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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #14

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning and a happy Saturday to you. Ms. Lucy and I wish you the best of weekends and a great start to your new week. We hope you are healthy wherever you may be. We are thankful for many things in our life, to include each of you who takes the time out of your busy day and week to read the newsletter and website. Even though we are disconnected across many states by distance, we are thankful to have the ability to communicate via the internet and via email and our webpage. Thanks for being a part of what we are trying to do. That is, communicate, share, learn, and help one another in our preparedness efforts.

With that said...

Let's get moving...

In House Laundry -

Just a few notes to pass along to everyone. First, thanks for your continued support in reading and using the email and webpage products being posted. I try to spread the topics across the board to catch the interest of folks who may have interest in a single area or multiple areas of preparedness. I also realize we have folks who are at different levels of preparedness. When picking topics to write articles on, I try to keep everyone in mind. One of the most important topics are your stories.

One of our Patriot brothers contacted me last Saturday to tell me he was having difficulty accessing the Hope For Survival website. He sent a screenshot of what the site showed. That was the first time I have been contacted about an access problem. Has anyone else had a problem when they click the link I provide to the website? Please let me know if you encounter issues.

Book sales continue to move along. Yea!!! The best part is when a person approaches me and tells me they gained something from the book. This is good news. If you need a book want a book or books, please go on the website and purchase through PayPal and we ship the next day as long as the book is available. If you need or want more than five books please contact me directly.

I mentioned in last week's Newsletter that I challenge you to help us up our number of readers and website users by 50 people by the end of August. If everyone finds one person to submit their email address to me to add to the list, we will easily up the number by 150 or more. Why am I asking and doing this? First, no monetary exchanges are involved for me or anyone else. But, once you get increases in numbers to certain levels, the website owner offers additional features to improve the website and it opens up certain features that I can make available in products I post and website features. What I am trying to do is build and keep a grassroots type effort to bring information to you that we can all talk about, share, and build upon to help everyone.

I will be posting an article on Monday that was submitted by one of our Patriot sisters. It is a good submission to share with other Patriots. As you know, I never use names or specific locations so we will call our author a converted Democrat, now a Patriot, from the East Coast. Her story is uplifting. Remember, our goal is to convert people one by one to be self-reliant and a Patriot. We gained a great Patriot sister. If your time allows, make sure to read her story and give her a big Patriot welcome. I have challenged everyone to submit articles and to tell their stories. Our readers like hearing about other Patriot efforts in their preparedness efforts.

Okay, enough of that...

Let's move ahead... (The author and blog site are not responsible for your chuckles and laughs out loud while reading "Thoughts for the Week." Read at your own risk and remember, avoid fear porn and keep one foot grounded. Take what you want and leave the rest behind.)

When life struggles seem to weigh you down and you feel you can't carry the load, look up.

Thoughts for the Week -

Our home was blessed this week. Ms. Lucy was talking with our oldest grandchild who just spent a week with us recently. When she returned home she was attending church camp for a week after our visit. She informed Ms. Lucy that she got saved while at church camp. This thrilled our heart and minds to no end. Amen to that. Ms. Lucy was sky high and feeling her oats. She loves to keep me on my toes and will occasionally make a comment about preparedness that gets me fired up (all in good faith and humor of course). It may be time for me to drop the breaker box to the "off" mode and have a 72 hour preparedness event at home. (wink)


It was another great week. Amen to that. Lots of communication with some of you via email and telecommunications. Thanks for your time to write and call. I enjoy hearing from you. Lots going on and lots of preparedness steps taking place across Patriot-ville, U.S.A.


I spoke to one of our Patriots from Western N.C. last evening about things going on in the land of Preparedness. Cross checking knowledge and discussing future events to come. We shared mutual concerns to the fact there is a need to get back to a lot of skills grandma and grandpa used to use during our child hood. Gardening, canning, making soap, raising bees, and leatherwork, ... You get the picture. There is focus on "shoot-em up scenarios and how much ammo do you have, but minimal on other key preparedness points. It sales. This is very important for sure, but, if you don't have or can't produce food, you are in trouble. If you can't collect and/or cleanse water you are dead. Having or finding shelter, building a fire and keeping warm... We also talked about other things going on here and with other Patriots. I was sharing that one of the things I really enjoy with our email group and website is every person on the email group I do believe I have met in person. Either in a training class someplace, know personally, attend church with, or know from Preparedness type functions. I.E. This keeps it on a personal level and each person has a face and name, unlike sites where thousands of readers stop by, read, and they are gone. Any hoot, it was great talking to my Patriot sister about the basics again.


I talked to ol' Festus the other day and believe it or not, he was standing in the middle of his blueberry patch. Say it ain't so. Yes he was. Ol lads fingers are going to turn blue soon. We had a great discussion about some plans he has been helping me on to put together a midlevel and advanced level Preparedness course to offer at Heritage Like Skills 2020 and other training locations. This would be a three tiered training course on individual preparedness, team building and community survival in a multi community plan. Each participant would be assigned skills they offer their team and community. Each community would have skills that may or may not be part of the other communities. The team would elect leaders/spokespersons to negotiate Memorandums of Agreement and Understandings (MOA/MOU) between communities for fresh vegetables, meat, eggs, labor, doctors, mechanics and so forth. There would also be mutual aid agreements to provide security support to one another. In the advanced course teams/communities will be hit with sickness, bad water, dying vegetables in the garden, strangers approaching the community gate and wanting to join, security threats from gangs... You get the picture. So bottom line is Prep 101 is training. Prep 102 would be training and student discussions while establishing teams. Prep 103 - Advanced would be the students running the communities and making decisions as a team based on their assigned preparedness skills. Prep 101 would be to learn. Prep 102 would be to practice. Prep 103 would be perform. Hopefully we can pull this together by the spring of 2020. We may have to make Ms. Lucy the Sheriff. Hmmm


I had the chance to break bread with one of my Huntsville Patriots this week. First time in maybe a year because of our schedules. It was good to see him and cross check thoughts on world events, our thoughts on the events, and discuss what we think is near term and long term. It was great to hear his wife is showing positive signs of getting healthy after some lengthy health issues. My continued prayers for her recovery. Praise be to the Man upstairs. Amen to that.


We attended a function on Sunday evening with our Life Group from our church. One of our Patriot brothers was in attendance so you know where I was at most of the evening. This gent is gifted with a brilliant mind and knowledge of history, nationally or globally, he is the man. He could probably tell me how to put two mice in a sock and turn it in to a wheel made of wool where the mice run in circles creating a power source. Sir, I'm blessed to call you my brother and friend. I am anxious to hear your dissecting of Hope For Survival. Now, explain the wool wheel and the mice generating power. You may be on to something significant.


Our Patriot sister, Kilo Foxtrot sent out some fantastic information pertaining to our children, the United Nations, and FEMA. Here's the links to her articles. Thanks Ms. K. You do great research and work. Thank you very much. I know the information you spend time reading is not happy and uplifting material. So thank you for weeding through things to provide to us. - Folks, this is coming fast.

(Warning - Profanity and adult topic) - This is a must on Pedo-gate.


One of our Patriot brothers provided this link to a video discussing Civil War and it's potential. He provided a great forward to the video which was perfect. Like I offer to you here. Read it or view it. Take what you want from it and process it yourself. Do your own research. Try to approach it with a neutral perspective so you hear or read it all. Avoid the fear porn and hype. It's the topic we take and throw away most of the rest. But, this video is a great balance of opinion on the topic of a coming civil war in America.


It had been a while but I got to chat with a Patriot sister over in New Mexico this week. It was great to connect again. We had a great chat on her adjustments to the southwestern climate and altitude since moving from Huntsville, AL a few years ago. She and her Patriot husband searched meticulously for the right land to purchase to apply their preparedness measures. It was interesting to hear her points made on the adjustment for her dog that transitioned to the Southwestern US with them. One would think a dog is a dog is a dog. I mean is there a difference between one woof to the other woof? Yea I know a German Shepherd woof is bigger than a little bowser woof. She explained how the dog that moved from Huntsville, AL had to learn the terrain, primarily cactus threats and dehydration vs the second dog that was procured from the southwestern region. This is good information to know.

Moving on...

So what else has been on my mind this week. Where do I start.

I must stand on my box for this one. The biggest thought on my mind this week is I'm having to figure out if I'm a racist. Yep. It amazes me how I could go in to other countries and rescue citizens of all colors and nationalities yet here at home I'm, a racist. Anyone who knows me would tell you I'm not. But, I'm starting to wonder. You see, I love my country. I often shed tears when I hear our National Anthem. I really do. If you didn't already know from reading Hope For Survival or from reading my weekly Patriot Express Newsletter, I do love my flag. It's your flag as well. It's not a piece of cloth hanging from a pole. Nope. Not at all. The problem, if you listen to the lame stream media and many elected officials, if you stand and cross your heart, or salute the flag, you are a racist. Really. The elected official must have a short memory and forgotten how many American troops died in her native land . Well, I will continue to stand for my flag and fight for her honor. If a person can't be a normal citizen and respect old glory flying in the breeze, then maybe the person should leave our country. I have no problem with this. The part that baffles me is this, if you dislike what we stand for so much, why are you accepting the paycheck stamped U.S. Government that is funded by the people you don't like from America? Seems pretty simple to me. I am all about the K.I.S.S. principal in most things I do. If I am categorized as a racist for loving my country and flag, then I consider your hate for my country and flag equally racist.

In my former life, the last eight years I spent traveling a great deal. Some years over 300 days per year. From South Korea to Senegal and many places between. Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Albania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia, Austria, Kosovo, England, Scotland, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland ... you get the picture. I have visited 48 of the 50 states in this great land. In each of these countries and states, I was a guest. It wasn't my home. I respected the customs and courtesies of the location. I treated the citizens with respect and tried my best to communicate in their language, even in Louisiana. (total failure). I didn't demand they take down their national or state flag because of their past history. I didn't hold a press conference and condemn their elected officials for some comment. My point is, as an American visiting a foreign land or state, I represented not just myself and the US military but also the United States of America and our beautiful flag. Now, based on what the media wants me to think, I was a racist back then as well. Just wonder if the group calling me a racist has ever witnessed our flag draped over a coffin of one of our finest who died to keep their rights free? Exactly, the same flag they burn.

My conclusion on this is I'm a proud white Christian American Patriot Conservative who loves my flag and country which makes me a racist. S-A-L-U-T-E Wonder what Forrest Gump would say about this one?

"Lt Dan, Lt Dan, am I a racist too?"

Next ...

The other day I was driving across Huntsville and an old boss I had in Montana came to mind. He was a dear friend, mentor and a tough man. He was what we called a brown shoe manager. A Viet Nam veteran and tough as nails. No matter the time of year, you would see him walking from point A to B wearing his beige trench coat. He never smiled and grunted when he spoke. To make the picture clearer to what he meant to me, when I retired from the Air Force (Sir MB, the Air Force was/is a military branch-wink) my old boss drove from Michigan to Ft Walton Beach, FL to attend my ceremony. When I was presented my retirement flag, I then handed it to him. He was a patriot through and through. He was a winner and a survivor. I can still hear his voice speaking to me. He had a unique name for me when he wanted to get his point across. "Get in here" I would hear echo through the hallway. I would get up and move forward to answer the call. He would say "listen you little chit bird, if you ever want to graduate to manhood, you need to ...." He was a good man who loved his troops. Why am I telling you this? My old boss always told me three things. They never changed. He told me this again the last time I got to see him in 2003. He said: 1. Always love God, your family and your country. 2. Be your own man always. Self-reliance is the base line in life. 3. When you die, if you can fill five fingers with your close friends you have had a good life. I do agree. I hope through your life you experienced someone like this at some point. I can only imagine the words he would use to express his thoughts of the current posture in the country we love.


I crossed paths with this article by Paul Joseph Watson - Summit News - and I had to stop and reminisce a bit. I once lived in the United Kingdom for 2 1/2 years. Beautiful country and wonderful people. For the most part it was a peaceful nation with little to no crime. Citizens could not own firearms and they drove two cylinder cars in order to afford the fuel. Having a shower in your home was not a given and a closet was considered a room. The first time I fired up my gas powered lawn mower I thought my neighbors had witnessed their first alien from Mars. Gosh only knows how they reacted when I fired up my V-8 five speed Mustang GT. But, every Britt I had as a neighbor displayed amazing hospitality. Just as I received orders to rotate back to the US of A, the structure of England had just started to change on the outskirts of London and Cambridge with the influx of Muslims. If you want to imagine, in just 15 years, London went from typical politics to now elected a Muslim Mayor. Good, bad, or indifferent, it changes a lot of ideology. I left England in 2000 just as advisories for US military started to surface. Simple cautions on areas to avoid when visiting Cambridge and London, mostly. The author of this article states since 2011 there were 43,516 police-recorded offences involving a knife or sharp object. (I thought it was guns that kill?) This is a perfect point that it is not the object but the person with the object that should be addressed. I digress.

Now I haven't spent a lot of time researching this point, but I find it interesting that the US started bringing Somali refugees to the US of A around 2002, Minnesota specifically. Since 2002 till 2016, the US has entered roughly 74,000 Somali people. Why Minnesota? The climate in Minnesota is far different from Somali. Well, Minnesota was selected because previously the state had a settled populace of Somali's that entered in the late 1980's and some earlier. It is believe today as many as 80,000 Somalian people are in the Twin Cities. Now London is far larger than the Twin Cities for sure. In 2001 London had roughly 600,000 Muslims and today the estimate is roughly several million. In 2018 it was reported London had 423 new mosques and 100 Sharia Court. England as a whole is now estimated to have 13 million Muslims.

I worked in the field of terrorism and anti-terrorism in my former life and I'm not going to go in to great detail here but there's several phases of the movement. The last, once like-minded numbers increase, they seek positions of authority and power and become more vocal in promoting their religion and beliefs. You can see it in London and we are starting to see and hear it coming from Minnesota and Fairborn Michigan. I have no issues with other religions because it is a personal choice and belief. But, just like the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ movement, do what makes you feel fancy, just don't ram it down my throat or try to change the world because you yelled "Bingo" once.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Put your seatbelts on and grab some popcorn... I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this topic. Just sayin...

Next ...

My brothers and sisters we must stay strong. We must keep our faith, family and friends close to us. We can't give up hope and our efforts to family and community must not give an inch. No matter what happens or what we must endure, we must be prepared. We can't blink at the nonsense because we will be continually bombarded with fake news, red flags, hate and deception. But, no matter what we must stay on our toes, be alert to changes around us. When circumstances change, we adjust and change. Always alert, always prepared. We can't fix stupid, but we can be self-reliant to take care of ourselves and family members. What say you?

Next ...

Please keep the prayers flowing. Like before, we still have a lot of our brothers and sisters going through some stressful times with personal and medical issues. May the good Lord lift them up. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Well, I suppose we need to press ahead and get the presses rolling forward.

Next -

Just "Sayin" of the Week - From Kelli Ballard - Liberty Nation - - I'm sorry this has nothing to do with Preparedness. But, in reality it does. Preparing our children. Parents realizing the "hell" being presented to our children in the public school systems today. A great quote from the article says " "If I were to show that material to a child, I would be brought up on charges. But somehow our public schools are allowed to teach this to junior high and high school kids." This is another great example of the question I continue to ask, "when will the good people of America stand up and push back against this demonic overthrow of our great nation?"

Just sayin....

Funny of the Week - From Florida Democratic Rep Frederica Wilson - " Those people who are online, making fun of members of congress are a disgrace. We're gonna shut them down and work with whomever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted. You cannot intimidate members of congress, frighten members of congress. It's against the law, and it's a shame in this United States of America." - Once again, I think someone has forgotten who works for who. Ding Dong Batman, we have a winner.

Product of the Week - Olight l1R EOS 130 Lumen Tiny Rechargeable LED Keychain Light with built-in-batter and USB Cable for $19.95 at - I discovered this product through one of our offices show-n-tell events. A coworker brought his in and it was impressive for a small key chain light that fits in the pocket of males and won't junk up a females purse with size. Okay, I'm being politically correct here and assuming none of you men carry a purse or a man purse.

Website/PodCast of the Week - This week I picked one of my favorite conservative voices today. Graham Allen is a Christian Patriot Veteran who loves America.

"What America isn't willing to say, I will say for you."

Quote of the week - From James Dakin - Bison Prepper - "We don't have to run out of resources to get in trouble, we just have to run out of enough." Can it be said much simpler? Running out may not be the problem. The bigger problem is when you have no options to get more and you didn't buy any seeds to grow more food. You have just been relegated from the 10% group to the 90% group for thinking the way they think.

Bonus Quote of the week - From Glenn Reynolds - InstaPundit - "Liberalism is the belief everyone else should be in treatment for your disorder." Hmmm. Maybe that explains what is going on with my family.

Article of the Week - Daniel Greenfield - Sultan Knish - - This is a great read. It sums up speculation to the partisan demand for bailing out past student debt and free college education. This further proves my belief that a college degree does not give one common sense. The proof is in the pudding my brothers and sisters. This should make every hard working American furious, regardless of political party. We are Americans first.

Motivator - "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Sun Tzu


Preparedness News

1. From Michael Shedlock - LewRockwell - - If you have interest in a "tiny home" these prices are pretty good. Just make sure you read the fine lines. Shipping is free, but the price doesn't include a cement pad, electrical connections or insulation. Additionally, make sure you cover all your bases and contact your local authorities for building permits and costs to you on the local level

2. From Lisa Egan - Ready Nutrition - - Good article and could become of great use during a SHTF situation when your ability to resupply is not available and disposing of waste is minimal.

3. From Prep School Daily - - Pressure canning is a key ingredient to our short and long term food plan for a Bug In type situation. We can vegetables, beef, boneless chicken, pork and beef. This is a great addition to your food plan when you currently plan to use freeze dried or dehydrated foods alone. Protein is essential to your health and survival.

4. From KJ Barber - - This is great information. Especially if you have children who play outdoors a lot. Read the comment section for additional quality input.

5. From Anna Ikona - Homesteading - - Very interesting approach to making money on the side. Putting money in the pocket of the homesteader and growing trees for the future. Two good outcomes.

6. From James Walton - Ask a Prepper - - When you build your personal food plan and begin stocking up, this is a great source of additional food to consider. We use this as part of our plan, along with items we purchase from local farmers and can with a pressure canner. Great sources of protein.

7. From Dainel Oberhause - Wired - - Great article on solar and what the future holds in solar cells.

8. From Pete Thorsen - Survival Blog - - Excellent article on storing meat. A great source of protein to supplement your dehydrated or freeze dried meat.

9. From Doctor Dan - Survival Blog - Part 1 - - Part 2 - In my opinion, the medical side of preparedness is the most overlooked and neglected part.

10. From Michael Snyder - The Economic Collapse - - Food shortages are starting to show up at your chain grocery stores. Wal-Mart and Kroger's have both posted signs stating bad harvest seasons are causing the shortages. With the shortages comes higher prices when available. From Oregon to TN and other states, the shelves are reflecting the price and impact. I'm a bit surprised considering Wal-Mart and other large chain stores ship vegetables to the US of A from farms and warehouses south of the border. Maybe this problem is because so many farmers shut down their farms back during the battle with Monsanto and the GMO issues being imposed. It should be noted some vendors are blaming the restock shortages on a shortage of truckers to carry the resources. This goes back to my point all along and in Hope For Survival, when the 18 wheelers stop rolling, the shelves become empty quickly. My Patriot friends, this is just another reason why you should keep a food stock on hand. When you are out shopping for food, notice how it seems employees are hiding empty shelves by pulling stock to the front across the shelves so you don't see the empty stock behind it.

Numerous Wal Mart and Kroger grocery stores across the midwest showing signs of no stock currently.

11. From Sara Tipton - Ready Nutrition - - These are very good recommendations for most. A couple of the items will be very dependent upon where you live, location, and laws. All are doable, but if you live in an apartment type setup, you will have to go to extra measures to make it happen.

Next ...

Economic News

1. From JT Crowe - - Does it ever end? Crash. Boom. The end. Store it under the bed. Trade war. World War. I don't know the answer but I am paying attention. You should as well. Meanwhile back on the farm the chickens are protesting their unfair food allotment based on the number of eggs they are laying. A future egg strike appears unavoidable.

1. From JT Crowe - - Does it ever end? Crash. Boom. The end. Store it under the bed. Trade war. World War. I don't know the answer but I am paying attention. You should as well. Meanwhile back on the farm the chickens are protesting their unfair food allotment based on the number of eggs they are laying. A future egg strike appears unavoidable.

3. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - -First we had bankers flying off the rooftops of the world's elite banks. Now we have cash flying out the withdrawal windows about as fast out of fear of another Lehman style lockout of their capitol.

4. From Mike Shedlock - MishTalk - - Remember, watch what is being shipped by boats and trains. In another article on SHTF Plan, Mac Slavo offers after a lucrative truckers year in 2018, 2019 is turning in to a nightmare. Remember, when the 18 wheelers stop rolling, things will get very tough for everyone.

5. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - -Pretty amazing for a woman who no experience with central banking and no formal economics training.

6. From Simon Black - Sovereign Man - - They love to disrespect us, huh? It's just money, right? Our pay goes down, they pass laws for pay raises to them. Isn't it funny that our legislators pass a bill called "Secure" act fixing the retirement system that adds 6 trillion dollars to the debt?

7. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - Martin is a fairly sound economic adviser and in his recent article he writes " this is probably the most critical period we face in modern economic-political history." What to do, what to do.

In Other News

1. From Trevor Loudon - New Zeal - - . Like Donald Trump Jr recently stated, "the 2020 election will be a battle between "freedom and communism." This is a very good article with information you never hear about in lame stream news services.

2. From John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - - Even though this article is over a year old, it is very pertinent in the world we live today.

3. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - A recent question was posed to me on privacy. Looking at world trends it seems many care zero about privacy and being controlled. Read paragraph two of this article.

4. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - The dust will never be cleared to show the true dirt of this story. People will vanish, die and lose their ability to recall or think.

5. From Mike Adams - Natural News - - The Health Ranger strikes again. Very interesting product provided to make his point.

6. From Frank - FrankandFern Blogspot - - I think Frank was reading my mind lately. I also have wondered how much longer this can go on.

7. From Bog Rodgers - Preppersmill - - 8. From Vox Popoli - Vox Day - - Good ol Facebook is starting to remind me of the internet café's in Eastern Europe. On many of our trips we lived in field conditions and the only access to internet was during liberty calls when we could travel to a town or city and use the internet if desired. If you wanted to be hacked, get an email virus or have your credit card information stolen, this was the place to hang out. FB is no longer the community gathering place to hang out like a Sunday afternoon in the local park.

8. From Paul Craig Roberts - Institute for Political Economy - - Good read by PCR. He is saying what many say behind closed doors when yelling at their TV. As I have recently asked, Is this the Patriots last stand and will they go further than the end of their driveway? Tick, tock, tick, tock.

9. From Anon - AmmoLand - - I have been following the fiasco going on with the NRA. I have been a supporter of the NRA for a period of time but that ended recently until they either replace Mr LaPierre and the current public relations firm Ackerman McQueen, or better known as Ack-Mac, or charges are made against them. I guess the bright spot in this abuse of position and power is my cell phone has stopped ringing at night begging for support. If you support the NRA with your hard earned money you really need to read this article and any other articles on this topic. Have an awesome day, weekend, and next week. Remember, we are only 9 meals away from starvation when we don't prepare!!!

11. From Tom Luongo - Gold, Goats n Guns - - Excellent read. Who holds the Trump card in the Epstein case? Could this be the magic vacuum that finally sweeps up the filth coating the Capital city?

12. From Alberto Luperon - Law and Crime - - If you aren't convinced the elite protect the rich and famous......don't you find it very odd that the daughter of Former FBI Director Comey is now the lead investigator in the Epstein case? Can't be anything but coincidence, right? Move along folks, nothing to see here, just another professional soup sandwich. Years ago, there used to be rumors of the elite running "honey pot" scams on the powerful. Meaning, the elite would invite the targeted power player or politician to an event where they would booze them up and then take pictures with timely placed young females and males. They would then blackmail the targeted power player for years to come.

13. From Scott Wong - The Hill - - This is important. Why? African Americans are finally figuring out they are being replaced within the Democratic party with brown people. Let me explain. About ten to fifteen years ago I was driving across Texas. Like always, I was listening to talk radio in the region. I heard an African American lawyer call in and explain his theory and today, he was right. The Democratic party started changing laws and pushing for more brown skinned people across our borders, legally or illegally. The excuse was to work in the fields. The gent went on to explain how he, a former Democrat, was watching years of hardship and acceptance accomplished by the African American for jobs, community involvement and mixed race neighborhoods, now be thrown to the curb as brown skinned non-African Americans entered the US and gained all the bonuses previously paid over the years by the African American. The Democratic party has had and still has the African American populace voting where they want them to vote or else they are cast away. Now they need the brown skinned populace to get them over the top at the polls. Why? If you haven't noticed, there is a massive push to change the color of Europe and North America. The massive immigration push to historically white European and North American populaces is moving full speed ahead. I don't know the answer yet but if comments made by Elizabeth Warren indicates a clue, maybe we do know the answer. She said "we must hurry and get these people across our border and settled because they are needed in the fields." What happened to individual choice?

14. From Mike Shedlock - MishTalk - - This is critical. Remember, whoever controls 50.1% of the 5G market will control the global market. This means trillions of dollars. Not to mention additional ramifications to follow.

15 From - Metallicman - - - Metallicman - The author provides a warning before reading. Graphic and not for children. "You will not know you are in danger until it is too late." I selected this article for several reasons to share with you. Mainly because I can relate to what the author is trying to get across to the reader. As I said in the article I posted two weeks ago on the Civil War II - My rebuttal, very often the ideology of the human and people gets ignored. This is a key factor. It goes back to my points in Hope for Survival and training classes, we have to understand who we are and what makes us tick. Understanding history, trends, and humanity. I guess I relate to the articles author because I spent time in Bosnia, Sarajevo, Sierra Leon and Rwanda to name a few. Genocide was prevalent and appeared very easy for those conducting it. When you disembark an aircraft and the smell of rotting corpses paints your nostrils and then you see the mounds of the butchered, you can't forget it. You simply never want to see it again. The United States is a much larger melting pot than any of the locations I just mentioned. Think about it. Historically, there are predictable elements when there is conflict between a traditional society and a progressive socialist movement that has the reign of power. We know what happens. It is a predictable and well understood process. It is well documented. These elements can be unsavory and distasteful. Here we discuss some important points that other articles of this SHTF theme all leave out. You will not know you are in danger until it is too late. This is an excellent four part article. Want to have another picture of what the Progressive Left has in store for the right? Remember, keep your feet grounded and take what you want and leave the rest. This is just another opinion, but worth the read.

16. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Ohhh, remember this place? The finger pointing government blasting the USA President for not supporting PR after the hurricane? Then they found truckloads of hidden bottled water meant for the people? The PEOPLE are wising up to the corruption. At last.

17. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - Hmmm, if I followed the Allinsky model I may have to say......yes.

18. From Dagny Taggart - The Organic Prepper - - The road to AI dominance grows wider to hold the thousands who will race to the benefits they believe waits. There is no real consideration for personal security, freedoms lost, and robotic style dominance that will continue to replace humans.

19. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Hmmm, this is an ingredient that can be used to enrich uranium.

A great display of Chem Trails in America

20. From Dane Wigington - Geoengineering Watch - - I don't know if you have followed or listen to Dane here at Geo Watch but I think the number of hits to his site, 33 million, signifies he has many followers. Dane is extremely intelligent and lays out the facts so you can understand. If you are new to this topic, I would encourage to take some time and research on your own the history to this topic. You can go back as far as WW II to find experiments and studies on the manipulation of weather. Those who throw the tinfoil hat at you on this topic simply failed to do their homework. Heck, even musicians Willie Nelson and Prince understand chemtrails and who is producing and deploying them.

21. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - As I continue sharing this story with you, it continues to change for the worse. What do we care if Turkey has weapons from a non-NATO threat? Think about that question. Turkey is a key ally in their theater. For several years, Turkey has played with fire against other NATO nations. Their involvement in Syria for one. Secondly is their continued shift to a more radical Islamic state. They just placed Russian S-400 systems on the ground for air defense. The US struck back and appears to have cancelled a large defense contract for US F-35 strike fighter jets. Why? Think about it, Turkey would now have a top US fighter jet technology along with the top Russian air defense system. Imagine if Turkey now compromises the US defense systems of the F-35 and shares it with what appears a new ally. Hundreds of billions of US tax payer defense dollars would have been wasted. Not to mention the billions of dollars it would take to possibly change or rebuild the F-35 radar systems and defense mechanisms. This saga is not over. Will Turkey be forced from NATO? Will Turkey now accept the offer from Russia for the Russian Su-35 Sukhoi fighter? Maybe. Maybe not. Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by and spending time. We hope you enjoyed your read and something provoked your thoughts. Remember, learn, prepare, help others, and be blessed. Come back often and keep in touch. Keep charging.


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