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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #15

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning and a happy Saturday to you. Ms Lucy and I wish you the best of weekends and a great start to your new week. We hope you are healthy and blessed wherever you may be. We are thankful for many things in our life, to include each of you who takes time out of your busy day and week to read the newsletter and website. Even though the weekly news changes, our focus and preparedness efforts should remain the same. Constant. We learn, prepare, communicate and share. Keep charging.

With that said... Let's get moving... If I don't get this newsletter out folks will cancel their subscription. Sorry for the delay...we drove home last evening to spend the weekend in the Eastern TN hills so my hours shifted on me. Forgive my errors. I tried to catch them. There's some really good stuff in the news for the week. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

In House Laundry -

Just a few notes to pass along to everyone.

Question to you. How many of you use Skype or another platform like Skype? Why do I ask? I'm not certain, but I believe with Skype multiple individuals can communicate at one time? I also believe Skype can be used with video (if available to the user), audio, and text? I'm trying to check this out as a possible method where we can possibly have weekly or monthly 1 hour chat sessions to share and communicate. So my question to you is this. If you have or use Skype and would like to participate please shoot me your Skype name in a private email. If I get enough folks interested, I will notify a few to do a test run of the program to see what is possible before setting up a large group chat. Also let me know which evening is best, your time zone, and what time is best for you. I will have to balance out the times and day to the majority. The sooner you get your information to me the quicker I can make this happen.

I'm still conducting in-house training with myself on podcasting and using the equipment and software. The biggest problem is available time to learn and train. Once this is accomplished I have to learn and decide how to present it with the website for viewing.

I must assume no one else encountered access issues to the website since no one responded back stating they had issues.

Please keep bringing new Patriots to our efforts. We picked up three new members. Two from Huntsville, AL and one from North, GA. Welcome my Patriot brothers. You know who you are.

As I state every week, I do not use personal names or specific locations in communications to protect the privacy of our readers. Ms Kim Fletter is the only person who's name you will see and it is because of the nature of helping push her information and get it out. Most times I can get around but sometimes I can't.

Speaking of Ms. Fletter, she provided me with the information below and asked me to share it with you all. It is more towards residents in or near Columbus, NC. I have heard Ms Fletter speak on this topic. It is well worth your time. She commits much of her time to keep up with topics impacting us today and our future. If you are near this area please consider supporting this event.

Okay, enough of that... Let's move ahead...

(The author and blog site are not responsible for your chuckles and laughs out loud while reading "Thoughts for the Week." Read at your own risk and remember, avoid fear porn and keep one foot grounded. Take what you want and leave the rest behind.) When life struggles seem to weigh you down and you feel you can't carry the load, look up.

Health Alert - From Kalea Gunderson - - This is news from my home state and when it comes to drug addiction and abuse, just read the news in WV. I thought using horse tranquilizers was the point of crazy. That has changed.

Health Alert - From Press Release - CDC - - This fire keeps burning and growing. Will the winds shift to cause a greater outbreak? Beth Mole at ara technica - states it's time for the world to take notice and redouble our efforts.

Thoughts for the Week -

We had another blessed week here at our Huntsville, AL residence. A few aches and pains but the duct tape is working good to keep us held together. I am hoping to run some test using a military grade solar blanket and a very small portable AC/DC inverter. More to come on this. The Patriot train must move ahead because the world continues to change around us. We are being attacked from about every direction. Our faith, salvation and freedom are the target. We must remain alert and smart in our choices and work our plans daily.


Do you ever step back and think about how blessed we are to live in this great land we call home? Well, aside from a few problems we are going through right now. To be free and able to move around. Just think about this. How many nations around the world will not allow their citizens to wake up and go to church tomorrow morning? How many takes this liberty for granted here in America. Where believers are persecuted by non-believers. All around our world folks who choose to believe in a higher being, God, are being slaughtered while here in America I don't hear a single church or preacher, pastor, priest, leader or congregation speaking out. Right now, today, we are free to make this choice. Tomorrow it could be gone. Think about that.


I had the chance to spend an evening with some local Patriots at their weekly meeting. It was a great evening to spend time, chat, and hear the information being shared amongst the group. One of the group leaders afforded me the opportunity to promote the book and website. It is always exciting to extend the invitation to other like-minded individuals to come spend time with you great Patriots. The load is not light but bonding, working, sharing and learning together can lighten the load.


One of our Patriot brothers in north GA submitted an excellent article by Alt-Right analyst Brandon Smith, who is outstanding BTW, Thanks for your constant monitoring of the radar. The more we have, the better our chances are of not missing anything. Thank you, fine sir.


It was great communicating with our Patriot brother in the northeastern US of A. Glad to hear you are absorbing all the information and continue your planning and preparedness efforts for your family. I would guess you don't find many like-minded people up your way, huh? We can always use more Patriots here in the southern area of these great states of America. Keep charging my friend.


Great news. I have the "go ahead" from Ms. Jan over at Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville, NC to press forward building the Preparedness 102 and 103 (Mid and Advanced) level Preparedness courses for Heritage Life Skills 2020 to be held the first weekend in May. Mark your calendars. Great event if you have not attended previously.


A Huntsville AL Patriot brother shared this excellent video on Climate Change/Global Warming. Regardless of your position, this is excellent. Thank you for sharing, sir. It was great seeing you this week. Here is another quality link and product.