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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #34

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!!!

Happy Saturday everyone.

Did everyone find a great bargain on preparedness equipment and gear on Black Friday? It was a great week and I hope the same was the case for each of you. Great time with family and blessed to have the time together. Thankful everyone who traveled made it home okay.

Ms. Lucy and I thank you for your continued support and taking your valuable time to read the website and communicate directly. Thank you.

It was great to meet some new folks (digitally) and hear their preparedness story. Seems some preparedness minded folks in Virginia are starting to get restless and giving consideration to leaving the state.

A few weeks ago I shared that I had been invited to take part in a local radio station morning

show to discuss preparedness along with one of our Patriot brothers here in the area. The show will not be on a Saturday morning but will be on Wednesday, December 11th at 7 AM CST. I will share the link with you if you have any desire to tune in via the internet. However, the radio station will also share the MP3/4 file with me and I can post on the website shortly after the show.

Thanks to those purchasing copies of my book, Hope For Survival, How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security Could Save Your Life, to be used as Christmas gifts for family and friends. We appreciate your support. As always, all proceeds above print cost is donated to two specific charities to support those in need of help. We can guarantee delivery of the book to you by Christmas if ordered NLT December18th. The fastest way to purchase the book is through the website.

Recommended Buy: Jones Stephens J40-005 Four Way Key, 2-Pak - $9.52. This is a very inexpensive tool that could come in handy around your home or when bugging out or your bug out location. You can buy different sizes and versions of this tool. You can buy them with long extensions as well so you don't have to bend over to reach the water shut off valve. This specific one will easily fit in your glove box or bug out bag.

With that said... the world awaits us...let's get moving....

(Reader advisory - This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad. As always, avoid fear porn, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit. Keep one foot grounded always. Earthly speaking, the only thing we know for certain is how prepared we are. Hope to see you on the other side.)

Thoughts for the Week -

Is anyone else following the recent political landscape changes in the great state of Virginia? I guess I should ask, why should you if you don't live in the state. Fair answer. When I first retired from the military in 2003, I moved to Western VA for a year to help take care of my father who was going through chemo treatments for cancer, post-surgery. After one year, I moved to Eastern VA to work for a defense contractor just outside the Washington DC beltway. Ugh. I spent a total of three years in VA and that was enough. Don't get me wrong, VA is a beautiful state. It was the taxes. Federal, State, County, City, Vehicles, and Property. Did I miss one? On top of that, VA didn't offer any tax breaks on military retirement like many other states. I took the first opportunity to leave VA and relocated to Northern Alabama. So now, why do I care what happens in VA. I have family members living in VA today and they don't mind paying the taxes and no one has complained yet of the transitioning politics or laws. I guess not since 99% of my family are registered Democrats and they are non-hunters and non-owners of firearms.

I'm monitoring current politics and new laws in the state of VA because VA could lead the way for other states around our great nation to legislate against our 2nd Amendment rights. The Virginia State Senate Bill No. 64 proposes to prosecute "paramilitary activity", meaning any assembly for training or practicing with a firearm, other lethal device or technique with intent of enabling "civil disorder". An "assembly" is specified as two or more persons. Intent is not defined so we can assume it means the accused must produce "proof of innocence" or stand convicted." Let me break this down for you. Let's say you have a team of folks who are in to preparedness and you gather three or more individuals out in the country to burn off some ammo by target shooting. Most, if not everyone, arrives dressed in some type of camo style clothing. For that matter they could be dressed in jeans and olive green military style coats or just kaki coats. The initial assumption is military or militia mindset. The point is they are gathered as a group and they have firearms. What about professional business locations like firing ranges and tactical shooting schools? Now, read above. "Any assembly for training for practicing with a firearm or other lethal devices or technique with intent of enabling civil disorder." There's a lot of gray space here that could lead to assumptions by law enforcement and the authorities.

My concern is how many states will watch and then take all or parts of Virginia's plug and play law to use in their own state. This law forbids the gathering of armed individuals. The 2nd Amendment states "a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." In order to regulate a militia the group must gather, organize, rally, and train. This is now forbidden in the state of VA. Will this go to the Supreme Court for ruling on the meaning of the 2nd Amendment? It is sad to think that a majority in the urban strongholds of a state can vote and change the way of life for the many citizens occupying probably 90% of the land in the state which is the suburbs and rural areas. Now, apply Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 to this and the rural and suburbia locations will be forced off their land to urban areas. If you are restricted on firearm ownership, restricted on the ability to grow food on your property, and food is then controlled by the state, how much are you willing to give up to obtain food to feed your family?

The pieces are being established and placed in the ready position for future use. I would encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and Agenda 21/2030. Remember a few years ago when a former attorney general categorized Christian conservative, veterans as a right wing domestic terrorist under the NDAA? There's more on this topic below under Other Worthy News.

Think about this. Consider what you just read above and another 2017 bill that granted Antifa 501(c))3) status, like most churches in America, meaning contributors can deduct donations to an armed communist terror outfit from their income tax. By decree of the IRS, Antifa is a non-profit, non-political organization. By the way, guess who was the Patron of the bill? We have a winner. Yes, VA State Senator L. Louise Lucas who has served in as a Democrat in the VA State government since 1991.

I think back to a famous quote by Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who said "Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control who continents; who controls money can control the world."

Next ...

On a side note, isn't it interesting when laws like this surface, firearm purchases sky rocket and background checks are equal in volume? Black Friday Background Checks for 2019 ranked the 2nd highest in history where a total of 202,465 checks took place in 24 hours. More interesting is the fact we are approaching the single year record from 2016 of 27.5 million background checks. Think people are paying attention?


Did anyone else notice the lack of news coverage in the media on the Anniversary of the President John F. Kennedy assassination? I remember a time in my life that the name Kennedy was the Democratic Party. Imagine, today, the former President would be considered a Conservative most likely.


I don't post comments very often on social media but I do read many of them because understanding thoughts and trends is important as part of the intelligence factor in preparedness. The psychological aspect. When reading hundreds of articles per week, one important part is to read comments by the readers. This will often give you a flavor of what people are thinking. Does the comments posted prove the reader grasp the intent of the article? Does the comments made by the reader seem balanced or irrational? I do believe many are armchair complainers and wouldn't walk past their mailbox to defend our great nation, but they do have opinions that must be included. Just like on Social Media, it is important to read comments from both political persuasions. A mindset that still baffles me is how many individuals complain constantly about the ruling class. They hate the rich and want their political party to stick it to the wealthy to force them to pay more. Everything seems to be the fault of the rich. However, these same folks repeatedly vote and elect very wealthy individuals who get even wealthier once in office. These same complainers live freely, get checks monthly, spend without thought or consideration of saving for a rainy day. But, they blame their woes on a political class because they have been taught they are rich and rob from the poor. They fail to realize regardless of ruling political party, the national debt goes up at an out of control pace that will never be balanced or paid off. They can raise or lower taxes and the bottom line never changes. If a person repeatedly touches the fire and is burned, why continue touching the fire? We can put the fire out and the person will still go to the fire to touch it. A conditioned society will never change and the blame will always be on someone else. They never seem phased or bothered by the ruling wealthy who want to control the less than wealthy through political power and persuasion. We currently have a President working for free and he is hated and labeled a thief. We have had other Presidents take their pay and raise taxes on the citizens, increase interest rates on home and auto loans, increase fuel taxes and other taxes and yet, they are labeled the best President since the invention of sliced bread. I suppose the reality is pretty simple. They believe they are owed the world yet in reality they are owed nothing.