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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #31

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!!!

Happy Saturday everyone. The coffee is hot. Someone grab some bagels. Good to see everyone. The weeks are passing fast. Hope you are all well and your preparedness steps are moving ahead .

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time to check out the Patriot Express News Letter.

We have a lot taking place on this end with many moving parts for the newsletter, podcast, Heritage Life Skills 2020, keeping articles posted on the website, and answering emails. This does not include family, life, and a full time job. Ha. But the good Lord keeps us moving and focused and when I'm not, Ms. Lucy helps keep me on track. Her job is much harder than mine.

We are just over six months in to the website and many of my goals for the site are slowly falling in to place. Offering multiple writers, podcast, different levels of information, preparedness articles with links, and spreading important news topics with links. Aside from the website and its contents, my goal was to open channels of communication between readers and readers with myself to learn, share, and help others. Thanks to everyone who contributes to make it work. With that said... the world awaits us...let's get moving....

(Reader advisory - This site, the author/owner and the contents of this site are for reading pleasure only. We are NOT responsible for your feelings, happy or sad. As always, avoid fear porn, take what you want, throw away the rest and apply to your own preparedness as you see fit. Keep one foot grounded always. Earthly speaking, the only thing we know for certain is how prepared we are. Hope to see you on the other side.)

Thoughts for the Week -

We are approaching the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas ahead of us soon. Ms. Lucy and I love this time of year for many reasons. Faith, family, food, sharing, singing, and spending time with those we love. On a personal level, one of our biggest joys and commitments is sharing and giving to others. Sometimes the holidays bring depression and loneliness to individuals and families. Maybe they lost a loved one. Some will be hungry and cold. Some can't afford to eat because of high heating cost. We find many reasons why folks are in "tuff" times. But, each of us can do something to lift the spirits of others. Volunteer time. Go visit the elderly in retirement homes. Serve in a food line. Take McDonalds meals to someone who may be homeless. Bake a cake or cookies and ring a doorbell to a neighbor who is alone. Send a Christmas box to some troops deployed overseas and who may be alone half way around the world. I can tell you from my own experience it means a lot. Most of you already know, with every copy of my book sold, all proceeds above print cost goes to one of two charities to help others. I will mention in the next newsletter a recent contribution Hope For Survival made to one of our recipients to help feed multiple families day to day, and Thanksgiving. More to come. This is a very personal thing for me and I don't like to really talk about it and keep it between me and my God above. But, I know and/or have met and communicated with most of you so I'm comfortable in sharing these thoughts. If you have spare time to give or an extra buck to help give another human hope, please consider it. The goal of our Hope For Survival effort is to help others and one way is to give gifts and support year round, hence the title. Thanks for your consideration.


We wake up each day to what seems like more division and hatred rooted out of our political system and embattled processes striking dead ends as clashes are broadcast to the populace. Inside our judicial process we see little to no movement outside of internal clashes of ideology. There is no agree to disagree or resolve to work together. We are witnessing hatred with a smile and we the people are suffering the failures of our elected to lead in a forward direction to govern. We are witnessing a continued milieu of our Constitutional foundation and the current inability to maintain a relationship between two governing parties who appear as sworn enemies. This political hatred is bleeding out of the government and through the media to the citizens of America where hatred grows between the groups of classes and ideology for the future of our nation. Everything appears as an all-in or nothing choice for our future. So much so that we, the people, are witnessing a debacle to take down our elected President without legal representation or staying within the framework of the Constitution. Disagreement and divided ideology is one thing, but when one of the nations elected political parties happily steps outside the framework of the Constitution to achieve their objective, one must ask, what comes next? A singled-minded ideology from either party is dangerous for our Republic. What happens when our state governments start defying federal law and call up their militia and defense forces as a result of a failed federal government.

Next ...

Tomato or Tomatoe is the expression used meaning "unimportant difference."

Do you automatically assume every time you drive your car you will never get a flat along the path forward? Do you believe this so strongly you are willing to take out your spare and leave it at home because things are as they seem and you won't need the spare tire? I don't do forecasting or predictions, and I try to avoid sending fear porn to others. I simply tell you what I believe and think. But, based on my past experience serving around the world in third world countries, studying history, politics, and society, if something doesn't change soon, we are headed for very rough times ahead. I am often amazed at the number of folks who are fully entwined in following jigsaw puzzle like alternative icons or other stories who are so engrossed with the possible outcomes and still do not prepare even while believing the story lines posed. Isn't that putting all your eggs in the hands of an unknown? I'm not here to judge one or the other because a person's choice is on them. I believe we should always focus on the effect of the event and not the cause. We can't control the cause but the effect is what will impact us directly. No national icon will control the crime, unrest or insanity that will impact our citizens within 20 to 50 miles of our home. My point is if one believes the story as it is told, there are secret trials taking place, and many of the former administration will be arrested and held for trials, accountability taking its course of action, and then things will be normal and peaceful. Or, things will go crazy and society will be turned upside down in revolt. Yet, there is little to no movement to make plans and take steps to counter the upheaval in the nation. We all have our own mindset to what may happen and how we should prepare. The choice is on each of us. But, if a person recognizes something is wrong enough to follow a secret code or committee to eventual justice, shouldn't they also see it will not end well? When talks of a civil war reaches mainstream media and other discussions state "we are one bad day at the stock market from economic disaster," why wait until the 2 x 4 breaks and things fall through the bottom before stepping out and protecting the family? The federal government is pumping as little as $120 billion to $170 billion dollars per night in to the banking system. There is a liquidity problem taking place. The puzzle presented by national alternative icons are singularly focused and leaving out many other possible negative outcomes to the problems we face. The goal should be to avoid the 90% masses running amuck and being a part of the 5% to 10% who will be removed from the craziness around us. There are huge differences between ignoring eventual pitfalls knowingly and simply closing the blinds and not knowing what is going on around us. They have the same consequences and they are important for the well-being of those ignoring them. Just saying.


Sometimes I get sucked in to a vacuum and I need Ms. Lucy to pull me out for my own sanity. Mental burnout seems to come faster at an older age. It happens sometimes, doesn't it? We get so wrapped up in things we are working on and doing that life gets placed on hold. We forget to live. So this past weekend we got to be at home in East TN and enjoy a weekend of R and R in the local area and with several Patriot families. We also attended a Christmas show at "Country Tonite" in Pigeon Forge, where they kicked off their holiday show and a salute to Veterans. It was a very enjoyable weekend indeed. If you have the opportunity to visit Dollywood during the Christmas season, do so. It was beautiful with all the lights. The Christmas plays are worth investing the time in. I'm not much for the hoopla of the attractions or the masses of people. I do enjoy it when Ms. Lucy and I gets to spend time with good friends. Thanks Ms. Lucy for setting this up.


Insanity running amuck. This is America and this is not acceptable. Out on the left coast we continue reading about the insanity taking place between the working class taxpayers, the state government and the crazy street people who have turned three levels below animals. First it was San Francisco and their six digit employees who are paid to walk around and keep human deposits off the sidewalks. Now in Los Angeles we have homeless person opening car doors and throwing bags of hot diarrhea on a female driver. Here's some more insanity taking place around American.

Next ...

Woo....woo.... I always hear the train rolling in to our North Alabama city each evening between

530 and 630 PM, 11 PM and around 4 AM. Woo! Woo! It loudly blows to tell all the pedestrians and auto's to clear the tracks and make way as the locomotive gets closer and closer. I know Ms. Lucy thinks I'm crazy because I always look up and say "I love to hear the train whistle blowing." It is a reminder to me. The big train rolls down the tracks alerting everyone to its pending arrival at some point. Big, strong, and little will stop it. The train whistle is a reminder to me. The clicking of the tracks, the sound of the forlorn call in the night. It's coming and we won't stop it. The daily whistle reminds me to keep preparing and getting ready because when it arrives we won't be able stop it. It will be too late to adjust or run across the tracks to grab food and water. The warning is loud and clear and people are ignoring it because it comes every day and that creates complacency amongst those hearing the whistle. Mindsets and livelihoods are used to the loud whistle and clicking and they grow to ignore it. The train whistle reminds me of the video I watched years ago called "Sing a Little Louder" where a church choir would be singing as the Nazi train traveled closer to the church and the choir would sing louder to avoid hearing the train roll by. The train engines pulled many box cars filled with Jewish people being moved to concentration camps. Eventually the train stopped in the front of the church to take the choir away. You see, we don't have that worry at this point and I'm thankful for that point. But I'm reminded of the daily media so expertly broadcasting the lies, hate, and destruction of the nation we love. There is a day coming when the whistle and clicking will not sound to alert us. That is when a large percentage of our populace will lift their heads to wonder what happened. That could be the same day the 18 wheelers stop and citizens who aren't prepared will be three meals from the start of hunger and starvation. The Woo! Woo! of the whistle helps keep me focused on what I need to do daily to keep and build upon my faith, take care of my family, and help others who want help. This is not paranoia, it is being responsible. The tracks are rumbling and the whistle is singing the same song. I ask, which side of the tracks will you be on when the train arrives and stops?


It was a great week, as always, and especially when I get to communicate and talk with my fellow Patriots who are someplace planning and preparing. God Bless you in your efforts. You are not alone and you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just ask the question and I bet someone has already been down that road. Thanks for reaching out to share, communicate, ask questions and talk a bit of faith with me. Your words are encouraging and your efforts are priceless. Keep charging. Crawl, walk, and run.

Okay, let's move ahead...

Preparedness News -

1. From Mac Slavo - The SHTF Plan - - Is the problem on the dairy farm or possibly less demand for the product?

2. From Heidi - Homestead Survival Site - - Anything about food gets my attention. Yum, yum. Friend spam. I'm all in on this one.

3. From Mom With a Prep - - If you don't possess or if you have never used the Mylar emergency blanket, this article is for you. I believe everyone should own at least ten of these items. Great gift items at a great price.

4. From Richard Miller - Urban Survival Site - Part 1 - Part 2 - - These two articles offer some good advice and input.

5. From Above Average Joe - Survival Life - Remember, these are simply opinions. Your sex, skills, size, and location should be included in your choice of items needed in your EDC.

6. From Selco - The Organic Prepper - - This is good information to have. Learning from others is an important responsibility in the preparedness tool box.

7. From Bob Rodgers - Preppers Will - - Good information to consider.

Other worthy news from the week ...

1. From Jennifer Kabbany - The College Fix - - The "Do-Gooders" continue their path to insanity. Violence is such a terrible thing and harms the well-being of our powder puffs ability to cope....except on the football field.

2. From Michael Snyder - The Most Important News - - Okay, so it's cold outside. Why do much media drama and people unprepared for winter? I grew up in WV and we had snow, cold, ice, and closed schools often. How much different is it today than back then? Are we now a softer culture?

3. From Joaquin Flores - The Strategic Culture Foundation - - Do we have an eventual changing of the guard? Or at least until Russia coughs and voices a desire to expand to previously held nations? Can a European Army withstand a Chinese desire Silk Road expansion through Europe? Cash strapped Greece has already faltered, who is next?

4. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Why am I hearing the old Chicago tune "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is" playing in my head? It's like the voice of the young soldier standing guard on the DMZ in Korea who says "Does anything ever happen here?" It's not about what could happen but the fact when it does, you are prepared.

6. From Tyler Durden - Zero Hedge - - Another breech and sharing of your health information...without your permission.

7. From Brandon Smith - Alt-Right - - Very interesting article by BS. Most folks fail to read deeper or research the power of the global elite, global bankers, and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). We my Patriot friends are merely pullets fueling the system. We don't matter and our vote/noise is overall noise.

8. From Activist Post - - The 4th Amendment is often ignored and disregarded while search and seizure of your property at ports is considered a legal requirement. This court ruling, for now, protects us from illegal searches of our phones, laptops and other devices as we reenter US Ports from abroad.

9. From Joel Grover of the Los Angeles Times - Check out the imbedded videos in the article. We have a few California transplants reading the Patriot Express Newsletter and I am thankful these fine Patriots escaped the nonsense of California. Isn't it interesting how many Californian seated federal politicians are trying to turn the US of A in to California? What have they done for their home state? Pelosi, Schiff, Harris, Waters, Boxer...

10. From Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics - - Economic numbers from MA. Keep in mind, MA forecast in cycles.

11. From Malcolm Motus - Motus Mentis - - If you have been following the topic of a possible Civil War in America you will appreciate this article and the link included for further reading at the American Conservative - by Michael Vlahos.

12. From Biotechnology Review - - And so much for opting out. You are now fair game to law enforcement. And who will be next?

13. From James Kirkpatrick - Unz Review - - Another interesting take on the nations battle for the American Right.

14. From John Whitehead - The Rutherford Institute - - This is a powerful article. As a 20 year veteran, I appreciate and thank JW for his legal representation of veterans being detained and arrested for unlawful causes because someone has decided they are a threat for having the "V" label in a file.

16. From Brooke Crothers - Fox News - - Scary stuff. I watched a demonstration of this capability a few years ago where the technician demonstrated how to hack in to automobiles and hospital systems and pacemakers. I'm sure this includes the doctors ability to monitor a heart patients daily health via wireless technology installed in new heart monitoring equipment.

Okay my Patriot friends, you have reached the end. Stay safe this week.

Check your bags and ensure you have your winter gear rotated in to the bag. The weather is

urning colder very fast. Don't get caught short.

Also, if you have a life straw in your bag and leave the bag in your vehicle in freezing temperatures there is a chance your life straw will crack and you won't know it. You will then use the straw to drink dirty water and get sick. The crack will allow a small stream of dirty water to infiltrate around the filtration and you won't know it. It is my understanding this is the case for both used and unused filtration straws.

Please keep our fellow brothers and sisters in your prayers. Several folks are battling health issues or dealing with a spouse or family member with major health issues. Prayers are powerful and I know these folks would appreciate them much. Thanks!!!

Keep charging and have a great weekend and week.


Bravo Echo Out

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