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Patriot Express Newsletter Edition #82

Fellow Patriots,

Welcome to the Patriot Express Newsletter (PENL) Edition #82. Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with us this week. I think its fair to say our nation is in a bit of a whirlwind trying to figure out what is taking place with our election results. Who appears to win, why, and where will we go from this point no matter who is declared the winner. The days are now shorter and we adjust to limited hours of light. We hear the phrase "dark winter" more and more with each passing day. Of course, the days are shorter and it will be a dark winter...or is that what they are speaking about? Stay tuned and we will catch you up on some thoughts and interesting news for the week.

If you are a guest or newcomer to the HFS journey, please check out this link for additional information offered through HFS.

Thursday Zoom Rallies – HFS continues the Thursday HFS Zoom Virtual rallies weekly. We completed week #30 in our Zoom series and spent most of the evening discussing the election and where we think things will proceed from this point. It was not a venting session and the group discussed possible changes to expect if we have an administration change in Jan 2021. The group also discussed some communication options such as SIGNAL and Zello phone applications.

If you have interest in attending a Thursday evening “Hope for Survival” Zoom virtual rally event please email me at to get on the distribution list for attendance information. This is a great group and platform to learn and build friendships. The virtual conference room access information will not be posted in open on the website for OPSEC reasons.

HFS YouTube Channel - I was able to post a new video to the HFS YouTube channel titled Post Election - Remain Calm and Alert. Check it out at this link. If you haven't subscribed please consider doing so. Simply hit subscribe. It is free!!!

Moving along …

We must make this brief public announcement to protect the innocent.

Ding, Ding, Ding...."Attention HFS readers..... Opinions shared in this newsletter are just that, opinions, and nothing more. Read at your own risk. The owner and author of this site are not responsible for hurt feelings or thin-skinned readers. I do my best to show restraint and respect to the best extent possible. I take as many precautions as possible and try to remain as nonpolitical as possible, however, there are times when I just can't help but point certain things out. Sometimes we must pull up our spenders and suck it up. Just saying. Stay the course, read what you want, and avoid the rest. Avoid fear porn as much as possible and the day will be okay.) When all else fails… Keep the faith and always have Hope."

Let’s move along and get to some thoughts...

Thoughts for the week

Well, what can we say? The election that has been on everyone's mind the past months arrived and ended...sort of. It isn't ending the way many had wished and I'm sure we all have looming questions to how it could turn out much like 2016 but on a bigger scale. What do I mean? Think back to many of the local races and how several Republicans won on election day however the states found boxes full of uncounted votes that was then included and they overturned the specific election for the original winning candidate. We are now witnessing it on a bigger scale. . It worked before and nothing was tried to stop it. So why not do it again? Think about it. The election was November 3 yet in some Democratic locations votes with no postmark date or signature are being counted.

It is hard to not be madder than heck and feel your blood boiling as we watch this election unfold and resolve to another stolen event. Why? I hear massive voices screaming "you can't do this" or "this is against the law" and so on. We get a smile in response as massive ballot dumping occurs during the hours the vote counting stopped. Do you know the Constitution says nothing about absentee or mail in voting? Heck, it says nothing about a popular vote either. In order to have and keep a Republic there must be laws and rules and it is apparent more than ever, election laws and rules must be non-existent because no one is following them. We must also remember, the vote totals and state announcements being heard today are not official. These are not Electoral College official sealed votes. By law and rule, the citizens should not know vote totals until the envelope is opened by the Congress. Today, the nation is a circus based on the totals announced by the news media. I digress.

FLASH BACK: As I watched the election build up and then the election on Tuesday I couldn't help but flash back to a previous time in my former life. It was a time in history and I witnessed things that stuck with me forever. Some may remember the fall of the Berlin Wall and how history changed in Eastern Europe. I was in America when the wall tumbled to the echo of President Reagan's famous words "Mr. Gorbachev tare down that wall." Soon after my assignment changed and I went special duty to the dark world for the remainder of my career. It offered many opportunities I would not have experienced otherwise. I spent most of my life deployed for the coming years and the things i witnessed changed my perspective forever.

Those who know me know I like to stand back and observe and learn from what I see, both in people and surroundings. Both, always tells a story. This was all new to me. I was an American from the greatest nation on earth. Throughout the nations I would travel the youth wanted me to tell them stories about America. It was the dream of many. I could see their eyes light up and glow while hearing me tell my favorite stories from our great nation. Parades, fireworks, festive foods, the celebration of Christmas with lights and shopping, shopping malls and yard sales. Most of the things could only be celebrated through movies and internet.

In many cases it was like traveling to another planet to witness and see life as it was for others. It was a shock from a humanistic perspective and I had to remain in a mission mindset focused on purposes for being at a given location. Mostly our goal was to win minds and hearts. Just like for the foreign locals, for me it was things I previously would have witnessed in movies and the internet.

Having the opportunity to work in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, ..... and others, I witnessed these nations raped of their dignity and resources as the Communist left, nation by nation. The people stood erect with pride and joy though very the appearance was hollow and very little was left. Food shortages, job shortages, minimal funds, fuel, high crime, no public transportation, and so forth. As an American adult I never went without because our culture provided all the choices of resources and ensured availability to everyone. This was not the case in the lands I visited. Seeing lines of citizens waiting at the chance for food. Watching citizens attend corner thrift sales offering up their gloves, hats and used shoes just for pocket change to buy food for the day. No one could find a Bible near or far. Many black market vendors snuck Bibles across the borders and often times locals would choose a Bible over food. Heat was provided by burning coal or wood when it could be located. I thought I knew poor previously but this was a new level of poor. It was much like the locations I had visited in Africa. Actions taken by national leaders directly impacted these people at the end of the line. They suffered ramifications of wars, inflation, taxes, and theft of the nations resources. But no matter what happened or how bad it appeared, these people maintained their pride and humbleness. They offered respect to one another yet trust was not a given. Their nation had just converted from communism to the unknown of what would be next. Even though thankful for the change and apparent freedoms ahead, the people still feared a new direction and trust was lacking initially because of past leadership abuses to the people.

CURRENT DAY: Yes, though not as extreme, we are entering a new road where our minds will attempt to traverse in all directions. We must do our best to remain the same proud, humble, hard working, people of faith, each day forward. The world has not ended (earthly speaking) and as we journey forward to the unknown, we must try our best to remain positive and find our way forward through life with our faith, family, friends, and life in our local areas. We must remember not to allow our minds to travel down the roads to the unknown because today, everything is the same as it was yesterday and the day before. We simply have to be prepared if change comes along. Adapt and adjust.

Each day forward we must monitor events and determine how national changes and policies will impact us at our local level. Many things will occur that we can't change or stop but we can be alert and adapt to things coming at us. I, like many of you, feel disheartened to how things appear to be turning out but I can't dwell on it, nor should you. Stress is deadly and will bring you down quickly. Don't let it happen. Together we will do our best to make it through another four years, day by day, and event by event. Stay informed and alert to adjust your situation. A defeat at the national level does NOT mean we are defeated as people, our beliefs, and what we stand for. We must not be bitter or carry ill will over the past , yet we must maintain hardened armor and grip to stand for our beliefs and foundation.

Just like a home is built brick by brick from the ground up, we must work to do the same for our nation. It will be harder each election cycle because the mindset we are working against is producing greater numbers through public education and social media compared to the numbers the conservative movement produces. Fellow Patriots, we must get smart and know understand the system so that we know it and its foundation. How many times did you hear the word Democracy this week? "This is how the Democracy works." No. We are a Constitutional Republic. Don't forget that. Please order and read the best available source today, Saving the Constitution by Dr. Richard Proctor. Get it. Read it. Know it. Saying they stole the election is simply fodder. Its not just about who votes, it's also equally important to know who counts them. Understanding the Constitution will tell you why. We must work the local, state, and national level harder to find candidates to support who represents our values and the foundation of our nation, the Constitution.

Yes, for whatever reason it appears our candidate may lose the national election, however a defeat does not mean we lost the war. Keep the faith Patriot sisters and brothers. We may never know the truth behind how it happened but we will do our best to survive this shot to the gut. When the dust settles and if this election goes through the courts, we may still prevail. Why is the President so determined to take his case to the courts? Here is a very interesting document posted by Real Clear Politics showing number of registered voters and votes cast:

We just have to keep grounded and be prepared for either outcome. If it doesn't end in our favor, be thankful we had this President serve our great nation for four years. Think about all the great things this man has done for us, without pay. He has endured four years of pure "heck" from the party of people (cough, cough). They have shown no respect or support to him. They have lied and attacked him and his family. He has fought for all of us daily. He may not be the polished politician some desired but he said the things many of us wanted to say. He fought the fight and put forth his best shot. If he goes on to lose the election, he didn't lose it,,, we the people did. He kept his word to the people of our nation. He has arrested more pedophiles than any president in our history. He has NATO paying bills for NATO and wars like no time before. He tried to protect the unborn. He was called a racist repeatedly and yet look at the actions completed for minorities. He put more minorities back to work than anytime before. Shall I continue? Not perfect, but he fought for us. He built a booming economy before Covid-19. Be brought back countless corporations from overseas. He holds China accountable for unfair trade practices. He didn't get us in another war unlike his previous two predecessors. He has tried to bring our troops home from 20 year wars. He has spoken out against states practicing unfair laws against those of faith. I will stop here. I just want the reader to think about the good we gained in the past four years. He accomplished more in four years than the previous polished politician accomplished in his eight years in office. So if we only get four years or get eight, we need to be thankful for the man who loved this great nation like us.

My final thought on this topic is this. To the radicals who want to take to the streets and cause harm and damage to the people, both democratic and republican, nd all colors, you need to go home and clean the basement. You need to stop here. You do not want to start something you can not finish.

Okay, lets move along to the news…

Preparedness News

1. True Prepper - - Anyone who desires to start preparing should address what they are preparing for in their first step. If you have read my book or taken any of my classes you will understand my personal theory, that being, Risk Analysis is critical from the start in setting up your preparedness plans. Based on your location, threats in your area, your personal abilities, and other key information, it will help you start identifying threats. Ask what are your risk and how will you mitigate them. Then start building your plans and identifying your needs to set up your plan.

2. From Personal Defense World - - This is another perspective on sights on your firearms.

3. From Robert Richardson - Off Grid Survival - - Batteries. Do you use multiple types and do you understand them? This is a fairly good article on batteries and using them in your preparedness plans. You may wish to check this out.

4. From Mass Private - - Good information to support how your DNA is being used against you. Granted you should already know this, right?

Other News

1. Bob Pue - News with Views - - For those paying attention during the Presidential Debates, candidate "Come on man" suggested the United States would be suffering from a Dark Winter. Huh? Just another thrown out word or phrase. Sorta like former President George H.W. Bush when he referenced a "new world order" years ago. Dark winter has existed for years and for those familiar with former author Tom Clancy you may recognize the dark winter phrase. I recalled it from my active duty years at HQ Air Force Special Operations while working as the Superintendent of Anti-terrorism. The author at the link has a good discussion on dark winter. Check it out if you are not familiar. Winter is approaching rapidly so you may wish to know what it is before it arrives.

2. From Kathleen Marquardt - News with Views -

If you want a good read to work your brain a little harder to think and process interesting thoughts, the two links above by the same author is a good read.

3. From Michael Anton - American Mind - - You have probably noticed different versions of the point being made in this article. They are different in intent, just comparable titles. I tend to agree, we are seeing a level of intent playing out before our eyes. The final result is open for any predictions to be made. Unknown. Brace yourself and be prepared for the unexpected and swift moving changes ahead.

4. From Brandon Smith - Zero Hedge - - This is short and to the point. And, I think the BS narrative could be on target. Much of what we are seeing we discussed pre-election..but did we really believe it could happen? It is.

Drum roll...........

That's all my Patriot brothers and sisters. Stay alert and strong.

Thanks much for your time to read the PENL and hanging with us at Hope for Survival. We all have different desires in news and what we read at different points in our day. Hopefully HFS has provided information to stimulate your thinking and the realities around us. It is important for you to keep your feet and minds grounded as the world continues towards an unknown destination.

Keep the faith and continue doing great things for yourself and others. Keep the emails flowing. Bring new friends and help spread the word on Preparedness. Visit the HFS YouTube page and check out the numerous preparedness videos. Subscribe and hit like. It’s a minimal price to pay for free information. I appreciate you sharing the great things you are doing with your plans and progress moving you forward. Keep charging ahead.

Prayers - Please keep our great nation, our elected leaders, military and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. Please pray for our leadership to find answers and guidance to the problems facing our great nation as we approach our election. May peace be cast upon us and protect us as we vote. I pray for each, and every one of our Patriots. May we all be protected from the growing evils surrounding and attacking our families daily. May we pray for all the blessings and things in life to be thankful about and continued hope for revival around the world. We must continually pray for the unsaved, our family and friends who live each day without the protection for eternal life and salvation. Amen.

Keep charging and have a safe week. Always remember, we are blessed people. Don’t allow the events around us to create fear in your life. Build your own self-reliance and focus on hope. We are a blessed nation and we must continue to be great people.


Bravo Echo Out,

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