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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #14

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning and a happy Saturday to you. Ms. Lucy and I wish you the best of weekends and a great start to your new week. We hope you are healthy wherever you may be. We are thankful for many things in our life, to include each of you who takes the time out of your busy day and week to read the newsletter and website. Even though we are disconnected across many states by distance, we are thankful to have the ability to communicate via the internet and via email and our webpage. Thanks for being a part of what we are trying to do. That is, communicate, share, learn, and help one another in our preparedness efforts.

With that said...

Let's get moving...

In House Laundry -

Just a few notes to pass along to everyone. First, thanks for your continued support in reading and using the email and webpage products being posted. I try to spread the topics across the board to catch the interest of folks who may have interest in a single area or multiple areas of preparedness. I also realize we have folks who are at different levels of preparedness. When picking topics to write articles on, I try to keep everyone in mind. One of the most important topics are your stories.

One of our Patriot brothers contacted me last Saturday to tell me he was having difficulty accessing the Hope For Survival website. He sent a screenshot of what the site showed. That was the first time I have been contacted about an access problem. Has anyone else had a problem when they click the link I provide to the website? Please let me know if you encounter issues.

Book sales continue to move along. Yea!!! The best part is when a person approaches me and tells me they gained something from the book. This is good news. If you need a book want a book or books, please go on the website and purchase through PayPal and we ship the next day as long as the book is available. If you need or want more than five books please contact me directly.

I mentioned in last week's Newsletter that I challenge you to help us up our number of readers and website users by 50 people by the end of August. If everyone finds one person to submit their email address to me to add to the list, we will easily up the number by 150 or more. Why am I asking and doing this? First, no monetary exchanges are involved for me or anyone else. But, once you get increases in numbers to certain levels, the website owner offers additional features to improve the website and it opens up certain features that I can make available in products I post and website features. What I am trying to do is build and keep a grassroots type effort to bring information to you that we can all talk about, share, and build upon to help everyone.

I will be posting an article on Monday that was submitted by one of our Patriot sisters. It is a good submission to share with other Patriots. As you know, I never use names or specific locations so we will call our author a converted Democrat, now a Patriot, from the East Coast. Her story is uplifting. Remember, our goal is to convert people one by one to be self-reliant and a Patriot. We gained a great Patriot sister. If your time allows, make sure to read her story and give her a big Patriot welcome. I have challenged everyone to submit articles and to tell their stories. Our readers like hearing about other Patriot efforts in their preparedness efforts.

Okay, enough of that...

Let's move ahead... (The author and blog site are not responsible for your chuckles and laughs out loud while reading "Thoughts for the Week." Read at your own risk and remember, avoid fear porn and keep one foot grounded. Take what you want and leave the rest behind.)

When life struggles seem to weigh you down and you feel you can't carry the load, look up.

Thoughts for the Week -

Our home was blessed this week. Ms. Lucy was talking with our oldest grandchild who just spent a week with us recently. When she returned home she was attending church camp for a week after our visit. She informed Ms. Lucy that she got saved while at church camp. This thrilled our heart and minds to no end. Amen to that. Ms. Lucy was sky high and feeling her oats. She loves to keep me on my toes and will occasionally make a comment about preparedness that gets me fired up (all in good faith and humor of course). It may be time for me to drop the breaker box to the "off" mode and have a 72 hour preparedness event at home. (wink)


It was another great week. Amen to that. Lots of communication with some of you via email and telecommunications. Thanks for your time to write and call. I enjoy hearing from you. Lots going on and lots of preparedness steps taking place across Patriot-ville, U.S.A.


I spoke to one of our Patriots from Western N.C. last evening about things going on in the land of Preparedness. Cross checking knowledge and discussing future events to come. We shared mutual concerns to the fact there is a need to get back to a lot of skills grandma and grandpa used to use during our child hood. Gardening, canning, making soap, raising bees, and leatherwork, ... You get the picture. There is focus on "shoot-em up scenarios and how much ammo do you have, but minimal on other key preparedness points. It sales. This is very important for sure, but, if you don't have or can't produce food, you are in trouble. If you can't collect and/or cleanse water you are dead. Having or finding shelter, building a fire and keeping warm... We also talked about other things going on here and with other Patriots. I was sharing that one of the things I really enjoy with our email group and website is every person on the email group I do believe I have met in person. Either in a training class someplace, know personally, attend church with, or know from Preparedness type functions. I.E. This keeps it on a personal level and each person has a face and name, unlike sites where thousands of readers stop by, read, and they are gone. Any hoot, it was great talking to my Patriot sister about the basics again.


I talked to ol' Festus the other day and believe it or not, he was standing in the middle of his blueberry patch. Say it ain't so. Yes he was. Ol lads fingers are going to turn blue soon. We had a great discussion about some plans he has been helping me on to put together a midlevel and advanced level Preparedness course to offer at Heritage Like Skills 2020 and other training locations. This would be a three tiered training course on individual preparedness, team building and community survival in a multi community plan. Each participant would be assigned skills they offer their team and community. Each community would have skills that may or may not be part of the other communities. The team would elect leaders/spokespersons to negotiate Memorandums of Agreement and Understandings (MOA/MOU) between communities for fresh vegetables, meat, eggs, labor, doctors, mechanics and so forth. There would also be mutual aid agreements to provide security support to one another. In the advanced course teams/communities will be hit with sickness, bad water, dying vegetables in the garden, strangers approaching the community gate and wanting to join, security threats from gangs... You get the picture. So bottom line is Prep 101 is training. Prep 102 would be training and student discussions while establishing teams. Prep 103 - Advanced would be the students running the communities and making decisions as a team based on their assigned preparedness skills. Prep 101 would be to learn. Prep 102 would be to practice. Prep 103 would be perform. Hopefully we can pull this together by the spring of 2020. We may have to make Ms. Lucy the Sheriff. Hmmm


I had the chance to break bread with one of my Huntsville Patriots this week. First time in maybe a year because of our schedules. It was good to see him and cross check thoughts on world events, our thoughts on the events, and discuss what we think is near term and long term. It was great to hear his wife is showing positive signs of getting healthy after some lengthy health issues. My continued prayers for her recovery. Praise be to the Man upstairs. Amen to that.


We attended a function on Sunday evening with our Life Group from our church. One of our Patriot brothers was in attendance so you know where I was at most of the evening. This gent is gifted with a brilliant mind and knowledge of history, nationally or globally, he is the man. He could probably tell me how to put two mice in a sock and turn it in to a wheel made of wool where the mice run in circles creating a power source. Sir, I'm blessed to call you my brother and friend. I am anxious to hear your dissecting of Hope For Survival. Now, explain the wool wheel and the mice generating power. You may be on to something significant.


Our Patriot sister, Kilo Foxtrot sent out some fantastic information pertaining to our children, the United Nations, and FEMA. Here's the links to her articles. Thanks Ms. K. You do great research and work. Thank you very much. I know the information you spend time reading is not happy and uplifting material. So thank you for weeding through things to provide to us. - Folks, this is coming fast.

(Warning - Profanity and adult topic) - This is a must on Pedo-gate.


One of our Patriot brothers provided this link to a video discussing Civil War and it's potential. He provided a great forward to the video which