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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #19

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning, all you happy Patriots. We thank you for your continued support and time to read, email, text, and visit our website. The motivation is the belief we are helping one person at a time. We never know when the clock will strike zero. Keep charging.

Please continue keeping our fellow Patriot brothers and sisters in your prayers. We have several folks who are battling health issues or dealing with a spouse with major health issues. Prayers are powerful and I know these folks would appreciate them much. Thanks!!!

Thanks to everyone who responded back to my email request. I should know an answer to my question by mid-week coming up.

With that said... Let's get moving...

(Reader advisory - This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad. As always, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit.)

Thoughts for the Week -

I don't even know what I know. Hmmm

Life continues to pass quickly it seems. Never a dull moment. Ms. Lucy and I are winding down summer and talking about autumn, family visits and road trips coming up. Where to go, what to do, and trying to get family time when possible. Personally, I don't like to rush life but it seems life is rushing me.

Next ...

If you have been reading the Patriot Express News Letter through all 19 editions, you will have noticed me testing different formats. Email version, website version, additions and subtractions of headliners, longer version and shorter version. I'm trying to find a good balance to offer what folks email me about, use time management, and listen to suggestions. Ms. Lucy offered me some sound advice recently and as always, I listen. So, I am trying a shorter version with less headliners. We will try this for few weeks to see how it goes. The new version is about 40% less material. I would appreciate any feedback you would offer to what you the reader wants and likes.


Festus and I continued work on the new classes for Heritage Life Skills 2020 to be held in Waynesville, NC the first weekend of May 2020. We continue building task and scenarios for the attendees who sign up for the Preparedness series (101, 102, and 103). It will be an excellent learning opportunity and a good chance for folks to work together as a team. One of the things we hope to achieve is demonstrating team building and sharing skills between each team. If you plan to participate or think you will participate I would encourage you to get a head start by reading one or all of the following: J.W Rawles - The Patriots; Glenn Tate - 299 Days series; or A. American - Going Home Series


We had a great trip to northern GA over the weekend to visit two Patriot families. Great people and great conversations. Thank you for your hospitality and the bonding we continue to develop. We shared great discussions on; faith, the future, financial investing during turbulent times, securing homes and safe rooms, food preparedness, solar, land development, those who prepare and those who talk about it, and shared concerns of the future. Good stuff. Building trust and new Patriot friendships is awesome. It's always our pleasure to spend time with like-minded Patriots.

Next ...

It has been about four months roughly since Heritage Life Skills 2019 and it's great to see how folks in different regions who attended HLS now meeting and building teams in their areas. I have traveled to their area and met with the team one time and hope to meet with them again in the next few weeks. Meeting, building, bonding, communicating, learning and trusting... This is good stuff.


Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with one of our Patriot families who will be relocating their family across their state to set up a new home and life. You are making positive steps to offer your family better preparedness abilities and opportunities. We are happy for you all. Ms. Lucy and I hope to cross paths with you in the near future. Youare doing great things. Keep charging.


Back in my formal life in uniform, I was sent to Thessaloniki, Greece in the early part of 1999. I arrived in Athens, Greece and met a group of gents and we caravanned to Thessaloniki, arriving after midnight. We traveled in civilian clothing and used civilian passports entering the country. We checked in to our lodging location and settled in around 2ish AM. We had a simple walk a few blocks to the port and monitor the scheduled protest by locals against U.S. Navy ships possibly coming to port. This was days before the conflict in Kosovo started. We walked out of our location around 730 AM and was greeted with a banner hanging across the street in front us that read "Murderers of the People, Amerikanos GO Home" It was signed by the Greek KKE, which was the Greek Communist Party. Our question was how did they know we existed. We ventured a few blocks towards the port and mingled in to the gathering protesters. Within an hour, there had to be 100,000 protesters chanting and waving anti-American and anti-NATO signs.

Another protest at Thess Port but comparable to the event I attended

Many of the gathered would be Albanian refugees who had fled Kosovo as the Serbs and Muslims fought. By noon, or four hours later, there had to be 300,000 to 500,000 people massed by the port. It took at least four to five hours to work our way through the mass of people to extract from the scene and gain another vantage point to observe. We continually adjusted our position but the masses gathered faster than we could adjust. My point is, numbers gather quickly. Had this been a violent mob style protest we would never have survived. You do not want to be caught in this situation on foot or in a vehicle. You will have no control over your situation.

If you read the Woodpile Report by Ol' Amos this week you found a very good analogy and recommendations for a potential Civil War II. Here is the link - If you have attended any of my training, or read my book, or read my blog, you will find my thoughts and suggestions along the exact path in the article. That being, think outside the box and learn to recognize threats before they happen. Know triggers to look for and immediately start to disengage from your environment and extract from the situation. If you are in to preparedness and have your own plans in place, you will be part of the 5% group that will do these things without thinking.

We currently live in an environment where cities, big and small, are target zero and the most likely launch pad. They are a ticking time bomb. Multi-cultural, socio economic depression, citizen vs police, co-dependent on the system, public transportation dependent, payday-to-payday dependent, ... So when the system fails, banks stop distributing money, trucks stop delivering fuel, food, medicines and other vital goods, businesses lock their doors, police barriers are up and blocking streets and riot patrols are surrounding you, what is your plan? Think of the Wal-Mart on the day the EBT cards failed to work. But on a massive scale with hundreds of thousands of people. No wait, maybe millions of people. All modes and means of transportation to move resources in to a city will stop. You should be well extracted from the city environment before these things happen. Stay away from crowds and people.

Remember me discussing the highway infrastructure? How most cities offer a beltway around the city and how easy it will be to shut down beltway and lockdown the city? Especially once law enforcement heads home to protect their families. My point is not only can law enforcement lock down the beltway but so can the bad guys. This is another reason to get out fast and ahead of the events before they happen. Think ahead and run scenarios to possible threats and then test your plans, alternate routes for a vehicle and on foot.

If you are new to Preparedness, think about this, for those of us who have been preparing for several years, we had to read between the lines and plan accordingly. Now, at this moment, it seems everyone is talking about violence openly. Main stream and alternative, everyone is talking about it. Other than a date, time and location, how much more does a person need presented to catch on?

Discussions recommend you get out of the city and suburbia to a rural area as quick as possible. This is where the you want the ability to survive a 12 month or longer period out of site away from civilization. This is part of your preparedness steps that you have hopefully completed or are well on their way.

Well, I suppose we need to get the presses rolling forward.

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