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Patriot Express News Letter Edition #41

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!!! It is a great Saturday indeed. I wish we could rally around a table and share some fresh coffee/tea, fellowship and talk about the week we just lived and what may be ahead of us. It is always good to spend time with like-minded Patriots to learn, share, and build upon.

Is anyone else getting excited for Heritage Life Skills 2020? I do believe Ms Jan will be starting sign ups in just a few weeks. Early February last I heard. This is a great event and opportunity to meet some awesome people. The days and evenings aren't long enough. My brain doesn't have enough brain cells to take in and remember everything I learn and everyone I meet. Hope you can find a way to attend.

I have been in the middle of putting up new poles in my circus tent where I write and research for articles, the newsletter and future books. We purchased a new computer that runs faster and helps me do more to eventually provide more products to the website. The easy part was getting it out of the box and plugged in. The hard and ongoing part has been transitioning from a single laptop monitor to two additional monitors allowing split screen processing ability. Festus would probably suggest I go back to college to learn how to operate this contraption of a set up I now have. HDMI, VGA, USB, and plus C cables and connectors. Sheesh. When building and working on training classes I often have three Power Point or Excel presentations open reviewing and moving things between each project. I have purchased enough cords and cables trying to get the third monitor working that J. Epstein would probably have delayed his fake suicide a few hours trying to decide which one to use in his fake hanging. Thank goodness Ms. Lucy has remained calm and not laughed outwardly.....yet. But, the ball is moving forward.

Thanks to those who emailed me the past few weeks. I'm sorry for any delays getting back to you but the above paragraph explains where I have been hiding. Aside from the above time consumer and writing articles and posting podcast, I have a few other commitments on my calendar requiring time. I will be speaking to a church group in North Alabama on Sunday morning to discuss Preparedness and one's spiritual, physical and psychological status. I have committed to do two additional events in central West Virginia on March 14th and 15th, as well as preparing for Heritage Life Skills 2020 in Waynesville, NC. We also believe we will be doing a follow on radio show on Preparedness in March. Folks continue asking when I will put out a second book. Time continues to be my road block. The good news is we just went back for another printing of Hope For Survival (Book 1). Most importantly, I still have a commitment to my family and a full time job that I enjoy quiet well. I am also blessed with great Patriot friends and I appreciate hearing from you and your support. I'm truly blessed.

With that said... the world awaits us...let's get moving....

ALERT: Many alternative news and preparedness sites are being attacked by cyber-attacks in attempts to shut down or suppress information to readers. I am not aware of any attempts on the Hope For Survival website to date, however many of our sister and brother sites are being continually attacked causing major disruption, delays, and often times shutting down the sites. The invisible war continues. I would continue encouraging you to print copies of your favorite "how to" and build your own library for easy access information when needed.

Reader advisory - (Put on your big people pants. This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad, though happy is the goal. As always, avoid fear porn, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit. Hope to see you on the other side.)

Thoughts for the Week

I was reading an article by Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform and as the article focused, do you realize no matter who wins the election in 2020, the losing side will not accept the results. We have grown to the point where society appears fully divided and the center areas we once could compromise, we no longer can nor are we willing to do so. Would it be fair to summarize the division simply as sanity vs insanity? It is not as simple as the insane going to the liberal controlled cities and being happy as a lark. No. The elected left has policies that feeds the frenzies of the broken immoral followers who won't be happy until they push their craziness to all regions, locations, homes, and individuals. While the rest of the world laughs at our squandering nation we internally watch what is up, be down, and what is right, be wrong. The left-side nominees running for President want us to believe we on the right are greedy and we shouldn't have what we have. We shouldn't be responsible and plan for our future. Instead, live on less, don't plan, live freely, and let someone else plan our path to the future. Why not? Look around you at the failed examples they put forth for us to appreciate as their accomplishments...Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and on and on. Failure after failure on corrupt bankrupt policies yet they know what is best for us. Okay, okay, I know I tell you I try to avoid politics and I do. This is not about politics, it is about the survival of the nation we love. The nation built on blood and sweat. The promise of equality and freedom from government overreach in to our life. Mehmet Murat ildan once said “A nation which accepts to live a third-class life is just a third-class nation! If a nation wants to be called an honorable nation, it must use the option to refuse any kind of policy which is against human dignity! No refuse, no honor! If you don’t refuse a bad government, you deserve it all the way!” Sighhhh


Gun Rights Lobby Day - Richmond, VA, 2020 - This is from Aesop at Racanteur Report - According to a press release from Northam's office, "credible intelligence gathered by Virginia’s law enforcement agencies indicates that tens of thousands of advocates plan to converge on Capitol Square for events culminating on January 20, 2020. Available information suggests that a substantial number of these demonstrators are expected to come from outside the Commonwealth, may be armed, and have as their purpose not peaceful assembly but violence, rioting, and insurrection." End Quote - Bravo Echo comment - Isn't it interesting how things can be blown up before they happen? This was not a single rally but one held annually on MLK Day. An opportunity for 2nd Amendment supporters to rally and express their support for the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. No shots fired in the past, no shots fired in 2020, yet, the media would lead one to believe the O.K Corral was about to take place again. Who fired the first shot? Who was launching provocative comments and labels to paint the negative picture of those remaining within their rights? White supremacist carrying guns yet, black, brown, white and red; citizens of our nation speaking up to defend the rights for all of us. We the people. So, why is it year after year, citizens of all races and backgrounds march peacefully to defend our rights even while a select group and political party wish to destroy our rights and practices of the freedom to be legally armed. Power is a two way street. Rights are a two way street as well. And, these annual rally attendees are within their rights to legally protest and defend what our forefathers laid out for the future. While the political left loses control of city after city and crime and drugs continues to register off the charts, they spout words to label the group who responded peacefully and without incident. I ask who is the guilty party escalating this cause?

While we all are thankful the event occurred without incident, this was another great learning opportunity for anyone attending, watching, or planning to attend future events of this nature. There was so much chatter and information flowing building up this event it started to resemble a "chit" show with dancing gerbils dressed as politicians. Even with a history of no shots fired or violence, everything in history is susceptible to the first shot being fired. This falls under the "thinking outside the box" to see things the masses may miss or plan around. Anyone looking at the overhead map of the area should have immediately been cautioned to the entrapment possibility within the fenced areas. There was a single exit point from the boxed enclosure. With 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 5000 or more, a stampede towards the exit point would have been catastrophic. In my former life we used to have a saying, "don't get caught in the box."

Inside or outside the fenced area, you can bet thousands of photographs flashed to gain facial recognition of those attending. No worries, I'm not breaking the law, so what am I worried about? You are now in the data base. Cross-check your rally picture with FB and all the photos taken each time you approach a Wal Mart store to enter, they now have your name and more. If you don't block the Long/Lat on your personal pictures posted, they now can figure out your home location. Cross reference the home address and names of residents based on tax records and firearm purchases they know how many you own. What about all your friends and family who didn't go to the rally with you? That's okay, if you had them stored in your cell phone contacts list guess what? They now have all that information you provided them without knowing it. Folks, we are surrounded by electronic, AI, and cyber efforts to snatch information from us so it would be hard to evade all efforts. I'm just pointing these things out to you. Am I paranoid? Nope. They got me in my former life with blood, finger prints, and DNA.

Lastly, I want to point this out. Having spent nearly 40 years of my life working in the security, anti-terrorism, and emergency management fields, building plans for special warriors and billions of dollars in resources, I must point this out in regards to the VA Rally. For me personally, I would never have entered the fenced area. Why not, there was no substantiated hard threats. Here is my view. There was no pre-survey or recon conducted by myself or a trusted person who could confirm what was on the roof-tops, inside the buildings, aerial, or checks to confirm no infiltration had taken place amongst the good guys. There was a single evacuation route out of the area. Remember, "one is none, and two is one." There was more things that could go wrong, than go right. And even though everything worked out great, who is to say any future events won't use this model as a way to entrap the good guys because they just proved they are trusting enough to enter the box. Just saying. Every person entering the fenced area was searched and deemed weaponless. Every person entering the caged area moved forward on trust and faith. My past training and mindset would keep me from entering inside the box because I prefer not putting my life in the hands of a stranger. I prefer staying outside the box. I want to control my surroundings vs someone else controlling them. I'm not saying a person shouldn't attend. I'm simply saying the approach to each event requires research, planning, and a focused approach.

Next ....

Post WW II structure and framework. The greatest generation to ever live. The economic boom. Creators, innovators, and decision makers. Leaders of the free world. Ma Bell, Apple Pie, and red, white, and blue parades with flags waving. Neighbors knowing and helping neighbors. Family and community. Children standing together and in unison speaking "I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.... What happened? When did we lose our general ability to function as a society? When did the faith, family, and community display of togetherness fall apart? The insane are leading the sane asylum. Look around you. His is hers and she is he. If you don't call it, it, then he or she will be punished, fined or jailed. Law abiding citizens are being fired, crushed and destroyed because the insane are offended. Entertainers earning more than teachers, emergency responders and laborers. A society that once looked out for what was best for our nation, not political affiliation. Politicians placed on sacred pedestals facing no accountability to tax paying voters. If you don't tell lies in your news reporting then its fake news. We citizens buy less for more and our politicians tell us we are greedy and need to make less. Yes, it could be worse, but what happened to the best of times.

We watched the happy ending to Dorothy in OZ and now the flying monkeys are running the circus. Isn't it interesting how the corrupt are trying to dethrone a President who is trying to call out the corrupt. While the chaos continues the big financial balloon continues to be filled with helium and eventually it goes....BOOM. It is going to pop and everyone knows it. The damage will be beyond imagination to the average tax paying citizen who will wonder what happened. No savings to cover for lost security. Retirements shattered for many. If the pie is peachy and all is good, why does the Federal Reserve continue pumping about $40 billion dollars per night in to the market? Forty-one percent of our great nation has $1,000 or less in their savings account. Think of it this way, every time the Fed intervenes and injects cash in to a problem without fixing the problem it simply kicks the can down the road. The problem remains. National and global debt. Down here on earth the remaining sane must wonder who will win the race; the insane who destroyed our way of life or will we face the initial and overall collapse of humanity while the insane blame us for being so greedy?

I recently heard a Preparer say in a podcast, "The resources you have prepared are not to help you survive, they are your survival resources if you are fortunate enough to survive the disaster ahead of us." How well you can survive between today and post-event will be how much effort you placed in your plans. How well did you address your physical, spiritual and psychological needs. You will need resources for sure and you should plan for this stage. I would encourage you to not play for the phase of collapse and then think you will run down to the local stop-n-rob to buy some peanut butter and crackers. Post-event, if anything remains, it will be controlled by gangs and groups who you want to avoid as much as possible. Remember, you are part of the evil sane and the minority.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C. do you realize we, our nation, is about fifteen votes away from enough votes to remove the current President from office? It will never happen. Right? I wouldn't bet more than a pack of gum on it. The Dems only need to find 15 soft GOP Senators to side with them to make it happen and we have a Pence Presidency. If the ship starts rocking and pressure mounts we could see a possible swing out to save face. Sounds crazy until you think how much the GOP has been fairly quiet in supporting our elected President from day 1 unless it involved the great war machine. And while we are on a roll, I don't think the Dems will stop at Impeachment. They will try and go for full indictment of this President. I'm not predicting this. Just pointing it out as a possibility. When it comes to Washington and the federal government, what is fair and honest? If all is fair and according to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, why are we watching the Impeachment proceedings today based on the supposed violations of Articles identified in the Democratic controlled Congress? The Senate should have shut this down and they are letting it proceed. Forget how Pelosi, Kerry, Biden and Romney all have children employed in Ukraine and our President attempts to address corruption. The corrupt must remain corrupt to protect their political behinds and financial nest.

Former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas who served 1939-1975 understood this tension well. "The Constitution is not neutral," Douglas remarked, "It was designed to take the government off the backs of people."

We the people simply work, pay taxes, and hope the problem can fix itself in four more years. Four more years. Four more years. Same message, same results equals more attacks on liberty and freedoms for the people. As I have said before, the nation is at a critical divide in so many areas, I do not see a kiss and making up in the future. Being as positive as I can be, it is not going to happen. I don't know that the hatred and divide between the people is so bad, but, it won't improve as long as the media continues pushing lies and untruths. Fake news, fake people, and a world of what is really real?

With all the unknowns, untruths, debt, division, and appearances of brokenness, the one thing you can control is your faith and preparedness measures. Soooooo.

That my friends is about the extent of my thoughts for the week. Okay, let's move ahead...

Preparedness News -

1. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Wuhan Coronavirus panic has ensued in the Pacific region of the globe as the number of sick and deaths increases. We shouldn't be alarmed yet, however I would encourage folks to have a plan in place in the event you need to separate yourself from the potential spread of the infection if it enters your region. We have one reported case in the US of A in Washington State. Testing measures are in place at several US major airports.

2. From G.H. - Survival Blog -

3.. From Mike Adams - Natural News - - I ran an article last week on this topic and provide it once again to get word out to anyone purchasing superfoods from Amazon.

4. From Bob Rodgers - Preppers Will - - As always, Bob provides good information. This would definitely have to be cached or pre-staged in your forward placed resources.

5. From Real Survivalist - The Real Survivalist - - What do you carry your excess or emergency supplies in that you may need for quick access where time to drop your main pack and access could hinder your operations? Maybe your first aid, compass and navigation gear, or other essential resources?

6. From American Gun Association - - Do you ever ask "what can I do on a rainy day?" Here you go. Have fun.

7. From Michelle Pugle - Home Steading - - Is this not the dream of most who Prepare? Homesteading and being off the grid? Self-sustainable?

8. From Rich M. - Ask a Prepper - - A topic many can talk about and offer enough input to pack five or more bags...per person. Yikes. Remember, the bag is personal. If you don't need it or can't use it then why have it? One of the best ways to know what you should have or need is to take it out and try it out.

Other worthy news from the week ...

1. From Dan Chapman - Captain's Journal - - I'm sorry but all I can hear is Bill Murray shouting "Army Training Sir" from the 1980s movie titled Stripes. One thing we must always be cautious of is we don't always have all the picture. And, we never will. There are many things regarding National Security are kept classified and sometimes events surface that may stumble upon other events previously left unspoken.

2. From JC Dodge - American Partisan - - A few weeks ago I was talking about some of the impacts of the ongoing VA debacle with the current Dem elected state government. As example, I mentioned the residents of WV and how they could receive an influx, now or later, of citizens fleeing the state crossing over in to WV, TN, or NC. In this article and while things are semi-peaceful, WV state has opened the door with open arms to VA residents.

3. Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - I started this newsletter and webpage about nine months ago and from the beginning I have attempted to raise the flag and sound the alarm on what was coming through artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and the entire Technocracy movement. This is another example of the movement. Within two to three years, millions of Americans will be unemployed through the deployment of robots taking American's jobs. Profits. It's about profits. Wages go up, humans require benefits, leave, healthcare and training. Robots require no leave, no benefits, no wages, and come with zero no shows for work. Think about it. It's about profits.

4. From Tom Luongo - Gold, Goats and Gun's - - Did you hear anything on main stream lies telling the nation that the entire Russian Government resigned a week or so ago? Nope. I wouldn't have known if I didn't read alternative news and international newspapers. This is a very interesting article and how Putin has spent the last 20 plus years weeding out corruption and realigning the future of remain in power until he departs this earth. For more information on what is believed to be taking place with the Russian shakeup check out this link.

5. From Ron Paul - Ron Paul Institute - - It would be my guess we will never know the degree of spying that has taken place and continues to take place in our post-911 era.

Okay, let's close this thing out and get moving on this day. Thanks for stopping by and taking in some news.

Please continue to pray for our country, our leaders, and our fellow Patriots. We have folks in need of uplifting, heeling, blessings, and strength. We also have Patriots who are terminal with illnesses that could use our prayers and uplifting. As much as we have folks in need of prayers, we also must say a prayer of thanks for life, warmth, safety and all good things around us. Thanks for your prayers to all.

Keep charging and have a great weekend. May peace be with you. Thanks for stopping by to read this week's Patriot Express News Letter.


Bravo Echo Out

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