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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #36

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!!!

It is a great Saturday indeed.

Ms. Lucy and I thank you for your continued support and taking your valuable time to read the website and communicate directly.

Ms. Lucy and I want to wish you and your family a very healthy and blessed Christmas season. If you are with family or alone, our prayers are for a joyous, safe, and meaning field season. It has been a tough year for many and continues to challenge others with family issues, health and financial matters. Keep the faith my Patriot Brothers and Sisters. As a highly respected former pastor of mine used to say, "when you look out and see nothing but pain and suffering, simply look up to find the answer you need and search for."

I don't know about you, but I'm excited. We are about 72 hours till Christmas eve. We enjoy the lights and music of the season. Here in North Alabama we have a lot of events to choose from. We prefer music type events such as the annual Tuba Christmas, or the city Brass Band playing Christmas tunes. I love the ring-a-ling-ling of the bells coming from the volunteer manning the Salvation Army collection points walking in and out of stores. This is a great organization by the way. Ms. Lucy and I try to attend all the musical events our church provides to the community. The youth choir in Hanging of the Greens and the adult performance in the Winterlude where the stage has four baby grand pianos supported by a Little Brass Band which is sort of like a Big Band back in the day. It is amazing to hear the beauty of the pianos being played at one time. Afterwards we enjoy cookies of all types and hot chocolate if desired. It was nice to escape the world and chat with friends as we ended the weekend and refocused towards the week.

IMPORTANT DATE - January 20, 2020. From The Virginia Citizens Defense League - - If you are in or near VA and want to consider participating in a peaceful rally, there will be a state rally on the steps of the VA State Capitol. The VCDL is chartering busses from different regions of the state. This is an important date that many eyes of non-Virginians will be monitoring.

Head Scratcher of the Week - Did you know the US Defense Industry gives more campaign financial support to Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders than any other candidate, to include the current President, Donald Trump.

Citizen Vigilance is a Must - I wanted to share these words with all of you regarding the Constitution, Citizens Rights, and Rogue Red Flag Laws. These are recent words by Black Robe Regiment Pastor and Former Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin. If you have paid attention to the links on the blog page at Home For Survival you may have noticed a link to Pastor Baldwin's messages. I believe his statement below requires all of our eyes and minds to hear and think about.

“I know I am speaking for tens of thousands of my fellow Montanans and tens of millions of my fellow Americans when I say what I’m about to say. ‘Red flag’ gun confiscation laws violate every principle of liberty upon which our country was founded. There is no due process associated with “red flag” laws. A judge’s order to seize the firearms from an American citizen who has not been accused of a crime, charged with a crime, convicted of a crime—or who never even threatened to commit a crime—based on the accusation of a single individual is anything but due process. Our accuser could be a disgruntled employee, a bitter ex-spouse or relative, a vengeful neighbor, an anti-gun liberal or even an anti-gun policeman. By definition, “red flag” laws use mere suspicion of what one “might” do as justification to seize a person’s firearms. Tactics such as these have been used in virtually every despotic regime of history. In the name of protecting society, the rights and liberties of individuals were denied. Eventually, these repressive governments included political or religious persuasion as triggering “red flags,” which led to their disarmament—all in the name of public safety, of course. You know as well as I do that when the rights of one American are abridged, the rights of all Americans are abridged. This is not yet a communist nation where the rights of the state—or even the rights of a majority of citizens—supersede the rights of the individual. … ‘Red flag’ laws turn the Bill of Rights and the fundamental legal doctrine that a man is innocent until proven guilty completely upside down. “Red flag” laws are a mockery to every constitutional principle of liberty since the Magna Carta. Seizing a citizen’s firearms by force (and thereby rendering him defenseless) without a crime being committed—or even the accusation of a crime being made—is old-fashioned TYRANNY. Such an act presumes a person is guilty until proven innocent. Then there is this: After the guns are seized, it could take years for the victim to prove his innocence (or competence) and have his guns returned—and in what condition would they be when (and IF) returned? Furthermore, will you legislators, judges and police officers who collaborate to strip an innocent person’s ability to defend himself accept any responsibility when the real bad guys take advantage of this person’s vulnerability and invade his home and bludgeon or rape or even kill his family? Of course you won’t. But mark it down: You will be held responsible in the eyes of Almighty God—and in the eyes of the citizens you have victimized.” – Pastor Chuck Baldwin

With that said... the world awaits us...let's get moving....

(Reader advisory - This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad, though happy is the goal. As always, avoid fear porn, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit. Keep one foot grounded always. Earthly speaking, the only thing we know for certain is how prepared we are. Hope to see you on the other side.)

Thoughts for the Week -

As we wind down 2019 and give thought to the year, it wouldn't be complete unless recognition was handed out. As Time Magazine and ESPN names their person of the year and all the hoopla is spouted to the world, we could debate the point, right or wrong to who is named. We, as Americans, really went through a lot in 2019. Did we not? So, after much thought and consideration to my "Person of the Year", (drum roll xxxxxxxxxxxx) I want to name each of you Patriots as my person of the year. Now, I know this is pretty simple and there will be no billboards with Festus's picture on it or your picture for being the Hope For Survival Person of the Year. In 2019 the Patriots of America stood firm yet in many cases silent as our name and what we stand for continues to be ridiculed and mocked by others. From red necks to misfits, losers to deplorable, uninformed to uneducated, yes, we hard working tax payers have been labeled everything except who we truly are. Patriots. Models of the Constitution and defenders of our great Republic. Bleeders of red, white, and blue, who sing a song of pride, freedom, and integrity. No, we aren't perfect, but we do stay within the guardrails of the laws and framework of our land.

It has been a true honor and blessing getting to know many of you in 2019. Some I have known longer but most of you I met during the year. Thank you for friendship above all, but also your support in helping Hope For Survival establish a foundation of learning, being prepared, and helping others, while advancing the need for preparedness to those who will listen. Ms. Lucy and I thank those who invited and welcomed us in to their home during the year. We are now richer in friendships that we treasure. Thank you.

We are honored to call you our Patriot brothers and sisters and friends.


Christmas is a great time to introduce or support your preparedness views and beliefs by giving a preparedness gift to a loved one. Maybe a Ready Bag packed and ready for a vehicle? If you still need to fill the stocking or find preparedness type gifts, consider supporting a local preparedness store in your area. Personally, I try my best to support "Ma and Pa" stores when possible. These are families trying to survive life and provide a service to cause, like preparedness. I have nothing against Box stores or online retailers, but these local stores are competing for business and trying to survive. If you have attended Heritage Life Skills and enjoyed it, considering supporting the sponsor of HLS, the Carolina Preparedness Store in Waynesville, N.C. The HLS sponsor and owner of CPS would be Ms and Mr Bill. They are fantastic people who not only own the store and sponsor the event at HLS, they live the Preparedness life and can offer great guidance and advice on the topic and equipment you may need. Please reach out to them and give them a chance to provide what you need. If you are in the Waynesville, N.C. area stop in and say hello. You can tell Ms. Jan you are a friend to Hope For Survival. Here is the link to their store and the phone number is 1-828-456-5310. They are located at 72 Montgomery St., Waynesville, N.C. 28786. I know Ms Jan and Mr Bill would appreciate the opportunity to gain your business.

Next ....

This may seem like a strange one, but do you ever have off-the wall thoughts where you may be thinking about something dealing with preparedness and then something crazy pops in to your thoughts? Come on, don't leave me out here as the lone ranger on this. So, our normal routine is to wake up on Sunday morning and begin preparing to attend Sunday AM church services. It is normally quiet around our place. Ms Lucy sometimes turns on the "other network" to see what they are talking about. She calls this the news of the enemy. Now, don't go getting all twisted up. She likes to hear both sides to get a recap of the week in case she missed something. I'm the one who picked the word "enemy" because I am being as nice as I can be on the Sunday morning. Insert a smile.

So, once I hear this noise coming from a television I run as fast as I can to my computer, put in my ear buds, and start listening to a Podcast while I have coffee and answer a few emails. In reality, I have learned the easiest way to keep my blood pressure down is to get to my computer before the television comes on and start listening to a podcast before she comes to life.

I'm normally awake and reading emails and listening to Podcast around 5 AM on the weekends. It is a great time to catch up and not feel rushed.

So, back to my crazy thought.

I was thinking about being in the woods and watching squirrels running and jumping from limb to limb, tree to tree to evade shots being fired. In my early morning mind I could hear this music playing in the background to fit the small critters running and jumping. Sorta like the Tom and Jerry shows year ago. The music was odd though, it was the 5th Symphony (Symphony No. 5) from Ludwig van Beethoven. Odd huh? Strong strings playing the Du-Du-Du-Duuuuu, Du-Du-Du-Duuuuu and then a softer assortment of strings playing while the squirrels ran for their life. I was wondering why on earth this was the music in my mind then I realized Dec 17 is Mr Beethoven's birthday and on Dec 17, 2020 we will celebrate the 250th Anniversary of his birth.

At another point in my life as a music enthusiast and eventual Music Major in college, I loved classical music. Ms. Lucy and I both took several years of Music Theory and Composition in our early years. Anyhoot, the news of the enemy wasn't blaring yet so I quickly turned on Beethoven's fifth so we could share the beauty of this creation. Ms. Lucy wondered why on earth her strange husband was listening to classical music when I prefer a quiet surrounding, and I would continue getting ready thinking about the squirrels dancing through the trees. Isn't the mind a beautiful thing?

If I start hearing Wolfgang Mozart or Johann Sebastian Bach in the coming Sundays I will start to worry. See, I can fit something about preparedness in to about every aspect in life.

Next ...

We are approaching Christmas and this is the next to last Patriot Express News Letter you will receive this year. Based on my WV math skills and realizing you will receive this on Dec 21st, and the last on Dec 28th. Wow. We are facing 2020 square in the eyes.

It seems like yesterday I was living in the United Kingdom near Cambridge watching the clock tick over to bring in 2000. Yes, the Y2K scare was on the minds of many. I had just returned from a long deployment that lasted about 120 days or so and was enjoying the peace of my very quiet British neighbors before heading out again for about 60 days. Spending several Christmas seasons in Europe was wonderful, though most of the time work was front and center because our missions in the dark world never slowed down.

We did find ways to celebrate Christmas within our military family while abroad. Though time was limited, one of the most often chosen ways was to do charity work at the location we would be. One of the events that still stands out in my mind each Christmas was one spent in deep southern Italy in the San Vito/Brindisi region. This would be the heel of the boot shape design of Italy. It is a port city located on the Adriatic Sea, which we used as a hub flying to and from the Balkan region supporting Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as roughly ten other nations in the Balkan regional efforts. Peace through Strength.

On this particular Christmas event, several members of our unit volunteered to provide Christmas for a local Italian Orphanage. Arrange a place to meet, buy food, drinks, and gifts for each Italian orphan to attend, and then create games for the kids to play before the big moment. No, not the gifts, but Babbo Natale. Yes, a fully dressed and Italian speaking Babbo Natale. I bet you didn't know Santa was multi-lingual did you? How about that. It was beautiful. Watching the young children run and play, sing and dance, eat and smile, before Father Christmas arrived. The joy and appreciation from these young children was a gift in itself. Imagine spending the day in a foreign land with people you don't know (outside of our military members which was maybe 20), and listening to this joy in a foreign language.

The common denominator was the pure smiles coming from the hearts of these orphans. Once we reached the time all had been waiting for the children seemed to operate on unlimited joy. Father Christmas arrived with a big bag over his shoulder. The children cheered and hugged his legs as he walked towards the big chair awaiting him. Smiles and noise kept escalating as he neared the chair, the moment the children awaited, did the chubby man in the red suit have a gift with their name? Most likely, but they didn't know this. Gifts, and lots of gifts, kept coming from the bottomless bag. Coats, shoes, hats and gloves, snacks, toothbrushes and paste, coloring books and crayons, children books to read, puzzles to build, and trucks, cars, and baby dolls. So many gifts for the orphans who for this moment could forget their life may be different.

For us grown Americans away from home again, this moment instilled to us why we volunteered to do what we chose to do. Defend liberty and freedom around the world so others could live in peace, harmony and celebrate this day like many others around the world. We didn't have to understand what the children said, we could feel it through their smiles. Babbo Natale, Father Christmas, or Santa, was the star of the show and that was perfect. Yes, that was exactly 20 years ago this year and it still comes to my thoughts each year when I think about and celebrate Christmas.


It was a great week and I hope the same was the case for each of you. If you haven't figured it out yet, I really enjoy your emails and hearing how you are doing. It personalizes this effort of having a newsletter and running a webpage and blog. I know some folks have shared to me that they enjoy me posting stories of what others share with me, projects they are working and so on. I try to do that as space and time allows. I have a few who shares news and links to information of interest. Others who share preparedness "stuff" to me. The week varies and as time permits I try and fire emails out to those who have emailed me. I also try to touch base with others who get the newsletter who I do not hear from.

So, this week, one particular Patriot Brother emailed me, like he often does, and he shared a story with me that provided me a nice chuckle. He has a gift with telling stories in his emails. I don't know if he realizes it or not but his points often provides humor around the point. This gent and his wife are on fire and their preparedness actions and projects completed since Heritage Life Skills 2019 is simply amazing. All of his points are solid and meant well, but how he tells me gives me a smile or laugh.

The most recent email shared a few things and the one point I wanted to share with you is when he explained listening to the radio interview I participated in last week. Now, keep in mind, this family attended HLS 2019, read my book, and we've had numerous discussions on preparedness along the way on things they are working. So, he tells me, "as the Radio host asked you questions, I was answering the questions before you did and my answers fell in line with yours as you answered." That my friends is awesome. It tells me he is grasping information and retaining and using it in the family preparedness steps. Keep on charging my brother. You and your Patriot wife are doing amazing things that will not only prepare your family but, as you have shared, it has changed your family mindset on how you approach each day.


Without a lot of elaboration, I would strongly encourage readers to focus on articles and information pertaining to Civil War II, or if new titles appear such as Civil War Restoration, or any other reworded title and be familiar with topics discussed on this subject line. A birdy that flies high in the sky and has access to one of the biggest nest of importance is saying this is a hot topic that lots of war gaming is taking place around. Simply be familiar with the topic and things being said. I've written a few articles in the past on the topic that you can find on the website. I continue listening to a lot of podcast and reading books and articles on the topic. As I have suggested previously, focus on the 10 to25 and up to the 50 mile range to your location. What is near you, around, you, and possible existing threats to your way of life. To the best that you can, get out of debt and away from cities. Focus on your resources and ability to use them. Think about supply lines and approach routes. To the best that I can, I will provide information to you as I cross paths with it.


By the time you open this to read it, I will hopefully be in the central Tennessee mountains visiting Ol Festus and a group of Patriots near him. It's always exciting when time and schedules permit this to happen. Hopefully we will be afforded a few hours to chat, learn, break bread and simply enjoy the brotherhood of being like-minded.

The holiday season will be very busy for us but I'm hoping over a ten day period to visit about ten or so like-minded Patriots in Bama, TN, VA, WV, and NC if all goes well. We will see how the time and weather works out. All I know for certain is after a few hours with Festus my head will be so full of information that I will be mentally spinning coming down off the mountain.


How many of you know what I'm talking about when I talk about "hillbilly steak?" Now this could mean different things to many, I'm sure. But growing up in southern WV we often referred to hillbilly steak as friend Spam or Treat. Ms Lucy has called it mystery meat before. Ha. Well, personally, I like hillbilly steak. Fried till the edges are crunchy. I like it with mac and cheese and some garden canned beets. MMMM. I also like it fried and then put on soft bread with some cheese, mayo and a slice of juicy mater on it. Have you tried it? Why am I telling you this? Well, hillbilly steak is a good source of protein to put in your preparedness bag to keep in your car and also a good source of meat to put in your home pantry for preparedness food resources. Yes its high in sodium, but, so is a lot of the other preparedness long-term storage items you may have. Canned Spam or Treat, Vienna Sausages, potted meat, and sardines are great sources and affordable to procure. Don't tell Ms. Lucy but in my Ready bag I keep under my desk at work, I have lots of these goodies to have in the event of a disaster. Hmmm. Is it a disaster when my tummy rumbles and I have four hours till quitting time?

That my friends is about the extent of my thoughts for the week. Just sayin... Okay, let's move ahead...

Preparedness News -

1. From Bob Rodgers - Preppers Will - - Debt. One of the biggest enemies to your status and future, no doubt. Not everyone can be debt free, but everyone can work towards a debt free life starting today. Bob provides some tips to help one achieve this status. If you want more information and a great program, you can go on my blog page and click on the Dave Ramsey link. DR's Financial Peace Plan is fantastic and very doable for everyone.

2. From James Dakin- Bison Prepper - JD provides very good thoughts on the topic of food and when it's all gone. I don't know your situation and I'm sorry if you now suffer through periods of what JD is talking about for the post doom period. I've personally been down this in my life when there was nothing available for the next meal. JD writes a good article on what it will be like in a DOOM scenario and what will those who have had plenty of food today do when they must face the other side. Honestly, so much of what we eat and don't eat is a mindset and once one adjust psychologically to what is available, they should be okay. But, this is only the psychological part of it and does not address the physical part of calories, health, and welfare.

3. From JC Dodge - American Partisan - - Good article for those interested in weapons, conversion cartridges, and ammo.

4. From Nicolas Oetken - Homestead Survival - - This is one of the best resources you can procure to have available for multiple purposes. I use ACV daily for health benefits offered.

5. From James Walton - Bio Prepper - - Canned meat. Hmmm. Love it. And it taste even better when you have nothing else to consider as meat. Protein. And, a note of positive advice, sometimes when you are hungry it's best to not think about what you may be eating. I grew up enjoying hillbilly steak. I'm still here. It didn't kill me. As I said in another post, a non-adjusted mindset can be your worst enemy. I know some folks who prepare and they throw away canned items as they expire. WHAT!!! Yes, they do. They can't overcome the mindset of the expiration date stamped. If a can is undamaged with no dents or apparent leaks, one can use the average of five years past the stamped expiration date.

6. From Daisy Luther - The Organic Prepper - - I will be over in Tazewell County, VA during the holidays for a couple of days. I'm anxious to read the local papers, talk to some citizens, to include family members, to get a true on the ground flavor of what is sizzling. Validating information is difficult at times and this story has lots of negative stories floating about. One invalidated story I received information about is that Tazewell County has had a number of Deputy Sheriffs resign since the Sheriff announced he was forming a county militia. Another invalidated story I was notified on says the VA Governor plans to shut off power, utilities and internet connection to families opposing gun confiscation until they comply. I will try my best to get answers on these subjects next week. You may or may not know, millions of dollars are flowing in to Virginia from Presidential candidate Bloomberg as well as George Soros, and indirect from China. Think about that one.

7. From 3AD Scout - Survival Blog - - This is an excellent article worth your time.

Other worthy news from the week ...

1. From Mike Adams - Natural News - - Nice breakdown of the information we continue hearing about on inside corruption. Please keep our fellow brothers and sisters in your prayers. Several folks are battling health issues or dealing with a spouse or family member with major health issues. The holidays are approaching and can be additional stress on top of existing issues. One of our readers lost a younger brother this week who passed suddenly. The OZ team prayers goes out to this individual and his family. Prayers are powerful and I know these folks would appreciate them much. Thanks!!!

2. From Mac Slavo - The SHTF Plan - - I would believe and support the old saying "cash is king" and one should pay cash for as many items as possible. Especially while building their preparedness plans.

3. From Michael Snyder - The Most Important News - - These are the folks who concern me during a partial or full blown SHTF. Rovers and Raiders going door to door trying to find any kind of drugs to fix their need and to sale to those in need. The starving and the needy and within 25 to 50 miles of your residence.

4. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - How about that, stop building the wall because it may violate a treaty with Mexico? Huh? I thought we didn't care about Mexico and they would pay for it? So the wall may impact the flow of water when it rains..on the Mexico side.

5. From Brandon Smith via Birch Gold - - Honestly, I'm surprised it has taken so long for this to surface. Sounds like Voo-Doo Mathematics. Put more in and the total drops. Wasn't there a song we used to sing in the 1st grade about a hole in the bucket? We so often read about deficits but few rarely post actual dollar amounts posing in the negative. Sort of like the federal debt and deficit when we read about liabilities and assets.

6. From Paul Craig Roberts - Institute for Political Economy - - If you have followed Washington DC politics over the past years, and more recently tracked the IG Investigation while holding out hope for the recent report to reveal what we all thought we believed, then you may want to read this.

7. From Chris Martenson - Peak Prosperity - - Don't ask me, but one of the old songs by the classic rock band the Eagles just popped into my mind...that being "I can't tell you why" and honestly, I can't tell you why so few people pay attention to the global and national markets, debts, bubbles, and GDP to debt ratio. They continue paying taxes at every level with no regard to what the money goes for.

8. From J. Stone - The American Conservative - - This is absolutely shocking.

9. From Federico Pieraccini - The Strategic Cultural Foundation via Zero Hedge - I don't know who is on first base these days but I do remember not so long ago photographs from both sides of fence, foes and enemies receiving and using air dropped resources stamped Property of the US of A with traceable serial-numbers supporting same. Some of you may be old enough to remember back about 35 years ago another war called the Iran-Iraq? The war that was fought for years and the world didn't want a winner. Death, destruction, and no one outside of Iran or Iraq cared, except who could possibly become the winner.

10. From Mike Adams - Natural News - - This is a very good article. MA hits on something I have been pondering to myself. That being, how the other political party has been so embolden to blatantly show their cards to the world without care. Regardless of a political persuasion, most still believe in right or wrong, fairness, and innocent until proven guilty.

11. From Pat Buchannan - Buchanan Org - - Imagine, what would these United States be like if both Texas and California went through secession from the US of A? Now it would be easy to say "yea" to California, but the reality is what the state produces that would impact the non-residents greatly. Another topic for another day. Texas is maybe the only state of 50 that would breakaway and survive without the other 49 states. Any hoot, this is a good read.

Okay, let's close this thing out and get moving on this day. Thanks for stopping by and taking in some news.

Just curious, did any of you get a picture made with Santa? Just wondering.

Keep charging and have a great weekend. Merry Christmas to all.


Bravo Echo Out

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