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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #53

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #53. Thanks for your time and for being here. Ms. Lucy and I certainly appreciate you stopping by to check out news and views for the week. I try to keep things sensible the best I can but occasionally I hit a pot hole or hiccup that disrupts my momentum. I try to avoid certain words categorized in today’s culture as socially unacceptable. I said “try” and that doesn’t mean I always succeed.

Buckle up and hang on. My goal is to get you thinking and eventually saying “I knew that and I read that already” as you come back each week for more. If you can survive about ten to twelve weeks of the PENL I would hope you can then see the world from a different perspective. If not, keep coming back for the free coffee and bagels. We never run out and you are always welcome.

HEALTH ALERT: The Coronavirus awareness level should remain increased during this period. Like I have said previously, there is no need to panic but folks should remain ALERT to their news and surroundings as well as guidance from the national leadership. The daily numbers continue climbing and we expect this to continue. The US of A now leads all nations in number of C-virus infected personnel and will surpass the total number of deaths shortly. I’m not a doctor or expert but I do not think this is going to end anytime soon. As you may have noticed, many towns and cities around the nation have implemented lock downs, curfews, no movement, essential personnel only allowances, and so on. Here is the link to my weekly C-Virus update posted on Wednesday of each week.

TRAINING: During this period of social distancing it is a great time to dust off your plans or consider building your plans if you still do not have them created. You have several options available to you at no cost. YouTube is a great place to visit for additional information on topics of interest. I have posted several short training type Podcast on the Hope for Survival YouTube page covering numerous topics of interest to help in your preparedness planning. Most recently I posted a video on how to build your Risk Analysis Plan to determine threats and needed mitigation steps that you identify in your plans. If you have built a plan and haven’t identified possible shortfalls, threats to cause your plan to fail or the things that could go wrong, you are setting yourself up for possible failure. You can visit the Hope for Survival YouTube page at

Another step we have taken at Hope for Survival is to begin a weekly Virtual rally through Zoom where we discuss world events and topics of interest to the Patriots attending the Zoom rally. Last week we discussed personal security, gardening and growing crops, building raised beds, and trucking and food supplies impacting the nation and other important topics. If you have interest in attending a Hope for Survival virtual training event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. The virtual conference room information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC


We conducted the 2nd Zoom virtual training session on Thursday evening and it was great spending time with fellow Patriots discussions world news and events, discussing topics such as security cameras for the interior and exterior, portable water showers, chickens and goats, long term storage of eggs and methods to do so, and the mental aspect of firearms. The group discussion makes these events the best.

Recommended Reading: This was sent to me via email from Ms. Kim Fletter. Some of you are on Ms. Fletter’s email listing and receive the fantastic information she sends out during the week. I wanted to share this information with our readers on PENL. Have you ever read Tragedy & Hope by Carroll Quigley? It might not be believable if others I’ve studied had not confirmed this deceptive plan. My Bible tells me even the demons believe & shudder. Here’s the book that reveals the Deep State by one of their own. Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time: Carroll Quigleyn,

Since the book Tragedy & Hope is over 1300 pages here is a more digestible book. The Naked Capitalist by W. Cleon Skousen and can be purchased at Amazon.

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

NOTE: Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and authors of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. We do our best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. We take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails…remember the famous words of General Joseph Stillwell, ”illegitimis non carborundum!!” (Don’t let the bas-turds grind you down)

Thoughts for the week

It has been an adjustment doing telework from the hills of Tennessee. Wonderful, yet

My new friend Wilson

demanding. I like it even though the hours can be demanding. The level of self discipline is high and one must adjust to communicating and participating with coworkers virtually. Technology is great in this aspect. I have enjoyed the peacefulness of the early mornings and admiring the beauty of nature as it wakes up each morning as the sun rises. I've previously shared my enjoyment of watching my new friend, Wilson, as he hangs out and collects nuts for his daily consumption. He seems to agree with my thoughts because he doesn't run or argue back. I wonder how Wilson will survive when the time comes for me to return to the city. I wonder how I will survive being around humans again because they don't listen so well.

Next ...

Was it just me or did it seem as though something strange was in the air this week? I can’t tell you what because I don’t know. But I talked with several like-minded Patriots who all agreed that something just seems off. Something is off kilter or off balance. Is it maybe so many weeks of witnessing the unknown to the future of our nation in the coming weeks and months? Is it the fact we just passed the $24 trillion dollar debt mark and the amount is still going up yet no one is talking about it? I don’t know. I just know my “calm” meter has been a little ruffled and twerked this week.


Fellow Patriots, it’s time to pull up your “spenders” and prepare to “suck it up” because the tides ahead are looking rough at this point. Of course we don’t have a magical ball, do we? And just think, sixty days ago we could expect nearly a million deaths in the near future from the C-virus. So why the difference? Because one was a projection and the other is a result of many realities starting to surface as results of the projection. We can only hope this is short term but I fear the damage is a compilation of years of band-aids and scabs that has finally decided to get infected.

Granted, we can be resilient as humans when left alone to build things and fix things. The question is keeping the suited bureaucrats locked up for their failure to provide growth, leadership, and for not sounding the alarm that our ship sprung holes. I’m still scratching my head as to why not a single Washingtonian had the “guts” to provide a heads up or a Forrest Gump command of “run Forrest run.” Not one. When you read the numbers being forecasted for the remainder of 2020 someone should be singing like a canary. So my question to you is “are you ready?”

You will probably note some of the next few items being talked about as “signs” we should be watching for in the days and weeks ahead. These are normally occurrences that one can watch for to indicate how things are going as a result of past events. Job cuts and losses equals unemployment. Unemployment equals loss of wages. Loss of wages equals loss of income. Loss of income equals loss of ability to pay rent and buy food. Loss of ability to pay rent and buy food equals homelessness and hunger. You get the picture. It is a chain reaction to prior events. Guess what? We are already witnessing the events unfolding. While our worthless in Washington D.C. fight over politics the tax paying citizens who pay their salaries now suffers. What is wrong with this picture? Seriously. And think about this, Capitalism in its true form cannot work with business and the power of the supply chain shut down for an extended period. Don’t you think certain members of the Washington elite realize this?

There are all kinds of bells and indicators flashing around us to pay closer attention. Don’t wait until they happen. Cross check your plans with the indicators to see how your plan counters the possible threat to your way of life.


Here is a great explanation to the livestock problem taken from Market Ticker….

The hog does not stop growing if you don't harvest it; it continues to require feed and for its waste to be removed yet there's no money coming in to fund either the feed or waste removal since the plant to process said pig into pork chops and bacon is closed and thus the hog cannot be sold.”

“Meanwhile a huge swath of Florida vegetable growers have left their produce to rot as there are no buyers; restaurants are their customers and they're closed -- they lack the packaging equipment to re-purpose to retail sale, and even if they wanted to the foreign supply chains, for as long as they last, are a few pennies cheaper. Thus those vegetables have been left out to rot and are irrevocably gone.”

“We are days to weeks away from something important breaking in the supply chains and there is no way for any of us, myself included, to know in advance which will be the critical piece in a supply chain that breaks and causes non-availability of life-critical items -- and that supply chain will not be able to be restarted for weeks if not months.”

So let the above sink in. We have hungry citizens standing in line for food while we are allowing food to rot in the fields. About as dumb as putting gasoline in the five-gallon containers in the back of your truck to have stocked fuel and driving off without fueling up your primary tanks. We just don’t learn, do we?

Next ...

I borrowed this from the Correy Digs article on Covid 19. These words could not have been authored so perfectly. Check this out. “The economy has come to a screeching halt, people are scared and confused, theories are flinging left and right, and everyone wants to know – why are we being forced to shut down our businesses and stay in our homes, and why is President Trump going along with this while shady characters stand at his side?

There is a lot of confusion because nefarious characters are propagating fear tactics, embellished stories, and doom and gloom scenarios, while those with hope want to believe this is all a cover story to take down these nefarious characters. All of this has led to an onslaught of fabricated stories based on no evidence, heightened suspicions about every news piece – understandably so, and a whole lot of amped up outrage and fear.”

Wouldn’t you agree with me? So perfectly stated. Are you fuming yet? Hundreds of thousands new jobless claims and few with income, small businesses closed down for good, families trying to figure out how to get continued medical care for an ailing parent or child, hungry dirty faces and minimal places to find answers….all because of the Washington elite. Yep, one can now understand much clearer why they appear to be hardening their nest for what appears to be a coming storm. Old Glory must prevail with truths, the strength of the American backbone, and the faith in the working class man and woman to unite and stand strong. Like many times before, we didn't create this mess but we are going to have to fix it most likely.


Last evening during dinner Ms. Lucy was explaining a type of surveillance being used in China to track citizens, 24 x 7, and if they show up at the hospital sick the surveillance system can use the surveillance system to determine the traveled locations of the person to a date prior and who they may have exposed through the facial recognition application. Okay, yes, this is also part of the social scoring program also used in China to make sure no one goes off the reservation and bad mouths the government.

This morning I fire up the computers just before 5 AM and start doing my day job supporting the Government with the Covid 19 pandemic and while I’m waiting for files to upload I go check my personal email. What a “kawinkidink” I find in my email. I have a very interesting email from Ms. Kim Fletter discussing the exact same program. Here it is:

It is a pretty interesting article and worth the time to read. I realize some folks simply refuse to read this stuff but if you plan to suit up with armor you better equip your brain with the right information to know what you are protecting yourself against. As Gomer Pyle would say “Go-o-o-o-ollee Bravo Echo, that’s genius thinking” Sorry, the sun’s not up yet.. (smile)

Fellow Patriots, we may as well accept it. We are living in a surveillance state that continues to grow along with every disaster and pandemic. Remember the famous lines used shortly after 911 and the first Patriot Act? “In order to protect you we must tighten the grip so we can track threats against you.”

Next …

This is so funny. I have to bring it up. I really don’t like using the words or gotcha terminology “I told you so” against anyone. I would rather use a tight-lipped smile and raise my eye brows to silently say “I told you so” and I’m moving on now. What on earth could I be talking about.

While typing about the article above and the mass surveillance state, I think back to about three to five years ago. It was March of that year to be specific. Festus and I both started connecting dots and hearing lots of mind-blowing information coming from the World Teleconference/Communication Convention being held in Madrid, Spain, I do believe. Spain for certain. A certain alternative news program we both listened to daily attended the conference and was streaming back daily updates with actual recorded briefings from the guest speakers. Now these speakers definitely didn’t work the drive-through window or salad bar. These folks would be owners and CEO’s of such companies as Google, Facebook and so forth. And they started talking about where technology would be in five years, ten years, and eventually Agenda 2030 would be in place. I know, I know, "who believes this stuff. Hog wash, not going to happen because the good guys won’t let it happen. Oh, this is all Star Wars stuff and the people won’t stand for it. Yawnnnn, I’ve heard it all…..and I decided several years ago, I don’t have to convince others in order to have approval of it being real. Heck, why wouldn’t it be real, I witnessed technology more advanced and far beyond this stuff in my former life.

Since that time, Festus and I have spent hours upon hours discussing and researching these topics and equipment advancement. When I started this website, I recommended a couple different books to include Technocracy by Patrick Woods and authored a couple articles on the same topic, and simply put, no one wanted to read it. It didn’t have cool stuff in it like EMP’s or societal collapses. What it had as an invisible noose that has been placed around society and it is slowly tightening to the point it won’t come off. Period. Now, I also realize some folks simply cannot handle this type stuff and choose to avoid it. That is fine as well. Totally understandable.

Here we are today seeing a much quicker advancement of the same technologies no one wanted to believe a few years ago. Things such as 5G, Virtual Reality, Smart Cities and Smart Appliances. The thing that is comical is we, as a society, are clapping our hands and walking straight in to this stuff like it was the first edition of Star Wars. Folks really need to consider the world around them. Oh, Snowden was a bad guy because he warned us of the surprise that was coming our way before Gomer could shout his famous “Go-o-o-o-llie” I’m here to help Gomer out. This isn’t coming now. It’s already here. What do you think is driving the entire issue of Covid 19 vaccinations and the ability to track who may be or not be sick? Tick tock, tick tock. Where will you be when the clock strikes 12?


Okay, okay, I know I have filled a few heads with more mush so let’s move ahead with others news items for the week. On a positive note, I really enjoyed all the communication this week with so many fellow Patriots on different topics taking place around us. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to reach out and share information or just a simple “how ya doing” email. I do appreciate all of them. Thank you very much. It makes me look forward to the Thursday evening virtual rally we are conducting to spend time together through the Zoom application to discuss current events, preparedness and to just say hello.

Next ….

My final thought for the week is this. I think there was a reason this quote surfaced before me several times yesterday. Within a 30 minute span it appeared in multiple places. I am taking it from a Patriot Brother in WV who also had it posted. This is so true.

“Fear does not stop death, it stops life. And worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.”

Okay, the world awaits us, let's move ahead.

Preparedness News

1. From Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog - - Just like every Preparedness fiction book reads. The event, the fall out, the shortages, the civil unrest because someone gets left out or they aren’t big enough to fend for their own…. Stay alert, be flexible, and adjust accordingly.

2. From Jeremy Stafford – Guns n Ammo - - At this point, anyone who didn’t previously stock up could be in a world of hurt if the time comes for a need. I remember the era of the previous administration and it was very hard to find and/or purchase basic ammo for .22 and 9 mm rounds. Oh, yea, the prices skyrocketed as well.

3. From James Dakin – Bison Prepper - - Depending how you look at the big picture, this information could come in handy. Just saying….

4. From Luke Smith – Apartment Prepper - - Interesting information for those living in condo’s or apartment complexes.

5. From Bob Rodgers – Preppers Will - - Another good checklist to add to the many others you may have on file. It never hurts to have lots of choices to pick from and to aid you in cross checking what you have or may need. Pack wisely. Your life may depend on it.

Other News

1. From Joe DePaolo – Media Ite - - Ever hear the old saying “an ugly baby is just that, an ugly baby?” Well my friends, this is an ugly baby with no hair. If in fact this happens, you better hold on with both hands. The only recovery you may witness is how you personally handle the fall and how well you can manage and survive afterwards.

2. From John Galt – Shenandoah - - A food shortage? No way. Have you been reading the PENL the past months? If so, this should come as no surprise. Farmers are being bought out by China. Smithfield and others, closed. Dairy farmers out of business. While we slept the train left the station with all the freight and resources. Now what? Seeds? Oh, they are not essential so you can’t buy them. Now what? Ahhh, if you have been preparing you have these essentials because self-reliance is the goal, right? Don’t depend on man. He will let you down at some level.

3. From SRS Rocco Report - - I don’t know if you have been stacking or not but for those who stacked in the past months or years it is probably a good thing. Especially if the silver mine closures continue to spread. Even though the per ounce pricing remains down, one must decide if the silver purchase is for investment or survival. Sometimes folks get this confused. Really.

4. From Corey’s Digs - - Good read. A great story of the blind leading the willing.

5. From Lloyd Billingsley – Front Page Mag - - Well, like in every past case we now start to point fingers to who dropped the ball on alerting the nation to the C Virus. The bottom line is we spend billions of dollars per year for this service and we failed. Asleep at the wheel on 911 and again for this disaster.

6. From Brandon Smith – Alt Market - - Reading anything regarding the market and impact on millions of retirement accounts is extremely painful. Brandon Smith writes a great article here, as usual. He seems to be in line with another website writer I like to add to the site, John Whitehead. I’m not sure this picture show is going to end with a happy ending.

Drum roll........... That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your time to read the PENL. I hope you found something to help you in some way. Keep your feet and minds grounded as the world continues towards an unknown destination. Keep the faith and continue doing great things for yourself and others. Keep the emails flowing. Bring new friends and help spread the word on Preparedness. I appreciate your sharing the great things you are doing with your plans and progress forward. Keep chugging ahead.

Remember to find someone who is down and out and do something to give them HOPE.

Hope – “There are some things you can only learn in a storm”

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. I know several of our readers would appreciate you adding them to your prayer list as health and worldly struggles remain. We give thanks for the positives in our life. We should also pray for the citizens and world leaders infected and making decisions to deal with the Covid 19 - Coronavirus. Please pray for the citizens around the world who are sick and not recovering as easily as others. Please pray for individuals losing their jobs and who didn't prepare in advance. Please continue including the families in TN, GA, and SC who lost family members and property during this week's tornadoes. I pray for each and every one of our Patriots. May we all be protected from the growing evils surrounding and attacking our families daily. Amen. Thank you.

Keep charging and have a safe week. Always remember, we are blessed people.


Bravo Echo Out,

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