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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #27

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning from Roswell, Georgia!!! Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you are all well as we meet here again. Ms. Lucy and I are on the road celebrating our No 2 grandchild's 8 th birthday.

So much news and so little time and space to share it. I need to figure out how to set up a virtual coffee bar with breakfast snacks. Some place we can hang out for an hour or two and chat about the week. I tease Ms. Lucy at times how I want to open a place like this in our small TN town called "The Chat Shack" where folks can rally up, check email, meet new like-minded folks, and relax. Maybe have a story telling hour on Saturday evening. That's about the time I get the famous Lucy eye roll.

Ms. Lucy and I thank you for sharing your time with us and checking out the Patriot Express News Letter. Your time is never taken for granted so we are blessed that you share your time with us. Our intent is to simply communicate, share, learn, help others be better prepared, and build friendships of trust and loyalty.

Thanks for your emails and shared information. I appreciate it much and it also says many of you are doing your own homework and reading about new ways to do preparedness or build upon what you have now. If you have any friends who you wish to add to the mailer please send me their email address and I will load them in the mail system.

In the coming weeks, time permitted, you will continue to see changes to the Hope For Survival website. As I watch videos and learn, I attempt to make additions and improvements to the website to make it easier and more user friendly to the user. You may or may not have noticed changes to the front page this past week. I added a front page blog addition where the most recent two articles will appear on the front page where you can link to the articles and just below the articles you will now see a gray block (center) that allows you to click and it will take you to the blog page. Several folks emailed me to share they have trouble finding the blog page. So, hopefully this will help.

Soon I will add our sixth guest contributor who will be adding another neat perspective to our products provided to you. She has a unique background and will be offering tidbits and information on preparedness for animals and homesteading. Hopefully we will post her first introduction in two weeks. I'm excited to include her personal preparedness stories to the website to share with you.

Please keep in mind, these folks are contributing stories to the website voluntarily on their personal time. Several of the contributors told me they previously did not like to write but are now enjoying it. Trust me, writing and preparing documents for release is very time consuming. Often times the time to proof, edit, and then format for the webpage can be very time consuming. So, from my end, it really helps me to appreciate the websites I visit where they post 15 to 20 articles per day. Granted, they most likely do it full time and do not have a full time job and then do the website part time. I would rather be hanging out around a table chatting with you but since I can't, this is the next best way to stay in touch and share.

With that said... the world awaits us...let's get moving....

(Reader advisory - This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. Hopefully you will find something of interest along the way. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad. As always, avoid fear porn, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit. Keep one foot grounded always. Earthly speaking, the only thing we know for certain is how prepared we are. Hope to see you on the other side.)

Thoughts for the Week -

Ms. Lucy and I decided our vehicle tires must be tired from all the weekend driving so we let our vehicle have a break. It helped us out as well. Granted, work never ends so instead of being behind the steering wheel getting to another destination I spent most of the weekend behind the computer trying to move some items forward and off the "still needs done" list. That would be my self-imposed list, not Lucy's "to do" list. Ha. But, it was a productive span of work and hopefully some things will blossom from the efforts. I did go grocery shopping with Ms. Lucy and we escaped the mental exercise of temptation in the pastry section and three hours later as our tummies rumbled we fled with our $225.00 bundle of "stuff" to carry it home. That doesn't include the $35 worth of products Ms. Lucy discovered mispriced on the sale labels and $35 in coupon savings. The store honored their honor code of giving one of the items to the customer free of charge. Funny thing is, we only knew of one item and it turned out several products had been mispriced. Heck, I didn't even know of the store honor code. Point being, don't take a sales price as being the price until it rings up and you see the price on the rolling price list that you will pay before departure. That $70 saved by Ms Lucy is $70 towards preparedness goodies. Shhhhh. I haven't told Ms. Lucy yet.


In the past six months or so, the alternative media has referenced numerous articles on a Civil War II in America. The story lines bounce all over the place covering A to Z and back. Many opinions and points, good and bad. I'm really not sure where the facts are derived from since much has changed since our last civil war back in 1861. A four year war with 620,000 deaths. Much has changed and is not comparable. Iraq? Afghan? Can't compare these either because of the vast culture, religious and historical differences. Not to mention differences in the society. Skills and some tactics can be used if adjusted. What about the mental state? Has anyone considered the differences of fighting strangers from another world who wears robes and rides camels to fighting Americans? It is not possible to compare the vigor and determination between the determined and visitors dependent on technology and numbers. One side is fighting for a cause and the other side fighting because their government sent them to fight. We may be able to analyze societal trends with statistics to provide possible tensions and so forth. Many human responses are learned responses from many factors such as family, culture, laws and ability to handle stress and pressures. There is defiance between political parties for sure. Can we compare an entire society on a single specific event witnessed? I don't think so. The willing vs the unwilling.

Stay with me ...

The other day I was stopped at a traffic light and like I always do, I was scanning my surroundings and observing humans walking near the street. A lady, maybe 50 to 60 years of age, was carrying a gallon jug of water in each hand as she and two teenage boys walked with her. I was shaking my head as I thought to myself, this is the new America. Helpless underworked children walking like it had been a 100 mile journey beside what appeared to be a mother or grandmother. Her hands full, their hands empty other than a cell phone. Now I know this isn't the model of all teens in America. But, I have to say it is the model of many. How would these individuals lift a hand or arm to fight for something they hold dearly and believe in when most likely they have never been taught to believe in anything outside the letter "I" and the word "me." No wonder the U.S. Military is having problems hitting their recruiting numbers.

When I see scenes like this, I think back to my former life in the military serving abroad and seeing the youth survive. I remember my assigned translator in Romania. Her name was Anna and she was 20. She was a university student working for the U.S. Embassy. She spoke five or six languages at 21. Her dream was to come to NY City and work for the United Nations to get her foot in the door to America. She went to school all day, busted tables at night in a local establishment, worked for the US Embassy (on call) and found time to study. Anna was from the countryside and lived in Bucharest for her schooling. During the school year she lived with her elderly aunt and uncle. She lived on the 10th floor of a small apartment with no running water for consumption or bathing, septic only. Three days per week, sometimes four, Anna's chore was to carry buckets of water up the ten flights of stairs to the apartment. Anna weighed about 100 lbs, wet. Anna, like many other eastern Europeans learned to survive at an early age. She had something to fight and defend. Her personal and family pride and love for her country. Anna, like many, knew they had to work hard to eventually obtain a better life for herself and family. How many American youngsters today would qualify as another Anna? I had another translator named Tunda in Budapest, Hungry, same story different country. Multiple jobs, hard worker, poor, but dreamed of a better life in America to help herself and family. There is no mentoring or "follow me" programs. The youth want to survive. Different place, different person, with a common question..."tell me what it is like to be an American."

I have the privilege of working with a retired Marine, one of many, in my daily job. I consider him a brother and a good friend. So I get to observe traits he practices and displays daily. The single word to best describe his personality is leadership. Furthermore, he often takes vacation to travel to functions and teach classes on leadership to younger professionals working in the First Responder field. Of course being retired Air Force we have our share of ribbing and teasing. In the big picture, one of the things I have always noticed, admired, and respect is how the older retired Marines continue mentoring and teaching their younger former Marines who separate from the military for whatever reason and join the work force. Even though they are no longer required to do so, they are instilled with the code of honor, respect, integrity, brotherhood, and trust, as they move through life. The mentoring and support never ends.

So please understand, I'm not condemning our youth. I'm very concerned. I do like to call them buttercups and basement dwellers but they are living the life that is acceptable for them and their family and often acting out love or hate for the things they are taught within their family, partial family, and public school systems. Surviving in their own way of life, good or bad. Even with a current system that allows about anyone to succeed in life if they are willing to step out of their door. So I ask, has the system we once had failed our youth or is the system teaching our youth that system that sculpted us being taught as unacceptable by the system? Is it the continuing government infighting being witnessed on the big screen? A biased media pushing division and hatred? Is today's technology kidnapping the brains of our youth and creating division? I have had several pastors tell me the youth in the church's today are angry because they feel us older men won't accept them for who they are and not what we think they should be. So, it doesn't matter if they are our family or total strangers, they are the future of our country. If in fact we failed our youth and continue distancing ourselves from them, how will they respond to us if we end up facing them in a national conflict being called Civil War II? One thing is certain, they will have their phones out filming every second of the event.

As a Patriot brother recently shared while recording a Podcast, many within our country no longer know or honor R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It is not taught or expected today. Another topic, another day.


On a lighter note, the Weather Channel played a very interesting segment talking about citizen Preparedness. A guest author was discussing his new book talking about citizens who bury their heads in the sand and refuse to address being prepared before any event. He said the saying of citizens burying their head in the sand like the Ostrich is incorrect because the Ostrich does not do this. The Ostrich detects the storm and flees where many citizens ignore warnings and simply hunker down to brace the unknown outcome. How simple. How true. The simple goal of self-reliance seems to distant at times for many.


So, to leave you with a bit of humor, (at my expense) yet a point, I wanted to share this little story with you. As I age and my mind overloads with information, I find myself sometimes short circuiting with simple points I should instantly know but sometimes forget. I've shared how I get the Ms. Lucy eye roll at times from something I say, ask, or do. Recently it has been "what year is it?" Most computer documents add the date and year and the most I type the year is when working on training slides for the Heritage Life Skills event which is 2020. I only write a paper check maybe two times per month, if that. So, during our preps for the camping trip my mind was focused on things I wanted to accomplish during the trip such as meals, projects and podcasts. So while deciding if we wanted to use our existing larger tent or buying a smaller tent, we looked at a few at Sports Academy. While looking at a specific smaller tent and without thought, I asked Ms. Lucy "if we needed an air pump to blow up the tent?"