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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #68

Fellow Patriots,

Good evening/morning from Monticello, Kentucky. The beautiful Bluegrass State indeed. If you have never visited this area you should put it on your list. This is definitely “red, white, and blue” country. You know I am loving it. It reminds me of back home where Ms. Lucy and I grew up in southern, WV. Ms. Lucy and I traveled just under three hours from our Tennessee home to conduct this mobile training event for the awesome host family and local preparers. It is like a family reunion of sorts since we met the host of this event during Heritage Life Skills over in Waynesville, NC. It certainly makes it a smaller world indeed. We are happy to be spending time together, face to face, to have lots of preparedness discussions.

The weekend started with a burger burn this evening so we could chat and catch up a bit. The host showed us around the property and location I will be conducting all day training to about 30 or so like-minded individuals. This is going to be a blast. All day preparedness training. Does it get any better? Think about it. What an awesome opportunity to be surrounded with 25 to 30 like-minded people to share with and learn from.

If you would like to do an event like this in your area just shoot me an email.

Okay, on to this week’s newsletter.

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #68. Thanks for being here. Thank you for your time invested with Hope for Survival. To those of you who come back week after week, month after month. Thank you very much. My desire is to provide you with a mix of thoughts and information across the preparedness spectrum. That does not necessarily have to be how to grow potatoes or bag potato chips. Preparedness covers many areas of your life that you could be impacted by decisions or events from another source. Though the topics can be deep and troubling, I try to add a bit of humor when possible to keep the boat above water.

The foundation of Hope for Survival is my book, by the same title. I have had numerous follow up comments to how the book helped individuals and their families be prepared for the recent Covid-19 and ongoing riots and anarchy across America. If you would like to get a copy of Hope for Survival How Food, Water, Shelter, and Security, Could Save Your Life, please follow this link.

When deciding how to build a framework for HFS it had to include multiple areas one could obtain information, opportunity, and training. Hope for Survival is built around the book, with the PENL, the HFS website containing over 325 articles and folders set up for specific topics, online and in-resident training, and Zoom rallies conducted each Thursday evening. It is important to build a foundation with the individual and then branch out to team building. Why? Who covers your back while you sleep? Who protects you while you work in your garden or tend to livestock or work on your ham radio antenna?

Hope for Survival Mission – To help individuals and families get prepared.

Hope for Survival Goal – Help people as possible become self-reliant.

Thank you for your continued emails and support. Those who attend the Thursday evening Zoom preparedness rally using a virtual platform are making the most of available time and available information and working groups to better prepare. You too can be a part. I appreciate everyone for their efforts to chat on whatever topic you present for discussion. It is my goal to always provide beneficial training and information to help each person individually. It is also my goal to develop preparers into a team mindset in preparedness and to function and perform together in a preparedness atmosphere. I enjoy doing the training classes because it means more people are better prepared to establish and set up their plans going forward. I can’t put it any plainer than to say, your odds of surviving what is headed our way drops drastically if you are not prepared to some degree and you are self-reliant and part of a team.

Another big thank you to everyone who purchased my book and to the few who purchased multiple copies to give friends. HFS readers purchased 15 books in 24 hours this weekend. That makes about 40 to 50 books sold during the past two weekends. This is great for the buyer because I hope it is the first step in converting another mindset and it’s great because it means more funding will be going to the local food bank to feed the hungry. Thank you so much. We appreciate your support. Thank you. All books shipped within 24 hours. Read the book, write down questions, and shoot me an email and let me know if I can answer questions or support your preparedness efforts in some way.

We have added approximately 25 new HFS followers in the past three weeks. I would like to welcome all the new readers and followers to the HFS family. We have a great collection of followers who I consider to be part of my preparedness family. Join in and become a part of the HFS journey. The most recent addition is known as the left coast co-host from another podcast, located specifically in Oregon. A funny guy caught up in the craziness in Portland, Or. I will simply call him Par 3 since we already have one bronze bomber. Seriously, we welcome everyone and hope you find a comfortable place to enjoy the HFS journey.

I want to give a huge “thank you” to the Patriot sister and HFS supporter who sent a check to our mailbox to support the efforts we are trying to do at HFS. Your donation helps cover fuel cost in the many miles traveled monthly to help others get prepared. Your gift is much appreciated and you, my sister, are truly a blessing to our life over the past years. We do not expect things like this, but we truly appreciate your kind and generous contribution to HFS. Love and prayers to you always. Thank you so much.

Ms. Lucy is doing well and still recovering daily from surgery. Each day seems to bring clearer vision and less blurriness and nausea, so things appear on the right course. Thank you all for your notes, emails, and prayers. We appreciate it much.


Hope for Survival Podcast – One of the areas HFS provides training opportunities is through the HFS YouTube channel. The most recent video posted is my one-hour interview on preparedness with the Christopher Scott Show Podcast. This is a great interview for anyone who is on the fence or simply unprepared. We currently have about 22 short training type Podcast on the Hope for Survival YouTube channel covering numerous topics of interest to help in your preparedness planning. You can find podcast on canning chicken, risk management, gun safety, home and personal defense, preparedness training, driving security, interviews with like-minded individuals and other topics. Bring a friend or family member and check out the HFS YouTube page. If you like what you viewed, hit “like” and consider subscribing so you are notified when I post something new.

You can visit the Hope for Survival YouTube page at:

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS continues the Thursday HFS Zoom Virtual rallies weekly. We completed week 16 with a great Zoom meeting which was supported by many. This week’s rally provided a weekly news update, a few preparedness briefs to include a brief by Gun Smoke himself. Once the short briefs are completed, we have our weekly “Chatter that Matters” session with the attendees. It is amazing how much we can cover in this part of the rally. It is great information and time spent molding and building friendships.

Special Guest in August – HFS has secured a Thursday evening Zoom appearance from Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources. He will be talking about preparedness and specifically about the importance of communication and night vision equipment. Many of you may recognize Mr. Griswold from his appearances on the Dave Hodges Show, Glenn Tate 2.0 Podcast and Doug Hagmann podcast. Mr. Griswold is an experienced world traveler in some of the darkest places on earth. We look forward to him spending time with Hope for Survival. I will continue to put forth my best efforts to bring in nationally known voices to offer top level information on specific subjects.

If you have interest in attending a Thursday evening “Hope for Survival” Zoom virtual training event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. This is a great group and platform to learn and build friendships. The virtual conference room access information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

Additional training: I have sent out emails letting HFS readers know about doing preparedness classes. We have completed four classes to date and will continue a couple more classes after a brief summer break as time permits.

If you have any desire to take any of these classes, please drop me an email to get the Zoom room reserved. If you wish to donate for the training, feel free to do so by hitting the donate button. Or, you can purchase my book as well. All proceeds above cost to print goes to charity. Or you can gain entry with a smile. Pretty easy huh? Most importantly, you can attend for free with no donation or book purchase. Really.

Mobile Training - Monticello, KY – Aug 1, 2020 – 9-5 AM

Moving along …

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding...."Attention HFS visitors..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope."

Thoughts for the week

I have asked several folks this week the same question. That is, “is it just me or does something seem really wrong right now?” Wow, what an open ended broad ranged question huh? Let me explain. I like to read a lot and that includes reading lots of comments posted under the articles. I will read over half or more of the statements left by readers. Personally, I do not post on any of them and simply read and observe attitudes towards topics.

I pretty much refuse to watch television and leave that to Ms. Lucy to put on her armor shield and brave the ka-ka and stench to hear what is being said. As she tells me “she needs to hear what the enemy is saying and thinking.” What can I say to that? Moving along. Something seems bizarre or odd. We are roughly 98 days from a national election for the Presidency of the United States of America and aside from the mudslinging one must wonder is there really going to be an election? Maybe it’s the area I am in, but I move around a lot between TN, NC, Northern GA, and AL and I see minimal to zero political posters or yard signs. I have noticed minimal radio adds. We could have an election without even having a presidential debate.

So what am I missing? It is almost like the mudslinging is all show and pretend and the big boys already realize there will not be an election. Who cares who is to blame for it? I also find it pretty eye opening and alarming that any political party, family, or friends, who would allow the Joe Biden fiasco to continue. Not because he is a Democrat. It is almost inhumane to watch this continue. Why would his family allow this to continue unless there is a plan to stop it before the election? Something is seriously wrong. Then I ask, how could a person or political party, regardless of the party, seriously believe this man is capable of taking control of our nation? Oh, unless there is a secret plan in place to get him elected then he steps down before sworn in. I have considered the “poor Joe” theory. Right before the election poor Joe has to drop out because of illness and then we hear the voices singing the “poor Joe” tune to get the votes out of respect to Joe. Sounds crazy huh?

Just remember they elected Biden's boss of eight years before DT on two occasions. Have you asked what our superpower enemies are wondering and thinking? Am I alone here? What’s your thoughts on it? It is like nothing passes the logic test these days.

Next ...

Anyone who started hanging out with alternative media about six or so years back may remember a site referenced from time to time titled Deagle or The infamous mystery site or spook site, as some referenced it appeared with some startling predictions to occur in roughly 2025. Now, when Festus and I first start researching and tracking Deagle it was no big deal because it was about ten or more years away. Sometimes we thought maybe it was a spook site or a spoof to throw people off. I think I have heard Deagle as being a front site for the CIA or some other alphabet agency in the D.C. Beltway area. Now here is the link to the site I am speaking about and you may immediately catch or see what caught our eye in the data. Notice anything odd in the numbers? Still don’t see it? Look at the estimated U.S. population before and in 2025. Oh, this must be some sort of mistake, right? It must be a mistake for the U.S. to lose roughly 250 million people from its populace. Look at the GDP as well? Size of the U.S. Military. If I didn’t know any better and simply looked at this data I would think the U.S. economy is about to take a major financial downfall and crash to include depopulation and financial hardship as well. The average income per U.S. citizen drops from roughly $55,000 to about $19,000. These are a tad above third world nation numbers.

Why am I bringing this up now? We are about 4 ½ years from this projection on Deagle. We are locked down, masked up, weak dollar, anarchy in the streets, unemployment numbers teetering on a direction to go, a splintered government where one side is fighting for America and the other side for Socialism. Government agencies are saying they do NOT have a vaccine for Covid-19 and we should plan to be in this mode in to 2022. Are your Lego blocks stacking up right on this one?

So, I’m bouncing around on different articles and websites and I find an update for 2017. Guess what? The news is better. Well, sort of. Instead of our population dropping to 90 million in 2025 it actually only drops to 100 million. You can check out these stats here.

Next ….

I would encourage you to grab a 12 pack and find a comfortable seat to read this article. Oh, that would be the highest percentage of sugar you can get. Chocolate or maple covered will work great. Maybe throw some filler in the warm creamy dough. Yep, if you are brave enough to read this entire article you will maybe have two donuts and then the other ten as you get madder and madder at the story line. This may be one of the best put together Covid 19 articles I have read to date. This reads like a research paper and it probably is. The author has put together great research and anyone who reads its entirety and still sides with Dr. Fauci and the fraud crew, well, gosh help them because they are simply choosing to be mentally challenged or else they enjoy being called a lib-tard. The degree of hurt and destruction these people caused to our families and nation is not acceptable and holding them accountable is not enough. All in the name of politics and hate for President Trump. These people sought out this master plan and they publicly stated it was coming and it did. I know I am hearing from credible sources we could face this in to 2022 or longer. Reading this article supports the Deagle 2025 statistics even better. Like I said, grab something you enjoy eating (lots of it) and maybe get in a comfortable chair. This is a long one but it is worth your time to read. I promise. If you read it and then feel angry because you did, blame Festus. He sent me the article. It’s a good one. Just as Festus said when he sent it my way.

Next ….

Early in the week I was doing my homework researching information for the classes I will be teaching in Monticello, KY on Saturday. One of the benefits to doing localized training for a specific community is I can tailor the class information to the location. Part of the focus is the information I can locate and build in the Intelligence collection and report to use as the example for the students as part of their Risk Analysis and Management class. One of the steps I like to use is google earth and blow up the map using the target community in the center and then go out about 100 miles in all directions. When I blew out the satellite imagery for this community it was a “wow” moment. Within about 100 to 110 miles was Louisville, Lexington, Nashville, and Knoxville. The target community was a “bulls-eye” located dead center between the four cities. Three of the four cities already encountered riots from BLM and Antifa. If things would continue to escalate in the wrong direction, citizens would most likely flee these cities in all directions. Within a short period of time, this small community of about 7,000 people would be like a stampede and getting overrun. Not to mention, all available food, fuel, medicines, and other resources would be gone. Remember, we are always nine days from starvation. On the other hand, being centrally located between these four cities could make this community a great rear support area for people who wish to cause problems or harm. Gangs. Anarchist. Rioters. Therefore, building your risk management and security plans remains critical. You must always know what is going on in your community, good or bad. You want credible intelligence and the ability to process the information and then sound the alarm is needed. Thinking outside the box one could see how it would be easy for thugs and criminals to select this community to stage and strike the four cities close by. I will soon be doing a Saturday class on building Intelligence in your Preparedness Plans. I have not announced a date yet, but I will try to do it very soon.

Next …

During last week’s “chatter that matters” portion of the Thursday Zoom Rally, the group conducted a fairly deep conversation on the toughness and difficulty in finding and building a “team” to support your preparedness plans. I could write a long string of words to the thoughts on this topic and I would lose you at the point you reach for the third bagel or the sausage gravy takes a drip from your utensil. Not to get off track but I really like southern sausage gravy over some scratch biscuits. Speaking of scratch biscuits, have you ever had an evening snack with a warm biscuit covered with home canned fig jam? Add a glass of milk or hot coffee. Yum. Okay, I have to get back on track here. Sorry, can you tell I like to talk about good eating? Hey, part of this newsletter and the time I spend putting it together weekly is the mandatory requirement that we all have fun in the process. We have so much negative garbage floating around 24 x 7 and if we aren’t careful, we get caught in this cycle and the next thing we know we are caught up, depressed, and eating lots of sausage gravy and biscuits. Right?

Back to my original point I wanted to make. What I pointed out to the folks in the conversation is this; even though we may not have a team or the number of team members we want or believe we should have to complete our team, we must press ahead and not be bogged down. In my case, I started with me. I did have the voices in my head offering some input along the way, but it still left me with me. Just me. I had a choice. I could do nothing and let each day pass, one by one, and in a week, month, or year, still have no team and no plan. So with one, me, I still built my community security plan and continued to work on the side to add and build the human element. It is important to get your plans on paper and doable so you can share and teach it to your new team members as you build your team. If you aren’t capable, skilled, or familiar with what should go in each specific plan, just ask someone to help. I meet and know many so called “preparers” who refuse to build plans and operate on the “I have my guns and lots of ammo” plan and they may operate from a “tuff guy” perspective however that will be the end of their journey as a preparer.

Time is not our friend in the world we live today.

Next ...

Because of the Covid-19 fiasco and all the negative news and propaganda much of the world news is being ignored. Specifically, China. As stated by our own Pentagon, China is the No 1 threat to the United States today. China wants and needs our land, not our people. The threat of China to the United States would purposely not destroy infrastructure or poison the soil. China does not want or need our people. Americans are useless eaters to the Chinese government. The easiest way for China to reach this goal would be through the use of the EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse. It has been reported that China now holds a first strike capability to deliver the EMP threat.

Why am I bringing up the topic of China? I believe we should keep our eyes on China as part of our three-ring threat matrix and specifically the Global threats to the United States. Currently China is suffering devastating flooding in multiple regions. There is the possibility of multiple dams collapsing.

Last I read this threatens roughly 40 million Chinese citizens. The flooding is destroying much of the Chinese food crop as well. In my mind, this escalates the Chinese governments need for finding resources now and for the future. Never forget, the Chinese government philosophy does not include peace. Not in any form or size. The Chinese government wants Americans dead. Fact.

Here are a couple links you can follow to get you caught up on some excellent information: Mike Adams interview with former CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp -

Additionally, here is drone footage of the current flooding taking place in over 40 provinces. -

Here is another international perspective on the flooding; So while we have flooding inside of China and a serious threat I might add, China continues efforts to bully and dominate the globe.

Here’s some other things you probably didn’t hear or know about this week. Remember a few months ago I posted information for several weeks about the Russian S-400 Radar Systems being purchased by Turkey from Russia? The stink at the time by the US Government was Turkey was also on contract to buy several US built F-35 fighter jets with the super-secret anti-intercept radar. One of the biggest threats to this fighter jet radar system would be the Russian S-400. The US Government called “foul” and cancelled the order, last I heard. Now, China was set to receive the same S-400 systems from Russia until this week when Russia up and cancelled the order stating the contract delivery of the weapon systems could advance the Covid-19 spread and put both Russian and Chinese workers at risk to spread the virus. Huh? When did either country really give a hoot about humanity. Here is the link to one of several carriers to the story.

So why is this even a story to care about? Another story you probably didn’t hear about or catch lately is the skirmishes taking place between India and China. Very barbaric style battles I the mountains using caveman like clubs. I am not saying China needs the sophisticated S-400 systems to defend against the club carrying mountain men. What hasn’t really been reported is India recently received delivery of several French fighter jet systems to protect India against continued Chinese threats and harassment.

One would think China has a full plate but there is more. China continues ongoing harassment of Hong Kong and Taiwan. There was speculation about 48 hours ago that China had imposed a full blockade of Taiwan which would potentially draw the United States in to the tension. This has been ongoing for several months with no resolve. Here is more information on this area of concern;

A huge threat and possible major disaster involving China is the results of China's past one child policy. Years later, as the one child generations age to retirement, China will have over 40 million retirement aged adults with fewer citizens to support them. That being, male populace with no females to marry and produce future families. More specifically, females. China is finding a an over populated male dominated culture causing increased tension and crime. This is the making of another national disaster.

China is a threat to our way of life in the United States and everyone should continue monitoring the threats they pose to our great nation.

A big thanks to Festus for the information submitted for part of this story.

Next ....

I would encourage anyone and everyone who doesn't currently own or have access to protective body armor, a carrier or plates, to start thinking about it if you live in, transit through or around, or live within roughly 100 miles to a major city. This is a precaution and one you should consider investing in. Violent riots and protest are spreading and could go full throttle spreading across the nation in the hours you are asleep. What will you do if you are trapped on an interstate while in transit and rioters have the interstate blocked and you see no police presence in the area? Multiple locations enduring riots and anarchy are reporting police and investigators finding caches of hidden weapons, magazines stocked with ammo, explosive materials and other resources that could threaten your life. Consider being proactive and left-of-bang and take steps to protect yourself and family before you are caught center bang or right of bang, or post event. Here is a recent article Festus pointed me towards and it is another example of the violence spreading without cause or a spark. - If you desire purchasing personal body armor you should consider buying a minimum of Level III but Level III A would be better. If you live in a city or high threat location you should consider buying a set of Level III A body armor with a combination plate behind the armor like a plate made by Interceptor, at this link. I have no connections to these manufacturers or providers. I'm simply showing you examples of the products I'm speaking about. Other examples for these products can be located at: or You can find many providers of this resource. It is costly. But, how much is your life worth? Do some research and watch some YouTube videos on body armor and protection. Learn the difference between bullet proof and bullet resistant.

Okay, my Patriot friends, the show must move on.

Preparedness News

1. From T.S. – Survival Blog - - This is a good read. One of the things discussed often yet it can’t be totally described in a convincing enough manner to wake up the unprepared is when the threat is close to home, how you should react and possibly respond. Reading, watching movies, and hearing it from those who may have experienced it helps, but the reality is, it never burns as bad as it will when you grab the hot pot handle. Remaining cognizant to your surroundings is essential. Becoming an out of the box thinker would be a good starting point as well.

2. From Mom with a Prep - - A lot of new preparers are taking up the process of dehydrating products from their garden. Here is a great recommendation on green onions.

3. From Glenn Tate – Prep 2.0 - - Many of you have read the 299 Day series by Glenn Tate. GT offers a great radio podcast on KHNC. Here is the link to check out his shows. GT offers great guest as well.

4. From Preppers Survive - - One of the things I look for when conducting risk assessments with a family on site at their home is a safe room or a location that can be used or converted to a safe room. This room can be used for multiple causes, one being a temporary location to retract and get your game plan on is time permits. With the number of home invasions occurring nationally, it is important every family put together a plan. Keep in mind, the family may be separated during the invasion and the ability to find a safe room to rally back up or regroup could be critical to surviving.

5. From Prep School Daily - - A few weeks ago this was a topic of discussion on our weekly Zoom rally. How can I preserve eggs for a longer duration? How do I know when they are bad? How can I self-test the eggs on my own? Here is some good info to keep on hand in your paper library.

Other News

1. From Brandon Smith – Alt-Market - - This article lays out some interesting possibilities for the upcoming 2020 election. Remember, Brandon was the first, if not only, early on to predict a Trump victory months ahead of the election. His prediction rattled many because there was probably 10 or more Republican candidates remaining in the Republican nominee race at that time. BS current prediction of mayhem and confusion in Nov 2020 is not overly surprising if you have followed the hands and how each side played their cards the past few years. The ultimate goal is not to win or lose the election but to bring down the nation economically and then societal through any means and with any cause possible. We as preparers can watch and monitor events as they unfold but our focus better be on finalizing our preparedness plans before November arrives. We can’t predict the future but we certainly can predict our level of preparedness regardless of events on the national level. Don’t get caught with your pants down.

2. From Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge - - This is a perfect example of the long time reporting that Washington D.C. is totally disconnected from reality. The only truth they know and believe is what is said and reported from within the beltline bubble. Video taken on the ground at the protest locations still isn’t proof there’s problems around America and much is the responsibility of politics and policies passed within the capitol region. There is probably more truth to the fact this will never change than to believe Washington will ever announce a solution to the messes created. The question remains how long until the nation announces enough is enough.

3. From Samuel Culper – Forward Observer - - Samuel address what he believes to be next in the Urban insurgencies taking place. These are excellent thoughts to consider when you read and process the things you see taking place. As Samuel writes, this is a cat and mouse process with both sides making a move and then seeing a countermove. This could be in your community and understanding the process used by both sides may help you to understand what comes next.

4. Off Grid Survival - - Imagine, you get the large envelope in the mail from Ed McMahon and he tells you the enclosure must be mailed back to make you one of the three finalist for the multi-million dollar give away. You are so pumped and convinced you get one quarterly and you rush to send it back. Ten years later, you still do the same process. If this describes you, you will probably line up for the Gates injections because you don’t mind getting another type of the Covid virus even after multiple vaccinations. Yea, I know. A bit sarcastic, right? It was meant to be in the hope of maybe waking up at least one person.

5. From Ralph Flores – Natural News - - Many are labeling the Coronavirus as a left wing conspiracy and it may be. However, I would caution everyone to realize the Covid virus is real. The virus is mutating quickly and multiple strains exist today. I heard a report this morning from a good source the virus will still be with us in to 2022 or longer. These are just words and the source just committed $25 million to mass produce a specific style of face mask. It is believed mask use in conjunction with multiple vaccines should (not would) protect each citizen. The virus is certainly to be used for economic and political gains however we the people will suffer the fallout of these measures.

6. From C. Todd Lopez – DoD News - - Yea, this is a little different and some may not tie it in with what they think as preparedness. As I have mentioned before, future warfare will be fought or include space battles. You don’t hear a lot about it but the development of space battlefields and weaponry has been around for a while now. This is a very good article discussing a link between DoD, the private sector and civilian need. The thing to get from this article that is not a good sign is the fact the statement is made “contracting companies are telling the government what is needed vs the government identifying needs and then bidding out for contract.” Just a personal opinion.

7. From Michael Gordan - Wall Street Journal - - This should not come as a surprise but this is a continued major shift taking place across Europe with US Forces. Note, the forces aren't rotating back to the states but being relocated in Europe. More like Eastern Europe I would guess.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters. Stay alert and strong.

Thanks much for your time to read the PENL and hanging with us at Hope for Survival for a few minutes. We all have different desires in news and what we read at different points in our day. Hopefully HFS has provided information to stimulate your thinking and the realities around us. It is important for you to keep your feet and minds grounded as the world continues towards an unknown destination. Keep the faith and continue doing great things for yourself and others. Keep the emails flowing. Bring new friends and help spread the word on Preparedness. I appreciate you sharing the great things you are doing with your plans and progress forward. Keep charging ahead.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for individuals losing their jobs and who didn't prepare in advance. We should pray for the families who lost their jobs and facilities burned during the riots. I pray for each and every one of our Patriots. May we all be protected from the growing evils surrounding and attacking our families daily. May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world.

Amen. Thank you.

Keep charging and have a safe week. Always remember, we are blessed people.


Bravo Echo Out,

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