nation they recognize, has been shunned. It should be the last time."

7, From the Z Man - The Z Blog - - Uhm, I think this fall in to the new conspiracy bag. Seems many alternative news sites are turning on our President as caving and back tracking on his campaign promises to the base.

8. From Ace - Ace of Spades - - I'm really starting to think everyone on the alternative side got the same script passed to the lame stream media. The point of no return seems to be the theme.

9. From C.J. Hopkins - Unz Review - - A new war on terrorism. Domestic Terrorism. White Domestic Terrorist. Here are a few headlines just from one major newspaper, the New York Times. - Here are some of the front page headlines ... "Trump is a White Supremacist Who Inspires Terrorism." "White Terrorism Shows Parallels to Islamic State." "The Nihilist in Chief: how our president and our mass shooters are connected to the same dark psychic forces." "I Spent 25 Years Fighting Jihadis. White Supremacists Aren't So Different." "Trump, Tax Cuts, and Terrorism." I hope you are getting the theme of this musical we are having to endure.

10. From John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - - Reading this I have to ask, is the increase in shootings by authority because we, as a society, are less disciplined towards, laws and authority? Is it because the threat to responding law enforcement has increased drastically?

11. From Charles Hugh Smith - Of Two Minds - - Mr Smith makes some excellent points and speaks along the path of my beliefs on the Epstein case. And because if this, we will most likely never know the truth.

12. From Graham Noble - Liberty Nation - - "We choose science over fiction," Biden told the crowd during a stump speech. "We choose truth over facts." "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." The man told the crowd he was at an active shooter event in 2018 as the Vice President. I think his battery may need recharged or replaced. With all the misstatements, isn't it sorta odd the man has such a large lead over the other 20 contenders?

13. From Adam Palmer - The Organic Prepper - - We need to keep a close eye on any and all of the Red Flag laws. I don't know how close you monitor national news but several innocent people died in middle of the night raids when homeowners answered the door armed and was shot by law enforcement because they posed a threat. So it was told. I heard a US Congressman being interviewed over the weekend and he said it is not uncommon these Red Flag laws are authored and implemented and a majority of those available to vote never read the document.

14. From Mike Adams - Natural News - -Excellent article on metals found in tested fast food eating establishments. It is important to point out, as Mike did, most of these places are independently owned and connected to city water supplies.

15. From Fox News - - A Huntsville Patriot alerted me to this story today. What an interesting way to Prepared...or should I say not get caught. The point taken from this is the landfill. The man survived and thrived for three years with items he found in the landfill. Hmmm.

Okay my Patriot friends, stretch your arms, legs, and brain. The Patriot Express must move ahead. See ya next Saturday. Thanks for your time to check out the weekly paper. Stay safe this week. Things are getting crazier and crazier around us.

Dust off your plans and adjust accordingly. Keep charging ahead....


Bravo Echo Out

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