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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #15

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning and a happy Saturday to you. Ms Lucy and I wish you the best of weekends and a great start to your new week. We hope you are healthy and blessed wherever you may be. We are thankful for many things in our life, to include each of you who takes time out of your busy day and week to read the newsletter and website. Even though the weekly news changes, our focus and preparedness efforts should remain the same. Constant. We learn, prepare, communicate and share. Keep charging.

With that said... Let's get moving... If I don't get this newsletter out folks will cancel their subscription. Sorry for the delay...we drove home last evening to spend the weekend in the Eastern TN hills so my hours shifted on me. Forgive my errors. I tried to catch them. There's some really good stuff in the news for the week. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

In House Laundry -

Just a few notes to pass along to everyone.

Question to you. How many of you use Skype or another platform like Skype? Why do I ask? I'm not certain, but I believe with Skype multiple individuals can communicate at one time? I also believe Skype can be used with video (if available to the user), audio, and text? I'm trying to check this out as a possible method where we can possibly have weekly or monthly 1 hour chat sessions to share and communicate. So my question to you is this. If you have or use Skype and would like to participate please shoot me your Skype name in a private email. If I get enough folks interested, I will notify a few to do a test run of the program to see what is possible before setting up a large group chat. Also let me know which evening is best, your time zone, and what time is best for you. I will have to balance out the times and day to the majority. The sooner you get your information to me the quicker I can make this happen.

I'm still conducting in-house training with myself on podcasting and using the equipment and software. The biggest problem is available time to learn and train. Once this is accomplished I have to learn and decide how to present it with the website for viewing.

I must assume no one else encountered access issues to the website since no one responded back stating they had issues.

Please keep bringing new Patriots to our efforts. We picked up three new members. Two from Huntsville, AL and one from North, GA. Welcome my Patriot brothers. You know who you are.

As I state every week, I do not use personal names or specific locations in communications to protect the privacy of our readers. Ms Kim Fletter is the only person who's name you will see and it is because of the nature of helping push her information and get it out. Most times I can get around but sometimes I can't.

Speaking of Ms. Fletter, she provided me with the information below and asked me to share it with you all. It is more towards residents in or near Columbus, NC. I have heard Ms Fletter speak on this topic. It is well worth your time. She commits much of her time to keep up with topics impacting us today and our future. If you are near this area please consider supporting this event.

Okay, enough of that... Let's move ahead...

(The author and blog site are not responsible for your chuckles and laughs out loud while reading "Thoughts for the Week." Read at your own risk and remember, avoid fear porn and keep one foot grounded. Take what you want and leave the rest behind.) When life struggles seem to weigh you down and you feel you can't carry the load, look up.

Health Alert - From Kalea Gunderson - - This is news from my home state and when it comes to drug addiction and abuse, just read the news in WV. I thought using horse tranquilizers was the point of crazy. That has changed.

Health Alert - From Press Release - CDC - - This fire keeps burning and growing. Will the winds shift to cause a greater outbreak? Beth Mole at ara technica - states it's time for the world to take notice and redouble our efforts.

Thoughts for the Week -

We had another blessed week here at our Huntsville, AL residence. A few aches and pains but the duct tape is working good to keep us held together. I am hoping to run some test using a military grade solar blanket and a very small portable AC/DC inverter. More to come on this. The Patriot train must move ahead because the world continues to change around us. We are being attacked from about every direction. Our faith, salvation and freedom are the target. We must remain alert and smart in our choices and work our plans daily.


Do you ever step back and think about how blessed we are to live in this great land we call home? Well, aside from a few problems we are going through right now. To be free and able to move around. Just think about this. How many nations around the world will not allow their citizens to wake up and go to church tomorrow morning? How many takes this liberty for granted here in America. Where believers are persecuted by non-believers. All around our world folks who choose to believe in a higher being, God, are being slaughtered while here in America I don't hear a single church or preacher, pastor, priest, leader or congregation speaking out. Right now, today, we are free to make this choice. Tomorrow it could be gone. Think about that.


I had the chance to spend an evening with some local Patriots at their weekly meeting. It was a great evening to spend time, chat, and hear the information being shared amongst the group. One of the group leaders afforded me the opportunity to promote the book and website. It is always exciting to extend the invitation to other like-minded individuals to come spend time with you great Patriots. The load is not light but bonding, working, sharing and learning together can lighten the load.


One of our Patriot brothers in north GA submitted an excellent article by Alt-Right analyst Brandon Smith, who is outstanding BTW, Thanks for your constant monitoring of the radar. The more we have, the better our chances are of not missing anything. Thank you, fine sir.


It was great communicating with our Patriot brother in the northeastern US of A. Glad to hear you are absorbing all the information and continue your planning and preparedness efforts for your family. I would guess you don't find many like-minded people up your way, huh? We can always use more Patriots here in the southern area of these great states of America. Keep charging my friend.


Great news. I have the "go ahead" from Ms. Jan over at Carolina Readiness Supply in Waynesville, NC to press forward building the Preparedness 102 and 103 (Mid and Advanced) level Preparedness courses for Heritage Life Skills 2020 to be held the first weekend in May. Mark your calendars. Great event if you have not attended previously.


A Huntsville AL Patriot brother shared this excellent video on Climate Change/Global Warming. Regardless of your position, this is excellent. Thank you for sharing, sir. It was great seeing you this week. Here is another quality link and product.


One of our Patriot brothers emailed me this week in reference to the hacking events that occurred to multiple organizations to include the organization our Patriot works with. I don't know if you may have been impacted on your end. The only thing I have been able to find is a string of ransom type attacks. I will continue monitoring this topic. If it doesn't involve Russia or President Trump the lame stream media doesn't care.


One of our Patriot sisters asked me if anyone else commented back to me on the Patriot Express news entry by Metallicaman that was six pages. Only a few commented back to me. If read and processed it was pretty heavy stuff to consider. I had challenged the readers to process it and then weigh against other articles regarding civil war and a societal breakdown. We are living in dangerous times with so many potential trigger points. Remember, don't let the potential "causes" impact your preparedness planning. We can overwhelm ourselves and allow the vastness and newness to these type events take control of our mindset. It happens and it is easy to do. The Metallicaman article alone could ruin one's day easily. To me, the big difference between this article and the Civil War II articles by others is Metallicaman cross checks the circumstance of today with global history. The author also lived through the Bosnian war. Here is another excellent perspective provided by Alt-Right Brandon Smith., This is another great learning opportunity. Take the points of these articles and balance them. You have the same topic at different levels. They are rated PG, G, R, and soft X. If you decide the point of a potential civil war has merit then that is your take away. Make sense?

Moving on...

So what else has been on my mind this week.

Shortly after sending last week's newsletter to you, I went to a local Wal Mart store to get an oil change and tire rotation/balance for Ms. Lucy's automobile. Simple task. I pull up and talk to the garage manager, tell him what services I need and look around the garage area. I tell him I have a few groceries to purchase inside and about how long would it take. He states they have no one in the oil change line and one ahead of me in the tire maintenance line. The services I requested should be finished in about one hour to one hour thirty minutes. Great, I said. I departed and went on my way to grocery shop. I take my time, watch the clock, and observe all the empty coolers and shelves. Signs posted stating shelves will be restocked in late August. I finish up, pay for my goods and then wonder back to the garage area. Not ready. I hit the 90 minute point. Not ready. Then the two hour point. Not ready. Three hour point. Not ready. Four hour point. Not ready. All this time I am thinking how my freezer items are melting. I continue looking in the garage and see seven mechanics hard at work wondering around as if they await Tim the tool man to arrive. Three guys working on a single tire on the same vehicle. I ask the clerk if I can just take my vehicle and leave since the tire rotation was free under my warranty. He said no, it is already on the ticket and we can't change it. I said, but if I buy a pair of socks and don't like them I can bring them back. He said, but that is different. I couldn't be mad. It was at 100 degrees or above in the garage area and no one seemed to have a clue to where to put the circus tent. At four hours and thirty minutes I am finally paying and departing for home. I spent my day at Wally Circus and now have oil on the steering wheel and passenger seat, and I'm flabbergasted to what I just witnessed. My point is, it seems everywhere I go there is complete incompetence. From clerks who can't count out change to builders taking short cuts. It just seems to never end. I don't want to seem or come across gloomy but this seems to be a reality. The new America.



Where do I start. NY City has been enduring power outages the past week or two and some have speculated it was an EMP. This is a great learning moment. First, if anyone used the EMP on NY City, they would still be down and power would not be available for a long while Now, as I talked about in one of my training classes at Heritage Life Skills, what if a controlled power take down was used nationally to appear as the EMP. The average Bubba would not know the difference. Those who understand the EMP would conduct a few test and realize electronic devices still worked. But, imagine a total grid shut down and all cell phone services are cut off. This would not be hard to pull off. Now we have what appears to be a national level EMP, right? The difference is a controlled take down means the system can be put back in place when the switch is placed in the on position, region by region. Get my point?

The more I read on the NY City issue it appears authorities in NY City are meeting with and adapting many of the policies in place in California to save a tree.

Hey guys, act serious, but tell me how many power outages must we do before folks can live without it?

Next ...

While we are in NY City let's talk about the recent video of thugs throwing water on two police officers attempting to make an arrest. This is very troubling in many ways. Especially when the video also included a young boy, maybe 7 years of age, taking part in the harassment of the officers. Yes, I realize a kid will do as others will do. But it is the fact this child has no others around to be an example or correct the action. Then I must ask, why did it take the Mayor of the city nearly a week to comment on the treatment of his officers? We can complain all we want about the average police officer. My question is this. What are we willing to accept vs having no police available to protect and defend the law or what law remains?


Please keep the prayers flowing. Like before, we still have a lot of our brothers and sisters going through some stressful times with personal and medical issues. May the good Lord lift them up. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Well, I suppose we need to press ahead and get the presses rolling forward.

Just "Sayin" of the Week - From Katherine Rodriguez - Breitbart - - When the Mayor of one of the largest cities in America refuses to speak out in defense of his/her employees when abused by the public, it is time for the mayor to step down and move on. This is not simply a case of disrespecting authorities. It is physical and psychological abuse to these and other police officers. How can you go to a job leaving your family behind to face unknown threats daily and also knowing your boss and authorities will not stand up for you and watch your back? We often talk about a time when authorities walk off the job to protect their families during periods of unrest. But, why would any officer continue going to a job to be abused by the public without consequences? Just sayin....

Funny of the Week - From Chris Mills Rodrigo - The Hill - - I'm sorry (not really), this is certainly the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended). Black unemployment numbers at all-time low. Black incarceration rates falling quickly. The NAACP stood by President Bill Clinton when he went through the Lewinski fiasco and accepted the Clinton's with open arms. Yet it was President Bill Clinton's policies that incarcerated more blacks than any president in history. Another "read the facts" people moment. So the NAACP is calling for the impeachment of President Trump. Say it ain't so. Maybe a refund should be demanded by the Trump family for the millions donated to black charities through the NAACP and organizations prior to turning Republican and being elected.

Website/PodCast of the Week - - If you haven't visited this website you may want to add it to your list. I don't know of any medical website that offers more guidance in medicine, alternative medicine, training and equipment.

Quote of the week - "She is a complete fraud," the source told Fox News earlier this month. "Her peers do not take her seriously." Comments made by a Democratic source about Ocasio Cortez. Really? Doesn't matter what other Dems think. She has quickly grown to be a cultural warrior and ICON to her movement. The best part she is free election fodder for the President during his 2020 campaign.

Article of the Week - From Richard Mills - Safehaven - - This is an excellent article on Africa and the important future it holds. WHAT? This is the country that was still using the stubby pencil and paper when the other powers of the world transitioned to a thing called the internet. The projection says in the not so distant future Africa will be singing "Follow the New Silk Road" vs "Follow the Yellow Brick Road." Africa normally gets mostly negative attention around the world for the genocidal attacks between tribes, the poor, and negative safari kills. What is not talked about are the vast resources the continent holds. The label "Silk Road" is not new. Another name for the Silk Road is the Belt and Road initiate (BRI) which involved a wave of Chinese funding for major infrastructure projects around the world, in a bid to speed Chinese goods to markets further afield. Currently the project stretches from China through India, Asia Minor, throughout Mesopotamia to Egypt, the African continent, Greece, Rome, and Britain. The name comes from the popularity of Chinese silk with the West and Rome. China's commitment to the New Silk road project is projected at $900 billion.

Product of the Week - COBAN TAPE - Wide Self Adherent Cohesive Wrap Bandages (8 Pack) Bundle, 5 yds Self Adhesive Non-Woven Bandage Rolls, Brown Athletic Tape for Wrist, Ankle, Hand, Leg, Premium-Grade Medical Stretch Wrap - This product is made by several different providers. You can pick the one you desire, size you desire and price you wish to pay. This particular version is $13.95 from Amazon.

Motivator - "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today"


Preparedness News -

1. From Monica Showalter - American Thinker - - As crazy as this sounds and seems, it really is not and when the Green machine starts crying about trees and saving the world, anything is possible. Look out America, recyclable materials will be the next toilet paper. I don't have a problem with it. Just do it and don't spend a trillion dollars in ramming it down our throat. If it saves the rain forest and stops the global butchering of trees, why not. But, as you can read in this article one must wonder is there a bigger goal.

2. From Marica Bernstein - Survival Blog - Part 1 - - Part 2 - - - - This may seem unimportant to many and if you are in your early preparedness steps, I may understand. Building a personal library takes time, money and space. I don't know what you do for relaxation but I enjoy spending a few minutes to an hour reading for enjoyment at the end of my day. But I also read to learn during the day. Things that I think are documented tools on "how to do task" I grab the hard copy or print out and place in my library. We are one person and remembering everything is impossible. Shopping summer yard sales is a great place to find good old books to fill many needs.

3. From Mom with a Prep - - I could spend days on this topic. I am fascinated with all the opportunities one can do or pick from in raising chickens or rabbits. The return on both is rewarding.

4. From Bob Rodgers - Preppers Will - Part 1 and Part II - - Great article by Bob Rodgers. He makes some good points that are often overlooked. Most folks who Bug In or Bug Out fail to establish a point of extraction, especially from a Bug Out location. When they don't establish a extraction plan they certainly fail to establish a cache of supplies in the event they are overrun and leave in a hurry without needed resources.

5. From Dave Hodges - Common Sense Show - - Well, a wise man once taught me a cool phrase that says "bring it on, big boy, bring it on." Reality, is, someone is pushing this topic because it certainly seems to be on every radar on the net.

6. From Dr Bones and Nurse Amy - Survival Medicine - - It's that time of year when we must be observant to our surroundings.

7. From SHTF Preparedness - - I would bet the two areas most overlooked in Preparedness would be medical and babies.

8. From Tin Hat Ranch - - I get questions often on this topic. This article provides an excellent printable PDF with schematics.

9. From Fergus Mason - Ask a Prepper - - We love Goodwill, Thrift Stores, Habitat and other stores of this nature. A great Saturday afternoon can be spent shopping for items you have listed on your wants and needs list.

10. From Riley E. Carlson - Homesteading - - Food, food, and food. One of my favorite topics. Here's some great recipes for some crockpot fun.

11. From Tess Pennington - SHTF Plan - - If you haven't read or own a copy of The Prepper's Blueprint you should obtain a copy. Ms Pennington's book is one to have on the shelf.

Next ...

Economic News -

1. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - If you have been reading the Patriot Express Newsletter and doing your own research you should be noticing the increased information coming to the surface on AI and Robotics. If you are in a service job, Robots will eventually take your job most likely.

2. From Barbara Roland - The American Conservative - - - This is the largest North America refinery, however US owned refinery's still pump the most oil when combined. Just curious to why the U.S. allowed this to fall in to the hands of Aramco?

3. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - It appears this topic is picking up more steam or else more gums are flapping. Either way, the topic is getting more air play.

4. From Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - - And the beat goes on....and the beat goes on... I wish they would hurry up and tell me how much my additional debt to the government will be. Aside from Rand Paul, why does no one talk about the debt of our nation? Just imagine this. We go back on the gold standard and we lose the Petro dollar to boot.

5. From Tom Chatham - Project Chesapeake - - Interesting perspective offered in this article. If you suggested this point around the dinner table with friends, would they be open minded to the discussion or suggest "we don't have to do this because it doesn't apply to us."

7. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - And the drum of bad news continues. Rat-a-tat-tat, bang the gong, cymbal crash, and the bank customers play "Running Like the Wolf"

8. From Lance Roberts - Real Investment Advice - - Ding, Ding, I always suggest that you watch what they are doing, and not focus on what they are saying. Here is another example of why. "In 2018, the Federal Government spent $4.48 Trillion, which was equivalent to 22% of the nation's entire nominal GDP. Of that total spending, ONLY $3.5 Trillion was financed by Federal revenues, and $986 billion was financed through debt. In other words, if 75% of all expenditures is social welfare and interest on the debt, those payments required $3.36 Trillion of the $3.5 Trillion (or 96%) of revenue coming in." Could you manage your household with management like this? Someone has to repay this debt or else default. Keep stocking up my friends.


Defense News -

1. From South Front - - How about that. Wonder if anyone will remember these flexes when the US visits again to negotiate with N. Korea.

2. From Mac Slavo - SHTF Plan - - Based on Federal Law and past circumstances I find this very interesting. Having spent my last eight years on active duty working in the area of the discussion, it would be a very unique situation to deploy these forces on US turf for the period of time stated in the article. Someone leaked or intended for this story to surface because if these guys didn't want it to be discovered, no one would know it. Hence the term classified. Well, unless it was on HRC server in the closet of her Colorado home.

3. From South Front - - Drones, Drones, and more Drones. Weaponized drones. Spy drones. Neighborhood Drones. Gang Drones. Have you considered the positives and negatives of drones? The threat they could pose in a grid down or collapse situation? The threat of drones in the hands of rogue nations, organizations and people continues to build. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

4. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - War of words, war of tariffs, war of ideology. Tick tock, tick tock.

5. From Dom Calicchio - Fox News - - When I read this article my thoughts immediately went back to the early months of the Obama Presidency when he fired, move, and replaced many of our Special Forces Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers teaching at the training centers for Special Forces. Additionally the Rules of Engagement (ROE) on foreign soil and in high threat locations changed drastically. Many former and current senior leaders (at that time) spoke out to the changes and stated there would be short term and long term impacts. You can't replace or teach combat experience.

6. From Kurt Nimmo - Ron Paul Institute - - I suppose this will be acceptable considering other government programs are grooming and recruiting our youth in to engineering and other programs. Why not gamers? From an ethical point of view, shouldn't a child's maturity level play a factor in the final decision? And...drum roll....guess what the Pubs will probably negotiate to get this got it, the Dems want to lower the voting age to 16. It's coming and we won't be able to stop it. They are coming for our children. We can argue the point about how many young men (boys) in WWII volunteered to go fight for their country at 16 and 17. I wasn't alive back then and I can only compare this to myself at 16 and 17. I was not mature enough and probably trying to teach me would have been like a version of the movie Stripes. When is enough...enough? Just a thought.

7. From Lucas Tomlinson - Fox News - - Two missiles reaching 270 and 430 miles in distance. Is Cheese head bold enough to test the US? Maybe so when backed by China and Russia. I worry more about the two NK satellites believed to be loaded with EMPs crossing the US (South to North) daily (every 12 hours).

8. From Bradford Betz - Fox News - - I believe this one is a bit hotter than NK. This one traveled about 600 miles or to the southern part of Iran. The Shahab-3 is a midrange missile. Adding this to the drone issues and the oil tankers being seized, Iran is pressuring Wash DC to make a move. I believe the US would have already moved on the offensive if the US knew what Iran planned to do with Israel.


Other News -

1. From Daisy Luther - The Organic Prepper - - Remember, it is your job to have the child and pay to raise them but do not think you have the authority to make decisions for your child. Welcome my friends to the new state government.

2. From Oliver Stone - Target Liberty - - You can only beat a horse so long till it is a nice flat rug.

3. From Mia Rabson - The Globe and Mail (Canada) - - The topic of Lyme Disease seems to surface more often in the United States.

4. From Ben Westcott - CNN World - - Don't hold it against me for using a CNN link. So the soy, wheat and corn are devastated in the US of A and now the same product is being damaged in China. Interesting.

5. From Jeffrey Brown - American Thinker - - Excellent article by Mr Brown. I know many simply ignore this topic because they don't care or else it doesn't impact them directly. For those of us still working in corporate America or within the Federal Government, one can simply look around from any position to see this taking place.

6. From Final Voyage - - I think we all could agree anyone crossing our border legally is welcome. The problem is the illegals crossing the border, breaking the law, then rewarded with a benefit package better than our retirees, some military, and many others trying to survive. Research shows thousands are being granted access who's resume will not qualify them for any job in America. Why should you pay $12,000 per year in health care with a $5,000 deductible while working and others who are not working gets paid and also provided free health care?

7. From Brett Stevens - Amerika - - How does it make you feel to have spent all your life or a large portion of your life building your own personal life, brick by brick, to complete your wall by retirement. You raised a family and contributed to your community by paying taxes and donating time and effort to make your community better. Now you are at or near retirement and a group of younger citizens, along with noncitizens, are telling you that you are the problem because of your morals and beliefs. They start busting and taking out each brick you labored to provide and build. Youth calling for labor wages and benefits that you had to work years to obtain. We are at this point. The question is, what are we going to do about it? Are we willing to relinquish our freedoms and property to benefit the ones yelling loudest that we are racist ungrateful Americans?

8. From The Rutherford Institute - - Surprisingly, this was a 7-2 decision and it violates the 5th Amendment. The Men In Black strikes again. Simply put, imagine being tried by your state and found guilty of a crime. You are sentenced to five years. Done. Not so fast. Now the Federal Government can try you and if found guilty you will serve out both sentences for the same crime that you committed one time.

9. From Dagny Taggart - The Organic Prepper - - There could be lots of reasons we assume this is true. Bottom line is this. Are we losing faith in our fellow man? Could it be intended for us to lose faith in fellow man to help usher in the use of dependable robots? Just a thought. Our education system has dumbed down our students to follow along vs be critical thinkers and decision makers. I was listening to the radio last week and heard a talk show where the guest was talking about the future and what children from different countries wanted to do when they grew up. China, Taiwan, India, Japan kids stated careers as astronauts, doctors and engineers. The United States and Great Britain children wanted to be programmers and gamers. A Chinese child stated he wanted to be the first Chinese citizen to land on the moon. A child from the United States said he wanted to design games for children. See my point? Not my place to judge what one chooses. However....

10. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Why does it seem in every liberal led city police officers are abused, not supported, and continually beaten down. This is the most recent event occurring in NY City. Sad part is police officers work for the Mayor not providing support to them. Imagine if police officers walked off the job in NY City, Chicago, San Fran, Cleveland... Why are the citizens of America putting up with these types of attacks?

11. From Teresa Monroe-Hamilton - New Zeal - - This is a single area ignored by most in the preparedness arena. We hear and talk about EMPs, Economic and Societal collapses and on and on. But we don't hear discussions or read books based on the topic of a terrorist attack within the United States that impact a region or the entire nation. We hear discussions about fighting the Chinaman or Russian but never the Middle Eastern Terrorist.

12. From Paul Craig Roberts - The Silver Bear Café - - Why on earth would anyone be surprised to read this? CNN is falling faster-er than CNN falling in 2018.

13. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - Bet you didn't hear this on the cable news yet? Maybe they are saving it to announce just before the Mueller hearings before Congress? Doubtful. Silly me.

14. From Michael Snyder - End of the American Dream - This is a compilation of events taking place around America where crime and disrespect runs rampant. The historical fibers that held this great nation together for so long is hemorrhaging at the seams. When morals fail, the system fails. Prove me wrong.

15. From Tucker Carlson - FoxNews - - I think of the old song I Fought the Law by the Clash "I broke the law and the law won." This is another one of the "do as I say and not as I do." Evidently the law only applies to those who follow it.

16. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - You won't hear anything about this on your local or national news because it doesn't have anything to do with Impeaching the President. But this is big news. The likely hood of needing this training is minimal, however if it happens, the need is priceless. Our life could depend on it...maybe.

17. From Tsyetana Paraskova - Oil - - So we are starting to see the next episode of the fad on open waters. Let's chap our enemy's behind by seizing a ship flagged under their nation. Will me see more of these type events? I'm betting yes. In the 70s and 80s terrorist could get their message of ideology and demands out by hijacking an airliner. Is this the next method? Maybe. As long as the free world tolerates and will continue. Swift painful action to send a message .....may be the answer.

18. From John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - - Excellent read from John Whitehead. He makes excellent points. How often have we willingly volunteered our freedoms and rights in the name country and security for the people? I often hear "well if you aren't breaking the law, why are you worried?" It's the principle of the fact that each time we give up a freedom in the name of protection, we never gain back the freedom sacrificed. Maybe a better plan would be to tighten our borders and ports of entry vs tightening the control and freedoms of the citizens.

I hope you gained something from your read. Remember, keep grounded, avoid fear porn, take what you want and leave the rest. Have a great day and weekend. Be safe, blessed, grounded, and focused. Keep charging.


Bravo Echo Out

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