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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #66

Fellow Patriots,

Good morning!

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #66. Thanks for being here. We respect the time you invest with Hope for Survival and try to provide you with a mix of thoughts and information across the preparedness spectrum. That does not necessarily have to be how to grow corn or pop tarts. Preparedness covers many areas of your life that you could be impacted by decisions or events from another source.

The foundation of Hope for Survival is my book, by the same title. I have had numerous follow up comments to how the book helped individuals and their families be prepared for the recent Covid-19 and ongoing riots and anarchy across America. If you would like to get a copy of Hope for Survival How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security, Could Save Your Life, please follow this link.

Hope for Survival is built around the book, with the PENL, the HFS website containing over 325 articles and folders set up for specific topics, online and in-resident training, and Zoom rallies conducted each Thursday evening. It is important to build a foundation with the individual and then branch out to team building.

Hope for Survival Mission – To help individuals and families get prepared.

Hope for Survival Goal – Help people as possible become self-reliant.

I want to give a big thanks to everyone for your emails, and attendance to the Thursday evening Zoom preparedness rally using a virtual platform. Thanks for your time to write and communicate with HFS. I appreciate your efforts much and the opportunity to chat on whatever topic you present for discussion. It is my goal to always provide beneficial training and information to help each person individually. It is also my goal to develop preparers into a team mindset in preparedness and to function and perform together in a preparedness atmosphere. I enjoy doing the training classes because it means more people are better prepared to establish and set up their plans going forward.

A big thanks to everyone who purchased my book and to the few who purchased multiple copies to give friends. We appreciate your support. Thank you. All books shipped within 24 hours. Read the book, write down questions, and shoot me an email and let me know if I can answer questions or support your preparedness efforts in some way.

I am in the middle of a busy period so hang on and stick with us. We will arrive to the other end okay. I believe I will be able to stick to my current timeline but if I am a few minutes late please don’t fire the paper boy or milk man. It will all be okay. Yea I know, we don’t have paperboys or milk men these days but the thought back in time sure brings back good memories, right?

If you would be so kind, please keep Ms. Lucy in your thoughts and prayers the next two weeks. She will be having some surgery down in Birmingham, AL and then some recovery time. Thank you for your consideration.


Hope for Survival Podcast – I just posted two new YouTube videos this week so we currently have about 21 short training type Podcast on the Hope for Survival YouTube Channel covering numerous topics of interest to help in your preparedness planning. You can find podcast on canning chicken, risk management, gun safety, home and personal defense, preparedness training, driving security, interviews with like-minded individuals and other topics. Bring a friend or family member and check out the HFS YouTube page. If you like what you viewed, hit “like” and consider subscribing so you are notified when I post something new.

You can visit the Hope for Survival YouTube page at:

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS continues the Thursday HFS Zoom Virtual rallies weekly. We completed week 14 and will continue the weekly Zoom rallies through the summer period.

In week 14 we discussed different water storage capabilities and boiling water for cleansing as well as other preparedness topics. Once the weekly topics are completed, we have our open discussion of topics on the minds of the participants. This is a great opportunity to learn different topics.

Special Guest Thursday, July 23 rd – Sheriff Mack. If you want to know the role of the sheriff in your county, this is the session you don’t want to miss. Festus will be conducting the interview live through the Zoom virtual application. A big thanks to Festus for pulling this together.

Here’s some information on Sheriff Mack to help you get a better history and understand the importance of what this retired Sheriff has to share with us.

Sheriff Mack will discuss his case at the Supreme Court and also discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Sheriff in your county.

More Information:

Richard Ivan Mack is the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona and a political activist. He is known for his role in a successful lawsuit brought against the federal government of the United States which alleged that portions of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act violated the United States Constitution. He won his case at the Supreme Court level.

Do some research on Sheriff Mach for more information.

Recent interview with Sheriff Mack - Worth your time to watch.

Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officer Association - Consider joining and supporting Sheriff Mack and his organization

HFS has also secured a Thursday evening Zoom appearance from Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources in August. He will be talking about preparedness and specifically about the importance of communication and night vision equipment. Many of you may recognize Mr. Griswold from his appearances on the Dave Hodges Show, Glenn Tate 2.0 Podcast and Doug Hagmann podcast. Mr. Griswold is an experienced world traveler in some of the darkest places on earth. We look forward to him spending time with Hope for Survival. I will continue to put forth my best efforts to bring in nationally known voices to offer top level information on specific subjects.

If you have interest in attending a Thursday evening “Hope for Survival” Zoom virtual training event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. This is a great group and platform to learn and build friendships. The virtual conference room access information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

Additional training: I have sent out emails letting HFS readers know about doing preparedness classes. We have completed four classes to date and will continue a couple more classes after a brief summer break as time permits.

If you have any desire to take any of these classes, please drop me an email to get the Zoom room reserved. If you wish to donate for the training, feel free to do so by hitting the donate button. Or, you can purchase my book as well. All proceeds above cost to print goes to charity. Or you can gain entry with a smile. Pretty easy huh? Most importantly, you can attend for free with no donation or book purchase. Really.

Mobile Training - HFS will be going mobile to conduct a full day of preparedness training in Monticello, KY on Aug 1, 2020, 9 am – 5 pm. I met the host to of this event at a previous Heritage Life Skills event in Waynesville, N.C. in the past. Since then the host family has participated regularly in the HFS website. I will be teaching Risk Analysis and Management, Family Communication Planning, Preparedness 101 and 102. I will also be available for questions and preparedness discussions. I’m really excited to head to the Blue Grass state and spend the day with these great folks. If you live near Monticello, KY and would like to attend this training event please email me and I will connect you with the host for the training.

HEALTH ALERT: You may have noticed the Covid-19 numbers are increasing nationally. Be safe and alert.

Moving along …

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding...."Attention HFS visitors..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and authors of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. We do our best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. We take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope."

Thoughts for the week

My Patriot brothers and sisters, I have to tell you, Ms. Lucy was on fire this week. The woman could have stood on a box preaching to the world to share her disgruntlement with the story she shared with me. Wow. I don’t know if she practiced it before I arrived in Huntsville or not, but she had her Mo-Jo going. She was telling me a story about personal identification cards, libraries and voting. Ms. Lucy was telling me how she contacted a local library to inquire about a new digital service they offered. During the conversation, the librarian stated the person wanting to sign out digital media would have to present two valid forms of identification such as a valid drivers license, passport, birth certificate and so forth. Ms. Lucy shared how a library could require this for identification verification yet one wasn’t required to have a voter ID because it was discrimination. Think about that. A higher demand for those who can read and understand instructions to become eligible to sign out digital books, yet no ID is required in most states to vote for an elected official. Ms. Lucy, you are right and I’m proud of you for making your point and taking a stand.

Next ...

It has been a very busy week on my end. Monday included connecting with Christopher Scott from the Christopher Scott Podcast Show and record a lengthy 1-hour podcast discussing my book and preparedness. I must mention Chris’s attempted Air Force jokes (smile) by the former combat veteran Marine seemed a bit dull. It was a great one-hour chat with Christopher on different aspects of Preparedness. I believe the interview will be released from Christopher on Sunday. I will link it to the HFS website and video page once I have it. Christopher has been very generous of his time to promote the HFS effort. I look forward to connecting with him in the near future for some proposed training via Zoom and possible Saturday podcast together. I need to come up with some good Marine jokes however he probably won’t get them. (Smile)

Next ….

It was great to pass through the Tennessee Mountains on my way to Alabama on Saturday. Of course, this mean my buddy Festus would be standing by the exit with a bucket of blueberries to tempt me towards the exit (kidding). Actually, Festus and his team gathered so we could break bread and discuss preparedness and the world we currently live. It was great to meet a new member of their team. We discussed plans and a direction to go with the plans, training, and team building. I can NOT stress the importance of the “team” concept in preparedness planning. You must have a team. It appears I will be conducting a full day of local training in this community at a date soon. We will need some half time entertainment and with enough votes of encouragement we may be able to convince Festus to do his famous “Found my thrill on Blueberry Hill” rendition to keep the folks motivated on preparedness. Can I get a thumbs up to this suggestion?

Next ….

Over the past years Festus and I frequented a website called Yer Ol’ Woodpile Report where we found a pointed narrative to news and current events by the owner, host and presenter of information, Remus. The headlined information presented each week provided a solid Remus description. He then provided selected articles across the alternative media network. The Woodpile Report was in a league of its own. Remus lost his wife to a cancer battle in the spring of 2020 and after a couple weeks off to recover (if possible) he returned with a continued vigor for the truth. Remus posted his last article to the Woodpile Report on June 9, 2020 with no word of what happened. It was reported this week that Remus had been diagnosed with cancer and passed away three weeks later. Sir Remus, you will be missed greatly. Thanks for your years of contributions to the alternative readers trying to get educated on the truth. You, sir, served your purpose well. Be blessed.

Next …

Ms. Lucy and I got to have dinner with two long time Patriot friends and a newcomer to HFS during my swing through Huntsville. We spent a lot of time discussing the pros and cons to bugging out, team building, and world events. It was great to catch up on family and friends as well as sharing a great meal. Thank you for purchasing several copies of my book to share with family and friends. Ms. Lucy and I had the honor of spending time with this family and family members years ago when they first started their preparedness journey. We have spent many hours in conversations on preparedness and the ever-changing world. Be blessed my friends. Thank you for the time shared.

Next ….

I am excited for the upcoming trip to Monticello, KY to conduct a full day of preparedness training for the host family, friends, and a few other preparedness minded locals. It will be great to work with and help these folks “team” build for their area. We plan to do a “burger-burn” on Friday evening before the Saturday training. I send a big thanks to these fine folks for their invite and efforts to continue building their preparedness package. Off-site training is great because it is more personal, and folks can meet and chat around the training. Our friendship and relationship started at Heritage Life Skills in Waynesville, N.C. in the past years. It is amazing how bonds are formed coming out of HLS each year. If you are in or near Monticello, KY and would like to attend this training please email me with your desire and I will link you to the host of the event.

I will probably be announcing some future mobile training dates at additional locations in the near future. If you would like to discuss bringing preparedness training to your area, please contact me for more information. This is a great opportunity to bring in family and friends in your local area as well as locate potential new members for your team. Remember, a team is a must. We can’t survive an extended period alone.


I do not know how you approach your preparedness news gathering sites, collect information or process the information. I have discussed staying grounded and taking topics and not always following the input of the source. Take the topic and then find multiple sources to support or negate the points made. If a topic can’t be solidified, I move it to a hold file and in many cases it will eventually resurface. What is my point. We are being bombarded by numerous misinformation campaigns. There is so much psychological operations taking place from the left, right, foreign powers, terrorist organizations and such. As time moves forward, it will become harder and harder to know the truth. Don’t let the dog chase the rabbit. Stay grounded and focus on what is important. Plans. You can’t and won’t change all the events being talked about. But what you can do is remain focused on you and your family. Food, water, shelter, security and the other needs identified in your plans. I will do my best to continue finding and providing validated information to help you know the truth to what is taking place. As crazy as the world may seem, you must stay upright and with Hope. You may be the leader of your family and team. They will feed off your attitude and effort. Feeling and acting defeated will not motivate those around you. You must be the example for others to follow. Think about it.

Okay, my Patriot friends, the show must move on.

Preparedness News

1. From Ferfal – Modern Survivalist - - What are you waiting for? I know good people who are family oriented and ethically solid. They are not preparing and have no plan to prepare. They missed the fine print that says you have a moral and ethical obligation to protect and provide for your family. It is the family leaders responsibility to take this step. They aren’t moving yet and show no signs to move. They are the ones who fail to heed the order of the state governor to evacuate before storms. Good people. Nice to be around. They just don’t listen or pay attention to their surroundings. Wonder who they will explain to their children why the food is gone and there is no food available to purchase.

2. From Robert Richardson – Off Grid Survival - - During a recent Thursday Zoom rally we discussed the important uses for alcohol in your preparedness plans. You may wish to consider purchasing and storing some liquor to have available when needed.

3. From Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival - - It seems this is a topic on the minds of many preparers lately. With the up tempo conversations on digital currency folks are uncertain what to do with their funds. That isn’t even considering what could one do with their funds during a financial crash. Here is a recommendation to consider.

4. From AR500 Armor - - Do you own body armor? Have you considered owning it? You may wish to consider adding it to your resources. Research what style you will need before purchasing. This is a big investment in your personal safety. This is just one of many sources to consider.

5. From AARL - - Do you have a ham radio license? If not, here’s a good starting point to get study materials, online pre-test, and more. If you purchased the 30 mile hand held walkie-talkie set from Wal Mart, consider expanding your ability and get your Ham radio license. You will never get a 1 mile connection most likely with the Walkie-Talkie set.

Other News

1. From IWB – Investment Watch - - Just think, these are the folks who actually caught the problem. Imagine the thousands who aren’t observant. Could the bank be borrowing from deposited funds to stay afloat? Wait. They don’t have to borrow it. They own it once you deposit it. You already knew this, right? Thanks Festus for sending this my way.

2. From Sam Culper – Forward Observer - - This article offers some good insight to the upcoming election and possible consequences we may face in the nation. Thanks to one of our Patriot sisters for submitting this article for sharing with the HFS Patriots.

3. From Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show - - Is it just me or does it seem every corner we turn we are hearing the same story of the effort to bring down America? Think about it. Open your eyes and look to the streets, government, laws and everything else. The nation is changing faster than we can cook dinner.

4. From Backdoor Survival - - The reported numbers who are fleeing liberal high-tax, crime ridden, political pits, is sky rocketing faster than can be counted. They are fleeing for better opportunities and wages. A better chance to survive for their family. There is another race countering the moves. The number of liberals fleeing to conservative states to flip the balance and turn the states from right to left.

5. From R. Cort Kirkwood – New America - - Amazing it took months for someone to say what we already knew …and got away with it. Crime and no foul called. Ask yourself how the system of law and order has allowed some to avoid prosecution. How would you stand a fair chance in the court of law?

6. From John Whitehead – The Rutherford Institute - - This is an excellent commentary about the current state of affairs in America. How many are sleeping through the main feature? I would guess 80 to 90%. How many will be steamrolled when the cards fall? Just look back at Katrina or Covid-19. If you are snoring and snoozing during this period of history you will be the last in line to buy your popcorn and soda pop. Shame on you for leaving your family out to scavenge for the kernels.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters. Stay alert and strong.

Thanks much for your time to read the PENL and hanging with us at Hope for Survival for a few minutes. We all have different desires in news and what we read at different points in our day. Hopefully HFS has provided information to stimulate your thinking and the realities around us. It is important for you to keep your feet and minds grounded as the world continues towards an unknown destination. Keep the faith and continue doing great things for yourself and others. Keep the emails flowing. Bring new friends and help spread the word on Preparedness. I appreciate you sharing the great things you are doing with your plans and progress forward. Keep charging ahead.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. We should also pray for the citizens and world leaders infected and making decisions to deal with the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Also keep one of our senior HFS supporters in your prayers for a quick mending and recovery from a recent fall that cost him several broken bones and an unexpected surgery. Please pray for individuals losing their jobs and who didn't prepare in advance. We should pray for the families who lost their jobs and facilities burned during the riots. I pray for each and every one of our Patriots. Please say a prayer for Ms. Lucy for a successful surgery and recovery. May we all be protected from the growing evils surrounding and attacking our families daily. May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. Amen. Thank you.

Keep charging and have a safe week. Always remember, we are blessed people.


Bravo Echo Out,

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