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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #58

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #58. Thanks for your time and for being here. Ms. Lucy and I certainly appreciate you stopping by to check out news and views for the week. Relax, grab some coffee, and clear me a path to clog your brain cells. Are you able to keep pace with the world around us? It’s crazy isn’t it?

As we approach Memorial Day, I would be remiss and derelict if I didn’t give honor and respect to the 1.3 million ladies and men who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend and preserve the freedoms of this great nation. This is not the holiday to thank veterans for their service. It is the day to remember the fallen. While times are changing around us (anti-red, white and blue) and old glory flies high above us, we must never forget what it cost in human sacrifice. The price of freedom has never been free and will never be free. Please take a minute and pay respect to the fallen. Tell your children or grandchildren what the day is about. Our fallen deserve nothing less. Hats off and a moment of silence.

Okay, let us move along.

It has been so fantastic the past few weeks having time to cross paths with several Patriot sisters and brothers. I have said it before and I will say it here again, we have some Patriots who are on fire in their preparedness efforts. They are completing steps and plans that are game changing to their future choices and abilities.

I want to thank everyone for your email over the past week. Thanks for your time to write and communicate with HFS. I appreciate your efforts much and the opportunity to chat on whatever topic you present for discussion.

HEALTH ALERT: The battle for the truth continues. Numbers, medicine and treatment, open or close the states and on and on. What is the truth? It seems with each passing day further division surfaces in the federal government and red/blue states. One could question what is the truth. Many factions within the country are dividing and starting to establish a baseline stand. We all may be required to decide where we stand and what we stand for as a person and for our country. Current numbers are Global: Infected – 5,126,543 Dead – 330.853. National: Infected – 1,596,838 Dead – 95,058.

TRAINING: I continue posting the training entry because now is a great time to include some level of training in your routine while you may be teleworking or off from work. This is a great time to dust off your plans or consider building your plans if you still do not have them created. Hope for Survival has been offering several options to you at no cost. YouTube is a great place to visit for additional information on topics of interest. Now is a great time to take advantage of any training available.

We currently have 18 short training type Podcast on the Hope for Survival YouTube Channel covering numerous topics of interest to help in your preparedness planning. You can find Podcast on Canning Chicken, Risk Management, Gun safety, home and personal defense, preparedness training, driving security, interviews with like-minded individuals and other topics. Bring a friend or family member and check out the HFS YouTube page. If you like, hit like and consider subscribing so you are notified when I post something new. You can visit the Hope for Survival YouTube page at

Another step we have taken at Hope for Survival is a weekly virtual rally through Zoom where we discuss world events and topics of interest with the Patriots attending the rally. We completed week seven on Thursday and I’m sure this event will continue in the weeks ahead. I continue getting very positive feedback from the attendees on this event. Bottom line, folks are sharing different methods of doing preparedness tasks, building friendships and sharing skills with one another. The only prerequisite is you must have a sense of humor while attending and give respect to the others attending

If you have interest in attending a Hope for Survival virtual training event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. The virtual conference room information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

As I previously mentioned, I will be offering classes in June through Zoom virtual classroom. These classes will be offered based on requested topics and/or dates. Here's the tentative June schedule. If a class is offered and no one signs up, I will announce 72 hours prior to the training date and consider another course in the same slot if desired. Here's the available courses:

Preparedness 101 (Self) - 3 Hours - $30

Preparedness 102 (Team) - 90 Minutes - $20

Family Communication Planning - 90 Minutes - $20

Risk Analysis Management - 90 Minutes - $20

Bugging in Urban - 90 Minutes - $20

Bugging Out - 90 Minutes - $20

Security-in-Depth Planning - 90 Minutes - $20

Sheltering and Bug Out Bag Plan - 90 Minutes - $20

Food Preparedness and Planning - 90 Minutes - $20

Driving Security - 90 Minutes - $20

Bartering -90 Minutes - $20

June 6 - 0900 EST - Risk Analysis and Management (90 Minutes) or Bugging In Urban (Optional)

June 13 - 0900 EST - Family Communication Planning (90 Minutes) or Bugging Out (Optional)

June 20 - 0900 EST - Preparedness 101 ( 3 Hours)

June 27 - 0900 EST - Preparedness 102 (90 Minutes) or Security-in-Depth Planning (Optional)

If you have any desire to possibly take any of these classes please drop me an email to get the Zoom room reserved. To lock in your seat for a class please go to Donate to pay for your class and note in the remarks section which class you are selecting. If you want to attend a class and have limited funding please email me about limited Preparedness Sponsorship funding available.

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

NOTE: Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and authors of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. We do our best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. We take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay. When all else fails…I blame it on Festus. He’s a good guy by the way.

Thoughts for the week – (Some may consider this the tin foil hat area. So, you may want to put on your knee-high boots and anti-foil hat to protect yourself from contamination.) Smile! Just kidding with ya. Be truthful to yourself. If you believe mainstream media is fake news, how can you say alternative news is not true?


I don’t know if this would be a kawinky-dink or what. Many of you who read the PENL will understand who Wilson (squirrel) is and my random stories of Wilson and I hanging out in the mornings as the sun rises. No, Wilson is not a pet. He is simply a squirrel who randomly hangs out on a limb outside the window where my work station is located. I have shared how during this period of teleworking I have enjoyed staring in to the trees and woods each morning to enjoy the sunrise.

We have two of our grandsons (4 and 8) with us for the week and Ms. Lucy reads a story to them each night or she has the oldest grandson read some also. This is a normal practice with any of our grandchildren during visits.

Last evening, I was headed to bed and Ms. Lucy was in the room to tell me goodnight. I was teasing her and asked “aren’t you going to read me a story?” She turned towards her Alexa (sigh) and said “Alexa, read a night time story” as she continued towards leaving the room. Alexa starts to read a story titled “The squirrel and the acorn.” Of course my tin foil night cap lit up.

How about that. Do you think that is a coincidence or maybe Alexa has been keeping tabs on Bravo Echo? It would make sense, right? Google based platforms use keyword identification collection, right? I will probably get a letter from the IRS telling me I owe back taxes for Wilson. Sheesh.


During a recent road trip to conduct a route assessment of used and possibly new routes to be used by a Patriot family, we discussed terrain, landmarks, potential hazards on the different routes to be considered. We marked choke points along the diff