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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #28

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!!!

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you are all well as we meet again. So much news and so little time and space to share it.

Ms. Lucy and I thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with us to check out the Patriot Express News Letter. Your time is never taken for granted so we are blessed that you share it with us.

Thanks for your emails and shared information. I enjoy hearing from you and communicating thoughts through the week.

If you had the opportunity to visit a theater and watch The Reliant I would enjoy hearing any thoughts you may have on the movie. We have to consider it is a movie, but I would be interested to hear anything you have to offer, positive or negative. Anyone who wanted to go and couldn't can purchase a DVD copy of the movie on December 3. You can pre order a copy at Amazon. A big thanks to our aPtriot sister for this information. Additionally, per Survival Blog, there will be another post-apocalyptic movie released on November 15, 2019 titled Radioflash. This is a post-EMP survivalist type movie. One of the stars of the movie Brighton Sharbino who previously played Lizzie Samuels on the Walking Dead from 2013-2015. I believe the movie was filmed in the American Redoubt in Spokane, WA, Clark Fork, Idaho, and northwestern Montana. I look forward to watching two post-apocalyptic movies within 30 days.

I want to give a big shout out to our guest writers who continue to submit great articles and information on good topics and personal skills being accomplished. This coming week I will be posting a great article from Jager who discusses home firearm protection and getting to your rifle during increased threats. The following week we should be reading our first post from another exciting writer going by the name of Gypsy Trailblazer. I hope having different contributors makes reading the news letter more enjoyable.

With that said... the world awaits us...let's get moving....

(Reader advisory - This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. Hopefully you will find something of interest along the way. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad. As always, avoid fear porn, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit. Keep one foot grounded always. Earthly speaking, the only thing we know for certain is how prepared we are. Hope to see you on the other side.)

Thoughts for the Week -

We are living in some very interesting times for sure. Politics, climate change or not, the rise and fall of the economy and markets, national division amongst our citizens, youth vs established, global challenges, wars and rumors of wars. On the other side of the screen we can give thanks to the blessings we have, share and see around us. Life, the air we breathe, jobs, our health, a home, family, friends, .... the list is long. It is easy to feel beaten up and like the sky is falling around us. It seems we see or hear negative at every corner we turn. The positive in all of the crazy negatives we know we must be, become, and remain self-reliant to the best we can. Have you noticed all the riots and civil strife taking place around the world? Venezuela, Lebanon, Spain, Chile, Hong Kong, London, Paris... People against the system in most cases. We must focus on the important things in our life. Remember, it's the things we can control that will save us or be our demise over time. Food, water, shelter, and security.


In my day job, I trained a lady who is retired Coast Guard and now works within the agency I work with. She was around 55 to 60 years of age and recently moved to Alabama from San Francisco, California. I was training her as a member of one of our facility Occupant Emergency Organization members to help deploy our Occupant Emergency Plan which assists employees during hazardous conditions. It was interesting to learn she carries three bags in her vehicle 24 x 7. A Go Bag, Ready Bag, and Bug-Out-Bag. A set for her and a set for her German Shepherd. Her husband currently works for FEMA in Washington DC. I asked her when she started determining the need for the bags. She explained that at her previous location, her and her husband always carried a Go Bag but life in California encouraged the expansion to three bags per family member. It was funny to hear her say "anyone living in California who didn't have bags packed must be clueless to their surroundings." I think this would be true for many across America. The 90% gang.


Winter is quickly approaching and it won't be long until the pipes freeze, cars won't start, roads are iced over, kids are home from school, electricity goes out, generator won't start or the gas is bad in it... Have you dusted off your emergency winter plan? Whenever everyone else is cold, hungry, iced in with busting pipes and no food, will you be okay? Just to be safe, maybe consider conducting a drill of your emergency plan to ensure everything works and you are good to go. Maybe consider establishing a cache outside your home in the event you have to evacuate at 3 am due to an emergency. You are now standing outside in a 20 degree temperature watching your family freeze. Your keys remain in the home so your vehicle is not an option. A cache would allow you and your family to obtain warm clothing, shoes, coats, hats, and gloves to stay warm in the initial start to the emergency. Be safe, think and plan ahead.


I have been doing some research on water filtration bottles, backpacks, hiking boots and electronics. During my time searching the net I came across a site called BOTACH. The website is The site has a large inventory of items to check out. From Apparel to bags, cases, gun accessories, ballistic gear, ammo rescue tools, electronics, eye wear, footwear, flashlights, medical supplies, ... You could spend hours on this site. Some prices are average, some low and others high. You will have to check on it for the item you wish to see. If you purchase items, you do so at your own risk. I am not responsible for the response from your spouse for you buying more tools of the trade. Ha.


If you read the Patriot Express regularly you will recall I often comment on the rising cost of basic "needs" and "must have" resources. I would encourage you to read the linked item below under "Other News" to Charles Hugh Smith article titled "The Unraveling Quickens" and check out the graphs he provides. We are told inflationary numbers range an average of 2% annually while living costs continue to outpace inflation. The more realistic number of real-world inflation per the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is estimated at 18% over ten years but rent and healthcare ranges 34% to 45%. And, according to the Chapwood Index, real world inflation in urban America is running 9% to 13% annually. Survival is a basic need to all humans. Now, add all the other distractions around us to the picture. There are many causes to major problems around us. This is more reasoning to focus on your basic needs of food, water, shelter, and security.


You may want to keep your eyes on the middle east, Russia, Turkey, NATO, US troop movements, global oil, and the Petro Dollar. I have covered several important points on this topic below in other news under items 7-12.

Okay, let's move ahead...

Preparedness News -

1. From Jennifer Rader - Prep School Daily - - Good information. I'm often asked my thoughts on expiration dates and when should a can of food be tossed. I've learned that many folks differ regardless of the date. Some will go months or years past the date and others box it up and give it away days before the expiration.

2. From JW Rawles - Survival Blog - -

No offense, but why are folks still living in California if they are moderate or right leaning? Last week the Governor of Cali signed legislation making it legal to eat road kill. Taxes, crazy laws, back-ground checks to purchase ammo, and anti-rights for 2nd Amendment. I'm out of here. Sorry, just me. Nothing good will come of the ongoing attack on right leaning conservatives.

Sorry, I couldn't leave a dead animal in Cali

3. From George Ure - Urban Survival - - Another part of preparedness that requires a plan. "Oh no, he's talking about plans again." That would be me. I do find it funny how I try to encourage folks to build a plan and how many won't even stock extra food as part of another plan. If a house is on fire you do what? Run. If a store is being robbed you do what? Run. If a riot breaks out in the local mall and you are at the mall, you do what? Run. If you answered run to the above, then you have a starting point for a plan. Run. So, if your community or town is facing riots and other possible threats, why not plan your escape? This past weekend Ms. Lucy and I visited a suburb of Atlanta, GA and the entire time I was near Atlanta and until I departed my brain was racing with the "where is my escape route. Not paranoia. Simply put, being responsible. If you read my book you may recall the section on being trapped inside the beltway.

4. From Dagny Taggart - The Organic Prepper - - Anyone else paying attention to what is taking place in Chile? How about Spain? Venezuela?

5. Prep School Daily - - Good read. Lots of information to digest, retain, and store for a later time possibly. Here is part II as well.

6. From Josh Montgomery - Bio Prepper - - Excellent points made that are so often forgotten or overlooked. Simple but easy to read and understand.

7. From J. G. Martinez - The Organic Prepper - - Imagine, no food, sporadic utilities, no security, and minimal jobs..and those who are lucky enough to work average a minimum wage take home pay of roughly $3 per month.

Other worthy news from the week ...

1. From Tyler Durden via Adam Andrzejewski - - Good read.

2. From PePe Escobar - Consortium News - - If you have the time to read and you have wondered what took place and continues to take place in Syria, check out this article.

3. From Egon von Greyerz - Gold Switzerland - - Could it mean a global debt reset? What happens when the world governments can no longer find the dollar needed? Who owns the currency you are paid and deposit or hide under the mattress?

4. From Wayne Dupree - Wayne Dupree Show - - Matt who? Drudge? I was just telling a Drudge reader of the big loss of readers in the past few months because Drudge went left. No one really knew why. Maybe this is the answer. Imagine losing 200 million readers and it only accounting for 20% of your followers. This a very good read with points supported by graphs and numbers to back up the points.

5. From Angelo Codevilla - American Greatness - My fellow Patriots, this is not a good sign. When a men or men who supposedly served the US Constitution and swore to defend same, now is suggesting the nation go outside the Constitution and take down an elected President? This is not good at all.

6. From John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - - Another excellent product from JW. I would think at this point in time, many would agree with his synopsis on politicians.

7. From Paul Craig Roberts - - While the lips are flapping and fingers are pointed, Russia continues to spread its wings globally. Most recently Russian nuclear bombers landed in South Africa while Putin attempts to work a five year trade and support deal between SA and Russia.

8. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Well, put simply, this is one ugly baby. One could say the detail is in the fine print but that is not the case. How many Americans died in Iraq? We currently have less than 1,000 troops in Iraq. Troops leaving Syria are given a four week pass and then must be out of Iraq. Iraq is protesting the U.S. troops per Syria basically as an invasion and is protesting to the United Nations. Oh, get this, there is a reported cease fire in Syria and the U.S. is leaving a handful of troops in guard the oil fields. Did I understand the U.S. Gov statement to say the U.S. took over the Syrian oil fields? Uhm, I think so. Get this, part of the Iraqi complaint against the U.S. is that Israel is using weaponized drones to attack locations inside Iraq near Baghdad believed to have Iranian paramilitary forces. So, we have the U.S., Iraq, Iran, Israel, Syria, Russia, and Turkey all playing in this game. This will not turn out well. Turkey is supposed to be a NATO ally to the U.S. Turkey and Russia is working together on maintaining the cease fire. Remember several Patriot Express newsletters ago,

I wrote about the Turkey and Russia weapons deals to include the advanced radar system

S-400 Advanced Radar

S-400 and potentially stealth Russian fighter jets. Today, the Pentagon announced they are shipping more hardware to include heavy armored tanks and vehicles to Syria. Wait, didn't we just announce we left Syria outside of protecting the oil fields? I'm sure there will be more to come on this topic. Grab your popcorn.

9. From Con Coughlin - Gatestone Institute - - Further movement of Turkey allying with Russia appears inevitable. Through all the chess pieces moving in the Middle East and specifically Turkey, why is no one talking about the U.S. weapons and weapons systems being stored in Turkey at the U.S. Air Force Base? If in fact Turkey leaves or is removed from NATO, what does that mean for the future security of Greece? Is Russia going to use Turkey to gain a stronger foothold in Europe? Is it possible the European Union will vote to keep Turkey in NATO even against the U.S. will because they fear Turkish President Erdogan will unleash millions of refugees towards Europe? I don't believe Europe can or will support further acceptance of refugees flowing from the middle east battle grounds.

10. Oil Price - - I do believe the US has worn out her welcome in the Middle East.

11. Oil Price.Com - I do believe this would be a sub of Exxon. This is part of a larger effort to change the international monetary system off the Petro-dollar. This my friends will be ugly.

12. Defense News - - Still in the Middle East... the US is sending fighter jets, troops and missile defense systems to Saudi Arabia. The Pentagon says it is to protect Saudi Oil fields attacked in September. What they do not mention is the fact it was reported that Saudi lost roughly 2500 troops , or two Brigades, battling the Houthi Rebels on the Yemen Saudi border. It is believed the Houthis could march straight in and take the oil.

Okay my Patriot friends, you have reached the end. Last week's newsletter was a bit long so I'm shortening up the newsletter this week. The Patriot Express will reload and stop by again next Saturday.

Thanks for your time to check out the weekly newsletter. Stay safe this week. We are approaching the winter season before long and folks should be checking their vehicles for winter safety and care. I will be posting a series on winter preparedness shortly. Don't forget to rotate your seasonal clothing in your Bug Out Bags.

Please keep our fellow brothers and sisters in your prayers. Several folks are battling health issues or dealing with a spouse or family member with major health issues. Prayers are powerful and I know these folks would appreciate them much. Thanks!!!

Keep charging and have a great weekend and week.


Bravo Echo Out

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