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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #12

Fellow Patriots,

Greetings and best wishes to you through this weeks ending. Hope you had a safe and blessed Independence Day with family and/or loved ones. For those of you reading this weeks newsletter, thanks for your time. Grab your choice of beverages and a snack. Our goal is to offer topics and information to readers who are at different levels of Preparedness stages. Remember, know the world but focus on your local community.

Sooooo, lets get this weeks edition rolling forward.

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In House Laundry -Just a few items to share here.

Thanks to everyone for helping transition from the email letter format to the website format.

Keep up the email traffic and communications. I will get back to you within 72 hours max. I normally read the email daily but sometimes I like to think about questions asked before responding.

If you come across good topics of interest and want to share with others, please send them to me and I will share with others, giving you credit of course.

Okay, lets move ahead....


Thoughts for the Week - It seems the weeks are moving faster and faster. It seems every time I look up from my computer another week...month... has passed. So much to do, it seems.

This week has been a complete blur. We had some commitments this week away from Alabama so we took the week off. The first phase of our time off took us to Southern WV to attend our class reunion. Ms. Lucy coordinated with some long time friends to lodge at their home on Friday and Saturday evenings and drive back and forth to the reunion, which was about one hour each direction. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with our friends. I am always a sucker for conversations on Preparedness and all aspects of it. I learned that the husband is a true Patriot and defender of the red, white, and blue. Now if I can just get him to write a few articles on tactics and close quarter self defense. Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter my Patriot brother. A big thank you to you and your Mrs. for your kindness to us. We appreciate it.

The reunion was awesome. I'm not one for crowds so I mainly went to support Ms. Lucy. The reunion was celebrating our high schools 50th birthday. So, every class for 50 years was invited. We grew up in a small farming town of maybe 5,000 to 7,500 people. Our high school was one of two high schools in the county so roughly seven communities attended our school. It has been 40 years since we had been around many of the attendees. Isn't it funny how you can pick up right where it ended 40 years ago? We loved driving around and seeing the homes we grew up in and the beautiful rolling hills and farm fields. The place we grew up in remained beautiful as did all the people we could spend time talking with. True friends for life. The weekend event culminated with a concert performed by country singer and a Patriot himself, Trace Adkins.

On our way out of WV/VA on Sunday we had the opportunity to meet up with our younger daughter and pick up our 10 year old granddaughter and 1 year old grandson for the week. So, after a dinner together we loaded up and landed at our TN home by the Smokey Mountains. It has been a pleasure having these young minds and hearts with us this week. These are the days Ms. Lucy lives for... spending quality time with the grandbabies.

I had the opportunity to drive up on the mountain to spend the day with Festus on Tuesday. A big thanks to Ms. Lucy for freeing me up. Ms. Festus had made some really exciting treats from their freshly picked blueberries. Good stuff. I have to say, after 12 hours together, my brain was exhausted when I left driving off the Cumberland Plateau headed east to my home about 95 miles away. Our time together is non-stop brain drilling and cross checking thoughts and perceptions of information we are researching and taking in to consideration. I'm not sure if topic went undiscussed during the time shared. Let's see, blueberries and way to use them, threats, snakes, dogs, scripture, bugging in and out, types of generators, fake news, books we've read and books to read, search engines, weapons, ammo, building teams, communications... We also discussed at length the process to build some mid level and advanced level community preparedness training courses. We don't get the face to face extended time to chat at length like this so we took advantage of it.

After several hours of chat, Festus and I met with two other Patriot brothers for another four hours of non stop chat on a variety of topics. I don't know about you, but these types of opportunities are the best and you don't want them to end. We had great discussions on building teams, skill sets of the teams, high value skills and possible threats to the individuals with particular high demand skill sets, We also discussed the importance of training and reading. I hope we can do this again soon. Thanks for the honor to break bread with you fine Patriots.

Festus, thanks for taking the day off from your job to share together catching up and cross checking our thoughts. Thanks for your research and efforts as well. You are appreciated my brother .

One of our Patriot brothers shared he just completed reading "The Unthinkable" by Amanda Bradley which I referenced in Hope For Survival and also sent out a link to a recent FEMA podcast of her speaking. My undergrad is in Psychology and I was very interested and impressed with the description of what was learned from the book. You are very perceptive, sir. You are on target and now realize the importance in understanding the brain is the most important tool in your tool box. As the famous Chinese General and Philosopher, Sun Tzu once said, "know yourself and you will win all battles". Keep on charging my Patriot other, You and your family are doing great things.

On Independence Day eve I was out about 10 pm driving to our community grocery store and when I was crossing the lake I could see lightening filling the sky with bright flashes which lit up the lake below the bridge. It was quiet a spectacular thing to see. Especially being the eve of Independence Day.

Ms. Lucy and I had two Patriot families over to grill some burgers and hot dogs before watching some neighborhood fireworks. I always enjoy talking with like minded people. One of the Patriot families retired and escaped from California not long ago. It was interesting to hear what life was like as a Christian conservative. Amazing stories. Why anyone would stay and pay the taxes paid in Cali is beyond me. A big thanks my Patriot brothers and friends for sharing your evening with us.

We have several Patriot brothers and sisters going through some tough times and challenges right now . Please lift them up in prayer if you would be so kind. Several illnesses and the death of a coworker are impacting our Patriots. Keep the faith my brothers and sisters.

What else is on my mind this week.

Last evening, the 4th of July celebration was booming and flashing around us while thunder and lightening competed for attention. Ms. Lucy and two of our grandkids, and our visiting friends, oohed and aahed through the pops and flashes. In the background behind me I could hear deep rumbles through the trees up in the mountains. It reminded me of my time in Bosnia and Kosovo and how at night I would stand in the dark on the tarmac waiting to fly out. You realized some place close by innocent people would die.

I look at my young grand kids and it concerns me to no end what is ahead of them. They are totally innocent to the world around them. They played no role in creating this mess or the debt that will be handed to them in time. If not taught differently at home, they will only know what is taught in the public school system. They will become part of this system that is destroying their minds and innocence. They will not know the God and country taught to us years ago. They will

not know the wars fought by their forefathers to grant the freedoms that allowed this craziness to take root. Imagine a day when it will be a crime to educate your grandkids on the truth. Will their come a day in my life where the rumbling I remember from Bosnia and Kosovo is here in the hills near by?

I ask again, is this the Patriots last stand? What Say You ...

Independence Day Quiz by Jason Stevens - Test your knowledge.

Just Saying of the Week - Amelia Clarke - Dailey Mail - - Putin attacks Western views on gay rights and multiculturalism and says immigrants are free to 'kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights are protected' Do I need to say more? Self-destructive behavior is bad enough but when their anchor starts sinking the Patriot ship, will we allow it to sink or save the ship? In the same paper and a different article the Dalai Lama warns that the whole of Europe could become 'Muslim or African' if migrants are not returned to their home countries. What is so hard to understand? Just sayin...

Quote of the Week - From Dan Crenshaw - The Burning Platform - "When you say #cancelstudentdebt, you’re saying a minority of people who had the advantage of obtaining a degree should have their debt paid off by hardworking taxpayers, 2/3 of whom don’t have degrees themselves, or already paid their own student debt off".

Funny of the Week - From - John - Wilder, Wealthy and Wise - - Speech you don’t agree with is violence. I’m triggered! Violence you agree with is free speech. Punch a fascist! I wonder if the author was in Oregon when writing these thoughts.

Website of the Week - - This week's selection for website of the week is Mr. Glen Tate's site. Some of you may or may not recognize the name. Glen is the author of the outstanding fiction series titled "299 Days" and the eleven book series is one of the best I have read from a post-apocalyptic approach. Glen's site also offers a lot of good stuff to listen and get further educated on topics in the world of preparedness. Enjoy. BTW, Glen is located on the left coast so it is pretty cool to hear a like minded Patriot coming from across America.

NOTE: The order of numbered entries is not based on priority or preference.

HOT Global News - Debka File - - More information is being reported on this breaking story. It appears at least three US and Russian submarines traded torpedoes at different locations. This could be why VP Pence was recalled back to Washington DC.

Additional information: - This was reported on CNN.

Additional information:

Additional information:

Additional information:

Additional information -

Additional information -

Preparedness News and Information:

1. From Alan - Urban Survival - - Don't get caught in the trap of only storing dehydrated and freeze dried foods. You cannot survive long term without fresh vegetables and protein foods. I this article several recommendations are made to add to your long term storage.

2. From Salty - Beans, Bullets, Bandages and You - - Just as we have been warning, the repeated rain storms and flooding in the midwestern region will have lasting impacts on certain regions and possibly the entire nation. Prices are already increasing, if you haven't noticed. Prepare now.

3. From Rob Greenfield - - A good read from one who committed to his project and delivered.

4. From Off Grid Survival - - This topic gained minimal traction from mainstream media. No one has asked the question, "why are these individuals getting free unchecked access to America. " I sent out a health alert maybe two weeks ago on this topic. - Stay informed to your surroundings.

5. From Tyler Kord - Popular Mechanics - - I wonder if this new scientific meal would be fed to military K-9? Doubtful. Interesting concept presented in the article.

6. From Bob Rogers - Preppers Will - - Wonder how long this will remain on the net.

7. From Alan- Urban Survival Site - - Training, never turn down the chance to learn.

8. From Ben Brown - The Prepping Guide - - Early warning, defense in depth, strength in numbers...

9. From Beth Mole - Ars Technica - - "Patients infected with a deadly, drug-resistant fungus are dripping with the dangerous germ, which pours into their surroundings where it lies in wait for weeks to find a new victim".

10. From Michael Snyder - End of the American Dream - - The news continues to get worse.

11. From Jeremiah Mahoney - Physics Today - - Interesting information on solar panels.

12. From Dennis Korn - Learn to Prepare - - I'm always amazed at the number of so called "Preppers" who's plan is to shop when the time comes.

Economic News:

1. From Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - - This topic seems to be surfacing more often. One must ask, "how well are we really doing."

2. From Tsvetana Paraskova - Oil - - Just one more thing to think about in your personal watch.

3. From Michael Kreiger - Liberty BlitzKreig - - This seems to be inline with other financial analyst. The global market is in a period of chaos right now.

4. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - As Samuel L. Jackson would say, What's in your wallet?"

5. From Mish - Mish Talk - - This reminds me of the early Obama years when the Government purchased hundreds of millions in GM automobiles.

Other News of the Week:

1. From Alexandra Bruce - Forbidden Knowledge - - As each days passes we learn more of the Google depths of their activities with the internet. Everything we do it seems involves use of the internet. Are we has humans caught in this dark web?

2. From Sprice - Beans, Bullets, Bandages and You - - This is one of the most talked abut topics in side bar discussions during Preparedness training classes.

3. From Tom Chatham - Project Chesapeake - - If you have attended my Preparedness 101 class or read Hope for Survival, I cover this area of your security plan. Identifying your extraction point, establishing the primary and alternate route to reach your destination, setting up a cache, restricted communication methods and who will travel are key elements you must address.

4. From Chuck Holton - The Hot Zone - - A different type of Independence Day celebration. Chuck is a great guy doing great things for Patriots and humans around the world.

5. From Samuel Culper - Forward Observer - - This is good information. I would just remind readers to keep grounded and stay focused on the effects of information like this. How would your plan stand up to civil strife in your area?

6. From Kelli Ballard - Liberty Nation - - I hear crickets. Nothing. Why?

7. From John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - - This goes along with my question in last weeks Patriot Express newsletter, when and will the Patriots finally stand up? Or, will we fade away as our nation vanishes.

8. From Col. B. Bunny - Liberty's Torch - - Build it and they will come … for free.

9. From Kim Hirsch - Victory Girls - -

Should have known, always more to the story that is left out by the media.

10. From Brett Tingley and Tyler Rogoway - The Drive - - Do we or do we not, that is the question. Check out a docu-series titled Project Blue Book on the History Channel. Interesting. James Pero reports from the Daiily Mail - - the patent sought is for the design of a flying object that can fly through water. Hmmm

11. From Max Diamonds - Real Clear Investigations - - What a novel idea, pack them up and pass on the problem to another mayor. Problem solved. This amazing leader wants to be President. Next he will be packing up conservative white Patriots and shipping us off.

12. From Alum Bakhari - Breitbart News - - This story just keeps getting better. They keep taking away civil rights and presenting crazy wacked out plans. When they are caught, they no longer deny it. Brace yourself, it just keeps getting better. Here Google sensors Google - - It would be great if only the "left" would erase their memory hard drive. Here is the Project Veritas video busting Google -

13. From Ben Norton - The Gray Zone - - Reminds me of the old game we played as kids called "Mother May I."

14. From Timothy Meads - Townhall - - Another outstanding citizen with a prior record that reads like this: a drunk driving charge in 2013, a drug charge in 2017, another narcotics arrest in 2019, another drunk driving arrest in May of 2019, and a recent accident on June 3, 2019, which resulted in his truck being overturned on a Texas highway. The system is failing us.

15. From Robyn Miller - CBC - - Coming soon to a classroom near you.

16. From David Archibald - WUWT - - Another story showing the impact of the midwestern rain and floods.

17. From Lukas Mikelionis - Foxnews - - If the flag of my nation offends you and my flag is racist, then my recommendation to you, sir, would be to get the heck out, now. You speaking Spanish offends me. You disrespecting my flag offends me. My country was not built around you.

18. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Interesting how the quake hit Cali and another near Cleveland, OH.

Stay on target my friends. Keep charging ahead but keep one foot grounded. As always, keep what you want, ignore the rest, and watch out for fear porn. Have an awesome weekend and start to your week.

Stay safe.


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