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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #10

Fellow Patriots, Good morning, welcome to edition #10 of the Patriot Express News. Where ever you may be, we hope you are healthy, happy, and safe. Lets move ahead....

In House Laundry - Thanks for all the emails and communication this week. As time passes, one of my major goals in doing this is starting to take hold. Communication and sharing. Folks are slowly beginning to open up and spread their wings a bit to share, ask questions, send information, and reach out to meet other like-minded people in their local areas. This is good. Trust and bond building to help one another and help others. I understand and respect a degree of privacy and being protective. You can be protective and still communicate and work with other like-minded people to learn, share, and grow. I do my best to share informative information sent to me with the other readers and give credit to the sender. I don't provide your name back to others out of respect to protecting your contact information. Occasionally I encounter an internal issue from ProTon when I forward your emails because they are marked as Spam and will not go out. So I copy your information in to a new email and send and it gets tagged as Spam. So, I'm working to get past this issue. ProTon is based out of Switzerland and when I get put in the "bad boy" box for spamming others, I have to deal with the language barrier and time zone difference. My problem, not yours. I just wanted you to know why you may or may not see information you share with me. As the Patriot Express moves forward, I continue sampling different formats and organization of the product. There is so much one can cover and include in a single product. The areas I currently include like; product of the week, website of the week, news types and such are based around questions I received during HLS 2018 and 2019, during personal visits, and via messages. Personally, I read enough news during the week and receive other sources from Festus and others that we could make the newsletter with 100 entries and you would hate it. I don't wish to overwhelm you with stuff but send you things I find with interest or can aid you in your planning and to build upon what you may or may not already know. I am receiving more positive feedback from readers of my book, Hope for Survival, How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security Could Save Your Life. Getting a pat on the back feels good, but the positive feedback helps ensure the information was on target to help others. Remember, for every person and family we help today, it ensures one less family knocking at our door after the SHTF. If you read the book, please go to my website and post feedback on the front page in the remarks section. Before I buy a book or product, I read other consumers comments on the product. Your comments will possibly help another family become self-reliant and not knocking at someone else's door. If you don't have the book and want a copy, visit our website to purchase same or contact me directly. Keep sharing the word and helping others to prepare. Help them the best you can and if you are unable to provide answers, send them my way or send me their email address to communicate directly. ... And remember, take what you want, decide for yourself and leave the rest. Keep charging Next page.... Thoughts for the week - It has been a great week and I hope the same for each of you and your families. Love and respect your family. Find quality time to spend together and share conversations. We never know when today may be our last, so make the most of it. Even through speed bumps and squirrels running across the road in front of us, we are blessed people living in the greatest country on earth. Amen? It was another busy week with lots of Patriot contact and messages flowing back and forth. This is good stuff my friends. Keep the messages flowing and I will get back to you as soon as I can. We are on this journey together, so communicating and sharing is essential. I don't share your name or location but I do like to share your stories if it is information that can help others. I get feedback during the week from readers who appreciate what you share and apply it to their own preparedness efforts. From chickens to solar power, and preparing layered security to dehydrated foods, all items in the preparedness bucket My wife and I left our home away from home in North Alabama heading east to visit a Patriot family a few states over. We planned to stop for the evening around dinner time and grab a place to spend the evening. Being my wife is unlike me and plans lodging ahead of the trip, she secured a room at a Bed and Breakfast that turned out to be amazing. A beautiful home off the beaten path, sorta buried in the woods. The perfect picture in the mind of many who prepare. What made it better was after dinner, we returned to our dwelling to find the owners relaxing to a beautiful sunset on the wrap around porch. We had the privilege of spending a few hours chatting with two Christian Patriots. It was our honor to share time together. Spending time with people who loves God and country are priceless. Thank you sir and ma'am for the great conversation and hospitality. We hope to someday pass through your area again and stay at your location. Blessings to you and thank you for your daughter's service to our great nation. We continued our journey on Saturday morning winding our way by the rivers and through the mountains. Such beauty we have in this country we call our earthly home. We passed through small town America, one by one, as people went about their day. I always wonder if any of these fine Americans have a clue to what is going on around them nationally. Do they care? Is there life so troubled they can't see past today? Are they part of the 90% gang? I digress. We continued forward arriving to our destination midday. The first thing that captured my attention was the beautiful American flag flying high, whipping in the breeze. Like I have said before, it is always our honor and a blessing indeed to share time with fellow Patriots and people of faith. Thank you and your wonderful wife for your hospitality and kindness. We also thank you for our new friendship. The time spent learning, discussing security concepts and preparedness was priceless. I don't think we moved past page one in the book of preparedness, did we? We will continue our chat very soon, I'm certain. You know I could write a novel at this point, right? You sir and ma'am are doing great things. I don't think my mental notebook can retain it all. Was I supposed to retain it? (Wink) Keep charging fellow Patriots. A few weeks ago, maybe in issue #7 or #8 of the Patriot Express, I talked about how I seem to gravitate and prefer talking with like-minded people and try to avoid people from the other side (code word - "tards"). I asked if anyone else notices the same gravitation. So on our return drive to Northern Alabama on Sunday afternoon, I was giving thought to the topics discussed and the ease in sharing thoughts. One of the things I truly respect and appreciate is the civility demonstrated. Then my thoughts expanded to the fact civility seems to always be on display amongst anyone I have been around who practices preparedness. Well, everyone except the lady who attended one of my classes at HLS in 2018 and got mad at my comments about my experiences in Africa and Bosnia with United Nations deployed forces (Blue Helmets) and my opinion of them being worthless. No offense. I think she ended up walking out of the class. Hey, I was being honest based on my own experiences. This leads me to how we may respond to those who do not prepare (90% clan). Sometimes they look to see if we have on a tin foil hat or label us as odd, which is fine. You know, we don't have to justify or explain our actions to them. If they asked the question to begin with, all we can do is be honest, right? Remember, it is us who has the insurance policy, not them. We are self-reliant and self-sustainable. They are dependent on the system. Often I get asked the question, "how do we get our loved ones to prepare?" There is no magic answer. Like I said in my book, you don't want to lose them or completely cut off your lines of communication, so drop seeds and let them follow on their terms. Something is better than nothing, right? I was discussing food preparedness and preparedness in general with a local Patriot friend who was sharing how his neighbors won't prepare. We agreed that some people just refuse and will be part of those who die in the first year. The 90% group. But, you can bet, there will come a day when they are lined up at your door. Be prepared and have your response settled in your heart before it happens. I do believe this will be a case by case type reaction on our part because not every story is the same. Someone may have prepared and been chased out of their home or maybe burned out of their home and lost everything. Would you turn them away the same as you would the lazy neighbor? Just remember, every item you give away is one meal taken from your family. I do believe your faith will be put to the test. Think about it. Great news, the preparedness way of life is growing and spreading. We picked up roughly eleven new Patriots this week. Please give a Patriot shout out to Tampa, Florida; Huntsville, AL; Houston, TX; Ocoee, TN;, and North, GA. Welcome to the Patriot Express, my friends. You know who you are. One of our Patriots read the email I sent early in the week about the Gatlinburg fire and how my wife responded. Shortly after reading the story she tested her home fire evacuation plan to ensure her children still remembered the plan. This is an ongoing preparedness practice in her home. This is the same Patriot currently attending her local CERT training. Keep charging my friend. Two separate Patriots are leaning forward in their planning for redundant power by weighing out the best investment, fuel vs solar generators. Remember, one is none and two is one. Three is better. Plan and research before making quick decisions on how to spend your money. Great example here. Keep charging my friends. Another Patriot contacted me to discuss the video I sent out recently on AI. How the minds of our children are being kidnapped on purpose by technology. I don't know if you watched it or not, but if you have young children or grandchildren you may want to check it out. The AI venture was planned long ago and is being fully implemented at a break neck speed. If you want to really understand it, get a copy of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation by Patrick M. Wood. This program dates back to the 1930s. Really? Check it out. What would a week be without including Festus. Well, as I have shared before, Festus is my sounding board, sharing, picking one another's brain, discussing news and events, add some discussion on faith and the current state of churches in America, and of course, a simple plug to get a laugh between us. I hope to pass through Festus's part of the country soon to break bread and have more in-depth discussions that we don't dare communicate via email or phone. OPSEC. Everyone know what it is? Festus is a solid Godly man who is a thinker and while I'm doing websites and emails, he is like a radar watching A through Z. I go nowhere that Festus doesn't know starting time, arrival time, departure time and return time, location and such. If I get stranded, I know Festus will show up on his john mule, named Ruth, to rescue my hide. Thanks my brother for watching my "6". I ask each of you, do you have someone covering your 6? Just sayin... I came across this quote and it resonates strongly with me. From when I started this journey down the Preparedness Highway, I have crossed many paths through today. Some I didn't even realize was preparing me for tomorrow. Other time which I truly believed I wouldn't come out of alive. We have the experienced, the beginners, young and old, large and small, the eager learners and others who know everything and refuse to be open minded and help others. It is not simple, nor is it a given that today will be the same as tomorrow. Adapt and adjust. As another Patriot brother always says, "shoot and scoot." We must accept that preparedness is "evergreen" and one must remain flexible and adjust accordingly. Like I explain in "Hope For Survival" the first step in Preparedness is your personal psychological, physical, and spiritual health. You must evaluate yourself and know who you are as well as your limitations and capabilities. Adjust accordingly. Only you will know and can answer these questions about yourself. We need to challenge ourselves and evaluate who we are and where we stand on this chosen path. Only you can do this for yourself. We must self-evaluate. Just like when we shoot a gun. Don't shoot until you know what is the target and you have a clear target picture. We shouldn't make a decision until your brain knows the best options to decide. Words have meaning, so don't speak to soon before your brain makes a solid decision and you know the facts in selecting your target. On to the quote... "If you are serious about preparedness, then it is time to get out of your armchair and start training and preparing. It will take time. It will take some sweat. It will take money. But once you've prepared, you can sleep well, knowing that you've done your best to protect and provide for your family, regardless of what the future brings. Don't get stuck in the rut of simply studying preparedness. Unless the shelves in your pantry and garage are filling with supplies, and unless you are growing muscles and calluses, you are not preparing." - James Wesley, Rawles Keep the faith my fellow Patriots, you are on the right track. Keep charging ahead.

Next Page... Must Read of the Week - From Brandon Smith - Alt-Market - - First off, if you don't read Brandon Smith at Alt-Market, you should consider starting. He is a very solid contributor to many alt right news topics. Brandon is a solid thinker and writes his message well. This particular article is well written and breaks down the difference between today's left and right. In a recent post I shared to you, I talked about "civility" and the left's inability and unwillingness to listen to the message of the right. They don't have to agree, just respect another opinion. Brandon dives further in the weeds and lays out a great point, the left is now a cult. Give it a read. I think you will agree. "Just sayin" of the week - Robert Curry - The Federalist - - Like I often say "who works for who and who is accountable to whom in this rat race? Imagine if the states started holding federally elected politicians accountable and even started recalling them for failure to deliver. Know what I mean? No accountability = no results. Just saying... Funny of the week - From Fox5 News - - As we travel through this life we see and hear things that will make us shake our head in disbelief. We wonder how on earth people function daily. This provides more justification to the path we travel to prepare daily. The 90% gang continues to provide the proof we need daily that times are not changing for the better. This story gives an entire new meaning to human artificial intelligence. The squirrels are dropping more nuts than we can keep up with. New Website - - This is a good website to add to your collection. Also a good article to support my earlier email to you on the Health Alert - Ebola. A big shout of thanks to one of our Patriot brothers for submitting the website and article. Thank you, sir. Product of the week - Super Bright Tactical Flashlight $ 20.99: 3W LED, 80 lumens powerful light shows super bright for about 200 meters lighting distance, suitable for living, camping, driving and outdoor sports. Multi-Function All In One: attack hammer for car emergency escape in emergencies; built in compass and light flasher helps you not to lose in the dark; powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight head could be attached to the car or other metallic surface. Includes seat belt cutter also. The glass break hammer is also great for cracking nuts to feed the squirrels if you know what I mean. Solar Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank: flashlight with built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery, could be charged with included USB Cable (4- 5hrs) or Solar Power (30hrs). 7 Models Led Flashlight Working way : Front low light , High light, Strobe, Long press to enter the side lights white light, white low light, long press side lights converted into red light flash, slow flash red, it is easy to fit your different sign demand. Environment-friendly, durable, portable, Not just for auto emergencies, also great for working, camping, or hiking. Preparedness "Stuff" (Food, Equipment, Plans, Seeds, Security, Water, Relocating, Gardening...)

From JW Rawles - Survival Blog - - TAKE NOTE -This is pretty big loss to folks who prepare. Here is a reminder on an upcoming rule change by the FCC: On September 30, 2019, it will become illegal to sell or "offer for sale" (advertise) radios like the popular Baofeng UV-5R that can operate in the FRS radio band (462.5625 - 462.7250 MHz) and any other licensed band in a single device. Manufacturers will have to either quit selling them or block out the FRS bands-like they already do for the current cellular bands. If you don't have these already you should consider buying a couple to have on hand. They are not expensive at this point.

From Tara Dodrill - Ask A Prepper - - If you are starving and simply want and need food immediately, one may not care if the food is from Heirloom vs Hybrid seeds. However, if you are buying bulk seeds and also growing your own garden and then harvesting your seeds from your crop, you may have interest in this information. Simply put, you breed two German Shepherds and get a German Shepherd. This would be a heirloom German Shepherd. You breed a half pit bull German Shepherd with a Poodle, you don't get a pure German Shepherd. This would be a Hybrid German Shepherd. If the dog has sideburns and a mullet it is likely a GMO dog. Make sense?

From Giurgi C. - Ask a Prepper - - If you are semi-creative you have probably figured out your own versions of trip wire alarms. Easy and low cost. Before I upgraded from the Beverly Hillbillies low class/low cost ribbon and cat bells hanging from my windows to a more dependable home security system, I was always thinking of ways to use materials around the house to augment home security. I was recently discussing exterior in-depth layered security with a fellow Patriot and the importance of building a plan with force multipliers establish the security-in-depth approach. Multiple methods of warning and alerting. This approach can and should be used in apartments as well as large land spreads around homes.

From Mac Slavo - The SHTF Plan - - Anyone who shops for Christmas may wish to start now or else pay the price come December considering many choices will be imported from the Pacific region of the globe. Sure hope this doesn't impact the cost of gift cards. (Smile) I don't know if you have been following the number of retail stores and chain networks going out of business the past 18 months. On line sales is crushing many businesses.

From Pioneer Settler Contributor - Homesteading - - Can't ever pass up the chance to think about pancakes and the many different recipes the homesteaders fix them.

From April K. - Ask a Prepper - - When discussing food plans with folks, one thing that seems to be a perception is a family can live on the dehydrated or freeze dried food for a year. You should consider building protein around your dehydrated food, especially if you are working outside burning calories. Consider adding cans of tuna, salmon, turkey, and chicken to your food plan preparedness. You can buy tubes of four cans at Costco and SAMS Club for a reasonable price. Another option is buying a pressure canner and buying beef straight from the farm and canning it. It taste great and makes your evenings easier when preparing dinner on limited time. Good stuff.

From Alan - Urban Survival Site - - Just something to consider trying for your End of Day Bag, Bug out Bag, or Ready Bag. From Tara Dodrill - Urban Survival Site - - I'm not sure how you would explain you are listening to therapy tapes of chickens singing if the power is out. But hey, in today's world anything is possible.

From Lisa Loperfido - Homesteading - - This is a great skill to learn and understand. You never know when you may have the need to survive off the land around you.