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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #40

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!!! It is a great Saturday indeed. As we fly through January it seems several areas continue heating up. Before we consider the world around us, Ms. Lucy and I want to thank you for your time, communicating with us, and efforts to come back each week. Thank you for your time and effort. There's many other things you could be doing right now.

As we settle in to a 2020 and look ahead, we don't want to skip over important things happening now in order to focus on the months ahead. Right? And in the process of trying to include both today and tomorrow we desire to keep it grounded and focused the best that we can. I do try to keep it on target but also include some light heartedness and humor from time to time just to keep us from winding up like a golf ball. It can be hard at times but an eye roll here and there from Ms. Lucy and a reminder from Ol Festus, helps keep things real.

IMPORTANT DATE - January 20, 2020. From The Virginia Citizens Defense League - - If you are in or near VA and want to consider participating in a peaceful rally, there will be a state rally on the steps of the VA State Capitol. The VCDL is chartering busses from different regions of the state. This is an important date that many eyes of non-Virginians will be monitoring. About the only thing that hasn't changed on this story is the date. I was telling someone yesterday of a concern I have and today I read this quote which sums up my thoughts. Aesop at Raconteur Report said "Why walk into a venue where you control nothing, and risk everything, when the best outcome you can hope for is that it doesn't explode in your faces, to the detriment of your purported cause, and risks injury or even death to your nominal supporters?" I think this says it all.

As noted on Zero Hedge from Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper, 15 Jan 2020 - Gov Northam declares State of Emergency in VA Because "Armed Militia Groups Plan to Storm the Capitol" It is interesting how 2nd Amendment citizens are being referred to as "White Supremacist. Also banned from the 20 January 20 event will be helmets, shields, sticks, and chains. Wow, the same items normally carried by Antifa around the country. The citizens of VA petitioned for signature to receive the required number of signatures, 10%, to remove the governor from office and received the required amount. The state responds by raising the required number of signatures to 25% The people are also collecting the required number of signatures to remove the state delegates. Folks, I believe the citizens are "woke" and fighting back peacefully at this point. To the citizens of Virginia, America is watching.

As noted on VA News Site WHSV, SB 16 has been pulled. VA Senate committee strikes "assault weapons" bill, advances other proposed gun laws.

You may or may not have caught the excellent article at American Partisan by Matt Bracken titled "Richmond; the mother of all Buffalo jumps - In the last Patriot Express News Letter I expressed concern the 2nd Amendment Patriots going to VA could be walking in to a death trap. I often speak about thinking and planning outside the box. It is important to see things before others see them and plan accordingly. Take a look at the attached picture Brackens used in the article about the same point. Take a look at this picture and see if you see what I'm talking about.

Do you see the problem? This is a kill box waiting to happen.

With that said... the world awaits us...let's get moving....

(Reader advisory - Put on your big people pants. This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad, though happy is the goal. As always, avoid fear porn, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit. Hope to see you on the other side.)

Thoughts for the Week -

So I was able to figure out a way to get the Podcast videos on to the newsletter and website. For those who didn't figure it out, there is now a video channel located on the website. It is located at the bottom of the main front page. When I send the link to the newsletter the link takes you to the blog page. This is not the main page. To get to the main page you have to look to the top of the page to the tool bar and look to the far left where the main page link is located. Click on it and then scroll to the bottom. Once to the bottom the page picture says "Hope for Survival" and in the center is a link to the videos. Once inside the page you can click on the particular video you want to check out. This is where I will post videos.

There is now a YouTube video page as well titled "Hope for Survival" and it will contain the same videos. Why two different pages? In order to get the videos on the Hope for Survival page, I had to create a YouTube page which allowed me to then feed them back to the HFS website video page and/or newsletter. It all has to do with the video size I do believe.

If you go to my YouTube Hope for Survival Channel, consider subscribing (free) to our HFS channel. This helps us track usage and manage the page. It also helps me determine topics that we believe is preferred. In time, I hope to include a YouTube icon link on the HFS page for you to click and take you straight to the HFS YouTube channel in a direct link. If you have questions please email me to ask them.

Keep in mind, I'm not a wiz banger high tech super IT guru or up and coming star. I'm like the guy on the corner banging the used hubcaps to make noise. To some ears it's music and other ears its noise. Just like the hubcap man didn't really practice, I don't yet have tons of time to invest in the editing and beautification of the podcast. Ms. Lucy can tell you I would love nothing more than to own a corner shack to call the "Chat Shack" where you could all stop by as time allowed to have a coffee or a soda pop and chat about preparedness or whatever is on your mind. Doing the webpage, writing articles, and doing podcast is about the closest way I can do this and then get your emails and answer them back.


I got to have a nice long chat with Festus since the last Patriot Express News Letter. If I didn't know any better I would think he is a closet scientist doing a secret project on the brain because he makes me use areas of my brain that I didn't know existed. It's all good. We chat and communicate a lot but it is rare that time allows us to chat more than one hour. Not like the old days before be "bugged out." The conversation started and centered around "what is my short and long term intent with the website." Because of the time invested already and time it takes seven days per week, and cost, where do I want to go with it. Great question, huh? We briefly discussed this with the group in North Carolina the previous Saturday. I hope to give you an update by the end of February about some things we want to do with the site and HFS efforts in 2020. The bottom line is I want to do as much as I can, for and with each of you to build confidence, preparedness, and hope to each person as needed and/or desired.

We are all different indeed. We all operate at different levels and come here each week for different reasons and with different levels of preparedness. Some of our fellow Patriots here are working through their beginning levels of preparedness, while others are mid-level and others advanced. If you read the articles from different writers you will understand we have folks who started with zero to mild confidence levels. Some who had never fired a weapon. Some who feared writing and sharing their story with others. And, on the other hand we have folks who are retired military and maintain high proficiency levels in certain skills. In ways it is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with numerous skills and mind-sets. Right? Different levels will see the same thing but from different perspectives because of their past and current skills.

How we approach things can be different in many ways but we know the outcome will be the same, prepared to some degree. So, the starting point and path is the question. Because we have so many levels of preparers here, it can be a difficult balancing act to feed different levels of information to everyone desiring information. In the years past, I, like many others, focused on all the worldly events around us. From Planet X, Agenda 21/2030, and Chemical trails to the Deep State, the Ring of Fire, and the Conspiracy to bring down the current President. I still watch and monitor these things. They are exciting, frustrating and exhausting. After much researching, reading and talking, and prayer, I decided the best way I could help others and myself was to focus on the impact of all these events on us, the people who would bear the brunt of the end state.

What do I mean.

I could tie up hours and hours of your time talking about Q or the Deep State. And in the end I am simply occupying your time like a movie and you have no more food or water set aside to help you survive any type of event, right? I'm not saying listening and being in tune is a bad thing. Not at all. About every person I communicate with believes the same, this is not going to end well. Many believe the election will be the culmination of many things brewing. Maybe and likely. But in the mean time we continue having disaster after disaster in regions around the world. America specifically. If you are in the impacted area, what will you do for food and water since you delayed preparing awaiting the results of this trial or that investigation? Do you see my point? I base my personal preparedness efforts and choices off experience and things I witnessed in my past. All I can do is share the information with others and their choice to prepare or not prepare is up to them. It is like rolling the dice with one's life. Pretty simple. (Swirling my hands and fingers like Uncle Bernie as he campaigns about Global Warming)

Next ....

Google and you. I wanted to share this story with you. First, let me ask you, did you get a personal email from Google sharing all the locations you visited over the past year? As in, the library, this burger joint and that donut shop? As in each and every location you drove through, by and stopped at? The parking lot you stopped in while on vacation to load a new address to find your destination. How about your doctor visits? In the end, it provided you a grand total mileage reading of your travel for 2019? You get the picture.

A professional friend received an email from Google sharing with him the information I shared above, and more. He printed out the email (pages) and showed it to us. It was beyond intrusive to one's life. He is not anti-technology on any account but was totally blown away by the amount of information collected on him. Even if you use a non-Google browser, if your phone uses a Google platform, your location tracker has eyes on you. Even when the phone is in the off status.

So, we already know all of your financial expenditures are mostly digital. All of your medical appointments and information is now digital. Most of your life is now digital. Now, as they tie it all together in to a single file, imagine a person having their medical insurance cancelled over two consecutive doctor ordered blood tests to monitor pre-diabetes. The medical records are monitored by the medical insurance company who can see your digital credit card purchases that shows all the donuts you purchased. You are a medical risk that does not follow doctor's orders.