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Pioneer Candy Recipes - Caramel Apples

Pioneer Candy Recipes for Halloween - Steve Nubie - -

1. Caramel Apples

Apples were one of the most common fruits in early America. They were used for everything from cider and vinegar to pies and desserts. A particular favorite was an apple rolled in caramel and then sometimes rolled in nuts.


* 1 16-ounce bag of caramel candies (the pioneers made this from scratch using sugar that was melted and cooked until caramelized, but we're going to make this safe and easy).

* 6 apples of any variety except Grannie Smith, which are better suited for baking.

* 6 popsicle sticks or 6 twigs shaved of bark and sharpened to a point on one end.

* 2 cups of chopped nuts of any variety or a blend of nuts (the pioneer recipe called for walnuts, chestnuts or roasted acorns).


1. Insert the sticks into the center of the apple by the stem.

2. In a double boiler, melt the caramel candy and stir constantly until melted and smooth. 3. Remove the top of the double boiler to the counter-top on a hot pad and roll and spin the apples in the caramel.

4. If you like, you can then roll the apples in chopped nuts or just eat them with only the caramel coating but let the caramelized apples cool on a plate for 20 minutes before eating.

5. If you want to make more, double or triple the recipe.

Keep them refrigerated and they should be good for up to 2 or 3 weeks.

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